Shura's Wrath

Chapter 247

Sending Cai’Er Home

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

“Stop crying… stop crying… stop crying!!”

“Wuu… why… why are you being so mean… wuuu… waaah!!”

Ling Chen: “……”

Ling Chen was completely frustrated. He could only let the little Fairy cry to her heart’s content as he tried to work out where they were. They were in some kind of wilderness, with grasses and weeds growing everywhere, but it didn’t seem like it was a place where people usually passed through. However, it didn’t seem like there would be any monsters here either. He opened his map, and looked for his position. The map he had bought from Qian Gun Gun was no ordinary map- not only was it incredibly detailed, but it could also tell him where his position was, even if Qian Gun Gun had never been there himself… of course, the prerequisite was that it had to be on this map.

After finding out where they were, Ling Chen was actually overjoyed.

The place where the Nature’s Ring had transported him was actually on the route to the Vermillion Bird City! Travelling from the Fairy Forest to here normally would have taken him about ten or so days, so this transportation had saved him close to half a month’s worth of time! From here, if he continued to head south, he would reach the Vermillion Bird City in less than half a month.

So this was what they meant by ‘every cloud has a silver lining’. But then again, nothing really terrible had happened- he had only been given a massive gift by that Fairy.

“Wuuu… you… you’re laughing?! You humans are all evil!” While she was crying, the person who had brought her here not only did not comfort her, but stood there laughing, causing the little Fairy to cry even harder.

To have found out that he had reaped such rewards from that situation, Ling Chen immediately became much happier. However, hearing the little Fairy wailing her head off, Ling Chen’s head began to hurt.

What should he do with this little Fairy whom he had hot-headedly taken out with him? Surely he couldn’t just abandon her. After all, she was just a little child in a completely unfamiliar world. Because of her different appearance, humans might start to investigate and experiment on her… it was him who had brought her out here, so it would be inhumane of him to just leave her by herself.

Should he take her with him then? That was even worse… taking this 0.5metre tall Fairy with wings with him wherever he went was sure to cause much trouble… after all, he couldn’t put her in another dimension like what he did with pets, nor could she prevent anyone else from seeing her like Leng’Er could.

Moreover, this little Fairy called Cai’Er was the Fairy Clan’s “Maiden of Nature”, and seemed to be very important to the Fairies. Would what he did cause the Fairies to charge out of the Fairy Realm looking for him?

A little girl was already Celestial grade, and a woman who looked similar in age to himself was Heaven’s End grade. The Fairy Clan was undoubtedly very powerful, so if he became their enemy… it definitely wouldn’t turn out well for him.

Thinking to here, he knocked on his head… why the hell had he done something so stupid??

Ling Chen immediately changed his expression, and put on a ‘good guy’ appearance, “Little Fairy, please stop crying. It was wrong of me to take you out from your home, but I’m really not a bad person.”

“You’re still saying you’re not a bad person… you’re definitely a bad person! Wuu… and… I’m not called little Fairy, I’m called Cai’er…. Wuuu…” The little Fairy corrected him as she continued to cry.

“Alright, Cai’Er.” Ling Chen said, “But please stop crying, otherwise you might cause a scary monster to come over. Did your granny tell you that in the outside world, there are lots of scary monsters that love to eat kids? If they hear kids crying, they will follow the sound of crying and then eat the kid.”

“Waaah…” Ling Chen’s words immediately had an effect. The little Fairy was incredibly naive and gullible, and immediately stopped crying, her body curled up into a little ball. Inwardly, Ling Chen was quite shocked. This little Fairy was Celestial grade, and could pretty much destroy anything that she met. And yet, she had been scared into this state by a few of his words.

Seeing how pitiful the little Fairy looked, Ling Chen smiled and nodded, “En, that’s better. Remember, if you don’t want to be eaten, don’t cry.”

After speaking, Ling Chen turned around and started to walk.

After Ling Chen walked about ten steps away, the little Fairy panicked, and chased after him, “You… where are you going?!”

“I’m going home, of course.” Ling Chen casually replied.

“You’re not… not allowed to go… I’m… I’m so scared… wuu…” As she spoke, the little Fairy started to cry again. To be left in the outside world that had been described as an incredibly scary place by her relatives, it was only natural that she would be scared out of her mind.

