Shura's Wrath

Chapter 153

Burning Fire Array

Translator/Editor: Mr Voltaire

Within Moon Shadow’s AOE, all creatures had been locked in place. It was as if everything had been transported into a frozen world, where only Ling Chen could move. Outside the 16 metres radius, any skeletons, bone spikes or arrows that moved into contact with the edge of Moon Shadow’s AOE became frozen. Ling Chen breathed deeply, then quickly moved past the bone spikes and arrows, took out his two weapons and destroyed all of the nearby skeletons. However, Moon Shadow’s effects only lasted for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, he would once again be surrounded by skeletons.

All he could do was to go all out… there was no way to retreat, all he could do was pray for a miracle!
Ling Chen gripped his two weapons tightly. Surrounded by this skeleton army, there was barely any hope for him.

3 seconds… 2 seconds… 1 second… when Moon Shadow’s effects only had 1 second remaining, he was about to walk out, when he suddenly noticed some movement in the Pet Dimension. He abruptly stopped, and cried out in joy…

“Xi Ling!!”

Since Xi Ling’s Nine Suns Rebirth activated, about one hour had passed. Ling Chen was finally able to call out Xi Ling again.

All of the pressure and tension he was feeling immediately disappeared. His body relaxed, and as the effects of Moon Shadow ended, he yelled, “Xi Ling!”

A shrill cry rang out, and a crimson ball of fire shot out from Ling Chen’s body into the sky. The bone spikes and arrows that had been frozen in place all shot towards where Ling Chen was originally. However, 5 seconds was greatly sufficient for Ling Chen to move to a safe place. Although bone spikes and arrows were all clustered together, not a single one hit Ling Chen. On the other hand, the moment Xi Ling had appeared was the moment the skeletons’ nightmares began.


The originally cold air suddenly became warm. A crimson wave of fire descended from the sky, reducing the Ghost Skeletons in the air to ashes. The 30 metres around Ling Chen was also completely engulfed in flames. All skeletons caught by the flames were instantly incinerated. The strength of the terrifying flames was enough to kill them ten times over.

Around Ling Chen, the air was filled with the smell of burning bones. Ling Chen looked around him at the army of skeletons. He looked at the Skeleton Archers that were once again drawing their bones, and went to destroy them, while yelling, “Xi Ling, Burning Fire Array!!”

Xi Ling complied, and gave a long cry. Her crimson body ignited with bright red flames, and began to fly in a ten or so metre circle. She began to fly faster and faster… as she flew, rootless fire began to rain down from her body, and collected into the circle she was flying in. In just moments, a red fireball tens of metres long had been formed in the sky. It then burst apart, and scattered in all directions, raining down on everything within 200 metres.

The air became searing hot, and the pale white sky became dyed with red. The scattering rootless fire were like exploding bombs, which burst into pillars of fire. In just moments, a gigantic sea of flame had been created with Xi Ling in the centre, annihilating countless skeletons.

Within the fire, which was as terrifying as hell itself, the skeletons could not resist or retaliate at all, and were utterly destroyed. The skeletons that were far away and lucky enough to survive did not choose to wisely run away… they did not have any consciousness, and did not know what fear was. They continued to march towards Ling Chen, and walked straight into the Burning Fire Array, instantly dying.

Was this the power of the legendary forbidden skills… Ling Chen, who was also within the flames naturally did not take any damage, but just seeing the scene around him caused him to be deeply shaken. The Burning Fire Array covered an area of hundreds of metres. One could only imagine that if this was used in a Guild war with many players clustered together- it would be absolutely devastating.

“Ding… you have successfully killed 9 LV20 One Star Elite Skeleton Captains, SP+180, Fame Points+180.”

“Ding… you have successfully killed 4 Two Star Elite Skeleton Commanders, SP+160, Fame Points+160.”

“Ding… you have successfully killed 7 LV20 One Star Elite Giant Skeleton Wolves…”

“Ding… you have successfully killed 3 LV20 Three Star Elite…”



“Ding… you have levelled up, now LV17, HP+20, MP+20, Strength+5.”

“Ding… your pet “Holy Spirit Beast” has levelled up, now LV17, HP+200, MP+5, Defence+20.”

