Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 197

Chapter 197        Time to Kiss My Ass!

Zhou Qingfeng dashed through the final hundred meters like a gust of wind. He was already twice as strong as an average person, but after reaching the limit of his ‘Awe-Inspiring murderous’ ability, his strength had been further doubled. He was able to lift the M2hB heavy machine gun which was attached to a bullet box and a tripod that weighed over sixty kilograms in total with just one hand.

However, when Zhou Qingfeng finally settled the last two defence points, three heavy machine guns, which Guzman had set up in the main defence point, was firing blatantly at the elite troops. The two mortar teams were also firing endless artillery shells at them.

Those elite troops were immensely pleased with themselves just a few moments ago, but now, after being suppressed by their opponent's firepower and losing dozens of their men, their cries for help were the only sound that could be heard through the wireless radio. The old SEAL member was extremely mad at them.

“Sir, we need backup.”

The old SEAL member thought to himself, Why the f*ck should I back you up?

“Sir, we need to come up with another plan. We should retreat for now.”

The old SEAL member then thought to himself, Can’t you guys just call on your courage for even a second?

“Sir, surrendering will be our only choice.”

The old SEAL member was finally fed up with them, The Chinese kid can destroy two defence points all by himself, but you guys are here trying to surrender even though there are fifty of you? What's the point of keeping you alive then? You all should go to the f*cking hell!

The group of elite troops were not the only side that was terrified. Guzman and Richard, who were standing on the last green patch of the golf course, were terrified by the strong murderous intent of Zhou Qingfeng as well. They exclaimed at the same time, “It’s Victor Hugo.”

“Why the hell is that kid here?”

“We can’t kill him even though we’re firing at him from three different directions?”

“This guy has destroyed two of our defence points.”

“We’re doomed… the flank of our main battle position is now exposed. They will definitely attack us from that direction now.”

After staring at each other for a few seconds, Guzman yelled at his men at the main battle position through the wireless radio, “Pay attention to your left flank, someone might be attacking you from that direction.”

Richard, on the other hand, asked worriedly, “Should we fall back? We might not be able to escape soon if the battle carries on this way.”

Guzman really wanted to shout, ‘I’ve got over a hundred men under me and we can't even deal with a single person.” However, the fact that they had been defeated too many times by Zhou Qingfeng had caused them to lose all their confidence on the battlefield.

“Mr. Rethnor has given out the order. We must defend this place even if we have to sacrifice people. Reinforcement will be arriving soon,” Guzman was just making up stories to try to boost the team morale once again.

In order to deal with the pre-emptive strike by the Brotherhood of Steel, Skull and Bones had specifically created a mobile unit, which consisted of more than a thousand men. They were well-equipped with a large number of motor vehicles and they moved at an incredible speed.

“Where’s the current location of our reinforcement troop?” Richard began to be suspicious. “I’m from the Central Agency of Intelligence. I’ll bring some men to provide support to the reinforcement troops.”

After Richard finished speaking, he then brought a dozen of men with him and left Guzman alone. Even though Guzman was fierce, malicious, and arrogant, he was shocked by Richard’s sudden departure too.

In the meantime, the patrol boat, which was responsible for attacking from the sea, was already in place. The elite troops ran around like headless flies on the beach to dodge the bullets but they did not realize that without any cover, they were the best shooting practice targets for the patrol boat.

The elite troops on the beach knew that they were in big trouble too. To defend themselves against the attack of the mortar and heavy machine guns, they, too, had lifted their FGM-148 ‘Javelin’ and fired the missiles at them. The exchange of fire between the two sides had become intense and there were casualties on both sides.

At that instant, Zhou Qingfeng, who had now reached the limit of his ‘Awe-Inspiring Murderous’ ability, lifted a heavy machine gun and regrouped with Dogmeat. They used their fastest possible speed to rush towards the enemies’ final defence point. They soon entered the architecture complex behind the beach and the blocks after blocks of villas had provided them with a lot of covers.

After arriving at two hundred meters away from the left flank of their enemies’ main battle position, Zhou Qingfeng put down the M2hB and set up a tripod. Meanwhile, after receiving the warning from Guzman, the soldiers from the main battle position aimed at their left flank with an M240B general machine gun. They fired the shots immediately after discovering the Zhou Qingfeng’s rough location.

Zhou Qingfeng was forced to retreat temporarily as the strong firepower had even put a big hole in the house which he used as a bunker. He could only fall back until he was more than six hundred meters away from his enemies. Without any sighting devices, his enemies will face difficulties just to even identify his rough location.

The shooter who controlled the M240B struggled for breath as through the scope, he saw that someone was actually carrying a heavy machine gun and running around on the battlefield - It’s unbelievable! However, his surprise was actually reasonable as a normal heavy machine gun would require up to six people to carry it!

“Sir, sir! We have a weirdo over here. I need backup… I repeat, I need backup,” the shooter shouted through the wireless radio.

The commander of the last defence point glanced at the direction of the beach as he watched the inevitable death of those in the elite troops. He then asked, “How many enemies do you have over there?”

“There’s… There’s… There’s only one,” said the shooter

“You are afraid of a single person? Finish him!” The defence point commander did not seem to care about them.

However, all of sudden, Zhou Qingfeng’s M2hb began to roar, “It’s payback time.”

Six hundred meters was not even a problem for the .50 caliber bullets. When the machine gun started to fire its shots, a satisfying scene emerged.

The bullets were sprayed out of the huge barrel of the machine gun before forming a scorching chain and landing on the enemies’ final defence point which was made out of sandbags, bricks, and even abandoned vehicles. The sandbags, which served as the enemies’ bunker, were torn in the blink of an eye.

Sand and rugs, broken pieces of cloth were blown into the air, and the seemingly sturdy bunker collapsed instantly from the impact of the massive projectiles. The bricks and abandoned vehicles also failed to serve its purposes, as holes after holes were being put into them.

The massive impact of the bullets penetrated through the bunker and landed directly on the interior of the defence point. After one wave of bulletstorm, the defence point had been completely demolished.

Meanwhile, the elite troops of the Brotherhood of Steel had already gone mad. Although they had successfully eliminated two of their enemies’ patrol boats with their individual missiles, they had lost seven to eight men.

When Zhou Qingfeng came along with DogMeat to rejoin the elite troops, this gang of nervous people even thought that their enemies had approached once again. A soldier suddenly emerged from the bunker and yelled “Make America Great Again” before shooting at Zhou Qingfeng, but with four times the strength of a normal human being, he dashed across six to seven meters with just a single step and kicked the soldier right in his face.

There were a dozen of nervous soldiers at the back as well. When they saw Zhou Qingfeng, they hurriedly aimed their muzzles at him. They, too, were shouting “Make America Great Again!”

The soldiers began to shoot at Zhou Qingfeng, but before they could do so, he thrusted upon them the slamming shots of his heavy machine gun. Fortunately, the sound of the gunshots was deafening enough to not only suppress their slogan, but also to restore some of their senses.

“I’ve got rid of all three defence points and saved your lives, but that’s what you guys give me in return?” Zhou Qingfeng pointed at the elite troops with his M2hB and said sarcastically, “I’m not impressed with the elite troops of the Brotherhood of Steel. Maybe… it’s time to kiss my ass!”

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