Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 713

Chapter 713: Terrifying Purplish Gold Haoyue Sword (I)

It was the first time for Haoyue to transform into a sword. Compared to Long Haochen’s other two divine swords, Haoyue’s transformation was much more massive in size.

The sword itself was over three meters long, colored purplish gold, with a one meter long hilt. Long Haochen also needed to use his two hands to wield it correctly.

This ultra-large sword had nine lines stretching from the handle upto the sharp point. Six mini Haoyue heads extended from the thick blade, all spouting as if the edge came from their breath.

While gripping this heavy sword, Long Haochen felt an incomparably tyrannical power surge out from this heavy sword. Linked with the bloodline force in him, its power seemed as if an extension of his own body.

As a knight, Long Haochen had a keen link with his weapon. In front of this Purplish-Gold Haoyue Sword, even Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light of the Aria of the Goddess of Light seemed lackluster. Imperceptibly, he sensed the aura of a six-elemental Essence of Disorder surging out from this gigantic sword. How could he imagine that Haoyue would reach such a level of power after transforming into a sword?

As Long Haochen’s two magical beast companions transformed into equipment forms, on the other side, Li Zhengzhi’s forbidden spell was done getting cast.

An immense green shadow appeared behind him. Wind God Summon.

An immense wind god looking the same as Li Zhengzhi appeared out of nowhere. Right off the bat, that massive figure was fifteen meters long, but bizarrely, its volume compressed itself, and in just a little while, it reached a length of five meters. Although it remained relatively huge, that made it a lot nimbler. All clad in greenish golden armor, it wielded a pair of axes.

That was Li Zhengzhi’s Wind God Summon, clearly different from the wind god used against Chen Ying’er. Not only its weapons differed, but it gave off an entirely different feeling.

Li Zhengzhi’s whole body flashed in green color. In a flash, he entered in the midst of the wind god, whose eyes lit immediately as if infused with intelligence. Single-mindedly looking at Long Haochen, its axes pierced through the sky, and a hurricane burst out. That was the Wind God Domain’s first domain technique, Hurricane.

Waves of golden light surged in tides, flocking frantically towards Long Haochen.

Long Haochen remained very calm, and his Divine Unicorn turned into a multicolored armor liberating flashes of golden light, accompanying the release of the Light God Domain.

Two brilliances of golden and green color clashed each other.

Due to Li Zhengzhi’s domain technique, the instant the two brilliances flashed through the sky, Long Haochen’s Light God Domain had a burst of power. But one could clearly see that where the two great domain techniques clashed, a white fire was ignited. Wind blew through this white flower, causing a remarkable shaking as well as a rise of strands of blue flames.

Elemental suppression.

This was an elemental suppression appearing in the midst of a contest of domains.

From Long Haochen’s view, this was the last match of the individual competition, so he no longer showed any reservations. The power of the Light God Domain came out in full swing, erupting all around. The light essence of extreme purity was sufficient to suppress powerhouses of any elemental attribute.

Li Zhengzhi’s domain technique also wielded some of the wind god’s power, and at his cultivation level, his wind attribute was compressed to a great extent since long ago, but an insurmountable gulf still separated it from Long Haochen in terms of purity.

Long Haochen’s light attribute came not only from his Scion of Light Physique, but moreover from the upgrade of the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon and the assimilation of Elux’s physique as a Scion of Light. The three great light entities reached such a level that even if the Goddess of Light herself were to came out in front of him, her spiritual energy’s purity may not even be a match. So, light god was truly a well-deserved name.

Li Zhengzhi’s domain was named wind god, but that was just a name, not the true wind god’s power. Even if the purity of his attribute were to be a match for Long Haochen, wind remains inferior to light.

As a result, although Long Haochen’s Light God Domain looked constricted, he actually had the advantage in the clash of domains.

The wind god made its move. Flashing across, it arrived at the point of collision between the two domains. Waving the blade in its hand, it immediately sent a greenish-gold ray flying through the Light God Domain, carrying along a hazy mist.

Even if this blade was still far from Long Haochen, he felt very clearly its sharpness, perfectly combining blade intent and wind.

Long Haochen felt secretly alarmed. Li Zhengzhi was a mage! But even in this capacity, he managed to deploy blade intent with his sheer technique. That was really a shocking talent.

Long Haochen didn’t avoid, neither did he shrink back. In this situation, if he were to retreat, Li Zhengzhi’s attack would certainly make way inside the Light God Domain, and thanks to his own Wind God Domain, he wouldn’t get too much affected by the Light God Domain. But more importantly, should his domain be breached through, Long Haochen would be unable to utilize the Divine Light Waltz he had just comprehended recently.

