Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 499

Chapter 499: Problems with One’s Attitude

The entire day was spent in the consultation room receiving patients. Despite being working fast, there were too many patients, and he couldn’t handle more than his limit. At 10 PM, he sent off all the patients who were still in the queue, yet he was quite helpless since today’s treatment was not yet over for him; there were still six more patients who needed his treatment. Their treatment would need a lot of time, and they were all waiting in the Inpatient Department.

“Are you tired, Xinyue?”

Tang Xiu got up to stretch himself. He turned to look at the faintly pale Dai Xinyue, whose forehead had thick beads of sweat running down her face.

“Yeah, I’m very tired, Master. I’m afraid I’m going to faint if we have to treat a dozen patients more,” said Dai Xinyue with a smile.

“Your physical fitness is very poor, that I know. After this is over, I’ll impart you something else that will greatly enhance your physical fitness. Anyhow, I’m going to treat those six patients in the Inpatient Department by myself. As for you, go home and rest. You must still come to work before 8 o’clock tomorrow morning.”

“One must finish what one has started, Master. I’m your disciple and assistant, so I must stay by your side to treat all of the patients. Also, what I can gain from studying alongside you for a day is far more than a year of study anywhere else. Fatigue and hardship is no longer able to deter me.”

“You’re indeed worthy of being my disciple,” praised Tang Xiu. “You can bear hardships and heavy workload, as well being hardworking. That’s great. After the October holiday ends, ask a leave from the hospital for some time, and have a trip with me to Shanghai!”

“What exactly am I gonna do with you in Shanghai, Master?” Asked Dai Xinyue curiously.

“I will impart my Chinese medical knowledge to you as far as possible in the next several months. I’m sure that as long as you are diligent and work hard, after studying with me for several months, your level won’t be inferior to those who have been immersing themselves in Chinese medical science for dozens of years, though you may not be able to reach my level.”

“Great, that’s great!” Dai Xinyue’s eyes lit up, as she immediately replied in excitement, “I’ll listen to your arrangement, Master.”

“This attitude of yours is very good, but still, it’s very late. If you insist on following me to treat the remaining six patients, I’m afraid you won’t have a good rest tonight, and you will not be in high spirits tomorrow all day long. Just go back home! Take a good relaxing bath, and have a good sleep. I’ll be waiting for you here at 8 o’clock in the morning,” said Tang Xiu with a faint smile.

"This…" Dai Xinyue was a bit hesitant. But after seeing Tang Xiu’s serious expression, she eventually nodded and said, “Then, I’m going back home first, Master. But after you treat those patients you must also have a good rest, Master.”

“Sure thing!” Tang Xiu nodded slightly.

Following that, he packed up his things, took the medicine box, and walked out of the consultation room. Outside, he saw Li Hongji and several senior executives of the Chinese Medical Hospital standing there. What surprised him was that someone was standing beside the hospital’s leaders. It was an old acquaintance of his, Deng Jiangmin, the Chief of the Municipal Public Security Bureau.

“What are you people doing here?” Asked Tang Xiu with a surprised tone.

Li Hongji deeply looked at at Tang Xiu and said, “Dr. Tang, what you’ve done today made me speechless; I don’t know what I to say. It was shocking, touching, as well as moved my heart. Having a divine doctor such as you in the medical society makes me happy and proud at the same time. For that, I thank you. Thank you very much.”

Looking like a Buddhist monk who was unable to understand what it was all about, Tang Xiu asked in a puzzlement, “Did you not make a mistake? What exactly are you thanking me for?”

“As of today, you made me see what miracles meant in the medical profession,” said Li Hongji. “You’ve treated 156 patients in just a day, and to those patients, your existence is simply a gospel. I’m thanking you for the gratitude I feel from the bottom of my heart.”

Though smiling in response, Tang Xiu ignored what he said, “I have promised you that I’d come provide medical services. Thus, this is my duty and responsibility, to begin with. President Li, as long as you prevent the cops from arresting me as a bad guy or something, please leave out the ceremony.”

Stepping forward, Deng Jiangmin smilingly said, “Divine Doctor Tang, a good doctor such as you who treats illnesses and saves patients, how could we arrest you? Moreover, it was almost too late for us to protect you! If anything, there might be a misunderstanding between us prior to this. But seeing what you’ve done today, I can tell that the previous cases truly had no relationship with you whatsoever. As for tomorrow… Tomorrow I will personally lead my men to help maintain order here.”

“It’s all in the past. Anyways, I have yet to finish for today. I need to go to the Inpatient Department. If there isn’t anything else, you all can go home earlier! I’m going to treat the last six patients, and then go home as well.”

“Dr. Tang, please don’t! It’s already 10 PM. If the patients have a troublesome disease it will take you at least until the early hours. You’ve gone through such a high workload today, you need to rest as well,” quickly said Li Hongji.

“Rest assured, I’m fine!” Said Tang Xiu with a smile.

Having said that, he hurried to the Inpatient Department carrying the medicine box. Along the way there, numerous patients and their family members pointed their fingers at Tang Xiu with eyes full of admiration and gratitude.

Just like Li Hongji said, when Tang Xiu had finished treating the six patients whose conditions were quite troublesome, it was already 12 o’clock. After driving his car and arriving home, he only had time to do a simple washing, and then straightly hit the bed. However, he had only slept for three hours when he was already up to do a round of cultivation in high spirits until five AM. After washing himself, he took his car and left South Gate Town.


