Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 553

Chapter 553: Hell’s Descent (III)

Gloomy and cold chants were distinctly heard even from the Tombal Mountain Pass as the eight demon god pillars gathered altogether. That devil portrait seemed to become even more concentrated, as if awaking as a real Fiend Demon, ready to throw himself at the fortress.

A forbidden spell! The eight great demon gods were joining hands to prepare this forbidden spell. As that skull was flying forward, the previous black clouds turned into its tail, and fused with it in the process of their rapid flight.

“Forbidden spell!” Lin Xin exclaimed. With great emotions, he immediately issued the order, “Gather your attacks! We cannot let that thing approach!”

The demons had suddenly changed stance, visibly catching the Tombal Mountain unprepared. And it would appear that this change of stance was initiated by Marbas’ command to use the power of the other seven demon gods alongside the entirety of the mages’ attacks. The instant that fierce skull appeared in the battlefield, the overwhelming majority of the mages in the Tombal Mountain Pass’ fortress felt as if their blood froze. Even the seal defending the Tombal Mountain Pass didn’t give them any sense of security.

This was all just too sudden. Completing this spell from the eight demon gods took a very short time. The Tombal Mountain Pass was already out of time to counter that abrupt burst of power.

The commanders of the mage squads on the fortress were all veterans. Like Lin Xin, they all immediately made a response. From the fortress, a great amount of magic radiances burst out, gathering like a torrential rain to face that terrifying forbidden spell.

“Han Yu, assist me.” Long Haochen called out in a low voice, to the nearby Han Yu, and directly sat in meditation. A meticulous and low chant came out from him, carrying a bizarre tempo and reverberating in a small area.

As his cultivation increased, Long Haochen’s capacity for judgement also grew. The instant that devil skull appeared, he already determined that the Tombal Mountain Pass could surely not contend against it. Of course, he couldn’t either. But he had to give his best shot, even if he could only gain a little time, he had to do his best to give the Tombal Mountain Pass some time to handle the fatal attack.

Han Yu sat in meditation behind Long Haochen, both hands pressed onto his back. With the retainer pact binding him to Haochen, transmission of spiritual energy became a lot easier. Even without the use of Lin Xin’s Cojoined Spiritual Pills, it had the same efficiency. In the meantime, he also put to use his Spiritual Stove of Light Blessing, which was the true reason for Long Haochen to have asked for his assistance.

The orange brilliance coming out from the Golden Foundation Mountain Pass grew higher in power, and pure light essence was gathering toward Long Haochen’s direction at an astonishing speed.

Actually, what Long Haochen didn’t know was that the eight demon gods’ sudden outburst and full-force, all-out-attack was closely related to him.

In the past days, the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass’ Demon God of Death Saminaga had to seclude himself due to serious wounds, his demon army utterly defeated. And Sytry’s demon army also received severe damage. Two great forts in a row encountered severe issues. Upon receiving the report, the Demon God Emperor’s first reaction was to launch a counterattack against the humans. Although he didn’t think humans had the ability to retaliate, what happened was a matter of fact.

The Demon God Emperor’s goal may only be to weaken the human forces, but he definitely wasn’t a pacifistic practitioner of buddhism. Seeing the sudden surge of counteroffensives from the Temple Alliance, he immediately gave this order to the other four great forts, to pressure the Temple Alliance to the greatest possible extent, and erase all their ideas of counterattacking.

At the time Long Haochen’s group arrived, the Hell demon god Marbas just received this order, and after preparing for two days’ time, the eight great demon gods relied on their demon god pillars to store the forbidden spell and thereby launch the attack.

The stored forbidden spell could be transferred at anytime, without need for a lengthy incantation. But this would greatly use up the spiritual energy stored inside the demon god pillars, which is why the demon gods ordinarily won’t use it easily. It was to inflict serious damage to the Tombal Mountain Pass that Marbas decided to launch such an attack. And the suddenness of the matter really caught the Tombal Mountain Pass unprepared.

The wind control mage team was the first to launch its offense. The wind mages were the fastest, be it their incantations or their offense’s speed.

In midair, strident sounds that reminded Long Haochen’s crew of the experience they had in the Desolate Hissing Cavern and an immense green spear met straight with that devil’s portrait.

Hundreds of green lights hit that terrifying black forbidden spell extending over more than a hundred meters in diameter.

At the time it approached, the devil’s portrait had a distorted look, and a large quantity of tornadoes were distorted and routed, so only a little part managed to hit the main body of the forbidden spell, but only slowed down its advance a bit at most.

