Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 681

Chapter 681: Light God Domain (III)


Long Haochen raised his right hand and gripped that white soul sword above his head as the six golden wings on his back slowly unfolded.

A beautiful sound came out from his body, like the fall of pearls, like a morning bell. That instant, Long Haochen’s body seemed to disappear, and the whole stadium became filled with golden color. Even the sword soul in his hand was the same. By chance this was a transparent golden color, so the contestants could all see what happened within.

“Light Strip.” Long Haochen watched Qiu Yonghao attentively, and spoke these words in a bizarre intonation.

The next instant, Qiu Yonghao’s body froze, then deep surges of golden waves came flying to his direction. Rapidly integrated into the surrounding golden space, his Domain of Sword Intent got weaker at an astonishing speed.

The sword soul in Long Haochen’s hand pointed forward, seemingly conserving its original course. But from his body, countless sparkling golden rays were refracted, forming golden threads all over the space, tangling and spirallic, to finally join with the six wings on his back, which became even more solid and dazzling.

The previous two flashes of golden light on his chests kept repeating at a slow interval.

“This is my domain, known as light. In my domain, I am like the God of Light. You are the only other person to have ever entered my domain. Sorry, but your spiritual energy is below mine, and every spiritual energy of light elemental powerhouse below me as well as their power of light will be stripped and given to me.”

During the light binding, Long Haochen still stood there calmly, looking no different from before, the bright light on his body dispersing quietly, and even the six wings and long sword in his hand weren’t anymore. In front of him, Qiu Yonghao was seated on the ground in a decrepit state.

Looking at Long Haochen, the current Qiu Yonghao was full of shock.

After meeting with Wang Yuanyuan, Qiu Yonghao attempted several times to guess Long Haochen’s level of strength, but he didn’t expect his cultivation to actually reach such a level. Not only was his spiritual energy below Haochen’s, but most of all the power of Haochen’s domain was just too terrifying.

How could a domain’s power reach such an extent? Just by standing in his domain, his spiritual energy was entirely stripped and transferred to the domain, depriving him of even the ability to resist.

He’s the God of Light inside his domain. Just what was the level of such a domain? There had never been comparable domains in humankind’s history, and this domain was very clearly not only the bane of any light element powerhouse, but moreover had a very great level of power of its own.

On the Knight Temple’s lounge, Chen Zidian had stood up at some point. Watching Long Haochen in the middle of the field, he couldn’t help but reveal a smiling expression, “Young boy, I really didn’t expect you to even make me feel itchy. I really want to see the effects that your Light Domain would have if you faced me.”

Qiu Yonghao lost? So the head of the Warrior Temple and most powerful Wargod Qiu Yonghao really lost just like that?

That exceedingly handsome young man just released his own domain, and then the head of the Warrior Temple was vanquished. Just what level of strength could accomplish such a feat

Long Tianying also stood up, filled with great shock upon looking at Long Haochen. Was that still a domain? As it is able to strip the power from any elemental beings, all light element powerhouses would simply be totally powerless inside. This seemed to be already beyond the level of a domain. Even as the Scion of Light, a god’s chosen one, he shouldn’t have such a light controlling ability. This seemed like something only the true Goddess of Light could achieve! But a god should be an unreal being, present at the same time on every corner of the world.

Indeed, if Long Haochen was merely a god’s chosen one, he couldn’t possibly have such a domain. But he was no longer just a god’s chosen one. His constitution having fused with the blood vessels of the Scion of Light Elux, he had managed to evolve to a new level. And after over four years of seclusion, his comrades and him made qualitative progress. And the one among them who made the greatest progress was indeed him.

Long Haochen’s innate internal spiritual energy already broke past the limits to exceed a hundred and twenty. He did not have the physique of a Scion of Light anymore, but a physique like a God of Light. In other words, he would already be a half-god in some sense in a world of light essence. So, in just the abstract level, the current him had essentially risen to the same level of half-god as the Demon God Emperor, with only his cultivation being still far behind.

The Holy Necromancer Elux left him a miracle, the miracle of light.

Long Haochen slowly strolled forward, supporting Qiu Yonghao to stand up from the ground. Right now, Qiu Yonghao was already feeling his own spiritual energy replenish in the external world, but his shock was still just as present.

Long Haochen showed a smile to him, “If Temple Head Qiu has some interest, let us discuss regarding sword soul when we have the time.”

Qiu Yonghao showed a bitter smile, “So what about that sword soul? Your domain… It should rather be called the Light God Domain. I don’t know how you accomplished that, but I could feel that you are simply the ruler of light in your domain.”

