Phoenix Destiny

Chapter 99

99-The Last Fight


Now that Jie Wenhan had been defeated as well, there was only one person left. All eyes turned toward him. If he was defeated by Lu Mingshu too, she would be the first person in the history of Nine Jade Palace who truly and completely deserved the title of “genuine successor disciple.”  

“Senior Uncle Kuai,” Lu Mingshu broke the silence.

Kuai Xin turned to look at her, “You’ve just fought seventeen people; you must be quite tired. Rest for thirty minutes, then we’ll fight after you’ve had enough rest.”

He had been standing there watching her fight. Lu Mingshu nodded in agreement. Her body was indeed in need of rest right now. Even though there was the Heavenly Wheel’s boost and the help of the meditation formulae, there was no way her energy wouldn’t be drained after so many rounds of continuous fighting.    

“Thank you, Senior Uncle Kuai.”    

Sitting down at the edge of the platform, Lu Mingshu took some medicine to heal her injuries and started to rest. As soon as the fighting paused, an uproar was caused by the disciples who were spectating below the White Magnificent Peak.    

“He will definitely win! Even though Lu Mingshu is powerful, she’s not in her best state right now! So, Senior Uncle Kuai will definitely win.”   

“That’s exactly what you said about the previous fight, right? I feel that, when fighting against Senior Sister Lu, common sense doesn’t apply.”   

“Well, the previous fight and this upcoming fight are different. At the end of the day, Lu Mingshu is someone who only just entered the Harmonization Realm, while Senior Uncle Kuai is about to enter the Spirit Realm soon! Can’t you see the difference? Senior Aunt Jie’s ability can’t be compared with Senior Uncle Kuai’s either.”    

“If we could guess the result using common sense, why would we even be discussing this? If we were using common sense, Senior Sister Lu would have already been defeated long ago! I’ll stick with what I’ve said already.  

“Fine, let’s wait and see!”

Meanwhile, Fu Mingxi stomped into the Jasper Jade Palace throwing a fit, “Mother!”   

“Why are you making such a fuss?” Zhou Miaoru strolled out from the hallway after hearing Fu Mingxi’s voice.   

Seeing her, Fu Mingxi immediately went up and grabbed her sleeve tightly.

“Mother, do you know? On the White Magnificent Peak…”  

“I know,” Zhou Miaoru answered calmly. She sat down and took a sip of the tea that the maid had brought her, “Your sister won sixteen fights in a row, right?”   

“Who's my sister?” Fu Mingxi bawled, “Mother! What are you talking about? Do you expect me to admit that little bastard is my sister?” 

Zhou Miaoru chuckled at her reply before replying gently, “I don’t think your father would like what you just said. At the end of the day, she’s still your father’s daughter, carrying your father’s genes. If you say she’s a bastard, doesn’t that mean your father is too?”

“Hmph!” Fu Mingxi looked away, as if to show that she didn't care.   

“Mingxi, you’re not a kid anymore,” Zhou Miaoru continued. “You have to know that not everything will go your way.”    

“Well, I don’t care! There’s no way I would ever admit she’s my sister!” Fu Mingxi huffed. “Anyway, I didn’t see Aunt anywhere. I’ll ask around.”  

“In the room.”  

Just as Fu Mingxi got up to look around, Zhou Miaoru’s reply knocked her socks off. She paused and turned to look at her mother in shock.   

“Left arm fractured, right arm paralyzed. She won’t be able to hold a sword from now on.”

Not minding Fu Mingxi, Zhou Miaoru continued as if nothing happened.   

“How?” Fu Mingxi’s eyes widened in shock as she started bawling once again. “Who did it?”  

“Your sister,” Zhou Miaoru replied in monotone. “Your aunt tried to obstruct her but ended up being the one who was unable to reach the upper door. “  

Fu Mingxi’s blood boiled upon hearing what happened.

“I’ll tell father immediately and seek revenge for her!” She raged.

Fu Mingxi was about to make her way to her father, but Zhou Miaoru’s next words caused her to stop in her tracks.    

“Your father already knows.” 

“He knows? So why…? Oh, I know, he must be waiting for the competition to end before he does anything. When it ends, he will seek revenge for Aunt!”   

Zhou Miaoru sighed in resignation after hearing Fu Mingxi’s theory.

“My dear child, nobody in this world would get revenge against his or her own flesh and blood for a sister-in-law.” 

What Zhou Miaoru said triggered Fu Mingxi.

“Father wouldn’t side with her! Never!”   

