Shrouding the Heavens

Chapter 120

Chapter 120 Eastern Wastelands Divine Body

The result of Ye Fan teasing Yan Ruyu was that he was now hanging off a cliff above the peach flower valley. He naturally did not narcissistically believe that such a beautiful woman would like someone like him, especially when they had only met a couple times. In the end, everything was because of the Demon Emperor’s sacred heart.

Once everyone left, Ye Fan fell to the ground. The peach trees were thousands of years old, snaking back and forth like dragons, peach petals blowing in the gentle breeze. 

Ye Fan started to carefully think of what he should do next. The Demon Emperor’s sacred heart was now being nourished by his Spring of Life. The demon clan couldn’t possibly let him leave, so did that mean he had to stay with them? But the demon clan’s methods were unsuitable for human cultivation. He would not be able to find any powerful cultivation techniques here, so he had to think of another way.

These demonic women had all surpassed the Paramita realm, which most likely made them one of the slightly strong powers of the demon race. It was impossible for him to escape from them.

“Let’s just take this one step at a time.” Ye Fan wasn’t worried. Right now there was no danger to his life. Setting down within the peach blossom trees, with flower petals gently dancing around him, he started to focus on his cultivation.

The demon clan’s Great Emperor’s heart was immersed within his Spring of Life. How could he not properly exploit this? He wanted to carefully use the sacred blood to refine his physical body and once more shed his mortal body.

His golden Sea of Bitterness was the size of a fist. It was like a blazing sun hanging within the void, a dazzling and holy ball.

His Spring of Life surged and clouds floated out of it. The scarlet heart was noiselessly and motionlessly floating within his divine spring, a dazzling and enchanting red.

Ye Fan used his cauldron to encase the scarlet heart, revolving around it and shaking in order to extract some of the heart’s sacred blood. But no matter what Ye Fan tried, the demon race’s Great Emperor’s heart was still completely still and firm, unable to be stirred. There was no way for him to extract out any of the essence blood. 

In the end, Ye Fan used the simplest provocation to directly shake the small cauldron onto the sacred heart. Bursts of resounding noises came from it and dazzling light shot out everywhere from his Spring of Life. The light from the cauldron enlarged and bursts of mysterious Dao aura circulated from it.

However, the Demon Emperor’s heart remained completely without reaction.

“The green copper is too mysterious. It can even suppress the Demon Emperor’s sacred heart, but no matter what I do, I am unable to move it. There’s no way for me to extract a drop of essence blood.” This caused Ye Fan to feel awkward. There was a treasure within him, but he was unable to bring out even the tiniest profit. He truly was unresigned.

Not giving up like this, he carved the nine ancient characters on his cauldron in a specific arrangement, condensing a strange divine energy.

These were recorded in the Dao Scripture to be used for using a Vessel to suppress oneself and reach Eternity.

But this time Ye Fan wasn’t planning on using it to suppress himself. Instead he wanted to use this mysterious method to seal and suppress the Demon Emperor’s sacred heart, to incite some sort of response. 

Ye Fan didn’t know what the nine ancient characters meant. Instead he treated them completely as Dao Glyphs. Using the Dao Scripture’s recording, there was not the slightest error as he imprinted them within his cauldron.

The cauldron that was suspended above his Sea of Bitterness immediately became misty. Primal chaos mist surged out of it, along with interwoven Daos and Truths. 

Yin and Yang combined, forming the very beginning. Life and death blended together. The cauldron became completely unfathomable. Together with Qi, life formed, life died, life was reborn, all in a cycle. It became more and more powerful, descending down upon that heart.

The demon race’s Great Emperor had shaken the Eastern Wastelands back in the day, disdainfully looking down from the heavens, but never able to reach Immortality. The heart left behind by an absolutely peerless expert was no small matter.

With the cauldron suppressing down, the nine ancient characters appeared like innate Dao Glyphs. Abstruse immeasurable powers from heaven and earth caused the silent and motionless sacred heart to slightly tremble.

“SEAL!” Ye Fan shouted within his heart. With the green copper inside him, he threw caution to the wind. He swore to not give up until he could sieve the Demon Emperor’s sacred blood.

The cauldron, its three feet fixing heaven and earth, its two handles overflowing with Yin and Yang, its circular shape containing primal chaos. Representing the very beginning of heaven and earth, yet also representing all living things, it immediately sucked the sparkling heart within it.


At this moment, the Demon Emperor’s sacred heart was no longer silent. Bloody light soared and scarlet clouds exploded everywhere. After being repeatedly provoked, it no longer peacefully took it, but instead released its powerful fluctuations, emitting bloody lights that made it appear like a blood-colored sun.

Raging waves surged over the golden Sea of Bitterness. The Spring of Life erupted. An aura that caused hearts to jump filled the air.

The heart was too vigorous. Each strand of blood and Qi possessed an immeasurable power. The bloody light completely erased the nine ancient characters on the cauldron. It wasn’t that those characters weren’t mighty enough, but that Ye Fan’s cultivation still wasn’t deep enough. He couldn’t completely control it, and the Demon Emperor’s heart immediately rushed out.

