Shura's Wrath

Chapter 284

Armoured Cavalry and Heaven’s Net Corps (1)

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

The Yan Huang Alliance simply had too many members. As soon as Ling Chen had appeared at the Plains Region, the headquarters of the Yan Huang Alliance had already been notified. They immediately began to order members to group together. Ever since the Yan Huang Alliance issued the kill-on-sight order for Ling Tian, they had never even been able to catch a glimpse of his shadow. The only possibility was that Ling Tian only went to advanced places where other players were not able to go. Now that he had finally appeared, how could they just let him go?

The army let out a deafening roar like rolling thunder. There were probably more than 10,000 players gathered in that army. The only ones who could gather such an number of people in such a short period time was the Yan Huang Alliance.

The sheer numbers of this army caused everyone to stare in fright- even Ling Chen stared in shock for a while… even for him, 10,000 people was a bit too much.

“There’s got to be at least 10,000 people there! Long Tian Yun actually hates Ling Tian so much that he’d send out so many people just to kill him.” Yun Feng said as he slowly inhaled.

“The only person in his entire life who was able to humiliate him so much was Ling Tian. How could he not hate him? This isn’t strange at all.” Xiao Qiu Feng said emotionless. He looked at Ling Chen, “Even though they didn’t have much time to gather their people, the Yan Huang Alliance is the Yan Huang Alliance after all. Unless Ling Tian forcefully breaks out of this army, there’ll be no other way for him to escape. I want to see just how he’s going to get out of this one.”

“Get back as far as you can!” Ling Chen looked around and saw that there was space near the north. He quickly sprinted towards the people that were charging towards him from the north.

“Ah, big brother!”

“Stay here.” Shui Ruo quickly grabbed Tian Tian and stroked her head, “Don’t go over there. Big brother will definitely fine. If we go over there, we’ll only be burdens to him.”

Although she said this, seeing the Yan Huang Alliance’s massive army, even Shui Ruo’s hand started letting out cold sweat. This was the first time she had seen such an army in the virtual world.

All of the spectators quickly got out of the way. All of them held emotions of anxiety, mixed with worry and excitement as they watched Ling Tian being surrounded by the Yan Huang Alliance. A single person being surrounded by 10,000 people- they had never heard of, much less seen such a thing before. Ling Tian had officially become the first person to cause the Yan Huang Alliance to deploy such a large number of troops for a single person. Most of the spectating players were worried about Ling Tian’s safety, but were also hoping that he would once again be able to create another miracle.


Ling Chen stopped running and stood his ground as the yelling came closer and closer. The Yan Huang Alliance members were coming closer and closer from all directions. 50 metres, 40 metres, 30 metres, 20 metres…

Leading the charge were the melee professions, such as Warriors and Assassins. There weren’t any ranged professions like Mages or Archers- perhaps they were near the back of the army.

In a battle where one party was vastly outnumbered, using ranged attackers would always be more effective. Ling Chen felt that something was off, but he didn’t have any time to think as the Yan Huang Alliance members were almost upon him. He held the Zephyr Blade in his left hand and the Great Ravager in his right, silently waiting for them to come closer. From above, one could see the gap between Ling Chen and the Yan Huang Alliance members slowly closing… before it altogether disappeared.


Any normal person being suddenly overwhelmed with so many people would be unable to fight back at all. Seeing this, the spectators all cried out in shock. However, from the centre of the encirclement came a large explosion and cries of pain. Ling Chen’s “Four Corners Star Formation” had blasted all players within 10 metres of him away. Not only were the players that were hit instantly killed, but they flew at such a speed that they smashed into the players behind them as well. Because the army was charging at such a speed, none of the players could slow down in time, resulting in many of the Yan Huang Alliance players collapsing and trampling on each other. Instantly, almost the entire army fell into chaos and confusion from just one attack from Ling Chen. The players at the front and middle were all tripping and collapsing over each other, while the players at the back who didn’t know what was going on continued to charge forwards.

After Ling Chen attacked just once, the Yan Huang Alliance army’s morale had already plummeted. Ling Chen coldly gazed at the players around him, and finally started moving. He charged towards the players in front of him, darting into their ranks and swung the Zephyr Blade and Great Ravager like the scythes of a deathgod.



