Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 495

Chapter 495: Golden Foundation Armor (II)

Han Yu nodded, resisting with great difficulty the urge to follow Long Haochen. “Many thanks to you two grandpas for your help.” He finished his secluded training long before Long Haochen, and had already become a Saint Knight of the seventh step.

Long Tianying was accompanying him all this time, sending him to complete some missions to familiarize himself with the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass.

“Grandpa Yang, I want to know when I can take the examination to become a Mythril Foundation Knight.”

Han Yu was looking on helplessly at Long Haochen, clad in epic tiered Golden Foundation Armor. Although he was quite far below Long Haochen, as a knight, he also had an incomparable thirst for honor.

Yang Haohan smiled in response, and asked Long Tianying, “What do you think about that? Is this child strong enough for now?”

Long Tianying shook his head, “He’s still a bit lacking. His proficiency in battle is okay, but his spiritual energy is still a bit low. But he should have enough contribution points on him to purchase one.”

Yang Haohan looked at Han Yu, “Did you hear, your grandpa Long agreed to let you take a shortcut, what are you waiting for, hurry up and thank him. You guys really made a fortune in the demons’ lands! You have even gotten enough to purchase a Mythril Foundation Armor.”

In fact, because of its symbolic aspect and great power, a Mythril Foundation Armor has a cost of 400,000 contribution points in the Demon Hunter’s Transaction Center.

Han Yu shook his head with a determined look, “No, grandfathers, I don’t want to buy it. I want to obtain a Mythril Foundation Armor with my own strength. My contribution points were earned by the whole team, and are not mine alone. Captain would surely have chosen the same. I believe that I deserve a Mythril Foundation Armor that is not obtained using contribution points.”

Hearing that, Long Tianying’s gloomy look became clearly a lot warmer, as he patted Han Yu’s shoulders, “A real, ambitious, man you are! Then let it be so. When your strength is sufficient, the Temple will make all the preparations for you.”


Long Haochen naturally didn’t know about this episode that happened after he left. With the use of his commander graded Demon Hunt Squad insignia, his journey went very smoothly. After exiting the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass, he confirmed which path to follow and went straight for the Knights’ Saint Mountain.

As a matter of fact, it had been over a year and a half since Long Haochen had seen the outside world.

The constantly frozen Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass had an extremely cold climate, but when breathing this frozen air, Long Haochen had a feeling that he was returning to reality. A low temperature like that had no effect on him, to say nothing about the Golden Foundation Armor on him that defended against the external low temperature even better than winter clothing.

It was not to show off that Long Haochen kept this new armor on, but to become familiar with it.

After returning from the Knights’ Saint Mountain, he will be thrown into combat immediately. And for the sake of concealing his identity, constantly keeping this armor on was a must. The sooner he becomes familiar with it, the sooner he will be able to draw out its power.

The Golden Foundation Armor was totally charged, and from Long Haochen’s estimate, this piece of armor of the epic tier would only need about half an hour to be filled up once depleted. And even while Long Haochen uses spiritual energy it will still replenish itself continuously. Therefore, what this armor of epic tier gives is not a mere boost of 100,000 spiritual energy, but also a constant recovery of this storage, therefore it was not empty words to say that Long Haochen could wield the strength of a knight of the ninth step.

Among the epic tier equipment acquired by Long Haochen, the two heavy swords were unquestionably here for the sake of offense. The Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon was purely for the sake of defense. The Golden Foundation Armor served to bridge the gap between his other equipment, serving in a primarily defensive and supportive role that increased his comprehensive abilities. Without a doubt, when considering Long Haochen’s overall strength, he belonged to the top of the Knight Temple’s powerhouses. He would put up a fight even against a demon of the ninth step.

This was not only due to his personal efforts, but also a result of the Temple Alliance’s support, continuously increasing his strength.

One could say that Long Haochen’s growth had attained an unshakable level. As long as things kept going on like that, he would become a Divine Knight before long.

The day was not rainy, but the wind was blowing pretty hard. The biting cold struck all living beings in its scope like a knife.

Long Haochen, clad with a large cloak around his armor, moved  very rapidly without flying. A slightly twisted brilliance was glinting around him. It looked very faint, but its existence completely concealed Long Haochen’s presence. Unless the other party’s mental force surpassed Long Haochen’s, any mental probing ability that landed on him  would not react at all .

Just like that, Long Haochen didn’t meet with a single small demon scouting team, and went straight towards the Knights’ Saint Mountain.

The distance from Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass to the Knights Saint Mountain was not very far, a hundred kilometers at most. The demon armies could obviously choose to attack it as well, but for that, they would have to penetrate deep into human territory.