“Ding… your pet “Crimson Spirit” has levelled up, now LV15, HP+40, MP+1000, Physical Attack Power+10, Magic Attack Power+300.”

The Burning Fire Array exterminated countless skeletons, including masses of One Star, Two Star and Three Star Elites. Although the Burning Fire Array didn’t last for long, the aftermath of system announcements unceasingly rang in Ling Chen’s ears. At the same time, having destroyed so many LV20 monsters, Ling Chen’s LV16 EXP bar was completely full, and levelled up to LV17 with Xiao Hui. Xi Ling had levelled up to LV16, and only needed another 20% to rise to LV16.

As the system announcements stopped ringing out, Ling Chen opened up his Stats Page… his SP had grown to 4120 points! He had gained 2000SP from the skeleton army.

This was just ridiculous… Ling Chen was so excited that he began to grin uncontrollably. Before, this gigantic skeleton army had caused him to become numb with despair. However, seeing such a huge harvest, he wished that there were seven or eight more of these skeleton armies. From the amount of SP he received, he knew that the number of Elites in that army was extremely high.
With 4000 SP, he could raise the level of any skill except for Soul Sacrifice. However, Ling Chen resisted the urge to use them immediately, and instead closed his Stats Page and looked forwards. The Burning Fire Array was quickly disappearing, and the temperature began to fall. Within seconds, only embers and broken bones remained. There was not a single skeleton monster in sight.
Although he somewhat expected this, he still took in a breath of cold air. This skeleton army that had almost forced him into despair was momentarily wiped out by Xi Ling. Even Xiao Hui looked up at Xi Ling, his bright eyes full of admiration and respect.

“Xi Ling, that was simply incredible.” Ling Chen exclaimed. At the same time, he decided that apart from the girls in Heart’s Dream, absolutely no one could be allowed to know of Xi Ling’s power. Otherwise, things may get problematic for him and Xi Ling. Also, Xi Ling was their trump card- if they were forced into a corner one day, Xi Ling would be able to turn the tables for them.

Being praised by Ling Chen, Xi Ling happily flapped her wings, then landed on his shoulder, and nuzzled against him.

Ling Chen smiled. He definitely would not forget the beautiful girl in red who had called him “big brother” and sacrificed herself for him on that day in the Lonely Spirit Ridge.

The skeleton army was quite obviously the final obstacle before the heart of the forest, and Ling Chen definitely could not think of anything that could be more terrifying than the massive army. He was now only about 1 kilometre away from the goal, and could almost complete the Quest.

“Xi Ling, Xiao Hui, let’s go!”

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, eh? Not only was this skeleton army not able to stop Ling Chen, but also gave him 2000 SP and 2000 Fame Points, and even helped him level up. Ling Chen pressed forwards, and quickly left the Ten Thousand Bones Ruins.

“Ding… you have reached the heart of the Forest of Bones.”

After passing through the Ten Thousand Bones Ruins, Ling Chen had finally arrived at the heart of the Forest of Bones. Standing on the ground covered in bones, Ling Chen’s expression changed as he looked forwards.

What he saw was completely out of his expectations. At the heart of the Forest of Bones was not some sort of super skeleton, nor was it a mountain of bones… rather, in front of his eyes… was a huge castle!

That’s right, there was a huge castle in the middle of this Forest of Bones. It wasn’t made of bricks and stone, but rather completely composed of white bones!

This castle was tens of metres high. The bones were all connected in some mysterious way, such that there was not a single gap in the walls of the castle. Looking at the castle made up of countless bones, one could not help but shudder.

What was up with this castle? Weren’t there only skeletons here? Could it be that skeletons could build castles?

Ling Chen raised his left hand and turned on the camera feature on his bracelet, and took a photo of this castle. At the same time, a system announcement sounded in his years.

“Ding… you have reached the heart of the Forest of Bones, and have investigated the heart of the forest, completing the Quest [Forest of Bones].”

“Ding… you have successfully completed the Quest [Forest of Bones], and receive: [Wind Chaser Bandanna], [Purple Crystal Amour (Lower)], [Intermediate HP Crystal], SP+150, Fame Points+150, Luck+1, Comprehension+1.”

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