Shrouding the Heavens

Chapter 131

Chapter 131 How Rude!

Ye Fan’s fourth fist hung there. This last fist hadn’t had a chance to attack. A strand of Xuanhuan appeared on top it, slowly flowing back into the fist and disappearing.

This caused her to be uneasy and surprised. After continuously punching with his fist, this strand of Xuanhuan might appear. If he could control this Xuanhuan Origin Qi, his fist would definitely be incomparably formidable.

“This guy…” Ji Ziyue cast a glance at him, saying, “Even a Dao Temple secret realm cultivator might pay bitterly if he didn’t know and approached you.”

Ye Fan turned back to look at Ji Ziyue, saying, “Do you expect your cousin to appear here?”

“I don’t know…” She appeared worried, angrily saying, “I almost got killed because of you! The situation is very complicated now. If our whereabouts are known, I might be facing even greater danger than you.”

Ye Fan shook his head. “Your Ji Family really is complicated and cruel inside.”

“You don’t understand!” Ji Ziyue glared at him, not elaborating, simply sighing, “Ji Xia, how sad…”

She found a couple tree leaves to cover up the broken body. Ye Fan didn’t care, but suddenly, Ji Ziyue suddenly blossomed with divine light, a powerful aura exploding out of her.

“You…” Ye Fan was stunned, turning back and was just about to fly away.

However, the space around them twisted, looking like ripples were undulating upon it. Ji Ziyue was incomparably holy. With her as the center, hazy light shot out and encased this area, trapping Ye Fan.

Only now did Ye Fan notice that her hand held a divine talisman as bright as lightning. Although it was broken, a trace of divine light still flowed upon it. It was this that had broken Ji Ziyue’s seal.

“The Divine Light Escape Talisman…older sister Biyue gave it to Ji Xia in order to make things difficult for me, allowing her to turn into lightning to search for my tracks. But it actually ended up saving me.”

Ji Ziyue gently laughed, her whole body shining with incomparable confidence and grace. Her resplendently bright body was enveloped by a pure and holy light. She was like a flower in the snow, a holy lotus blown by a fresh spring wind, graceful as moonlight, her whole body not dyed by mortal impurities.

Turning to look at Ye Fan, she immediately smiled, a tiny dimple appearing very adorable.

“Someone took very good care of me over these few days. How do you think I should thank you?”

At this point, Ye Fan didn’t have to hold back. “By devoting your life and heart should be enough.”

Her pretty laugh was very sweet. Gracefully and leisurely walking over, she pinched Ye Fan’s cheek and said, “Little brat, you actually dared to treat me like that…”

“Hey, Ji Ziyue, I just risked my life to save you! You can’t repay favor with enmity…” Ye Fan knew he was guilty.

“Looks like you have some conscience and didn’t just throw me here and flee. Otherwise you would already be dead on the ground.” Ji Ziyue tilted her head to look at him. From the very start she had been sweetly smiling.

However this caused Ye Fan to feel even more apprehensive. “What do you want to do?”

Ji Ziyue revealed an incomparably charming smile. “I want to bite you!” Saying this, her sparkling little teeth bit down on him.

Being taken as a prisoner for this long, the thing she wanted to do the most was viciously bite Ye Fan a couple times, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to resolve the hatred in her heart.

Ye Fan was sealed by her, unable to move at all. Although his physique was powerful, without divine energy to help, he was completely helpless. Grimacing in pain, he shouted, “There’s no need to be this intimate!”

A miserable scream then came from her. Ji Ziyue had an immense disdain for him, repeatedly biting down.

“Man and woman should not be inappropriate before being married! Don’t be like this…” Ye Fan repeatedly screamed out.

“Keep shouting. Even if you break your throat shouting it wouldn’t matter…” Ji Ziyue sweetly smiled, her teeth continuously grinding.

Ye Fan was completely speechless. This response was somewhat awkward.

“Ji Ziyue, show some mercy. You’ve bit me so much, I think I’m turning into a filter…” 

“Little brat, a little fourteen-year old demon like you dares to bully me…” She raged at him, biting down on his ear.

Ye Fan’s ear was thrown into an abyss of pain. This was the first time he had run into this kind of punishment…”Ji Ziyue, don’t go too far!”

“I want to go too far and bite you to death…” Her smile never stopped.

“Acting like this doesn’t conform to a wise lady like you. Biting people isn’t dignified…” Being bitten like this, the pain made him want to cry, but there were no tears. 

“Keep shouting. Shout till your heart’s content, till your voice is completely worn out…” Ji Ziyue looked like a smart and beautiful woman, but now her current display made Ye Fan completely speechless.

