Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 564

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Chapter 564: Such a swarm?(I)


Hearing Long Haochen’s words, Crocell raised his eyebrows, and contrary to expectations, smiled, “Young knight of the eighth step, you’re attempting to challenge a mighty opponent of the ninth step? I know what you are thinking, that I can’t have the assistance of my demon god pillar here, right? Even so, how could you be a match against me? You have only one option: to serve or to die.”

Saying that, Crocell raised the long blade in his right hand, and the pitch-black edge of his blade was launched at Long Haochen.

This blade wasn’t moving very fast, but the instant it struck out, Long Haochen only felt as if locked by Crocell, and couldn’t avoid the blow no matter which way he tried to evade.

Crocell’s eyes had already turned deep blue. The Demon God of Clear Vision was not just talk: in time of battle, his Clear Vision Technique had crucial uses. It was able to create decisive opportunities against the enemy, as well as predict his next moves.

Under those conditions, his attacks were undoubtedly very effective.

None of the seventy-two demon gods was a simple character, whether in strength or intelligence.

Crocell’s attack aimed at intimidating as well as probing. He was unclear on Long Haochen’s precise level of cultivation.

Long Haochen drew back slightly, and his body abruptly traced an arc, wielding the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon with both his arms.

Biing. A resonant buzzing sound spread out on the whole first floor of the Tower of Eternity. Both Long Haochen’s feet slid backwards, only stopping on the edge of the tower. As the Divine Snail Shield spread glitters of intense orange light, Long Haochen’s body flashed in light, as the surroundings shook continuously under the flashes of different colors.

After bearing this attack, Long Haochen’s face was covered in astonishment. Indeed, he sensed that Crocell’s internal spiritual energy seemed just above a hundred thousand, definitely not reaching the second rank of the ninth step. But even at such a level of cultivation, relying on Divine Obstruction actually turned out to be totally insufficient. His body still glowed with the light of Bright Vengeance (the ability formed along with Divine Obstruction to reflect some damage back to the enemy), but the Soul Binding Chains’ light also spread. In other words, he had been wounded. Although they weren’t deep, despite the Divine Snail Shield’s defense and damage sharing with the others, he still sustained some light wounds. From this could be seen the dominance of Crocell’s strength.

“Little fly, you dare show such insolence.” Crocell didn’t stop at that. After the first strike came off smoothly, the long blade chopped at Haochen, drawing a pitch-black brilliance onto the sky, which aimed straight at Long Haochen like a bolt of thunder.

His blade’s edge seems to be using an ability similar to Spiritual Highland, Long Haochen determined instantly from the first blow.

What he didn’t know at all was that in the demons’ ranks, every demon god without his own clan certainly had far a less influential strength, but the Demon God Emperor encouraged them, frequently giving them the priority for some powerful equipment. Therefore, individual demon gods had comparatively better practical fighting strength.

And although the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell’s strength was ranked rather low among the individual demon gods, he couldn’t possibly have obtained the forty-ninth seat without sufficient strength. He was a real powerhouse of the ninth step and furthermore had the Clear Vision Technique at his disposal. If his cultivation reached the point of being able to unleash a domain, maybe he could rank among the top thirty-six.

In this probing, Long Haochen immediately suffered a loss.

However as a god’s chosen one, he naturally couldn’t let himself continuously suffer losses. Seeing the second attack of the enemy arrive, Long Haochen’s figure strangely disappeared without warning nor trace.

Bang. Crocell’s attack landed directly on the Tower of Eternity, causing a series of buzzes, he couldn’t help but blank out. Even with the Clear Vision Technique, he actually couldn’t tell out how Long Haochen had gone off.

Long Haochen obviously couldn’t possibly teleport himself back to Shengmo Dalu. A time of adjustment was required before teleporting back, and besides, he could absolutely not leave Crocell here by himself. Otherwise, if he explores and finds out about the deep secrets of the Tower of Eternity, and manages to obtain something, things could become a real pain.

In a flash of light, Long Haochen reappeared in his previous location, and this time, the hill-sized five-headed Haoyue was alongside him.

Outside from the teleportation to the Tower of Eternity, Long Haochen also had his blood contract pact with Haoyue. In the battle against Crocell inside the Tower of Eternity, Long Haochen’s greatest reliance was the possibility to show his full abilities without any worries. Even if he didn’t manage to kill Crocell, the latter still had no way to escape the Tower of Eternity.