Ye Fan quickly sent out the cauldron to recollect the bloody lights. As the origin of all living things, it contained everything. The bloody lights were all absorbed by it.

At the same time, the green copper sensed that the Wheel and Sea was restless and gently trembled. The heart immediately leapt back into the sea and became silent. The golden Sea of Bitterness and the Spring of Life became tranquil once more.

Ye Fan was excited. Within the small cauldron was a dazzling strand of essence blood. Scarlet mist curled around it. After collecting the bloody lights that had filled the entire sky he had finally plundered a drop of sacred blood.

The cauldron quickly revolved, causing the essence blood to fall within it and become an endless bloody mist that spread throughout his body. 

Within the ancient peach blossom forest, Ye Fan was sitting silently and motionlessly. His whole body had turned scarlet. All of his veins and arteries were completely relaxed and open, and blood surged through them like a large river. Cracking sounds came from his already faultless bones. They were once more being reforged. His organs were gently trembling, playing a simple song.

The drop of the Demon Emperor’s sacred blood circulated through his whole body, baptizing his physical shell. The process of refining his body occurred slowlymaking Ye Fan’s skin even brighter and his body even more tyrannical.

A full twenty-four hours passed before he opened his eyes. His pupils seemed to contain stars, and he sensed that his body had become even more sturdy. Clenching his fist, golden light flashed and he felt as if he could break through heaven and earth with just a punch!

“If I could absorb more sacred blood, I could definitely go through the process of shedding my mortal body a third time.” He had already consumed two of the sacred medicines and shed his mortal body twice. If he could do it a third time, his physical flesh would reach an unimaginable level.

A sweet laugh came from not far away, and Qin Yao appeared, wearing a full-length muslin dress that exposed her shoulders. Her clothes were very revealing, allowing her body to bewitch others.

“You really are greedy. Now you know that the Demon Emperor’s sacred heart is a good thing, right? You thought we were going to hurt you at the beginning. Now do you have anything to thank me with?” Qin Yao’s voice was magnetic and very pleasant. The red birthmark on the middle of her forehead gave her a special feeling.

“I’m poor and all that I have is myself. How should I thank you?” Ye Fan smiled openly to Qin Yao.

Qin Yao’s black hair splashed loosely on her back. Her body was slender with enticing curves that truly made her appear devilish. She walked over lithely, possessing a charm that no human could possess.

“Then you can devote your life to me.” She placed her hand around Ye Fan’s shoulders and licker her red lips, appearing very sensual. Her soft intimate voice could cause a man’s body to go limp.

“That’s just what I’ve been longing for…” Having already arrived on the other side of the starry sky, Ye Fan’s thinking would naturally no longer be as stiff and reserved as before. Something like this was unable to disturb him.

He very naturally reached out and grabbed that jade-like hand on his shoulder. Not even blushing, he said, “You hand is soft and your skin is like cream, your neck is enchanting and your teeth are so white…”

Qin Yao immediately sweetly laughed, charmingly glancing at him and taking back her hand. Pinching his cheek, she teased, “What does someone as young as you know?”

Ye Fan naturally didn’t fear a battle of words. He caressed Qin Yao’s beautiful hair and then even stroked her cheek, saying, “Please take care with your words. The person in front of you is a man, not a boy.”

Qin Yao’s laugh swayed the blossoms around her. “Only two years from now will you have that qualification.” Licking her lips, she gently blew into his ear.

“Real men don’t need words to prove themselves.”

“Why don’t I see it?” Qin Yao’s red birthmark started to glow, and she  looked at him with a provocative smile.

Ye Fan knew that she was just purposely teasing him, so he also laughed and his right arm gently wrapped around that thin and yet supple waist, saying, “How about we have a nice little chat about life and what it means to be a man?”

Qin Yao was somewhat unable to continue, not thinking that he would be so audacious. Gently laughing, she poked his forehead and retreated like a graceful butterfly. 

Ye Fan’s physical body was extremely powerful, and his arm was like divine iron, not letting go of that butterfly. He followed with her, and a perfume penetrated deep into his heart, causing him to feel like he was embracing warm jade or lovely flowers.

“Okay, let go now!” Qin Yao stopped, and ever as enchanting and bedeviling, a bright light shot from her red birthmark that caused Ye Fan’s body to feel an aching pain. He quickly let go.

“Fairy Qin, we still haven’t talked about life yet.” Ye Fan was unrestrained and free. Her attempts at teasing him were completely ineffective. 

“How flippant!” Qin Yao collected her beautiful hair and said, “I came here to tell you that we’re prepared to leave Wei at any time. You have to be mentally prepared.”


“The Ji Family that has continued from the Ancient Desolation currently has some strange movements. We have suspicions that they are about to make a move against us.”

The Mysterious Yuan sect looked like a human sect, but it had long ago been controlled by Yan Ruyu. It was her who had arranged this base, and now she was deciding to withdraw from here.