“This is molestation…” Ye Fan didn’t want to say such a thing. Their two roles should be reversed…

“Pah, a little brat like you doesn’t know what molestation is.” Ji Ziyue pinched his cheek painfully.

“Ji Ziyue, aren’t you a future Immortal? To lose your manners like this…”

“Immortals are still people and can become angry. Being bullied by you for this long, I really want to bite you to death.”


Ji Ziyue bit down one final time before letting him go. “What are you hollering about?”

“I’ve been molested by a shameless maiden…”

Ji Ziyue’s face immediately turned red. “Little brat, even now you still can speak back! Looks like I have to put you in your place!”

“I submit! Don’t bite me, my whole body’s tender now.”

“Pah, your words are really unpleasant to listen to.” Resolving most of her anger, Ji Ziyue finally felt a bit embarrassed, turning completely red.

“Now that we’re even, can you let me go?”

“What a great idea, but we’ve only just started. Little brat, to have your sights on my family’s ancient scripture and then dare to assault me, you really do have great guts.”

“What do you want to do?” Ye Fan was powerless.

“Don’t be so dejected. Little brat, give older sister a smile.” Ji Ziyue grabbed Ye Fan’s jaw, her eyes turning into crescents, her smile extremely bright.

“I think our positions should be switched…”

Hearing this, Ji Ziyue’s smile became even more brilliant. “I’ll properly entertain you!”

“AHH!” Another round of suffering began.

Only half a day later was Ye Fan released. The bite marks on his body were arranged very neatly. 

“Hand over half the Xuanhuan Origin Qi to me!”

“I can’t control it and can’t bring it out to you.”



Overall, Ji Ziyue could be considered quite softhearted, not using overly cruel methods to torture Ye Fan.

“Your body has many secrets that I want to slowly find. That lump of greened copper, the Origin Qi of existence, and your powerful body…” She cast a glance at Ye Fan, continuing, “My cousin wants to come kill me. If she finds us, I’ll give you a chance to approach her. With your body so powerful, you’ll definitely be able to make her suffer greatly!”

“You’re treating me as expendable?” Ye Fan rolled his eyes, saying, “If my body was that powerful, than I wouldn’t be bound by you.”

“Your body has many mysterious treasures. As long as your divine energy is allowed to flow, I wouldn’t be able to keep you trapped by my side.” Ji Ziyue cast a glance at him, saying, “My cousin definitely won’t guard against you. When the time comes, you’ll be able to approach her easily, a sword hidden in the darkness. It’ll be a nice surprise for her!”

“I want to see who the others are that are trying to hurt me. Once everything has calmed down, I’ll properly snatch them out of hiding.” Ji Ziyue knew that the situation was very complicated and she couldn’t easily reveal herself. For now she had to hide and observe from the shadows just who was trying to hurt her. She suddenly thought of something, happily saying, “According to the time, the Taixuan sect’s disciple enrollment day should be close now. It’s a pretty good idea to hide within the Taixuan sect.”

The mountains were endless here. In the Taixuan sect’s land were one hundred and eight main peaks that weren’t all that far from here.

The Taixuan’s sect’s power was extremely great. Within this area, other than the Ji Family and the Flickering Light Sacred Land, there was no other sect that could compete with it.

“Even my Ji Family wouldn’t casually provoke the Taixuan sect. That is undoubtedly the safest place around here. The Ji Family won’t send anyone to search there, so as long as we continue hiding inside, there won’t be any danger.”


Two days later, Ye Fan and Ji Ziyue appeared within the Taixuan sect’s mountain range. 

Before them were lofty and towering mountains, majestic and beautiful. 

Amongst them, the 108 main peaks were the most magnificent, but of course they couldn’t all be seen from here. Only nineteen of them were in their field of view. Cranes flew, and spiritual palace halls were covered in the mist, appearing very auspicious and peaceful. 

They mixed with the crowd, wanting to enter as disciples, smoothly walking through the main gate with no accidents occurring. 

“There are 108 main peaks here. We’ll pick a rather remote one that no one else is interested in,” proposed Ye Fan.

“Good idea.”

Inside the Taixuan sect were many disciples maintaining order around the gate.

Suddenly, Ye Fan saw a familiar figure. Wearing white clothes that fluttered, graceful and elegant, beautiful and bright, surpassing mortality…

“She’s actually here…” He had already recognized that figure as Li Xiaoman. Although he had long guessed that she wouldn’t die within the Ancient Desolation Forbidden Land, he hadn’t expected her to join the Taixuan sect. 

“Did you see someone you know?” Ji Ziyue charmingly smiled. “Little brat, your expression doesn’t seem so good. Don’t worry, if you have any enmity, older sister will help you vent your anger.”

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