Shura's Wrath

Chapter 109


Wrath of the 9 Suns (2)

[TLN: Silent Soul Ridge = Lonely Spirit Ridge]

Translator: Mr. Voltaire

Editor: Niku

The nine rising rings of golden light were like golden knives that pierced through the War Demon Beast’s soul. In that instant, his soul began to tremble and an immense feeling of dread encompassed him. The darkness energy that he had been cultivating began to quickly leak out of him. As the golden light and terrifying energy enveloped the surrounding area, the War Demon Beast’s body began to shake and became limp. This golden light had caused him to have many nightmares over the years. It was so frightening that even the Demon Emperor was afraid of it.

The nine rings of light hovered in the air. They were so bright that they looked like 9 golden suns in the sky. The golden light that shone from these 9 ‘suns’ illuminated every inch and corner of Lonely Spirit Ridge, and dispelled every bit of darkness. Even the heavy fog had been swallowed by the golden light, reducing it to nothing.

Ling Chen raised his dead, looking at the 9 ‘suns’ in the sky while in a daze. He could feel that each one of them contained a terrifying amount of power- this sort of power surpassed anything that he knew, surpassed anything that he could even imagine. However, the aura from these 9 ‘suns’ was warm and beautiful. All of them came from the heavenly beauty who stood in front of him.

Nine suns… this girl… she… she is…” Looking at the nine ‘suns’ in the sky, Qi Yue’s voice trembled as she spoke. This was the first time Ling Chen had heard so much emotion in Qi Yue’s voice – to the point that it would shake and tremble. This mysterious witch who had existed for over 10,000 years was remarkably in awe of this little girl’s power.

“Im…Impossible!! Right now you only have Heaven’s End power… How is it possible that you could use those 9 suns… Impossible!! Fake… they must be fake!!”

The dark power had completely vanished from the War Demon Beast’s body. It wasn’t that the War Demon Beast had dispelled the power, but rather that it had been completely devoured by the golden light. However, the War Demon Beast didn’t even notice this, as its heart had been completely drowned in hopelessness and fear. Its vision was filled with rays of golden light- the scariest type of light in the entire world. It desperately tried to escape, but it found that no matter how hard it tried, it was unable to escape the golden light locking it down.

The flames surrounding Xi Ling’s body had become a beautiful and pure golden colour. Enveloped in the golden light, Xi Ling’s eyes were closed. Her cold voice slowly rang out, “Even though my power is only at Heaven’s End right now, if I use my life energy, I can use these 9 suns once… This is my only way to destroy you… Now, under the Heavenly Wrath of the Nine Suns, become dust!”

Xi Ling’s delightfully sweet voice sounded like the growling of a devil in the War Demon Beast’s ears. Its face became white as a sheet of paper, and it let out a pitiful cry, “If you do this, you’ll die too… Are you crazy!? Stop!! STOP!!!”

“It’s… too late.” Xi Ling’s lips curved upwards, revealing a gentle smile of release.

The despairing War Demon Beast gave a shout that shook the heavens and the earth. This shout allowed it to momentarily shake off the bindings of light from the 9 suns, and it gasped and howled as it desperately tried to flee. However, after running for about 10 metres, its entire body stiffened, and collapsed on the ground. An overwhelmingly powerful pressure crushed it powerlessly into the ground, once again binding it. The Mysterious God level War Demon Beast was unable to move, as if thousands of heavy mountains had been placed on it. In the face of death, its eyes widened… it was the power-seeking and bloodthirsty War Demon Beast – it didn’t fear death at all.

However… even if it died a thousand times, or even ten thousand times, it was scared out of its wits by the Flames of the Nine Suns. The Flames of the Nine Suns could incinerate his body, power and soul… The suffering that it would experience could not even be expressed with words… It was worse than hell itself by many times.

The 9 ‘suns’ in the sky were fully formed, and the entire Lonely Spirit Ridge had been enveloped in a crimson-golden radiance. As the shadow of death drew nearer and nearer to the War Demon Beast, it lay paralysed on the ground in fear. It scrambled to crawl away, its eyes widened to the point they were about to burst out of their sockets, as it started to wildly scream, “No! Stop… Please stop!! Spare me… I genuinely regret my actions… I’ll send you… and that human out of here… I’ll never kill another human… I’ll be your slave for eternity… I am the War Demon Beast… My power can be very useful to you… Let me go… Please stop…. Please…. Let me go…”

Under the enormous pressure, the air stopped moving and it became almost impossible for Ling Chen to breathe. The situation was so unrealistic that it was like a dream. This incomparably powerful War Demon Beast was surprisingly showing such a humiliating side of itself. Maybe if such a mighty demon beast feared death, that wouldn’t be very surprising – but it definitely shouldn’t be so cowardly, to the point that it would throw away its pride and beg to preserve its own life.  The golden energy from this little girl had actually reduced the mighty War Demon Beast to such a state…

“Go repent in hell!!”