Long Haochen smiled to him, “Actually it is not as powerful as you imagine. Although my circumstances are extraordinary, this domain bestows me with a double-edged sword. Its light spiritual energy consumption is tenfold an ordinary domain’s: maintaining it for one second already depletes ten thousand of my spiritual energy.”

Qiu Yonghao did not expect Long Haochen to be so forthcoming. Nodding to him, he responded, “Let’s have a talk after this Temples’ Great Gathering ends.” Saying that, he turned back and left the site.

Long Haochen’s smile was still the same, but he was slightly disappointed. From Qiu Yonghao’s words was inferred that he did not want to them to have more contact until this Temples’ Great Gathering would end.

In a flash, Long Haochen exited the space and picked up his gown, performing a knight salute in front of the Knight Temple’s crowd, before walking slowly back to Bright Glimmer of Hope’s ranks.

This time, even Long Tianying did the same as the other competitors from the Knight Temple and saluted back. Even in his capacity as elder, Long Tianying was totally subdued by his grandson’s strength.

This battle between Long Haochen and Qiu Yonghao lasted for a short time, but perspicacious people could all tell that Long Haochen’s ability had fully suppressed Qiu Yonghao. Be it in sword intent or elemental attribute, he had just restricted Qiu Yonghao far too much. The gap between the two of them was originally not that wide, but the superiority of Long Haochen’s attribute and domain enabled him to easily pick up this victory.

Li Zhengzhi’s eyes were tranquill, sitting back on his seat. Shutting both his eyes, he seemed to be pondering calmly.

Among the competitors, Tan Wan’s look became really blank, her body shaking lightly.

Right now, she felt unable to even express her feelings.

He is actually already so powerful? He already has the strength to vanquish a Temple Head. And Qiu Yonghao’s cultivation was certainly not ranked last among the heads of the Six Great Temples. At least the leader of the Knight Temple Long Tianying would not necessarily achieve victory against him if his Divine Throne wasn’t added to the equation! But Long Haochen won just like that. Domain? Just what kind of domain was that?

To have a domain of his own under the age of thirty. Could he really be the messenger of Heaven, sent to lead humankind in defeating demonkind?

Even if she was the direct disciple of Li Zhengzhi, right now Tan Wan’s confidence was clearly quite a bit shaken.

This battle naturally did not shock only her, but far too many other people had similar thoughts.

A young man under the age of thirty who already had his own domain, and was powerful enough to make the head of the Warrior Temple stand no chance. Such a genius had never even appeared in the Temple Alliance’s History.

The previous Scion of Samsara and Holy Sword Wielder seemed like nothing special in front of him. Perhaps he really would have the strength to challenge the Demon God Emperor in the near future.

For a moment, the looks of some neutral higher-ups from the Temple Alliance at Bright Glimmer of Hope started to get fervent. No one else would believe this Demon Hunt Squad could possibly only be there to raise their own fighting experience.

The competition went on, and the rest of the battles was still watched excitedly although clashes between domains like the battle between Long Haochen and Qiu Yonghao had not appeared again. After all, people wielding a domain of their own were just too few.

When the ninety-fifth battle concluded, it was already deep night, and time had come for the results to be announced.

Chen Zidian’s awe inspiring voice reverberated in the whole stadium, “For the first day of the Temples’ Great Gathering, over  ninety matches have concluded. In result, the Knight Temple has twenty-four remaining people. Mage Temple, twenty-one. Spiritual Temple, sixteen. Assassin Temple, fourteen. Bright Glimmer of Hope, ten. Warrior Temple, ten. Now that the first rounds are over, total points will start to be counted from this point onwards.”

The results were like a lot of people expected, with the only added variable being the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope.

Don’t make a hasty judgement just because Bright Glimmer of Hope is at the bottom alongside the Warrior Temple. Their splendor was far greater than all five Temples.

Out of ten people, they had achieved ten victories, achieving a win rate of a hundred percent. What glorious results were these?

In fact, the other Temples had thirty-six people in total originally, but even the most powerful Knight Temple only achieved a win-rate of two-thirds.

The five participating Temples also set their eyes on the Demon Hunt Squad Bright Glimmer of Hope with great attention. They found out with shock that eight of the ten people forming this squad were actually powerhouses of the ninth step, the rest reaching the peak of the eighth step. And, among their ranks were five young knights: their leader Long Haochen, Han Yu, Zhang Fangfang, Yang Wenzhao, and Duan Yi.

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