-2503, -2500, -5002, -2508…

Another two explosions sounded out as Ling Chen sent out two Ling Tian Bursts. 11 players were simultaneously hit, and were sent flying as they were instantly killed. With so many players around him, instantly killing 11 players was as easy as stepping on an ant. Before the surviving players could adjust accordingly, Ling Chen continuously attacked, completely destroying the players around him. Ling Chen’s Ling Tian Burst was already LV6, and could cover a range of 6 metres. With both hands sending out Ling Tian Bursts, he could instantly clear an area with a diameter of 12 metres each time. This meant that unless they were ranged professions, the players around him simply couldn’t get close enough to even attack.

If Ling Chen only had one weapon, then he wouldn’t be as scary. If he only had one weapon, he would only be able to send his Ling Tian Bursts in one direction, while players could swarm him from behind. However, being able to wipe both the front and back clear, with his attack power, it was simply impossible for any player to get close enough to him without dying.

Just like this, with the Zephyr Blade in his left hand and the Great Ravager in his right, Ling Chen charged like a tiger into a pack of defenceless sheep. With both of his weapons constantly attacking, there was always a large space around him. Before that space could even be filled with players by half, it would be completely cleared out again. The red damage figures that appeared caused all of the spectating players to watch in awe. Some of the Yan Huang Alliance players were so amazed that they even forgot to attack…

Against an enemy who could instantly kill all his targets, the melee professions were all cannon-fodder for his attacks. No matter how hard they tried, none of the Warriors or Assassins could do anything against him. Even the Assassins, who activated their stealth abilities could only be mercilessly destroyed by Ling Chen’s attacks that dealt AOE damage.

“Wah!! Big brother’s so strong!!” Tian Tian, who was originally quite anxious, yelled out in delight as her mouth formed a large ‘O’. She began to jump up and down in excitement.

With his incredible Movement Speed, Ling Chen continuously dashed around within the ranks of the army. Wherever he went, he would leave behind crowds of corpses. There was not a single player who could withstand even one attack from him. Moreover, he had not been hurt even once.

Back then, it was also in the Plains Region where Ling Chen killed Long Tian Yun twice despite being surrounded by thousands of Yan Huang Alliance players. However, that time, none of them had expected him to be so strong, and the Yan Huang Alliance was grossly underprepared. This time, there were many, many more people and they were much more coordinated. More and more players came to spectate what was going on. All of them had wide eyes and hanging mouths as they watched a single person wreak havoc within an army of more than 10,000 people.

1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes…

As the time dragged on and on, Ling Chen still had not been hurt at all, whereas there were more and more corpses on the ground. Being able to cast the Ling Tian Burst about once every second, rushing towards him was tantamount to suicide.

“Ling Tian’s skills are way too OP! It has such a large AOE with such a short cooldown time!” Yun Feng exclaimed as he watched intently, his heart rapidly beating. Being able to do such a thing at only LV20 was simply legendary.

“True, his skills are very powerful. However, the skills themselves are not what makes him so scary. Because he can use two weapons simultaneously, he can use these skills twice at the same time, which puts them on a completely different level.” Xiao Qiu Feng slowly said. Normally, attacks with large AOEs had long cooldown times. However, Ling Chen could use these skills with almost no cooldown time, and could also cast them from both weapons. It was simply terrifying.

“However, it’s a bit strange,” Yun Feng said while frowning, “With these sorts of skills, Ling Tian definitely wouldn’t be worried about being surrounded. However, why are all of these Yan Huang Alliance players melee professions? Plus, after such a long time, they should know that just charging up is basically suicide. So why would they continuously charge at him? It’s almost like…”

“…Buying time!” Xiao Qiu Feng said with a cold expression.

At this moment, Yun Feng and Xiao Qiu Feng simultaneously thought of something, and spoke at the same time, “Heaven’s Net Corps!!”

Somewhere else……

Long Tian Yun was sitting on a chair in a hall, expressionlessly watching the live recording of what was happening in the Plains Region. Beside him, Flame Shadow breathed in, and said, “Young master, this Ling Tian’s capabilities are simply too monstrous. He’s only LV20, so when he has fully developed, the consequences will be dire! With this level of power, perhaps he really is comparable to that God-level player in the West: Eve!”

“Hmph!” Long Tian Yun coldly laughed, “Then we just have to destroy him before he can fully develop. How long until the Armoured Calvary and Heaven’s Net Corps arrive?”

“The Armoured Cavalry is about to arrive, with the Heaven’s Net Corps due to arrive shortly afterwards. Part of the Heaven’s Net Corps is already waiting at the Azure Dragon City revival point. This time, it’s going to be impossible for Ling Tian to escape.” Flame Shadow replied.

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