“Yes, he wouldn’t care if we wanted to take revenge, but why would we?”

“Mother! It’s Aunt who’s injured right now! Why wouldn’t we get revenge? Don’t tell me… you think of her as your daughter?” Fu Mingxi shouted in disbelief.

Zhou Miaoru chuckled. She smiled at Fu Mingxi while looking into her eyes. Zhou Miaoru smiled lovingly, but it sent a chill down Fu Mingxi’s spine.

“Well… why wouldn’t I?” 

Half an hour passed. Lu Mingshu opened her eyes and stood up slowly. Seeing that Lu Mingshu stood up, Kuai Xin, who was leaning on his sword as he patiently waited at the side, stood up straight.

“You’re done?”   

“The thirty minutes are up.”  

“I’m fine if you still need more time.”    

Lu Mingshu shook her head, “It’s getting late.”    

“True. Let’s start then,” Kuai Xin nodded in agreement. He carried his sword and walked toward the center of the platform.    

A big crowd of people were starting to flow toward the bottom of the White Magnificent Peak.  

Some were rushing over after hearing that one of the disciples had defeated seventeen people in a row, while some were just following the crowd without actually caring about the competition itself.   

A streak of seventeen, not including bigshots like Tan Yubing and Yuan Ziyang who chose to avoid trouble by conceding. On the other hand, Jie Wenhan, who did choose to fight, didn’t even get to resist before Lu Mingshu’s sword was pointing straight at her neck. If Lu Mingshu defeated Kuai Xin on top of everything else, this Heavenly Door competition would go down in history. It wouldn’t be forgotten even after a hundred years, and Lu Mingshu would become a legend.   

However, snickering could be heard on the high stage. If anyone could become a legend, then there wouldn’t be any legends in this world. It was indeed surprising that Jie Wenhan was defeated, but against Kuai Xin, there was no way that Lu Mingshu would still be on the winning end. Kuai Xin had strong fundamentals compared to Jie Wenhan, and he was about to enter the Spirit Realm. On the other hand, Lu Mingshu had just entered the Harmonization Realm! There was such a huge difference in their ability, what were the chances that Lu Mingshu would win

Whatever, just take it as a chance to watch that pathetic arrogant girl be defeated.   

Lu Mingshu made a move first. She was so fast that her sword movement was like lightning. Seeing that Lu Mingshu made her move, Kuai Xin fished out his gigantic sword after balancing himself.


As if it was light as a feather, the giant sword in Kuai Xin’s hand swayed smoothly in the air.


The swords clashed and the sword-light bounced. Within no time, Lu Mingshu was already standing behind him. Kuai Xin raised his arms and another sound of swords clashing could be heard. In a blink of an eye, both of them had already gone against each other for the umpteenth time.

Below the platform, Shao Zhengyang furrowed his eyebrows.

“At this rate, there’s no way she could defeat Kuai Xin,” Yuan Ziyang muttered   

Shao Zhengyang nodded.

At the moment, Lu Mingshu was fighting Kuai Xin the way she fought Jie Wenhan; doing a push-and-pull with the opponent to drain their energy. Such a method was perfectly fine, seeing that Kuai Xin was so buff and used a giant sword. However, he wasn’t someone who had a well-developed body at the expense of a simple brain. He knew when and where to use different methods to attack the opponent in order to cause the most damage.  The reason Jie Wenhan dared to fight Kuai Xin before was because she was very experienced, but Lu Mingshu? Her use of mystic force was incomparable to Jie Wenhan’s, all she had was some skill.

Right now, Shao Zhengyang hoped Lu Mingshu would win. Having sacrificed himself as her stepping stone and making Yuan Ziyang concede defeat in front of everyone, he didn't want all his efforts to go down the drain.   

The moment Shao Zhengyang saw Lu Mingshu at the upper door, he knew he was wrong.    

Liu Jizhen is indeed paralyzed, but not Lu Mingshu. She just entered the Harmonization Realm and yet her ability is so much more! Not even a god could do what she’s done.    

Thus, Shao Zhengyang and his shallow vision decided to drop all previous plans and help Lu Mingshu. 

He guessed that Lu Mingshu must have overheard his and Yuan Ziyang’s conversation on their way to the upper door. Since I volunteered to be a stepping stone, that should make up for any embarrassment. 

“Should we help her?” Yuan Ziyang whispered. 

Shao Zhengyang shook his head.

“Let’s not do anything on our own initiative. What she really wants isn’t just to defeat him.”

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