Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 493

Chapter 493: Lay Out

The 11th was a red-letter day and the sun was shining brightly, while the atmosphere seemed to be filled with a cheerful and merry mood. After Tang Xiu drove away from South Gate Town, he went straight to the Magnificent Tang Corp’s General HQ. However, he was quite helpless, because the four security guards at the entrance didn’t recognize him at all.

“Sir, you cannot get in without a working card. If you’re really looking for someone here, please contact that person and let him come out to pick you up. You can then go inside after registering. I hope you can cooperate and help us do our work, Sir,” said a middle-aged security guard, who stood straight with a serious expression on his straight face.

“This is probably the second time I got stopped at the door of my own company. Anyhow, I won’t make things difficult for you since you’re so dedicated to your duty. I’ll call Kang Xia and let her speak with you,” said Tang Xiu with a wry smile.

Kang Xia? The General Manager?

The four security guards looked surprised. Suddenly, they realized what Tang Xiu just said. This place was his own company?

Tang Xiu dialed Kang Xia’s phone, saying that he got stopped at the entrance. Amidst Kang Xia’s laughter, he gave the phone to the security guard in front of him.

A short while after, the security guard’s expression turned into that of shock, then repeatedly nodded. Following that, he gave the phone back to Tang Xiu with a respectful manner and said, “Boss, please forgive us. We didn’t know who you were before.”

Tang Xiu patted his shoulder and smilingly said, “No worries. You did a good job. If you were to allow me inside without knowing who I am, then I would have questioned your ability and professionalism. Keep up the good work and the Magnificent Tang Corporation will surely treat you fairly.”

Having said that, he stepped inside under the security guards’ excited gazes. The business building and area now belonged entirely to the Magnificent Tang Corp. as its home office, yet Tang Xiu didn’t know what method Kang Xia used, nor did he know how much money she spent. Shortly put, all the companies that were originally stationed in this edifice had all been moved out.

“Well, how was it, Boss? How does it feel not being allowed to enter your own building?”

Just as Tang Xiu came out of the elevator, he saw Kang Xia outside, smiling and looking happy. There was also Andy with her, whose eyes were especially bright. Nevertheless, Kang Xia’s comment made Tang Xiu squeeze out a wry smile yet again.

Shortly after, the trio then came to the General Manager Office. After Kang Xia gave up her seat to Tang Xiu, she placed a stack of documents on the table and said, “Boss, some of these documents contain information about the financial state of our Magnificent Tang Corp since we started making profits. A few others are about the forces that have dispatched their investigation teams aimed at our Magnificent Tang Corp. Please have a look at them first, then we’ll have a discussion about that.”

Nodding in response, Tang Xiu then pointed to the sofa at the corner and said, “Please wait for me there. I’ll read them first.”

After a full two hours, Tang Xiu had finished reading all the information Kang Xia gave him. He got up and walked to the sofa in front of Kang Xia and Andy, and then sat down. After lighting a cigarette and taking a puff, he said, “The income of our company is quite good. At present our pockets can be considered to be quite plenty. Anyhow, there’s something that piqued my curiosity, though. That is about those dozens company that used to be stationed in this edifice. What means did you employ to get them out?”

“Well, shortly put, benefits are prime motives,” said Kang Xia with a chuckle. “Everyone comes due to profits and prosperity, and it is also commonly believed that another motive for people’s activities in many cases is to seek reputation and the like. Thus, in this case, benefits, personal connections, and circumstances played their roles. I offered them a batch of Gods Nectar. That was what made them willing to move out.”

Giving her a thumbs up, Tang Xiu praised, “Making you work for me and give your best for the company was truly the right choice. Anyhow, let us not talk about the financial affairs now. I’ve read all the information on the forces against our company. As of tonight, there will be a group of experts coming to Star City. I will need to make some arrangements, and then solve all those people.”

“How are you going to solve them?” Asked Kang Xia, doubtful.

“I’ll make them vanish from the world,” said Tang Xiu lightly.

“Are you going to kill them all, Boss?” Asked Kang Xia quickly, shocked.

“Nah, killing them is not a good idea,” said Tang Xiu, shaking his head. “I’m preparing to pack them up and send them out of the country and quietly have them work at a mining area in Africa for several years. We will only let them go several years later, after the Magnificent Tang Corp possess plenty of power and capital. When that time comes, they will not be a threat to us anymore.”

“I don’t think this is a good idea,” Kang Xia hesitated. “After all, if we only capture a group, others will keep coming at us. This method is nothing but a temporary solution that doesn’t touch the root of the problem.”

“Hence, like I said, I have to arrange something in advance. There’s a saying that a fox can assume and borrow the strength and majesty of a tiger. You should understand that, right? If these forces think that we have the country involved, will they still dare to continue acting so rampant? Our products, on the other hand, will also be exported outside the country in the future, so I must also lay a few preparations in advance as well. Whoever dares to touch the Magnificent Tang Corp will have to suffer grave consequences, regardless of who they are.”

With a thoughtful look, Kang Xia nodded and smiled, “All right. I’m quite relieved since you’re handling the matter, Boss.”

