Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 660

Chapter 660: Holding all lives, Plucking all stars, the world without someone like me (II)

That was a feeling of great closeness, as if this Tower of Eternity was part of her body.

The divine tool was recognizing its master. Cai’er immediately made this accurate judgement because the same situation had arisen once in the past, when she had integrated the Dagger of Samsara for the first time. But at that time, the Dagger of Samsara was far more tyrannical, far from being so gentle.

Elux truly deserved to be called a genius among geniuses, someone who single-handedly rebelled against all the terrifying powerhouses in the whole human continent. Just by using the connection between the Sickle of the God of Death and Cai’er, he managed to make the Tower of Eternity accept Cai’er as its master. From this could be well imagined how powerful Elux was in his living days; maybe even the Demon God Emperor was below him.

The Sickle of the Goddess of Death seemed to gain a great change with Elux’s purification. Its previously pitch-black main body was surrounded by a white illumination with a bluish and purplish gloss, giving it a less tyrannical, more fantastic and proud look.

Holding the Sickle of the God of Death, Cai’er stood speechless and motionless for a while. Within her heart echoed Elux’s story and that overbearingly haughty side of him at the time of his death.

“Teacher…” Cai’er murmured this reminiscing word, and the next instant, she shifted her sight toward the cross-legged Long Haochen who had entered a state of deep meditation since long ago.

A thin bright light spread out from Long Haochen’s chest, spreading to every corner of his body before dispersing slowly. His whole body was soaked in the state of cultivation.

The energy of life stabilized his whole body without a doubt: Elux’s intervention had thoroughly revived him. The miracle made by the so-called necromancer was really astonishing to see.

Not sitting next to Long Haochen immediately, Cai’er shifted her thoughts, immediately returning to the sixth floor of the Tower of Eternity. As the master of this place, she was able to travel to any part of the Tower of Eternity at will.

Shocked to no end by the surrounding changes, everyone from Bright Glimmer of Hope could hardly keep waiting. The white light was of pure energy, but this was the Tower of Eternity! Without knowing exactly what that was in front of them, they didn’t dare take the risk to absorb it. Moreover, the most important in their eyes was Long Haochen and Cai’er’s safety. Without being certain of their life or death, how could they cultivate with a peaceful heart?


Cai’er appeared suddenly, a nice surprise which caused everyone’s cheers. Wang Yuanyuan was the first to rush to her, holding her in her arms immediately, and the others gathered around, with Chen Ying’er also holding Cai’er while crying very loudly and bitterly.

The scene of Cai’er’s climb through the stairs to the sky had left them with an excessively deep trauma, going beyond simple emotions. They would never forget the scene of her blood falling throughout this whole journey to the sky, to say nothing about Cai’er’s long skirt fully soaked in blood.

Held by Wang Yuanyuan and Chen Ying’er, and feeling the warm concerned looks of her comrades, Cai’er had already lost her original ice coldness and said in a cool voice, “I am all right. Sorry, I made everyone worry.”

Lin Xin asked eagerly, “How about Captain?” They all noticed that Long Haochen was not on her back anymore.

Cai’er replied with a smile, “He is alright.”

These words made everyone look blank for a few seconds, before cheers filled up the sixth floor of the Tower of Eternity immediately.

They had expected Long Haochen to be safe when they saw just Cai’er return, otherwise there’s no way she would look so relaxed; furthermore, she was not bringing back Long Haochen’s “corpse.” Yet, hearing personally from her mouth that Long Haochen was already safe, their repressed feelings gushed out like a terrible volcano.

This group of humans from the young generation were all proud talents, but they looked right now beaming in joy. Their captain was actually miraculously resurrected, giving a new soul to their Bright Glimmer of Hope. Their moral pillar and best brother was back!

Cai’er’s tears flowed beyond her control, “Thank you, thank you all. Having such brothers and sisters is the greatest joy Haochen and I could have.”

Chen Ying’er had a laughing while crying expression as she responded, “Cai’er, you are mistaken. We are a whole, don’t just exclude us! Waa, so great, that’s really great!”

Sima Xian gathered up Lin Xin closer by the neck, telling Cai’er curiously, “Quickly tell us just how he was resurrected. So it’s really possible to resurrect someone. This necromancy is really miraculous!”

Cai’er wanted of course to share the process of Long Haochen’s resurrection with her companions, so she recounted all the details of what happened afterwards.

