Phoenix Destiny

Chapter 85

085 - Wait Here

At the base of the White Magnificent Peak, Fu Shangqing looked troubled.

Before he even started, an elder from the Line of Fluffy Clouds snickered. “Ain’t Miss Zhou too impulsive?"

Fu Shangqin tried to explain, “Yinru is just too straightforward…” However, he stopped halfway as he found it meaningless to try and explain anything.

The ugly truth was just… undeniable!

Even if Shao Zhengyang had come, the result of would be as expected. Jie Wenhan alone was already not easy and with Ban Qin around, the opponent could be easily be taken down. In another words, as long as Kuai Xin was not around, there’s no doubt that the Zhou family line would win.

When Shao Zhengyang arrived, he hinted that he had gotten rid of Weng Yufan, which angered Ban Qin into agreeing to challenge him. He also got Jie Wenhan to promise that she would not interfere, so that he could take Ban Qin on single handedly.

Yuan Ziyang then seized Ban Qin, which put Ban Qin in an undesirable situation during the challenge with Shao Zhengyang. Also, with Zhou Yinru’s character, it was impossible for her to tolerate the scene.

Zhou Yinru’s interference was what Shao Zhengyang wanted; he planned to drag her into the confusion. On the other hand, the Zhou family’s situation turned from a confirmed victory to an unpredictable result.

And, from the start, Shao Zhengyang had been plotting against Zhou Yinru.

Due to how Zhou Yinru had taken on this situation, Fu Shangqing couldn’t even speak up for her.

As for the fact that she couldn’t tell that she has been played, that was because Zhou Yinru was too stupid. Why didn’t Jie Wenhan react rashly? That was because even Ban Qin lost, and there was still her!

Yu Wenshi was smiling from ear to ear, while Fu Shangqing, who was left speechless, felt frustrated.

“Senior uncle Jie, we will make a move first.” Shao Zhengyang said, just for the sake of basic respect, as he passed the lower door, disappearing into the mist.

Looking at Shao Zhengyang and the rest leaving, Zhou Yinru stomped onto the stone in front of her, crushing it into powder.

Jie Wenhan rolled her eyes, “Why are you angry when even I’m not? Not that I want to nag, but stay still if you are stupid. Do not create more unnecessary trouble!”

“Jie Wenhan!” Zhou Yinru bellowed.

“Oh? Is the second miss throwing a tantrum? You can throw a tantrum all you want, but it doesn't change the fact that Shao Zhengyang and his group has gotten a headstart thanks to your stupid idea,” Jie Wenhan snickered.

“Shut up before I come at you!”

“Come then.” Jie Wenhan rolled her eyes as she went to challenge the old man who was guarding the door.

The old man let her pass easily.

Zhou Yinru was angry and hateful, but she knew that now was not the time to flare-up, so she went off together with both of her attendants.

After the challenge, she gave Lu Mingshu one last cold glance and disappeared into the mist.

The people from the two clans which were caught up in the fight had all disappeared. Lu Mingshu turned to look at Tan Yubing, who was quietly watching the scene too. Their eyes met. “Junior Lu…” Tan Yubing started.

“Senior Tan, please.” Lu Mingshu smiled.

Tan Yubing only nodded and went ahead to challenge the old man.

As more people entered, Lu Mingshu was getting more and more worried. Where’s Gao Xiang? Could he be lost? Lu Mingshu regretted that she had split up with him.

Soon, Tan Yubing finished the challenge and passed through the lower door.

Nevermind, I’ll take up the challenge first. Lu Mingshu sighed.

“Senior!” —Liang Zongping scrambled up to Lu Mingshu— “Can I join you?”

Lu Mingshu didn’t respond.

Liang Zongping squeezed out a smile, and continued. “You can challenge in a pair, and I only want to pass the lower door…”

Lu Mingshu remained silent as she looked at the old man. “Senior, please advise me!”