The second burst was the earth mages’. In the sky, boulders and rocks the size of millstones suddenly appeared bunched together, flooding the pitch black forbidden spell with their powers.

There’s no need to mention that earth elemental magic is far more useful than wind elemental magic in such circumstances. Although a part was expelled, the overwhelming majority landed onto that forbidden spell, causing its speed to once again slow down.

But if one paid careful attention, he’d find out that at the time the rock smashed that devil portrait, it was rapidly dissolved and disappeared. It only managed to slow down the speed of this forbidden spell’s attack, but didn’t manage to weaken its power.

After earth came water, or more accurately speaking, ice. A series of blue colored brilliant rays interweaved, condensing into one, it turned into an ice ball even larger than that devil’s portrait, and smashed onto it.

The clash was of short duration, and didn’t let out any explosion. From the Tombal Mountain Pass’s point of view, that immense iceball melted from its core at an astonishing speed, turning into countless pitch-black raindrops that fell out loudly onto the ground.

At last came fire. The mages under Lin Xin’s command, grouped in units of six, formed ten immense Bursting Fireballs amplified by the magic formation of the fortress, meeting the skull in the shape of a rain of meteors.

Ice and fire were two opposite elements which completed each other miraculously well. A burning hot coming after a freezing cold could greatly penetrate the enemy spell’s inner defense.

But this seemed to be a failure. The Bursting Fireballs seemed to lose efficiency as they soared through that black forbidden spell, manifesting the frantic aspect of the fire element. But that black skull still managed to bear the damage, and after sustaining the four elemental attacks, it only lost a fifth of its volume. In other words, the joint act of two thousand mages only managed to dispel a fifth of its offensive power.

The consequences of the descent of such a terrifying forbidden spell were hard to imagine. The Hell Demon Marbas coldly gazed into the distant Tombal Mountain Pass, as the smoky tail acquired by the devil’s portrait finished becoming fully one with it.

I want to see how you will resist this magic of mine! Hell’s Descent forbidden spell!

Saminaga has actually been wounded by the humans’ attacks, and is still heavily wounded from what I heard, even his domain having nearly ended up destroyed. Alright, let me take revenge for him!

Marbas and Saminaga were in an extremely good relationship, as the Fiend Clan and Hell Demon Clan are originally on very close terms. Added up together, they could roughly match the rather fewer Moon Demons and Star Demons, making ample proof of their powerful strength. At the very moment, this supra forbidden spell they were using was his exclusive Hell’s Descent, drawing support from the other seven great demon gods and his clansmen to unleash its greatest might. Even as the one unleashing it, he was unable to evaluate its degree of might.

He didn’t even think of prolonging the offense after launching that attack. As long as the frontal walls were destroyed, how could the Tombal Mountain Pass that has lost its natural defenses resist them for long? The destruction of the Mage Temple will surely be the most terrible blow ever sustained by the Temple Alliance.

“Bang!” Right at this time, Hell Descent fiercely struck the seal protecting the Tombal Mountain Pass.

After sustaining four magic bombardments, Hell’s Descent only lost a bit of its power, and the instant it struck the seal, the whole mountain trembled, and distorted lights frantically bubbled forth. The seal completely unleashed its might. White halos condensed from all directions, wanting to stop Hell Descent while attempting to dispel it.

But the demon’s portrait born from Hell’s Descent became even more fierce this time as it struggled to break out. One could see that at the time of its contact with the center of the seal, holes were gradually forming. But from the look of it, its breakthrough was only a matter of time.

Right at this time, several dozen brilliant golden light beams were shot from the other side, aiming right at the holes pierced in Hell’s Descent.

At the sight of this scene, Lin Xin couldn’t help but tremble slightly. Looking at the direction of the golden light, despite loathing Xuanyuan Yan, he had no choice but to admit that he directed the light elemental magic squad under his command well. He had been enduring silently until then, waiting right for this chance.

Light and darkness were originally opposite elements: if he had shifted the launch earlier, it would undoubtedly have ended the same as with the other mage squads, only neutralizing a part of the attack. But the instant Hell’s Descent collided against the seal, the holes that were produced led to its core. Initiating an attack there would inflict unavoidable damage to the forbidden spell, and made full use of the light attribute countering it. This attack on its core reduced Hell’s Descent’s might to the greatest extent.

As expected, under the attack from that golden light, one could see clearly that Hell’s Descent shrank to a great extent, weakened globally by the five hundred light mages’ joint attacks.

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