Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 676

Chapter 676: Coarse and Wild Baldie (I)

“It’s him!” Feng Ling’er lost her voice, suddenly throwing herself into Ye Weiyang’s embrace while crying out loud right after this call.

On the surface, Ye Weiyang’s character was rather more optimistic than Feng Ling’er, and seemed far more tolerant. But actually, Feng Ling’er was also a really strong person, otherwise she wouldn’t be the one to have inherited the Alliance’s Great Auction House.

But even if she was stronger, she was after all just a girl! This guy had been missing for close to five years after their last separation. No letter came, and not a single piece of news had spread. Even the Scarlet Dragon Armor she had offered him was already smashed to pieces. Feng Ling’er had seemed to be hypnotizing herself to convince herself into believing he was still alive. But deep inside, how could she not understand that the chances for him to still be alive were very scarce?

Now that she was finally able to see him again, still living and well, even if Feng Ling’er felt even more enraged, she couldn’t help but cry out tears of joy. He’s alive! He’s alive! And he’s back!

Her tears gushing out, this strong leader of the Alliance’s Auction House had already totally lost control over her own emotions.

Indeed, when that cloak was removed, it revealed the true colors of the only Discipline Priest of the Priest Temple, the bald Sima Xian.

Compared to four years ago, he was even more robust, but did not forget his own identity as a priest. His priest’s gown was fully packed with his strong muscles, and just by standing here, he gave off a lofty feeling of might.

His eyes flickered in golden light, and, as Sima Xian strode forward, he seemingly sensed something and unconsciously glanced at the Warrior Temple’s honored guest lounge. But this lounge was really elevated high, there’s no way he could see anything inside unless his eyes’ line of sight could shift direction midway.

The light of selection glinted onto another person coming from the Spiritual Temple, who entered ahead of him due to Sima Xian having to remove his gown.

The Temples’ Great Gathering was an honor amongst honors for all contestants, and being able to participate was already a great glory. To be able to gain points for one’s own Temple was such an honor that no one would dare go easy there.

In the midst of incantations, a dark purple hexagram appeared in front of that summoner, and immediately, a pitch-black gate slowly rose up from the ground.

A sinister aura rose up, and in the air, a black fog rippled around faintly.

Darkness attribute!

This summoner was actually a rarely seen dark summoner, using the magic called Hell’s Gate, completely different  yet similar to the Creature Summoning Gate. This darkness summoner was visibly very powerful, to be able to use Hell’s Gate in such a short time. As Sima Xian was just standing there, his gate of darkness had already come out.

“Contracted magic!” Ye Weiyang cried out in alarm, drawing the emotionally disturbed Feng Ling’er’s attention onto the field.

Contracted magic was generally something only summoners form the Spiritual Temple could train. The contracted beast they put their heart into breeding was generally their greatest asset, but not all summoners could find a fitting magical beast to subdue, to make them their own contracted beast. So in such a situation came another choice, contracted magic!

The so-called contracted magic was a magic branded into the depths of the user heart to become part of his body. A summoner using contract magic would not be able to possess a contracted beast of his own, but this magic would cause their strength to magically break through the limitations of his rank to reach a higher level. Right now, this dark summoner’s display proved with no doubt that his contracted magic was Hell’s Gate.

Hell’s Gate in itself was, just like Creature Summoning Gate, a magic of the seventh step, but after being turned into his contracted magic, it would rise in power alongside his cultivation to get reinforced greatly.

This darkness summoner looked in his fifties, making him a relatively young contestant. His cultivation reached the peak of the eighth step: by relying on this contracted magic similarly raised to the peak of the eighth step, he felt confident in being able to put up a fight even against a powerhouse at the ninth step.

Feng Ling’er’s teary face shifted its gaze to the field, unconsciously feeling greatly worried.

The contracted magic Hell’s Gate could be considered a powerful thing. Not only did it have a great burst power, but moreover, it could be maintained just by using up the magic power of the user continuously.

Generally, prolonged magic such as Creature Summoning Gate or Hell’s Gate would not be employed in an individual tournament because of the really long casting time. But this being a contracted magic, this dark summoner was able to complete it in a very short time. Furthermore, it was an advanced Hell’s Gate, making it a completely different thing.

Sima Xian was unarmed and defenseless in front of the Hell’s Gate! Feng Ling’er understood very clearly this baldie’s capabilities: without the Energetic Ball of Light in his hand, how much of his strength could possibly come out?

