Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 189

Chapter 189        Awe-Inspiring

On the second day, Zhou Qingfeng led his sixteen-men squad into the barrack of the Brotherhood of Steel. Everyone in the barrack was laughing at them as the outstanding soldiers had already got picked by the other squads.

Within the squad, Zhou Qingfeng and Butcher were probably the only two who could really fight. Even though Eileen and Ellie were good with rifles, Zhou Qingfeng was not sure if they could perform during the war. The rest of the people in the squad were useless, Zhou Qingfeng did not even give them the best weapons.

In the huge barrack, a tent represented a squad. The other squads were all filled with males while there were two girls in Zhou Qingfeng’s squad. Everyone in the barrack was teasing and laughing at Zhou Qingfeng.

Xu Guangrong was walking with Zhou Qingfeng’s squad. He was carrying an old M3A1 rifle at his back. It was a really old rifle of U.S from the Second World War; Zhou Qingfeng found it at the underground shelter of NYPD.

Lena Fox had been selling the resources that they found in the underground shelter. Everything in there was good. Even the old canned Spams were popular. However, nobody wanted the M3A1 grease gun. There were hundreds of them and they were like rubbish to everyone.

Xu Guangrong was in the middle of his forties and he was once a soldier. Ten years ago, he came to the United States as an illegal immigrant and has been working very hard at the bottom of the society. Then, he married someone in the United States and became a citizen of America. He was one of the people from Chinatown who joined Zhou Qingfeng. He did not really like the United States from the beginning and it was even worse after the cataclysm.

In fact, Xu Guangrong had already forgotten what he learned when he was a soldier. However, as he had been struggling at the bottom of society, he was able to obey and he was hardworking. He was not picky with the M3A1 Zhou Qingfeng gave him. After trying the grease gun, he thought that it would be good to have a simple but powerful weapon rather than an advanced one.

According to Zhou Qingfeng, the grease gun was like a hose spray gun. It was as simple as spraying a hose, but with bullets. It will be fine as long as you are brave, concentrate during the fight, listen to the commander, and shoot at wherever the commander wants you to shoot.

Xu Guangrong’s job was to protect an M2HB heavy machine gun. Other than Zhou Qingfeng, Butcher, and the two sniper sisters, everyone else in the squad will be standing around the heavy machine gun during the fight.

Roma was appointed as a shooter and the machine gun team leader all at once as he had been following Zhou Qingfeng faithfully since the beginning. The rest of the people in the squad either handled ammo or were firewatchers and Xu Guangrong was one of the firewatchers. All of them were given an M3A1 grease gun with three to five magazines.

“Hey, look at those yellow monkeys. They look so poor. M3A1? They’re probably older than my grandfather.”

“Not even a single grenade. Are they just going to use those little sprays?”

“I think they’ll be the first to die.”

“They’re gonna be cannon fodder for the other cannon fodders.”

Xu Guangrong felt very uncomfortable with their laughing and teasing. He said in his mind, “Come on, at least we have a heavy machine gun.”

As a soldier, he knew that the heavy machine gun will not really help, especially when everyone in the squad did not even know each other. With such a squad, the result was expected to be bad.

Xu Guangrong felt very pressured by the other squad and he nearly cried. He had been struggling in the United States for more than ten years and right now, he was probably going to die. Before he started to cry, someone beside him already started crying.

The crying was especially loud when more than ten of them were crying in a small tent. When they thought about the war tomorrow, they already had the mindset that they will not be able to survive.

“Stop crying, stop crying,” Xu Guangrong was considered the eldest in the squad. Even though his eyes were covered with tears, he was comforting the few younger men in the squad. All of them were in the same boat, they had to work together. “Even if we’re gonna die, leave hope for your families.”

While facing the situation, Roma could not do anything either. He could only comfort the squad mates who were not familiar with his own experience, “Everyone, there’s no point crying right now. The situation isn’t considered that bad at the moment. I hope you can listen to me now because I’ll explain how this M2HB heavy machine gun works. Our lives all depend on it.”

Xu Guangrong wiped his tears and walked towards Roma. He said, “Please explain to me. I heard that you were once a student from the University of Columbia. Where’d you learn to use the heavy machine gun?”

Roma was happy that somebody responded. He shook hands with Xu Guangrong and said, “Before I went to college, I was part of the rear service of the army to pay my school fees. So, I’m pretty good with a lot of weapons. I even taught Mr. Hugo how to use the heavy machine gun.

As Roma explained to Xu Guangrong, the rest of the people wiped their tears and started to listen to the explanation of the cool, heavy machine gun. As Roma was explaining, a cold voice rose in the tent all of a sudden.

“Are all of you under that Victor Hugo?” a Caucasian military officer came in arrogantly and raised his head, “Where is that b*stard? I’m the junior assault unit leader, Zagey. I’m his direct officer. Ask him out. He’ll be punished for his rude attitude towards me yesterday.”

Zhou Qingfeng and Butcher were not in the tent and the other people had no idea what was going on. The two sisters, Eileen and Ellie, were sitting in the corner of the tent and they were terrified. Everyone was worried and paranoid.

Facing such a situation, Roma, as one of the leaders of the squad, could only stand up and say, “Officer Zagey, our squad, leaders, and deputy squad leaders are out at the moment.”

“Did they just leave without permission, he should be executed!” Leader Zagey pulled out his pistol, waved it, and asked, “Where did they go? Are they scared? Did they run away? I’m gonna punish them under the name of the Brotherhood of Steel. I’ll punish all of you.”

Everyone in the tent was shocked and astonished. Even Roma did not say anything but submitted. Meanwhile, a weak voice came from behind Zagey, “Office Zagey, it’s just a suggestion. Why don’t we punish Victor Hugo alone as everyone else is innocent.”

“Who are you?” Officer Zagey turned around fiercely and saw an Asian-looking man standing beside him. He frowned and snapped, “I hate these yellow monkeys. I seriously don’t understand why God created them.”

“I’m Marco and I’m a citizen of America. My family has been living in the United States for more than a century,” the man who spoke was in fact Marco from Chinatown. He was flattering Zagey, “Officer, I’m your guard. I was under the U.S. military service. I was chosen by you in person. Do you remember that?”

Hmph…… Officer Zagey could not be bothered about the Chinese guard next to him. As he saw that Zhou Qingfeng and Butcher were not there, he pointed at the sisters, Eileen and Ellie, who were at the corner of the tent, “Two of you, come with me. I know you girls are good at shooting. I need the two of you to ensure my personal safety.”

Without Zhou Qingfeng, the sisters looked at each other and they had no idea what to do while facing Officer Zagey. They were sitting still but Officer Zagey kept on intimidating them, “You girls are going to disobey? I have the power to kill the two of you right here, right now.”

Eileen and Ellie burst into tears. They had no choice but to follow Officer Zagey out of the tent. Zagey laughed happily, “I said that you girls are going to follow me, Victor Hugo can’t save you girls. I’ll take care of the two of you for your parents. Hahaha……!”

When Officer Zagey walked out of the tent, he felt a slight vibration on the ground. Following that, he heard the sound of an engine coming closer. It must be a heavy vehicle coming closer at a very high speed. Everyone in the barrack came out of the tent and tried to figure out what was going on.

Very soon, a huge armored vehicle, Cougar, showed up at high speed. On the machine gun tower, at the top of the vehicle, was Zhou Qingfeng, wearing goggles and controlling the heavy machine gun. The crowd was awed!

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