“But Cai’Er says that I’m a bad person. If I’m a bad person, then I should stay away from Cai’Er” Ling Chen said as he continued to walk forwards.

“You’re not allowed to go! Not allowed to go!” The little Fairy hurriedly flew over, caught on to Ling Chen’s clothes, “Wuu… I’m so scared… You brought me here, so you can’t just leave me by myself, wuuu…”

Cai’Er’s crying melted Ling Chen’s heart. After all, it was him who had put her in this situation. Ling Chen turned around and looked at the little Fairy, and slowly said, “Alright, don’t worry, I’m really not a bad person. I was just scaring you before. It was wrong of me to take you away from your home, so I’ll take you home, okay?”

Ling Chen’s words caused Cai’Er’s crying to die down. She sniffled, and tearily looked at Ling Chen, “Really?”

“En! Come with me. In not too long, you can go home.” Ling Chen nodded. If he didn’t want to leave her by herself, the only thing he could do was to send her home. After all, it was impossible to keep her with him forever. He had to log off, eat and rest, but he couldn’t do any of that if he had to leave Cai’Er by herself. In order to free himself, he would have to take her back to the Fairy Realm.

He was very stone-hearted, and could take lives without even batting an eye. However, at times, he could also be soft-hearted.

The little Fairy nodded her head. Right now, she could only rely on Ling Chen.

This place was very far from the Fairy Forest, and Ling Chen definitely wasn’t willing to walk the whole way with Cai’Er. He took out his map, and found the nearest town, then started walking that way with Cai’Er. The nearest town wasn’t too far away; it would only take them about half an hour to walk there.

Perhaps it was because she was tired from crying, but Cai’Er gradually calmed down. As Ling Chen rode on the Cloud Stepping Mare, she would fly behind him like a butterfly, looking around her at their surroundings. Little kids were, after all, very curious to the world around them. Although the Fairy Realm was wonderful and beautiful, the outside world was mysterious and unknown, which made all Fairies feel curious about it. As such, out of both curiosity and fear, the little Cai’Er would glance around her now and then.

“Cai’Er, has no one in your clan ever exited the Fairy Realm before?” Ling Chen asked.

“No one at all. They all say that the outside world is very scary; humans are very devious and evil; monsters are all cruel and bloodthirsty; demons are especially terrifying… our ancestors told us to never go to the outside world.” Cai’Er earnestly replied as she looked around her. Her actions and expression were all very wary and alert.

“To be honest, the outside world isn’t that scary.” Ling Chen casually said. Over all these years, the Fairy Clan had become used to living in separation from the rest of the world. This wasn’t something that could be changed by saying a sentence or two.

“I believe… you’re not a bad person. If… you take me home.” Cai’Er pitifully said, Suddenly, she stopped, and shouted, “Humans, there are humans!”

In front of them, there was a person dressed like a farmer walking towards them, causing the little Fairy to call out in shock. Ling Chen pointed behind him, “Hide behind me, he won’t be able to see you.”

If it was her older sister Ying Xue, she would be able to retract her wings, and no one would be able to tell that she was a Fairy. However, Cai’Er… was simply too small. Even if she retracted her wings, it would still be blindingly obvious that she was not a human.

The little Fairy immediately hid behind Ling Chen, and pressed against his back. Ling Chen increased his speed, and passed by the farmer quickly. After a while, the little Fairy patted her chest and let out a breath in relief. Ling Chen felt quite amused- with her strength as a Celestial grade creature, she could practically dominate the entire Forgotten Continent. And yet, she was cowering behind him because of a farmer.

“Big brother, where are you? We’re going to have lunch soon.”

As they neared the town, Ling Chen heard Shui Ruo’s voice. He looked at the time and saw that it was nearly noon. He picked up his communication device and replied, “Ruo Ruo, you can eat first with Tian Tian. I’m unable to leave right now, and it might take a while before I can log off.”

If he left now, the little Fairy would definitely cry her eyes out until he logged on again.

“I see… then we’ll eat first; be careful big brother. Oh, and by the way, Tian Tian’s already LV7, so fast, right!”

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