Rise of Humanity

Chapter 312

Chapter 312 - Lion

Smoke of the Wolf could be seen all over the skies if one stood at the border between the Great Wilderness and the East Barren.

In the East Barren, Smoke of the Wolf could be seen along the path from Gu Xia City to Xian Kong Saint City. This type of smoke was used for positioning, so that the armies on the march could identify the locations of their units and where to move.

In the air, monster race Qi Practitioners turned into their original forms, flapped their wings, and flew along the path the Smoke marked, while countless other monsters ran along the ground.

At the city walls of Gu Xia City, Shi Buyi stood straight with his hands behind his back. Beside him was Gu Hongzi and Lang Qingyun, while another few more old monsters sat under a tower nearby.

At last, our time has come. Chaos has shrouded the Great Wilderness!

Shi Buyi looked at the borders far in the distance and said, “The celestial races tried so hard to stir havoc in the Great Wilderness, and they should have suffered heavy losses by now. But we monsters are not in a rush and all we have to do now is wait until the fruit is ripe to get it for ourselves.”

Gu Hongzi spoke up, “My lord is indeed very wise, allowing the celestial races to fight against themselves for the rewards while we wait in the dark to attack. But then again, as the battle in the Great Wilderness is ended, we will be targeted by the winners of the war. Is our strength sufficient to deal with them?”

“The number of magnate Qi Practitioners of us monsters are greater than you think. Yan Yunsheng, Xiu Tianchen, and I are just the few that were shown to the outside world. You must know that there are quite a few among us that prefer to stay low profile and hide themselves from plain sight.”

Shi Buyi laughed and continued, “Just like the tea, the longer the tea leaves are soaked in the water, the more tea leaves will sink to the bottom of the teapot, leaving only a few tea leaves floating on the tea. We monsters have been in this world for a very long time, just like the tea that has been made for a long time. The tea leaves that are still floating on the surface are just like Yan Yunsheng, Xiu Tianchen and I, who were shown to the outside world. There are actually more than just us, it’s just that they were hidden away from the world.”

Upon hearing this, Gu Hongzi shivered slightly and turned around, looked at the handful of monsters under the tower who were extremely old.

He collected his thoughts and thought to himself, But tea that has been made long ago will eventually lose its taste. These few old monsters have not been out for a very long time. Without any chances to fight with the others, how much of their strength can they still unleash?

Shi Buyi then continued, “When the celestial races and Swords Gate have gone through a tough fight, they will all suffer heavy losses. We monsters will take this opportunity to wipe them out, and conquer the Great Wilderness completely! But there’s one thing that I’m worried about, which is that old dog elder priest from the Xiao Mang Celestial Race. I have no idea how strong he is compared to me… the Xiao Mang Celestial Race is just like tea that has been made long ago as well…”

Lang Qingyun turned around from studying the old monsters and asked, “But master, what if Swords Gate wins?”

“Then that is the best scenario!” Shi Buyi laughed and said, “If Swords Gate wins, they must have paid a great price for that, which makes them an easier target! Besides, if they won, the power of the West Barren will shrink greatly, making them too weak to fend off our invasion. Feng Shang is a very cunning and sly old fox, I just can’t bring myself to believe that he will not leave behind any plans or arrangements that could easily cause mass destruction...”

He then looked at the four old monsters under the tower and said, “The Xiao Mang Celestial Race has Yin, Qing, Yuan, and Que, but we monsters too, have our own Tian, Xuan, Di and Huang. Dear elders, please proceed a step ahead and wait for me around Swords Gate.”

A confused Gu Hongzi then asked, “My lord, with the four seniors, we will have most likely succeed, but why are the lords of Sulphur Island and Jin Xiu Island not here yet? They are magnate Qi Practitioners as well, but why are they not here?”

“They are waiting for me to suffer heavy injuries so that they can replace me as the new saint city lord!” Shi Buyi answered with a cold smile, “Those two pieces of garbage have a good plan, waiting for me to suffer injuries during the conquest of the Great Wilderness, and then killing me when I am weak! Little do those short-sighted idiots know that they are just pulling the legs of the entire monster races!”

Lang Qingyun then asked, “Then why is master not moving to the Great Wilderness yet?”

“Because there are traitors among us,” replied Shi Buyi, as he turned around and looked at Gu Hongzi and Lang Qingyun.

He then said, “I am waiting for the traitor to attack me. The only reason I sent Tian, Xuan, Di, and Huang away is to give the traitor a chance to attack me.”

Goosebumps rose all over Gu Hongzi and Lang Qingyun, instantly as nervous as if they were sitting at the side of a gigantic lion that had overwhelmed them with its shadow.

Shi Buyi continued casually, “You both seem very nervous. I can smell that the both of you are sweating even more suddenly, your hearts are beating even faster than before. After hearing my words, Qing Yun had a total of two hundred and thirty-one goosebumps rise. City lord Gu Hong might not have goosebumps, but your pupils shrank by about two millimeters. There are more signs that suggest both of you are nervous that I could list out, but I’ll stop here. I am right here and the traitor must already be ready to move.”