“Groar” Haoyue’s five heads snarled together, and deep purple intent rushed forth from him, shrouding the opposite Crocell.

Immediately, the previously proud looking Demon God of Clear Vision lost his head as if facing a monster, already full of shock.

“You’re... You’re...” Immediately, he became unable to finish his sentence. Long Haochen obviously understood that the opponent had recognized his identity. Recovering the Divine Snail Shield he pointed his right hand forward and immediately let golden light surge out from him. Yating charmingly appeared in front of him, and in her hands were held up two heavy swords.

“Master.” Yating bowed slightly, holding the two heavy swords out before Long Haochen.

Long Haochen took up the Aria of the Goddess of Light and then Blue Rain Hibiscus of Light. Immediately, his manners made an earth-shattering change, with mighty sword intent bursting from him without reserve. His aura was far greater than before.

“You’re that human... that human!!” Crocell stabilized his posture after drawing ten or so meters back. He tenaciously stared at Haoyue, bursting with great fury. Immediately, he became totally unable to maintain his precious calm.

The demon gods succeeded each other through many generations, but not all memories were passed between them. The stronger the demon god, the more of the past memories he’d inherit. That’s how the Demon God Emperor could immediately speak out Haoyue’s other name, but this forty-ninth ranked Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell couldn’t tell it outright. But his engraved instincts were still present. Although he couldn’t say Haoyue’s identity, he had a deep, threatened feeling that came out, alongside an extremely great fear.

Last time, when Long Haochen vanquished the Goblin Demon God Seere, he immediately had Haoyue transform into armor and merge with his Golden Foundation Armor, but he hadn't had time then to observe to observe Haoyue’s changes. He only had felt that Haoyue was a lot more powerful, but giving another look, Haoyue’s stature had already surpassed fifteen meters, and his aura became more substantial. Faintly, a unique imposing demeanor was coming out from him.

Based on Long Haochen’s senses, the current Haoyue hadn’t yet broken through the ninth step, making him inferior to Haochen, roughly reaching the peak of the seventh step. But his aura at the peak of the seventh step could actually instill such a fear to a powerhouse of the ninth step such as the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell. Why was that?

Long Haochen tried to ask Haoyue many times about the issue in the past, but the latter avoided the subject every time, sometimes looking clearly at a loss, as if unable to recall it himself. Furthermore, at the time he had followed Long Haochen, he had only one head, and gained his second one with the help from Haochen’s blood. How could such a small Haoyue know so many things already?

In Long Haochen’s guesses, the real threat to the demons was very probably Haoyue’s ancestor. And the same goes for the ones from his own world. In other words, Haoyue’s species was very strong, and he would definitely keep growing stronger in the future. That’s Long Haochen’s judgement, therefore making it natural that Haoyue wouldn’t know about his own such circumstances.

Haoyue now had five heads of different elements; being light, fire, wind, water, and poison. Of his five heads, Little Light was the central one, its neighbouring ones being Little Flame and Little Wind, and the outer ones Little Blue and Little Purple. The five heads looked at Crocell with cold gazes, faintly leaking out an aura of hatred. Just like the demons seemed terrified when running into Haoyue, Haoyue showed an intense hate in front of the demon gods.

Could they have an innate blood enmity? Long Haochen didn’t understand this even one bit, after all, Haoyue wasn’t a being from this dimension. So how could he show such hatred to the demon gods? It could be estimated to be a bad compatibility engraved in his genes.

On his thick neck Haoyue had another protruding area. This bulge was extremely large, and according to Long Haochen’s knowledge, one reaching to this point could break at anytime, followed by another evolution from him. Perhaps it would give birth to a sixth head.

Haoyue let out another low roar, letting out a dense fighting intent. He was seeking to fight and wanted to rush straight at Crocell.

Of course, Long Haochen didn’t let him do that. Haoyue was after all still only at the peak of the seventh step. If the enemy’s attack inflicted heavy damage on him, Haochen would regret it greatly.

After a short time of soul-bounded communication, Long Haochen soared high, leaving Haoyue’s back. Yating still remained at the same area, and started to chant.

Long Haochen didn’t summon Star King here. The Tower of Eternity was filled with an intense aura of death, and he was unwilling to let it influence him.

But was it really that Long Haochen didn’t have other forces than Haoyue and Yating at his disposal? Of course not: although unwilling to utilize this force, he came to have restraining fears after the previous display of strength Crocell showed. Therefore, he didn’t dare show any reservations.

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