Rise of Humanity

Chapter 333

Chapter 333 - Invincible

“Who is this? Who gave him such bravery? How dare he sleep with Tian Mo Concubine!”

As soon as Zhong Yue’s voice was heard, the entire Fiend Capital was in shock. Each and every demon Qi Practitioner in the capital immediately looked up into the air where Zhong Yue was and quickly expressed their confusion, shock, and questions with each other.

The Desolation City was a fortress that was built at the border of the demon territory to fend off the dragons. Thus, it was not as rich as the other cities, while the Fiend Capital was one of the prosperous cities among the demons. The significance of the Fiend Capital among the demons was equivalent to the saint ground of the celestial races, and it was located at the center of the Eighth Barren, which was why there were so many Qi Practitioners gathered here.

“That is Mister Mo Luo, they said that he came from the Mo Luo Clan, but I have no idea about his specific details,” said a Qi Practitioner that had heard of Zhong Yue.

“He appeared from nowhere only recently, gained quite a bit of fame, and when he encountered Tian Mo Concubine at the Desolation City, he captured her and slept with her.”

“Slept?” A demon Qi Practitioner listening to the speaker widened his eight eyes and shouted, “For real?”

“With such a beauty so gorgeous, elegant and alluring like Tian Mo Concubine, how could he hold himself back?” The Qi Practitioner then said, “Look at the size of the Mister Mo Luo and the petite Tian Mo Concubine, how could she withstand the ruthless Mister Mo Luo?”


“But he is too arrogant! After sleeping with Tian Mo Concubine, he took her with him and passed a few large cities saying that he wanted to meet the Demon Saint to compete with him. If I were him, I would have run away after sleeping with Tian Mo Concubine long ago so that Demon Saint could not find me at all…”

It was a normal phenomenon that the younger generations who sought fame and reputation would challenge the older generation, and it was very common to have more than ten challenges a day.

Therefore, an unspoken rule was created; if the younger generations challenged each other, the older generations could not interfere, as all of this was the result of the wild and ruthless culture of the demons. However, compared to the celestial races, the demons were much better.

However, it was kinda irrational and unwise for a new person to challenge a figure like the Demon Saint.

The Demon Saint was once an ancestor demon, and regardless of how strong he was in the previous life, the body he possessed for his revival was incredibly strong as well. This body belonged to Yanluo Muo, a young demon Qi Practitioner that was so talented and strong that he was almost undefeatable among the younger generation of demons!

This Yanluo Muo was the disciple of the Demon Saint, a Qi Practitioner that was personally taught by the demonic spirit of the Demon Saint. As soon as Yanluo Muo became a Qi Practitioner, he showed his great talent by defeating all of the Spirit Nurture level demon Qi Practitioners, and he was acknowledged as the strongest Spirit Nurture level demon Qi Practitioner among the demons.

After entering the Rebirth level, Yanluo Muo had yet to experience any defeat. During the Awakening and Atman Body level, he still managed to outperform others and thrive as the strongest one among those in his age!

Then, not long ago, he entered the Inner Core level, and he let out words that he wanted to challenge all of the Inner Core level demon Qi Practitioners. When he defeated them all, he would head towards the East Barren and the other Barrens to challenge those on the same level.

However, before he could even challenge anyone, Yanluo Muo was possessed by the Demon Saint during his prayers to his master.

Based on the achievements of Yanluo Muo, it was not an exaggeration that Tian Mo Concubine said that he was a Qi Practitioner on par with Zhong Yue.

For someone like that to be possessed easily by the Demon Saint, it was not hard to imagine the result of challenging the Demon Saint.

Someone then asked, “Mo Luo Clan? What is this race? Why have I not heard of it?”

Everyone around them said with a shake of their head, “Probably some tiny clan.”

Other than the eight saint clans, there were also some other demon clans that were not as strong as the eight saint clans. They also had quite a few strong individuals, but since his history was made up by Zhong Yue, it was natural that no one had ever heard of the Mo Luo Clan.

“How dare he!”

Ji Xiang Concubine’s pretty face changed rapidly as she scolded Tiam Mo Concubine, “How dare you challenge someone as great as the Demon Saint! Kneel down and await your death!”

The lady then shouted, “Tian Mo Concubine, you were chosen by the Demon Saint to be his concubine, yet you did not appreciate the honor bestowed upon you! How dare you have an affair with this garbage! Today, I shall execute you on behalf of the Demon Saint!”

Obviously, she did not have a good relationship with Tian Mo Concubine and after being “captured and forcefully slept” by Zhong Yue, immediately accused her of having an affair with Zhong Yue, as she wanted to kill Tian Mo Concubine.

“Darling, is she unhappy with you?” asked Zhong Yue softly.

Tian Mo Concubine laughed and replied softly, “I was the head among the eight concubines, which placed her beneath me, so this little slut has always sought to take my place.”

Zhong Yue then asked again, “So how is her strength compared to yours?”

“Not much of a difference. Do not underestimate her, she may have a lower ranking than me, but she is not someone to be mess with. Besides, the other court ladies are also very strong, as they are only slightly weaker than her.”

There were about twenty court ladies that had accompanied Ji Xiang Concubine, and most of them were Inner Core level Qi Practitioners. As a result, Zhong Yue was very envious of the Demon Saint.

These court ladies themselves could form a very strong power, and I really envy how Demon Saint could select so many talented and pretty ladies for himself.