Lang Qingyun and Gu Hongzi however, remained unflinching and Lang Qingyun even asked, “I don't quite get what is master trying to say...”

Shi Buyi replied, “If you don’t act now, I will be going to the Great Wilderness soon.”

Being as cautious as he was, Lang Qingyun dared not move even an inch as he tried to keep his cool, while Gu Hongzi sighed before unleashing his power, which grew stronger and stronger!

His aura surged up into the skies, separated into two and turned into wings. In an instant, a monster god with the head of a bird and human body appeared: it was the true spirit of Gu Hongzi!

Without anyone knowing, Gu Hongzi had also become a magnate Qi Practitioner!

The city walls beneath him and Shi Buyi cracked open, as if they had been cut through by a sharp sword. They separated into two, with Gu Hongzi on one side, Shi Buyi and Lang Qingyun on the other side!

At the same time, a loud bird’s chirp sounded from the hall of the city lord, and the city’s spirit of the monster god flew into the skies before it stopped behind Gu Hongzi!

To the surprise of Shi Buyi, Gu Hongzi’s spirit was exactly the same as the godly spirit of the Gu Hong City! When Gu Hongzi prayed to the godly spirit with his own spirit, he made the godly spirit appear even more majestic, and his own strength kept on rising as well!

Gu Hongzi said coldly, “Shi Buyi, if you want to enter the Great Wilderness, you have to get through me first!”

“I said that we monsters have a very powerful strength, and it is true if even the lord of a border city is a magnate Qi Practitioner. But what a shame, this lord is on our enemies side...” Shi Buyi stood there with his hands behind his back as he sighed, “Feng Shang… even after your death, you left behind troubles for me to dealt with. Gu Hongzi, if you cease your rebellion at once and serve me sincerely, I will spare your life. With that talent of yours, you will certainly become the new lord of the entire monster race after I die. Are you going to persist with your betrayal?”

Gu Hongzi laughed and replied, “Shi Buyi, I might have been able to wait until that time if you were an old man, but you are too young. You are so young that I might not be able to live until that time! This time, I am here not just to repay my debt to my father, but also to kill you so that I could become the lord of all the monster races!”

Shi Buyi, however, did not say anything else, and turned around as he said, “Get lost.”

Lang Qingyun was stunned and humiliated. Shi Buyi asked him to get lost, with no respect shown to him. As a huge figure in the monster races, Lang Qingyun of course did not feel good about being dismissed like that.

“Get lost! I do not want any other Qi Practitioners standing behind me when I fight, be it my disciple or not! Now get out of my way!” Shi Buyi said coldly.

Upon hearing this, Lang Qingyun restrained himself and flew back towards the ground before landing in front of the monster army, still feeling humiliated.

He then looked up into the skies, where the two monster lords floated in the sky proudly and stared at each other without hiding their hostility towards one another.

“Coward, I thought he would make a move as well, but I never expected that he doesn't even have the guts to do so. What’s the point of possessing such power then?” said Shi Buyi towards Gu Hongzi as he glanced disdainfully down at Lang Qingyun.

He then looked back at Gu Hongzi and continued, “Such bravery, you are indeed very amazing in certain ways. I am very fond of you, and you said that I would have to get pass you if I wish to enter the Great Wilderness? Very well, I will grant you what you want!”


Gu Hongzi instantly unleashed his power, merged the godly spirit and his true spirit together, and charged towards Shi Buyi!


Meanwhile, in the Swords Gate’s Seal Suppression Hall, the【Sword Sixty Four Style】had gone on a killing spree. Xiao Que had blood all over his face as he swung a lunar crescent around, Elder You’s quiet spring water gushed everywhere like a water dragon, and the others each fended off the attacks of Shui Zian with their own unique soul weapons.

“Shui Zian!” The four remaining magnate Qi Practitioners fended off the joint attacks of the sixty-four sword silks as cautiously as they could, because the【Sword Sixty Four Style】was not only a famous skill in the Swords Gate, but also one of the most deadly.

And in the hands of Shui Zian, the【Sword Sixty Four Style】was the strongest, for he possessed the sixty-four sword cocoons, which were malefic weapons of Swords Gate.

One of the top ten malefic weapon of Swords Gate is here, where are the others?

This thought popped out in Feng Wuji’s mind as fended off the sword silks. Cold sweat dripped down from his forehead as he thought of the others who had stayed behind to kill Fang Jiange, Jun Sixie, and the others,

Zuo Xiangsheng and Tian Yanzong took the other malefic weapons away under the orders of the old man and now, the remaining malefic weapons must have returned to Swords Gate!


Even as he thought of this, Zuo Xiangsheng and Tian Yanzong arrived at the Swords Gate’s Golden Summit, while the nine malefic weapons flew out from their Yuan Shen secret realms.

The nine malefic weapons then floated in the skies surrounding the Golden Summit. When their power was unleashed, they dyed the sky a bloody red color!

“Malefic weapons that hunger for blood, today will be a great feast for all of you…” Zuo Xiang Sheng mused. “You are all covered in the blood of your owners and enemies, and now, it is time for all of you to shine again!”

Then, he quickly hurled the weapons to Elder Tao Xinyi, Elder Lei Shan, and the others.

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