Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 654

Chapter 654: Long Haochen’s Choice (II)

The terrifying spiritual waves persisted for a whole quarter of an hour before gradually pacifying.

“No, no… This can’t be! How could such feelings exist between humans? Humans are supposed to be vulgar and shameless, disregarding anything in front of benefit. Why would you have such feelings, just why?”

Elux howled in hysteria. Right now he seemed like a wounded wolf, completely turning mad.

No soul attack came. Long Haochen was drawing close to Cai’er, who noticed that right now Long Haochen was full of incomprehension. He had just consented to inherit Elux, so why would this Holy Necromancer make such a fuss?

Elux kept yelling all along so far, but Long Haochen could feel that the aura of death in the seventh floor of the Tower of Eternity was disappearing at an astonishing speed. This place, originally full of dense light essence, gradually regained its sacred feel.

This madness lasted for the time of a meal, before Elux gradually calmed down. Although he was just a soul with a body, it took him large gasps to breathe, and his body was at least half its previous volume. But it had become pure white. Right now his soul seemed ignited to burn strongly, and the soulfire pulsing in his eyes gradually pacified as well.

“Unexpected, what an unexpected thing!” Elux’s voice clearly became stiff, and although his emotions had settled down, his feeling of incomprehension was still present.

Long Haochen looked at him without understanding, “Senior, you can let me inherit your power.”


Elux shook his head, replying in distress, “No, I am not qualified. I was mistaken. I didn’t expect myself to really be so mistaken. I was mistaken for several thousand years....” He shook his head vigorously, full of pain.

Cai’er held Long Haochen’s hand, right now her mind was empty, filled up with Long Haochen’s figure.

She warmly stood by his side, all traces of her original coldness totally vanished. The haze from her youth’s traumas were all swept clean, leaving no traces behind. If one were to ask her why, surely she would reply that it’s the power of love. Right, Haochen showed her his abiding love, willing to renounce his convictions for the sake of love. This caused a sublimation of Cai’er’s soul, as all negative feelings in her were swept clean at that very moment.

Nothing else mattered in that life where this fulfilling love existed.

Elux raised his head, his ardent look faced toward this pair of sweethearts. His warm expression contained an unspoken admiration, but no traces of jealousy.

“Willing to hear my story? That’s a story from six thousand and eight hundred years ago.” Elux’s voice changed to contain a dense sadness, which came out all around him.

For some reason, Long Haochen felt thin surges of sympathy when looking at him, and nodded unconsciously.

Elux calmly declared, “Six thousand eight hundred ninety years ago, I was born in a city from the Pombo Empire on the northwest of the continent. This city was called Sidi.

“My father was the lord of Sidi, a hereditary earl, and I was his only son.

“From the day of my birth, I lived in nobility. For the sake of letting me succeed his position as earl in the future, he arranged the best teachers to teach me knowledge and etiquette. The year of my sixth birthday, my great affinity with light essence was found out: I was blessed with a constitution of a Scion of Light. Although nearly seven thousand years have passed since then, I still remember very well the great joy Father had at the time. He held me in his arms, and shouted in excitement through the whole hall, Elux, you are my pride!’


“From that point, I became a light mage. My cultivation was extremely fast, shocking every teacher, and during the year of my eleventh birthday, I had already become a mage of the fourth step. And at thirteen, the fifth step, then at merely fifteen years old, I became the youngest mage of the sixth step to have ever appeared in the continent.”

At this point Long Haochen was also shocked; because, despite being a Scion of Light too, he had yet to reach the sixth step when he was fifteen years old. In other words, Elux was even more outstanding than him at the same age of fifteen years old.

“Father said that I was shockingly talented. Therefore, he personally brought me to participate in the Talent War organized at that time between the three empires by the Glorious Church, where only youngsters below twenty were allowed to participate. Right, does the Glorious Church still exist at present? Have they yet taken over the whole continent?”

Long Haochen shook his head, “No, at the time of the start of the dark age six thousand years ago, the Glorious Church was annihilated by demonkind.”

“Annihilated?” Elux became blank, and immediately made the strange statement, “Great, great. I knew that they would one day walk this path. So, what was I saying again?”