However, Zhong Yue was very skeptical when Tian Mo Concubine said that Ji Xiang Concubine was on par with her. Tian Mo Concubine always hid her true strength, but Zhong Yue still managed to catch a glimpse of her power. This happened when she executed the demon ladies around Madame Hua Zhen; unlike the strength she displayed usually, during the execution, her attacks were deadly, fast, accurate, and strong.

A court lady then smirked and said, “Kneel down!”

“Let me teach Ji Xiang Concubine a lesson…” Tian Mo Concubine asked with a lilting voice.

“There’s no need for that!”

Zhong Yue wrapped his arm around the soft waist of Tian Mo Concubine. When he pressed his hand down, a huge river flowed across the Fiend Capital, let out a creaking, thunderous roar, and the water of the river surged into the skies. Freezing power gushed out from Zhong Yue’s fingers into the water, froze the river, and formed an ice throne atop many ice pillars supporting it.

He then sat down on the throne, had Tian Mo Concubine sit on his lap, and reached out his hands towards Ji Xiang Concubine as he laughed arrogantly, “The concubines of Demon Saint… Never thought I would come across another concubine after sleeping with one, and there are even so many court ladies! Good! Since he dares not show himself and instead sent his concubines, I will happily accept his offer and sleep with all of them!”

Ji Xiang Concubine shouted and immediately retaliated, she swung her sleeves and struck towards the hands of Zhong Yue.

With a laugh, Zhong Yue suddenly moved, he flung Tian Mo Concubine up into the air and dashed towards Ji Xiang Concubine.

Hong long——-

As he plunged towards Ji Xiang Concubine and struck into the ranks of the court ladies, Zhong Yue’s body enlarged and turned into a demonic god’s demon that was twenty-eight feet tall with nine demonic gods’ apparitions behind him! His body was covered in jet black dragon scales, and appeared extremely dangerous, fierce, and ruthless!

Twenty-eight foot Yuan Shen! Avatar?

Tian Mo Concubine had a shock when she saw the Atman Body As One displayed by Zhong Yue while falling back down.

The Yuan Shens of Inner Core level Qi Practitioners were still twenty feet tall, and there was no way for them to exceed this limit. Only those on the Heavenly Dharma level could do so.

But Zhong Yue’s Yuan Shen had.

He exceeded the limit and after performing the Atman Body As One, his demonic god body was twenty-eight feet tall, while his Yuan Shen was also twenty-eight feet tall!

It was said that brute strength could easily overwhelm techniques, the stronger the body one possessed, the stronger the power one contained. Thus, with the twenty-eight foot tall Yuan Shen Zhong Yue possessed, he could easily defeat those at the Inner Core level with overwhelming strength!

But Tian Mo Concubine also realized that Zhong Yue did not expose the true strength of his Yuan Shen completely, he merely displayed about half of it, preventing everyone from seeing the true form of his Yuan Shen.

Ji Xiang Concubine’s sleeves wrapped around Zhong Yue’s arm and started squeezing. In an instant, her sleeves completely covered his arms. When she wanted to rip Zhong Yue’s arm off with her sleeves, his arm suddenly enlarged, the muscles moving rapidly as if there were Jiao Dragons slithering under the skin as the veins popped out!

In the blink of an eye, the sleeves of Ji Xiang Concubine were torn to pieces, and Zhong Yue charged towards her without stopping for even a moment! He shrouded the court ladies and Ji Xiang Concubine in the shadow of his huge body while the nine apparitions of the demonic gods showed their fangs, waved their claws, and he overwhelmed the Fiend Capital with his horrifying aura!

Ji Xiang Concubine was shocked, and a demonic inner core flew out from her mouth while a lute surging with demonic Qi flew out from her five rapidly spinning wheels.

At the same time, the court ladies shouted, each unleashed their inner core, and a bright light lit up the skies above the Fiend Capital.

Then, they all summoned their soul weapons!

Zhong Yue, on the other hand, let out a battle cry, formed dangerous soundwaves from nowhere that hurt the ladies greatly, disrupting their blood essence and causing them to gasp heavily for breath, as if a hammer had just bashed down on them.

The next moment, Ji Xiang Concubine was struck right on the head by Zhong Yue, the impact force from his punch shook her psyche ocean and smashed directly onto her Yuan Shen, knocking her out instantly!

“What a hard head, she survived from my fist!” Zhong Yue praised her. Suddenly, he whirled around while arms grew out from his body. They punched out like lightning at the court ladies and smashed them away. they were all hit at the same time and were heavily injured.

In mid-air, the court ladies were spurting blood and they looked like withering flowers, wretched and wilting.

Zhong Yue then swung his hand at the blank air, the demonic Qi around him billowed out like dragons, grabbing all the court ladies back to him.

Zhong Yue flowed back to the side of the frozen throne while his body reverted back to its usual form, and the court ladies were pushed into the throne by the demonic Qi.

Meanwhile, Tian Mo Concubine slowly finished descending, Zhong Yue reached out his hand and gently caught her in his arms. He laughed and said, “My love, your sisters can now join upi in serving me.”

Tian Mo Concubine wrapped her arms around his neck as she was carried like a princess in his arms. Her watery eyes were filled with affection and her slender finger was drawing circles on his chest, she mumbled softly, “Darling, you are so manly, I’m drowning in your chest…”

A chill was instantly sent down his spine and he was immediately alerted. This demon lady’s words can only be trusted nine times out of ten, and one of ten sentences that mustn’t be trusted would be exactly what she just said.

Behind them, Ji Xiang Concubine and the other court ladies were still spurting out blood inside the frozen throne.

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