Xi Ling’s eyes suddenly flew open and she glared at the War Demon Beast huddled on the ground. She slightly lifted her head, and her body gently floated up into the sky. As she rose, a transformation occurred throughout her body… a pair of flame red wings sprouted out from her back…


A majestic and piercing cry rang out across Lonely Spirit Ridge. The figure in front of Ling Chen was no longer Xi Ling, but rather a gigantic golden bird. It was ten metres in length with a phoenix-like head. Instead of feathers, small clusters of red flame covered its wings, which flashed with a golden light.

It looked exactly like the red fire bird that Ling Chen released before, except it was much larger….

This girl called Xi Ling, could she be… the red fire bird that he had released?

The gigantic fire bird flew higher and higher, until it was high up in the sky. The light from the 9 ‘suns’ in the sky caused its body to shine with a golden colour. Ling Chen’s mouth slightly opened, and his eyes followed the movements of the gigantic bird. It hovered in the air,and Ling Chen saw its crimson-golden eyes look at him. Its wings gently flapped in the air.


A warm and gentle, yet overwhelming gust of wind blew towards Ling Chen, lifting him and Xiao Hui into the air. While floating in the air, Ling Chen could not move or struggle at all, and could only allow himself to be carried wherever Xi Ling’s wind took him.

He had been blown by the wind to the centre of the Ghastly Grounds. He had been transported by Xi Ling’s wind from the middle of Lonely Spirit Ridge to the middle of the Ghastly Grounds. Here, the multitudes of zombies that he had slain had already revived. Following the scent of a living being, they slowly advanced towards him while swinging their arms.

Ling Chen didn’t have time to pay attention to these zombies; after landing, he immediately looked up towards the east… Although they were very far away, the nine golden suns were still brightly in the sky towards the East. Even though he was quite a distance away from them, they were still so bright that he scarcely dared to look at them. Seconds later, Ling Chen hurriedly squinted his eyes as the 9 ‘suns’ exploded with a boom. Large balls of golden fire rained down from where they were….

A searing wave of heat rolled towards Ling Chen. The zombies that had been slowly walking towards Ling Chen gave a strange cry and all collapsed on the ground. They clasped their heads with their hands, their stiff bodies trembling on the ground. Lonely Spirit Ridge had instantly become a sea of golden flame… That’s right, the instant the 9 ‘suns’ had exploded, the entire Lonely Spirit Ridge and the area surrounding it had been completely engulfed in the golden flames. The flames devoured the dark clouds and heavy fog and even dyed the sky into a deep golden colour.


The speed of sound is always slower the speed of light. The instant Lonely Spirit Ridge had become a sea of golden flame, a miserable cry that seemed to belong to someone suffering in hell rang out. This was the pitiful cry of the War Demon Beast. Although there was such a distance between them, the pathetic cry still sounded incredibly clear by the time it reached Ling Chen’s ears. It was hard to imagine how deafening that roar would have been up close, as well as how much pain the War Demon Beast was going through to let out such a sound.

It was simply impossible for anyone to imagine how much pain the War Demon Beast was suffering from under the Flames of the Nine Suns.



The cries that came from Lonely Spirit Ridge became louder and louder, to the point that Ling Chen almost could not bear hearing them anymore. For the cries to be transmitted so clearly and loudly over such a long distance, it was very difficult to imagine how painful it was for the maker of the sounds. As waves of heat rolled across the entire area, it seemed like even the air was trembling from how pitiful these cries sounded.

“The Flames of the Nine Suns are the demon beast clan’s worst fear. Whenever demon beasts even think of the words ‘nine suns’, they would subconsciously begin to tremble. Thus, facing the actual Flames of the Nine Suns, even an extraordinarily power and fearless demon beast would cower in fright… to the point that it would seem like it was a powerless little ant. Their fear and terror toward the Flames of the Nine Suns was something that the other clans would never be able to experience or understand.”

A ray of black light flashed, and Qi Yue appeared next to Ling Chen. Her appearance was completely different to her appearance from before. The current Qi Yue did not give off an enchanting or bewitching aura. Instead, she stared off into the distance, and gazed at the blazing Lonely Spirit Ridge together with Ling Chen. She solemnly said, “Little master, by now… you should be able to guess who that little girl called Xi Ling really is, right?”

Ling Chen: “……..”

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