The feelings of worry and excitement filling Feng Ling’er masked the deep grudge she still had. Feng Ling’er tightly grabbed Ye Weiyang’s hand, nervously looking at the situation on the field below.

Sima Xian advanced with no reservations, not releasing any kind of ability, but just taking large strides toward the dark mage. To an ordinary person, this speed could be considered large strides, but to the powerhouses participating in this gathering, it just felt too slow.

The opposite darkness summoner felt truly puzzled when looking at Sima Xian, even thinking, wasn’t he being too careful by using his contracted magic right off the bat?

He was facing this person looking to be in his thirties, with a robust build comparable to a mighty dragon, but clad in a priest gown. Really, a strange sight.

Furthermore, this fellow was not even using any ability, only taking large steps toward him like an ordinary human. There were quite a few matches in the individual competition, but this was the first time such a thing was happening.

This darkness summoner had a high status in the Spiritual Temple, and a plentiful fighting experience. After this short time of stupor, he immediately made up his resolve to use his own full strength, no matter the opponent, for the sake of winning this for the Spiritual Temple.

Hell’s Gate’s power came to view: Hellhounds surrounded in dark flames came out frantically from the gate, aimed at Sima Xian’s direction.

These Hellhounds were twelve, dual element creatures of darkness and fire attributes, and equivalent to human powerhouses of the sixth step. They didn’t have any offensive abilities, and were only experts in physical attacks, but all their physical attacks carried attached boosts of darkness and fire attributes. Extremely tough and persevering, they wouldn’t rest until death if someone would happen to annoy them.

Looking at this Hellhound, Sima Xian still walked forward, his bald head glittering intensely under the effects of the bright illumination in the whole stadium.

The Hellhounds were extremely fast, and the twelve of them arrived in front of Sima Xian in just a blink of an eye.

These Hellhound were not only tyrannical, but looked very well organized. The three ahead pounced simultaneously onto Sima Xian, while out of the other nine, three jumped high, and the other six took the two sidelines, so to seal every of Sima Xian’s possible escape routes.

Their heads flickered in black and red, taking advantage of their numerical advantage against Sima Xian.

That dark summoner was seated crosslegged, floating atop the Hell’s Gate and incanting without pausing. Fluctuations of spiritual energy of great intensity seemed to come out from the gate. Gloomy, sinister, who knew what kind of creature was about to come out from this gate.

He was not thinking of vanquishing Sima Xian using the Hellhounds, only to stall him for long enough. From his view, as long as his following magic could be completed, his victory would then be settled.

Out of all spectators, the most nervous was without doubt Feng Ling’er. Looking at the unarmed and defenseless Sima Xian besieged by twelve Hellhounds, she unawarely felt her breath get hasty. She felt like very severely repremending Sima Xian, You’re just that young, yet are already rushing to participating to the Temples’ Great Gathering. Could you just be looking for death?

But the following scene shocked the whole audience.

Facing the assaults of the twelve Hellhounds, Sima Xian’s look was still the same, as if he didn’t see them at all. Only when these twelve Hellhounds seemed close to contact, Sima Xian’s strides came to a step, as he aimed a right kick heavily onto the ground.

With just a bang, a strong golden flame arose from his body, extending over a span of five meters with Sima Xian ath the center, to materialize an immense golden sphere in there.

What ability is that? To say nothing about the dumbstruck people from the other Temples, even the Knight Temple and Priest Temple expert in abilities of the light attribute looked the same.

The next instant, they saw that baldie keep walking ahead in the same manner in the direction of the Hell’s Gate as if nothing happened. The fire behind him vanished, and in their midst the twelve Hellhounds had already disappeared, leaving not even a single stain.

The referee on the knights’ lounge couldn’t help but reveal a smile upon seeing such a scene, “What an intrepid priest. This is no ability, clearly just a release of spiritual energy: simple and direct.”

The others naturally couldn’t hear Chen Zidian’s statement, only seeing the intrepid bald priest still advancing toward the Hell’s Gate.

To instantly dispose of twelve Hellhounds expert in their defensive power, was that a feat anyone could manage?

The dark summoner felt abruptly nervous, and visibly accelerated his chanting speed. Seeing Sima Xian already at a distance close to fifty meters from him, he couldn’t help sweating profusely from the forehead.

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