Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 634

Chapter 634: Brave Long’s Death (I)


“Keep advancing.” Cai’er nodded to the others, and took the lead to enter in those white curtains, out-of place with the rest of the world made of darkness.

Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi currently had some feelings of astonishment. Although their cultivation also reached the seventh step, they understood clearly in the previous battle that every member of Bright Glimmer of Hope was far stronger than them. But as one must know, they used to stand as the central pillar of their respective teams, and stronger by a considerable gap compared to the rest of their team. But in front of the members of Bright Glimmer of Hope, all they could do was to resist some of the skeleton soldiers, and because their injuries were not healed completely, even the mere act of resisting against the black skeletons felt strenuous. 

By contrast, amongst Bright Glimmer of Hope, the main offense was ensured by Cai’er, Sima Xian, and Lin Xin, whose joint attack could even kill a powerhouse of the ninth step. And that was an overwhelming kill, as that black knight was not given the slightest chance to display his strength before being killed in their hands.

Long Haochen and Cai’er’s strength aside, even Lin Xin and Sima Xian were already so powerful. The powerful attacks they just used were even totally unheard of by Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi.

But it was a fact that the matching of Cai’er and these two managed to defeat the black knight effortlessly. Actually, this was mainly due to the dominance of their equipment plus the launch of their full-force greatest attack.

In what looked like a short battle, Lin Xin and Sima Xian had been going all out and using their trump cards. The holy guards in this Tower of Eternity were certainly powerful, but they all had a common weak point, their equipment.

Simply speaking, if that black knight was clad in Long Haochen’s Golden Foundation Armor, they may not necessarily have ended up victorious even by spending ten times more time.

Cai’er’s Sickle of the god of Death was a divine tool and Sima Xian’s Energetic Ball of Light reached the epic tier. No one in Bright Glimmer of Hope didn’t have at least a weapon of the legendary tier.

The white curtains of light were in front of their eyes. Going through the black knight’s trial didn’t mean that they had already cleared the third floor of the Tower of Eternity. Based on the previous two floors, they had only cleared half of the trials on this floor.

And, the later trials would only keep increasing in difficulty. Only more cruel fights were awaiting them.

After Cai’er stepped out and entered the white curtains of light, Zhang Fangfang, Wang Yuanyuan, and Chen Ying’er followed.

Stepping through the white curtains, everyone couldn’t help but cough lightly, because the air behind was just far too different, making an overwhelming difference.
Previously, they were in a world of absolute darkness, but at that moment, what came to their sight after passing through the white curtains was an incomparably intense holy aura. 

The surrounding darkness was already nonexistent, replaced by a boundless holy light.

The pillars coming to sight on the two sides were identical, but spread out a golden gloss filled with holiness. The ground was also entirely gold-colored, with elegant designs extending all over. 

No seas of skeletons were present. This second part of the third floor was entirely empty.

On the end of the third floor was another sculpture of the Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux.

Under the sculpture, a single man was sitting cross-legged. A white magic gown of light attribute enveloped all his body, and as he was looking down slightly, Cai’er’s group was unable to discern his face. 

He was sitting below Elux’s sculpture, and seemed like he was seated for a boundless time, and appeared to be waiting for the arrival of Cai’er’s group.

Although they were facing a single enemy now, Cai’er’s crew looked even more concentrated. Right because the enemy standing in front of them was by himself, his strength would undoubtedly be even greater, at least far stronger than the black knight.

Cai’er turned back to her comrades, and told Chen Ying’er, “Ying’er, do not intervene. We will be mostly relying on your power on the next floor. The others, come with me.”

As she said that, Cai’er’s figure flashed, already clashing against that light elemental mage who was clad in a white gown the next instant. As an assassin, she was obviously the greatest candidate against a mage.

Han Yu, Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi felt clearly their spiritual energy being boosted enormously in the midst of that holy aura. The three of them immediately put into use their halo abilities, attaching them to Cai’er.

Although Yang Wenzhao was a Retribution Knight, he didn’t charge out. With his wounds having yet to heal up, if this enemy was even stronger than the previous one, him charging would have no use at all.

Wang Yuanyuan followed, charging alongside Cai’er. A fierce reek of blood instantly leapt behind her, and one could faintly see a red glow shoot up, turning into an illusory image with the same appearance as Wang Yuanyuan.