Darkness still engulfed the sky at this time, but Tang Xiu had already arrived at the vicinity of Star City Chinese Medical Hospital. He let out a wry smile when he saw that the hospital's entrance was already crowded. Even though the night had passed, there were this many patients and their family members outside the hospital. It could be imagined that the number of people inside the courtyard was even greater.

“There are so many people, continuing this way won’t do!”

Tang Xiu parked his car a few hundred meters away from the entrance. After getting off, he walked to a dark corner where he took a cigarette and lit it up. He took a deep puff and silently pondered how to solve the issue.

As of now, he had already realized that the strength of an individual was limited. For instance, the number of patients who had come from all over the country was really too many. He couldn’t employ a technique to clone himself and spread them out, neither was he able to treat all of them by himself.

Should I find a helper?

This idea appeared inside Tang Xiu’s mind, and he finally made up his mind. However, the number of people skilled in the Chinese Medical field he knew of was very few. After carefully and slowly racking up his memories, he recalled the name of Chu Guoxiong, a disciple of a sage doctor whom he had met in Jingmen Island once. Furthermore, he also remembered that Li Hongjin was Chu Guoxiong’s Senior Brother. He immediately took his mobile and contacted Li Hongji, who was still asleep.

“My Junior Brother is indeed in Star City, Dr. Tang. He knew the other day that you’d come back from Shanghai to provide medical services at our Chinese Medical Hospital during the 11th holiday, thus he wanted to visit you. Eventually, he didn’t want to disturb you since there were too many patients yesterday.”

“President Li, if it’s convenient, can you ask Chu Guoxiong to come to Star City Chinese Medical Hospital this morning? I want him to be my assistant,” said Tang Xiu.

Surprised and astonished, Li Hongji said, “You want my Junior Brother to be your assistant? It won’t be a problem. I’ll immediately contact him and ask him to… ask him to go to Chinese Medical Hospital now and wait for you there.”

“I’ve already arrived at the hospital. I’m stuck outside the entrance, though. After calling you, I’ll have to climb over the wall and begin to receive the patients,” said Tang Xiu with a laugh.

“You… you’re already there?” Li Hongji was surprised. He could hardly imagine that Tang Xiu, who had been very busy and spent all day working yesterday, only having rested for five hours before returning to the hospital. Such attitude and professionalism deepened his respect toward him.

“Yeah, I’m here already,” Tang Xiu laughed.

“Then… Then I’ll get up right now and rush to the hospital. We’ll talk more when I get there,” said Li Hongji after pondering for a moment.

A few minutes later, Tang Xiu appeared at the entrance of the consultation building. As he looked at the crowd, a wry smile painted his face, as he squeezed his way through.

“Hey, hey, hey… what the hell’s up with you? You don’t know how to line up behind or something?” Amid the too crowded queue, a middle-aged man turned his head to the back as he looked at Tang Xiu and angrily shouted.

In an instant, more than a dozen pair of eyes were fixated on Tang Xiu.

Squeezing out a forced smile, Tang Xiu replied, “If I were to line up like you, then no one would give the patients consultation and treatment. Everyone, could you please make way? I need to go to the consultation room.”

“What absurd things are you spitting out, kid? Don’t ever think that posing as a doctor will make us make way for you. Just go back in the queue, and stay there obediently. Otherwise, everyone will make you look quite good later.”

“I’m Tang Xiu,” said Tang Xiu, creasing his brows.

The middle-aged man angrily replied, “I don’t give a damn care if you’re Tang… Huh? That’s not right. You… you are… Tang, Divine Doctor Tang?”

“That’s right, I’m him!” Said Tang Xiu with all seriousness. “If you still want to get treatment, please make way for me.”

Suddenly, a youth who was eight meters away loudly called out, “Divine Doctor Tang, it really is you! I saw you yesterday, but I never thought you would come so early today! There’s still nearly two hours from the start of the doctor’s working hours, no?”

In a flash, the middle-aged man’s expression drastically changed. The anger on his face instantly vanished, replaced by a reverential and fearful expression. He hastily explained, “D-Divine Doctor Tang, I’m really sorry… I-I didn’t know it was you. Please don’t be angry with me! Our family of three have all been waiting for you since yesterday until this morning because of your extraordinary medical skills. Therefore…”

“Explanations are not needed, since I won’t care about it.” Tang Xiu waved his hand. “I will do my best to give patients consultation and treatment as long as everyone maintains order in the queue. All right, we can’t waste time, so please makes way, everyone!”

With the crowd in front making him a corridor, Tang Xiu entered the consultation room very smoothly. Because the numbers had already been distributed yesterday, Tang Xiu simply tidied up the consultation room and began receiving the patients.

About ten minutes later, at the entrance of outpatient service building, Tian Xiaomeng, who was staying in the queue for the purpose of having an interview and helping her mother to line up, sat up drowsily with weariness all over her face.

“Hey, who just stepped on me?”

The pain transmitted from her feet made Tian Xiaomeng immediately sober up and cry out due to the pain. She then looked up and saw that the queue had began to move forward.

“I’m sorry, little girl,” quickly said a middle-aged man.

No longer bothered about her foot, Tian Xiaomeng quickly got up and asked, “Uncle, it’s still 6:30 AM now. How come the queue began to move forward already?”

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