“Why would they attack here?”

“A peerless figure has been born within the Ji Family. The divine body is rarely seen within the Eastern Wastelands. Now that that person’s cultivation base has had minor success, the Ji Family’s Elders have plans to test him with us.

“How formidable is the divine body? With only some minor success, won’t it be easy to kill him here?”

Qin Yao shook her head. “The Ji Family will definitely send many powerful experts to guard him. They definitely won’t allow any accidents to occur. If he were to die prematurely, they would overturn the entire Eastern Wastelands, and none would be able to stop them.”

Yan Ruyu was very decisive. On that very day, they were completely ready to retreat and leave Wei. They were preparing to seek shelter under one of the supreme members of the demon race.

However, the Ji Family came extremely quick. Before they could leave Wei they were intercepted.

This was a barren mountain range on Wei’s western border. There were countless mountains with very little vegetation. It was all just barren earth. According to legend, a huge war that had taken place here in ancient times had turned it into a barren land.

Huge mountains loftily rose into the clouds, but without the slightest green on them. It was completely bare and desolate. 

Loose rumble, scorched earth, broken mountains…they all spoke of the bleakly cold and ancient battle.

Powerful cultivators now stood upon those great mountains in all directions. The Ji Family’s experts were like the clouds, completely blockading off all directions.

In front of them was a broken-down huge mountain. A violet-clothed man appeared like a deity descended down into the mortal world. He might just be around twenty years old, but his eyes were like two bright stars and his hands were held behind his back as he faced them alone from the front.

He seemed to have merged with the mountains, as if in harmony with heaven and earth, giving people a natural feeling of the Dao, a feeling of man and heaven uniting as one. It was completely impossible to estimate his power.

“Why have you blocked us?” one of the demon women walked forward and asked them darkly.

“Having some minor success with my divine body, when I heard that the Demon Emperor’s descendant was here, I specifically came here for battle.” The purple-clothed man’s words might be very haughty, but he still seemed in natural harmony with heaven and earth. He had an indifferent expression and his words were spoken easily.

“Our Majesty is ill right now and can’t attack. Please change the date of your battle.”

The purple-clothed man’s words were very soft. “Since it’s like this, I won’t force it. Please leave behind the Demon Emperor’s sacred weapon. After reaching a minor success of my divine body, there are few divine weapons in this world that I’m interested in, so right now I’m lacking a good weapon.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. We don’t have this so-called sacred weapon.”

Two beautiful maids appeared behind the purple-clothed man. They stood behind him deferentially. One of them gently opened her red lips and her voice clearly and pleasantly rang out. “Three years ago, the Demon Emperor’s tomb appeared in the world and shook the Eastern Wastelands. Many spiritual weapons were shot out of the Yang Tomb. It’s a pity that the Dao Scripture didn’t appear. The Demon race’s Great Emperor’s sacred heart rushed out and its tracks disappeared. But when the Demon Emperor’s sacred weapon rushed out, five great figures blocked it. However, it was taken by your people’s majesty’s Treasure Gathering Cornucopia at an opportune moment. How could it not be in your hands?”

“Even if the Great Emperor’s sacred weapon landed within her majesty’s hands, it is simple right? What reason does your Ji Family have to demand it?”

Although he was just around twenty years old, he was very unflustered. Raising his hand in a manner that seemed to possess both the Dao and Law, he slowly opened his mouth and said, “I must have the Demon Emperor’s sacred weapon.

Beside him, the other beautiful woman spoke in a voice that was like pearls falling on a jade plate. “My family’s prince has already achieved a minor success of his divine body. Only the Demon Emperor’s sacred weapon is a good match for him.

“How boastful. I wonder whether the divine body really is deserving of its reputation…”

The violet-clothed man’s expression was tranquil and undisturbed as ever. “Since it’s like this, do your best to break out.”

“Let this old body see just how powerful the divine body is.” A woman advanced, spitting out a violet light shaped like a silver willow leaf that slashed towards the purple-clothed man.

His expression was as calm as ever. He didn’t move at all. His clothes fluttering in the breeze and his hands were behind his back, but at this moment everyone became shocked.

The darkness of night suddenly descended upon them. Behind his body appeared an extremely strange scene. A blue-green sea surged, and a bright moon gradually rose above, spilling pure and holy radiance.

“Bright Moon Rising Over the Sea!”

Everyone was completely shocked.

“This is one of the strange scenes that would occur from the Wheel and Seas of mighty people in ancient times. He actually managed to cultivate it too! It really is deserving of being a divine body!”

That bright moon completely blocked the willow leaf divine weapon, turning it into powder. The holy light of the moon then swiveled, and that expert of the demon raise was unable to make a sound before turning into a bloody mist, both her body and soul completely extinguished

Under the darkness of night, the blue-green sea was extremely clear. A bright moon hung overhead. The purple-clothed man had yet to even move. He and the scene were intertwined, poetic and picturesque. 

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