“Talents War.” Cai’er reminded him.

“Right, the Talents War. I was without doubt the focus of this whole Talents War. The enemies that came out in front of me rarely resisted for over a minute. When I was young, I was also on par with your looks. Uncountable young ladies from the three empires gave me coquettish looks, and, during the finals, my opponent was the princess Fuluo of the empire. She was also a genius, a powerful summoner. With the royal family’s backing, she already had a Purple Thunder Star Dragon Emperor as her contracted beast. Although her cultivation was below mine, her endless successions of summons were tough to face. That battle had lasted for a whole half of an hour, and in the end, because of her insufficient spiritual energy, she lost by my hand. I thereby became the final champion, and our Pombo Empire became the great winner.”

No matter how many years had passed since then, Elux looked extremely proud as he recounted these facts, making clear how impressive that feat used to be.

At that time, humankind was still ruling over the whole Shengmo Dalu, and the total human population was perhaps ten times more than nowadays. This Talent War was undoubtedly a stage for the youngest elites, so the achievement of that victory was truly a great glory.

“The pope of the Glorious Church from that time rewarded me personally with a direct title of viscount, and a feudal fiefdom of fifty kilometers. My reward was a great item, later known as equipment of epic tier. The me of that time was quite pleased with himself, having become the most glorious youngster of all continent. Even the pope’s son Pelo was nothing in front of me.

Also, that saying 'a friendship may arise from an exchange of blows' is true. That battle with Princess Fulo created a link between the two of us: from that day onwards, we were known as the two great seeds of the empire, on whom great hopes were placed. I was then transferred to the royal academy, pursuing my studies alongside Princess Fulo, and received all the support of the empire.”

Just by listening to his story, Long Haochen and Cai’er could feel how successful Elux was in his younger times. Receiving such glory at the age of sixteen was not  something just anyone could do.

Elux’s face started to fill with warmth, “During the period of my studies in the royal academy, I was with Fulo training together and researching magic together all the time. Our feelings started to get deep between the two of us, and I deeply loved that beautiful genius. When the two of us were together, we were never short of topics to talk about. We made an oath of eternal love, engrossed with each other. The rise of these feelings did not only not adversely affect our cultivation, but instead made it faster and faster. In the year I turned eighteen years old, I became a Grand Magic Tutor of the eighth step. Given my cultivation speed of that time, I was certain that I would surely be able to break through the ninth step at the age of twenty, making me the youngest powerhouse of the ninth step in the whole continent.

“As time passed, the superiority of my talent became clearer and clearer. Although Fulo was also outstanding, in the end she was unable to compare with my gifts as Scion of Light. When I broke through the eighth step, she had just broken through the seventh. Back at that time, I could see that she was unhappy, but didn’t put a lot of thought into the issue. I told her that I was willing to make a pause to wait for her to catch up with my cultivation.

“At the same time, I asked His Majesty her father for her hand, and he accepted a marriage between Fulo and me.

“Everything went smoothly. His Majesty was extremely pleased about our relationship, and the day I would break through the ninth step would be when we would marry. At that time, I was already acclaimed as the man most likely to rise to the level of god. The pope of that time personally came to the empire, expressing the wish to take me as disciple, and to take over his position in the future.

“For the sake of the empire, and for Fulo’s sake, I refused. At that time, the church was extremely powerful in the continent, and in some manner, all three kingdoms had to listen to their orders. I could feel His Majesty’s unwillingness, and for his Majesty’s sake, I preferred to offend the church rather than leaving the empire.

“After reaching the eighth step, my great speed of cultivation visibly slowed down. My teachers in the royal academy told me that because I only kept cultivating all the time, I was lacking in other experiences, and suggested that I go to the outside world and gain experience, to discover all the miraculous places in the continent so that I would be able to progress while gaining in understanding. I followed their suggestion, and told Fulo about this matter, hoping to gain these experiences alongside her.

“But, Fuluo refused. Although she loved me deeply, she had an even greater eagerness to be number one. I knew that she was always looking to surpass me, but the gap between us only kept getting wider. So she chose to remain in the academy to keep training hard, looking to catch up to my cultivation.”

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