So, Long Haochen faced the attack, coming up after his figure flashed. Wielding the Purplish-Gold Haoyue Sword in his hands, he performed a downwards hacking motion.

A purplish-golden sword ray was abruptly released from the Purplish-Gold Haoyue Sword, but to Long Haochen’s shock, his sword soul was actually unable to merge into Haoyue’s sword form.  This gigantic sword gave off the feeling that it would reject everything other than his spiritual energy and sword intent.

The purplish-golden sword ray was over one meter long, vastly contrasting with Li Zhengzhi’s Wind God blade ray. But these two powerful lights produced an unexpected scene at the time of their clash.

The current wind god was entirely under Li Zhengzhi’s control. With the longblade in its hand, as well as his Hurricane domain technique aiming at Long Haochen, he believed with certainty that this strike would at least send Long Haochen flying away. Then he would keep using the Wind God Domain to assault Long Haochen’s domain over and over. Although his opponent had the advantage in terms of sheer domain strength, he had already comprehended two domain techniques, and, his research and understanding of his own domain surpassing Haochen’s by far, he was confident in being able to surpass Long Haochen and achieve a final victory.

But the instant his longblade came into contact with Haochen’s Purplish Gold Haoyue Sword, Li Zhengzhi felt indescribable surges of terror from his brain, and immediately, the sword rays emitted from that longsword turned purple.

In a flash of purplish-gold, a rainbow light seeped out from the massive sword in Long Haochen’s hands. That terrifying power full of destruction and havoc forced Li Zhengzhi to draw back swiftly as he flipped his blongblade, forcefully cutting his connection with the blade rays.

Everywhere those purplish-golden sword rays passed, the hurricanes within the Wind God Domain were smashed to pieces, as the rays would keep travelling until reaching the defensive barrier on the edges of the field, causing it to tremble violently before piercing a hole inside, passing through it, and smashing into the ceiling of the Alliance’s Great Stadium.

To say nothing about Li Zhengzhi’s dilemma, even Long Haochen himself was shocked. He absolutely didn’t expect Haoyue’s sword transformation to reach such a terrifying level. This seemed to be beyond the power of any ordinary divine tool.

When sensing it, that purplish-golden sword ray did not give off an excessively powerful feeling. But Li Zhengzhi’s wind elemental Spiritual Highland was simply routed upon contact.

This was already beyond divine power. From the Purple-Gold Haoyue Sword, Long Haochen could feel clearly a frantic demeanor seeking for destruction. He subconsciously lifted it horizontally.

Immediately, a purplish-golden curtain of light extended, sweeping away all the hurricanes everywhere it passed. Li Zhengzhi’s Wind God Domain became full of cracks, appearing close to collapsing at anytime.

After a short time of shock, Li Zhengzhi came back to his senses. Once again waving the longsword in his hands, a small-sized wind blade was shot out, aiming straight at Long Haochen. That was the second domain technique he also had to use in his fight against Chen Ying’er, Freedom.

This domain technique filled with the true essence of wind took a flash to arrive in front of Long Haochen, who slightly drew back, pointing the Purplish-Gold Haoyue Sword forward.

Dang. A sonorous sound reverberated in the air.

The wind blade ruptured, but countless gales swept at Long Haochen’s direction.

The Purplish-Gold Haoyue Sword was waved once again, and from it came out a drizzling brilliance. In just a split second, that explosive wind blade disappeared completely in the midst of purple rays.

This was the six elemental Essence of Disorder combined with his bloodline force.

After making this short attempt, Long Haochen gradually came into the realization that the whole earth was in his grasp with a sword in his hand.

This was the tyrannical bearing brought by Haoyue. This was a supra-divine tool that only he could control. Although he did not know how Haoyue achieved this, no one could deny the power of a divine sword that could even stand in front of Li Zhengzhi’s second domain technique.

However, after a short time of interaction, Long Haochen also realized some issues withthe Purplish Gold Haoyue Sword. First, this divine sword could only be infused with pure spiritual energy, and consumed his spiritual energy massively. Three sword strikes had depleted over thirty thousand of his spiritual energy. In the meantime, when using this divine sword, no offensive technique could be used alongside it. Only pure slashes and strikes.

This was with Haoyue in a six-headed state. If the Purplish Gold Haoyue Sword was already so powerful, then when he would evolve to an eight-headed state, what terrifying level would this sword transformation reach?

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