More importantly, the Knights’ Saint Mountain is not an easy prey!

After the Knight Temple accumulated the riches of thousands of years, who knew how many light elemental magical beast populated the Knights’ Saint Mountain. They were mostly powerhouses of the fourth or fifth step, but there were more than a few magical beasts of the tenth rank.

The inherent conflict between these magical beasts of light element and the demons of darkness element was absolutely irreconcilable. If they were to decide to attack the mountain, they would meet with the collective resistance of all magical beasts populating the Knights’ Saint Mountain. And that’s without even mentioning the retired powerhouses from the Knight Temple.

The Knight Temple was unable to transfer large batches of magical beasts to join the battlefield, but if the demons dare attack the Knights’ Saint Mountain, Yang Haohan and Long Tianying will absolutely not have no hesitation to attack the demons’ flanks.

Therefore the main commander on that side of the battlefield, Demon God of Death Saminaga, carefully decided to only attack the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass and avoid the Knights’ Saint Mountain.

If one were to consider things in the long run, getting rid of the Knights’ Saint Mountain would certainly be a heavy blow to the Knights. However, getting rid of the magical beasts populating it would bring the demons no benefit, but instead a great amount of risk, which was undesirable. Since by attacking the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass he could force the main body of knights to fall back, or even wipe them out, Saminaga didn’t care about directed some of their forces at the Knights’ Saint Mountain. At least for now, he temporarily had no interest in attacking it.

The shorter the distance to the Knights’ Saint Mountain, the more the surrounding light essence grew in intensity.  A light golden vapor[a] could be seen rising and spreading out, and over it one could start to see the faint form of a majestic mountain.

The last time they came here, it was from the other direction, so Long Haochen didn’t sense it clearly, but this time, he was greatly surprised to find out that after entering the scope of the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, the cold wind didn’t seem to be blowing in the area anymore.

Long Haochen faintly came to understand that this mountain range blocked the extreme cold streams, and thereby served as a real barrier against the demon army.

No wonder the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass was attacked from only one side, and the demons didn’t try to surround it. Even the  environment of the Knights’ Sacred Mountain would be fatal to the demons.

Long Haochen still remembered clearly that the last time he entered the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, the light essence here was at least five times more concentrated than outside.

To knights, this was undoubtedly an exceptionally good training ground. But since long ago, this place only nurtures light elemental magical beasts: the Knight Temple strictly prohibited knights to train here. And Long Haochen had a guess on the reason for that.

Inside the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, there was either some magic formation to absorb light essence or some natural treasure here that maintained the light essence enveloping the mountain range. This place could certainly help boost a knights’ cultivation, but this light essence was probably limited.

If a large quantity of knights were allowed to cultivate here, the concentration of energy would very likely be affected. It wasn’t a matter of being stingy, but a long term calculation.

The existence of the Knights’ Sacred Mountain not only permitted greatly talented knights to get a constant inflow of light elemental mounts, but at the same time acted as an impassable barrier for the demons.

A light essence concentration five times stronger than normal was, to demons, even more highly toxic than poison. If the demons dared make a detour around the Dragon Resisting Mountain Pass to pass through the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, they will have to face consequences that one may well imagine.

Long Haochen still remembered the huge summoning formation from that time, and faintly sensed that the he only had grasped a small portion of the Knights’ Sacred Mountain’s secrets. There must be some other secrets existing in this mountain range that accommodates a lot of golden fog. Of course, these secrets were certainly advantageous to the Alliance.

”Back then, teacher said that in the peak of the Knights’ Sacred Mountain resides an immense magical array, which suppresses the magical beasts’ evil tendancies and is the reason why no one is allowed to cultivate in here, in order to avoid damaging the balance of the light essence, and cause an outburst of the magical beasts. But it looks that this is only what the Alliance announced, that the truth isn’t such. .

After entering within the golden fog, Long Haochen secretly let out a sigh. He was already different from in the past by far, and as a Golden Foundation Knight and a Saint Knight, his perception over light essence was already far different from in the past.

The light essence in this place was not only rich, pure, but also moving at a special rythm. How could this be entirely orchestrated by a magical formation? As such, the reason why the Knight Temple didn’t permit anyone to cultivate here should be as he guessed, in order to maintain the concentration of light element for the sake of countering the demons.

But Long Haochen felt that he was still overlooking something. However, he didn’t perform an in-depth investigation, as this was after all, a matter of consideration for the Alliance and the headquarters of the Knight Temple, and not something that had to do with him.

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