Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1183

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Chapter 1183: The Angry King

The previously silent mountain range began to grow noisy three days ago.

The Leviathan Empire, which is closest to the central mountains, sent a delegation of over ten thousand members, led by Ludwig XII himself, to the sky tower where the Underground Cemetery is located.

"Is this the miraculous structure that person wants to build?"

"Teacher, does that madman really want to break through the sky?"

"Is this not a funny joke at all? It doesn't make me laugh."

Ludwig XII, who was once just a step away from uniting the mainland, couldn't sleep well all week. His eyes were filled with madness and unwillingness, carrying a dangerous aura.

"We don't have enough data, but this tower is truly something that has never been recorded in history before."

"If the goal of the King of Undead is truly the night sky, then this tower is truly a miracle."

Poincaré, an imperial sage, looked excitedly at the miraculous structure called the "Babylon Sky Tower" before him. The trembling of his hands represented that his emotions were even more intense than they appeared.

Sympathy and understanding, perhaps this is the feeling that only humans standing at the pinnacle of the pyramid of wisdom can have.

"Looking at the architectural structure, this is simply not feasible." Asmid, an alchemical warlock and craftsman, drew this conclusion based on his professional habits.

No matter how you look at it, the architectural structure of this tower is not normal at all. The foundation cannot support a tower that reaches over ten thousand meters.

This tower should have completely collapsed halfway through its construction. And how was this length of tower hidden underground? The lower half of the tower has even reached the mantle layer, you know.

"Hmm, don't look at Dad's masterpiece with mortal wisdom," Princess Passed floated in front of Poincaré and Asmid, puffing up her chest.

"This is something that Dad's divine era already completed, and it's only halfway built now."

"In a little while, this Babylon Sky Tower will be even taller and bigger."

Poincaré took a deep breath and looked at the towering tower.

Indeed, compared to when it first appeared in the world, this tower called the "Babylon Sky Tower" has increased in height.

According to the information collected by the Leviathan Empire, over a million undead armies are continuously excavating from all over the world and transporting supplies to these central mountains.

Even now, you can see a large number of undead soldiers carrying crystal-like refined substances, shuttling through the construction site below the tower.

Occasionally, Skeleton Soldiers would fall from above ten thousand meters in the sky, crashing into pieces with a "snap." However, with the incantations of nearby liches, they quickly stood up and continued walking into the tower's interior.

Judging from the constantly increasing number of undead entering the tower, the size of the tower's interior must be much larger than it appears, a true architectural marvel.

"No wonder, after the divine era war ended, the precious minerals on the continent disappeared so much."

"They were all taken away by the Underground Cemetery."

Some records that didn't match the divine era are now becoming clear in Poincaré's calculations.

Even the reason why the Underground Cemetery conquered the world can be easily deduced.

They collected resources with maximum efficiency, without changing the political systems of each country.

The King of Undead didn't need the submission of humans, only the resources of this world.

Conquering the world was just a preparation for collecting resources.

The Leviathan Empire really had bad timing, encountering such a monstrous opponent.

"Conquer the world just for this reason?" Ludwig XII's expression as he looked at the Tower of Heaven was not right.

Only to build this incredible tower, they conquered the whole world and used the world's resources to complete this task.

How arrogant.

What a mess.

It turns out, having great power truly allows one to do whatever they want.

If I had such power too, Ludwig XII tightly clenched his fist, with a dangerous gleam in his eyes, growing stronger by the moment.


A familiar voice startled Ludwig XII, it was not the voice of a member of his Leviathan envoy.

"Roland, uh..." Ludwig XII looked at his daughter with a complex expression, she had been sent as a hostage to the Sia Kingdom's princess.

Originally, she had been considered a pawn in Ludwig XII's plan, sent as compensation for the war to the Sia Kingdom.

She can be seen as a princess knight belonging to the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order or a noble, but both are considered pawns discarded by Ludwig XII.

Being under eighteen and a female, no matter how talented, as long as they are not hero-ranked knights, they can be abandoned by Ludwig XII.

Who would have thought that this princess, considered as a castoff, would persistently achieve the promotion to hero-ranked within the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order and take hold of her own destiny.

Now, as an advanced hero-ranked knight, she is no longer a pawn that Ludwig XII can sacrifice at will.

In theory, as a member of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, she no longer has a direct affiliation with the Leviathan Empire.

The current Princess Roland no longer belongs to the Leviathan Empire.

Roland herself understands this, ever since she left the Leviathan Empire and became a member of the Holy Silver Dragon Knight Order, there is no going back.

"Sia Kingdom, how fortunate."

"Why don't we have such powerful Guardians?" As the only exceptional kingdom in the Underground Cemetery conquest plan, Sia Kingdom is the world's only remaining independent nation.

In other countries, the kings are supposed to be the highest leaders, but they are all actually controlled by the lich.

These liches, who used to be divine era mages, know very well how to rule the country and become the masters of everyone.

It can be anticipated that soon after the liches take control of all the highest power, the kings will become puppets, only existing as mascots.

"If... we also had such power..." Ludwig XII's nails dug deep into his flesh.

He was not convinced, and didn't admit this fact.

It would be great if Sia Kingdom's Guardian could fight Underground Cemetery to a draw, or even destroy each other.

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For Leviathan Empire, reaping the benefits without doing anything is the best outcome.

Unfortunately, things didn't unfold as he had imagined. The mysterious Guardian of Sia Kingdom actually made peace with Underground Cemetery.

Traitors of mankind!

You shouldn't fight against each other, shouldn't you fight until the last drop of blood!

Why did you reach a settlement, letting this world lose hope to resist The King of Undead!