Hearing about Elux’s tragic encounters, they gradually calmed down from their high spirits. The experiences this Holy Necromancer Elux went through were really too miserable. Unconsciously, feelings of sympathy rose in their hearts.

Cai’er let out a light sigh as she said, “Teacher finally came to himself, and purified himself as a whole, as well as all the evil things in him. No matter what, he will remain my teacher forever. This pure energy left in the Tower of Eternity came from the purification of the intelligent parts of the tower. It’s all pure energy, take it in everyone. Let’s temporarily make a stop here, until we turn all this energy into spiritual energy of our own. The energy from the process of weakening a supra divine tool should help everyone’s cultivation progress greatly.”

The surprise attack against the Star Demon God in Modu had failed, and moreover nearly caused them to lose their captain. By coming here, they experienced countless challenges to finally manage to resurrect Long Haochen, and in the end, an opportunity to progress had come.

Cai’er waved a hand flashing in the white light, and the next instant, the whole group reappeared in the seventh floor of the Tower of Eternity, which was its core. All the energy could be transferred here, and moreover, that way Cai’er could make everyone witness the results of Long Haochen’s resurrection.

When everyone saw the crosslegged and calmly cultivating Long Haochen, they couldn’t help but cry out in joy, breaking into tears. Bright Glimmer of Hope was finally reconstituted!

They all surrounded the crosslegged Long Haochen, regained their calm with great difficulty, and started cultivating.

Right at the start of meditation, everyone was shocked deeply. Those soft looking white dots of light were absorbed in their bodies and immediately caused great changes. The pure energy underwent assimilation by the body, no matter which attribute of spiritual energy, and was absorbed in a very short time. There was no need to even eliminate any impurity, and the group’s spiritual energies progressed at astonishing speeds during this process of absorption.

Cai’er’s process was different to some extent. She absorbed not only the pure energy in the Tower of Eternity, but also the death energy left by Elux inside the Eternal Melody.

The God of Death could also be called a god of purification. Its power came from purifying spirits, and in this world, there could be said to be no other specter more powerful than Elux. His use of the Sickle of the God of Death to purify himself actually caused the weapon to evolve.

But the Sickle of the God of Death joined with Cai’er, and after absorbing it, Cai’er immediately gained its support right after starting to cultivate. A massive purifying force rushed forth in Cai’er, converging into her spiritual energy and absorbing the death energy inside the Eternal Melody as well as the purified energy of the Tower of Eternity. In a mere split second, Cai’er’s internal spiritual energy was promoted to the peak of the seventh step.

Cai’er’s experience already being plentiful, and her accumulation sufficient since long ago, she did not have to do anything for a spiritual cavity to appear in her arms and thighs after the three spiritual stoves in her chest, forehead, and abdomen were completely filled up, making her spiritual cavities directly rise to the number of seven. The massive spiritual energy she had yet to absorb flocked in at an astonishing speed, filling up her two brand new spiritual cavities. That instant onward, Cai’er formally rose to the eighth step.

Although the speed of the others’ progress was not as fast as Cai’er’s, it was astonishing enough compared to the speed under ordinary circumstances. Every time the spiritual energy was operated, it rose by itself. This really filled them up with great excitement. Everyone knew that this could be their chance of a lifetime, and naturally put all their energy into it. Especially Duan Yi and Yang Wenzhao, who, well aware of the gap separating the rest of Bright Glimmer of Hope from them, went to cultivating with their utmost. In a moment, the Tower of Eternity became completely calm.

Right because of this calm, everyone focused entirely on cultivating, and no one noticed the fantastic changes underway in Long Haochen.

The Heart of Eternity entered his body, taking the spot of Long Haochen’s heart, and a massive light essence softly entered his heart and underwent a process of gathering.

When Long Haochen’s heart was crushed by the Demon God Emperor, the core spiritual cavity on his chest was actually smashed to pieces. Right now, even if he came back to life, all his cultivation could be said to need a restart.

After the Heart of Eternity was poured in, it immediately became a joining point between all the other spiritual cavities. The massive light essence spreading outside very rapidly linked up with the other spiritual cavities, and when they all connected, the light essence flowed smoothly through Long Haochen’s body, restoring his original cultivation.

This process of recovery was undergone very fast, and was already over by the time Cai’er had recounted what they had experienced. When Long Haochen’s spiritual energy was back to the level of the eighth step, a formidable change started to occur in his body.

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