Without waiting for the old man to acknowledge her, she dashed forward with her sword unsheathed.

“Clang----” The old man held his sword up to stop Lu Mingshu.

After so many challenges, it was the first time that he had made any sound in a challenge; while fighting the previous contestants, he just silently ended the challenge and let them pass.

Despite Lu Mingshu’s first attack being blocked, she quickly struck at him again.

However, this attack was slightly different. Halfway through, it stopped and suddenly changed its direction.

The old man’s eyes shineed and he changed his sword’s position to avoid the attack. However, his defence turned out to be an attack in disguise! Within no time, the sword was pointing right at Lu Mingshu.

Instead of avoiding, Lu Mingshu slanted her sword to gather energy and hit the old man’s sword.

The sound of the a clash could be heard, and the sword’s light coming from behind Lu Mingshu stopped.

Even though she had successfully taken down the attack, Lu Mingshu started to feel dizzy, and her heart started pounding faster. She started to lose control of her mystic force as well.

This old man is powerful! But, is he trying to stop me from passing? Being stopped by other disciples was less embarrassing compared to being stopped by the guard.

Unexpectedly, the old man stopped the fight the next minute.

He put down his sword and sighed. “You pass.”

Lu Mingshu was taken aback. Even Ban Qin didn’t let her off that easily!

“Why? Don’t you want to pass?”

This sentence called Lu Mingshu back to the earth. “Thank you very much.”

At the moment, the stage was filled with applause.

“Good moves! That’s how Liu Jizhen’s student should be!”

“Yes, the line of Xiang Zong Shi teaches rather unique skills!”

“Is it just me, or Senior uncle Zhang also finds the method she used similar to the one your line’s?”

An elder raised from his seat. Slowly, she replied. “Yes, it’s used by my line, the Line of the Rising Sun. However, our method is are obviously different t her method. It might have been modified by Liu Jizhen!”

“Such great moves! What a pity…”

No one dared to elaborate on why it was a pity.



Lu Mingshu turned and saw Gao Xiang walking towards the door. She sighed in relief, but proceed to pass through the lower door.

She could hear Gao Xiang shouting, “Wait for me, ya!”

It started to get misty, and once again, they were seperated.

The clouds on the White Magnificent Peak became thicker as she passed through the lower door.

Lu Mingshu continued walking for half and hour before she finally stopped to rest.

She took a breather leaning against a tree to rest.

Even though the challenge had not been very tough, it had drained her energy as she used her inner force to defend.

She used the method of imagination to allow her mystic force to flow through the veins and reached her close aperture to recover her inner energy.

After a few moments, Lu Mingshu opened her eyes

“Senior!” Liang Zongping walked out from among the trees. “Are you okay? “

Lu Mingshu was stunned upon seeing him “Why are you here?”

Liang Zongping grinned. “Junior’s worried for you; that’s why I am still here.”

“What I meant was, how did you find me?” It is so misty here, we should’ve been separated once we have entered!

Liang Zongping smiled sheepishly “Er...There’s a lil bit of cheating involved here... That’s how I met senior on the route to lower door too.”

“Okay okay. Keep your explanations to yourself.” Lu Mingshu stood up to figure out the directions and chose one of the alleys.

As they had already passed the lower door, the traps were getting harder. The compass was of no help with the mist hindering their view.

Lu Mingshu walked deeply engrossed in her thoughts.

Suddenly, Lian Zongping shouted, “Be careful, senior!”

She turned to the side to avoid the attack, but could only see a mystic light dash through her and hit the ground hard.

No, wait! It is not a mystic light; it’s a golden arrow!

“Who's that!” She turned abruptly.

“Not bad, huh, little bastard!” Zhou Yinru mocked, as she appeared from the mist.

Lu Mingshu held tightened the grip on her sword and gritted her teeth. “Zhou Yinru!”

No wonder she had let her off before — it was all because she had been waiting to get rid of her here!

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