Wang Yuanyuan’s murderous spirit was greatly different from Cai’er’s. Cai’er’s murderous spirit was full of a deathly aura, while Wang Yuanyuan’s murderous spirit was permeated with a bloody aura.

One was originally an attribute of the user herself, while the other one was produced through incessant slaughter. The two murderous spirits seemed to complement each other. Under their full power, this brilliance rooted in a brilliance rooted in an extreme holiness

The light mage made his move, his body launching itself aloft the instant Cai’er’s group started charging.

A golden staff appeared in his hand. Pointing it forward, it oscillated with wave-like golden ripples coming from it.

Having Long Haochen on her back, Cai’er was unable to immediately enter the state of invisibility. But she was the fastest of all Bright Glimmer of Hope. She was already accelerating quickly the instant she charged, and was able to close the distance to the light elemental mage below two hundred meters in just two flashes.

But after she approached closer than one hundred meters, that soft light halation blocked her.

Feeling a kind of gauze on her, Cai’er found out upon contact with the golden halation that her speed plummeted completely and she was completely bound. Like that, her movement was in slow motion. 

A gray radiance filled with dense murderous instant immediately burst out from the Sickle of the God of Death. A divine tool was a divine tool, and immediately the light magic of unknown name ruptured in front of the tyrannical Sickle of the God of Death.

As Cai’er was moving forward and prepared to keep charging, that ruptured golden light coiled around her body.

Wang Yuanyuan faced the same issue as Cai’er. The two of them were about a hundred meters from the light mage, and found it difficult to keep charging at him.

A twisting radiance swept across at this time, charging straight at the light mage. It was the Demonic Eye Commander.

That light mage slowly lifted up his head while emitting powerful soul waves. Under his cloak, one could see a pair of pulsing golden flames in his eyes.

The Demonic Eye Commander’s psychic attack had yet to reach out, as it was repulsed by that powerful soul force. It didn’t manage to bring the slightest injury to this light mage.

Waving once again his staff, he continued a downcast chant. Immediately, a few knights appeared on Cai’er and Wang Yuanyuan’s side. Due to the unknown spell used by this light mage earlier, a golden halo blocked their way, stopping them from advancing any further.

“This is the spell of the ninth step, Divine Binding!” Yang Wenzhao shouted suddenly, “But wasn’t this spell long since lost? How could it appear here? Damn it, it’s even insta-cast!”

A spell of the ninth step, and without even the use of any incantation. That was something close to the level of forbidden spell, so no wonder they would be stopped still. If that was just a spell of the eighth step, Cai’er absolutely would not, by any means, be stopped so thoroughly with the Sickle of the God of Death in her hand.

The light mage’s incantation was ongoing, and everyone knew that if it completed, the group would hardly manage to resist it. A mage’s offensive power is far above a warrior’s, especially this light mage that appeared right after the black knight. Don’t get wrong thoughts because of the extremely cozy feeling of light aura: this trial is surely a lot more challenging than the previous one. And most of all, how could they break through Divine Binding?

This time, Cai’er suddenly called out, “Yuanyuan.”
Wang Yuanyuan who entered through the curtain of light about the same time as Cai’er exchanged looks with her the instant she heard her call, filled with tacit understanding.

Although Cai’er just had her memories recovered, the memories she had gained after her amnesia were not raised by the past ones, but merged thoroughly, so their mutual understanding still had yet to disappear.

“One, two...”

Cai’er started to count in a slow motion. Her look was on that light mage from beginning to end.

Except for Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi, the rest of Bright Glimmer of Hope was visibly calm and stopped charging at the protective barrier. That was mutual understanding: without even need for Cai’er to say anything, they all understood her aim.

“Three… Go!” Cai’er shouted.

As watched in shock Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi’s, the silver light on Wang Yuanyuan amplified greatly, and the next instant she disappeared, only to reappear in front of the light mage. Orange and scarlet colors interweaved in Bloodstorm, bringing an incomparable burst of bloodlust. A pitch-black crack appeared in a flash in front of the light mage, the innate ability of Bloodstorm, Dimensional Storm.

In fact, now that Bloodstorm had reached the epic tier through incessant slaughters, its might was as different from the time before as sky and earth.

In front of that intense light essence, it launched instant cuts. The terrifying Dimensional Storm produced humming sounds upon contact with that defensive spell of the ninth step, and the space inside was torn into countless chips.

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