“Don’t flatter me, alright?” Tang Xiu chuckled. “For now, immediately tell all the top executives of our company that the Italian Mafia Syndicate—Cubo Clan, and the United States’ Brauns Group have been trying to buy them. I need to talk with them.”

Kang Xia complied with the instruction and immediately took out her phone.

A few minutes later, four middle-aged men and women came to the General Manager’s office. When they saw Tang Xiu there, their eyes immediately lit up and turned excited. Prior to this, these top executives had been restless and uneasy inside, afraid of those people who had been trying to buy them, yet they couldn’t get a satisfactory answer from the company as for how to respond. But now, since the very Boss himself unexpectedly showed up, it was evident that he would act to solve this problem.

“Boss!” The four respectfully greeted.

“I remember all of you. Aside from Supervisor Yu Sasha, the three of you also attended our Magnificent Tang Corp’s celebration party. That time you were all fighting against those troublemakers, too. For the case this time, I also learned from Kang Xia that you all have done a very good job in responding to the matter. That’s great! I’m very happy to have dedicated senior executives like you all.”

Upon hearing Tang Xiu call out her name, Yu Sasha smilingly said, “I did join in the fight that time, Boss. I used a wine bottle to smash them!”

Tang Xiu laughed, “You’re great! Anyhow, there is an important task I want to give you. I just don’t know whether you dare to accept it!”

“What task is it, Boss?” Asked Yu Sasha curiously.

“I’ll give you a stack information for you to sell to those guys. After you get the money, tell them that some people from the State Special Department are currently eyeing them, so they must quickly leave after they get what they want,” said Tang Xiu.

The four executives exchanged dismayed looks. None of them understood why would Tang Xiu plan such a thing.

Seeing their confusion, Tang Xiu smiled lightly and said, “Relax! The information is fake; it’s main purpose is to make them confused. Additionally, I need them to spread out the news to their homeland that our State Special Department is involved in this matter.”

“Are you trying to scare them out, Boss?” Asked Yu Sasha. “If they find that the information is fake, won’t they be angered and retaliate against us?”

“I have something up my sleeve; they will never retaliate. I came this time exactly to solve this trouble and make sure it ends here, so that our Magnificent Tang Corp can enter its development track faster.”

“We’ll do it, Boss!” Said a middle-aged man executive seriously.

“However much you can sell this information for, all of the money will belong to you. I hope you can seize this opportunity,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.


The four looked surprised. It was commonly known that men would die for riches, just as birds would die for food. Those people attempting to buy them had offered them quite a huge amount of money, so they were absolutely willing to take risks if that money would belong to them. What was more, it was not betrayal and was only a means to deal with the enemy. Thus, they would have no psychological burden nor have a guilty conscience in doing so.


At noon.

Inside a certain guest room at the Long’s Dining Hall in Star City, two executives of the Cubo Clan were standing calmly before the window, observing the movements outside the room. There were also four burly men in black suits standing on both sides of the door with serious expressions on their faces, looking like a pair of bodyguards.

“Big Brother, do you think that Supervisor from the Magnificent Tang Corp will really sell the Gods Nectar formula to us? There are only five minutes left to the appointment, yet she hasn’t appeared till now,” Alessandro furrowed his brows deeply as his eyes kept scanning the entrance below.

Ashberford grimly smiled, “She must know how frightening we are. Now that she has promised to cooperate with us, I’m pretty sure she will bring what we want.”

“What if she deceives us and gives a fake? We’re getting the formula for the Gods Nectar, but we can’t verify the authenticity of the formula at all,” said Alessandro with a doubtful expression.

“She will never dare!” Said Ashberford. “The Chinese have a saying that one must do or give something in return for the money that has been received. Now that she dared to receive our money, she will never dare to sell a fake; she cannot afford to face our anger. Unless she doesn’t want to live any longer.”

Alessandro nodded, “You’re right. We, the Cubo Clan, have always been the ones bullying others. Not the other way around. Anyone who dares to trick our people only has one fate, death! However, there’s something I don’t understand. That woman refused our offer previously, why would she suddenly change her mind now?”

“People will die for money like birds will for food,” said Ashberford with a sneer. “She may be a bit timid, but she changed her mind after considering it for a few days. Besides, the amount of money we promised her is enough for her to travel to any city in the world. Pretty much enough to enjoy a comfortable life for her lifetime, mind you.”

“Yeah, that makes sense. I… Oh, she’s coming,” Alessandro suddenly looked at the entrance below as his eyes lit up.

“I see her, too. Our people are already waiting for her and will bring her here. Prepare the money now. We’ll transfer it into her account after we get the formula. I’m hella sure that she will go to some far and remote place after she gets the money. Those fucking bastards from the Magnificent Tang Corp will definitely be bewildered, since they will never expect that their Gods Nectar formula has actually fallen into our hands,” said Ashberford.

Alessandro laughed, “If the composition in this formula enable us able to brew and produce Gods Nectar, our clan will definitely be benefited greatly. By then, your campaign to become the godfather of our clan will be easy, big brother.”

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