Phoenix Destiny

Chapter 104

104 Evidence

Yu Wenshi!

The spectators were taken aback seeing that he was speaking up for Lu Mingshu.

The Elders on the cloudy stage all started to figure out what he was trying to do. Back during the fight against Shao Zhengyang…

The line of Jade Terrace is siding with her?

Lu Mingshu smirked. Finally, her hard work was paying off. She chose the Heavenly Wheel’s advanced treatment because she would be able to achieve outstanding results, which would then garner the support of powerful parties since all they care about are benefits.

It was an undeniable fact that she murdered someone, and who would believe her if she told the truth – that it was Zhou Yinru who tried to kill her first – if she had no evidence? The Zhou family wouldn’t have given her a chance to explain herself anyways, so there was no choice but to garner the support of someone powerful.

Yu Wenshi stood up and greeted Fu Shangqing before continuing, “Sect Leader, it’s not like this is the first incident of murder after so many years of the Heavenly Door competition. There have been one or two cases over the past ten years. Since Sect Leader only came to the Nine Jade Palace after all that already happened, allow me to tell you…”

Hearing Yu Wenshi elaborating on the cases, Elder Zhou turned pale. Being in the Nine Jade Palace since he was young, and being even older than Yu Wenshi, he knew that everything Yu Wenshi was saying was all true.

“…those few examples all resulted in someone losing their life, and solid evidence is hard to come by since no one would attack someone else when there are witnesses around, so we should judge with logic.”

“Good point, that makes sense!” Elder Zhou commented, “I agree that Lu Mingshu has a point, but why does she not have a single injury on her? Something's fishy, no? I’ve never heard of this ‘secret technique’ either.”

“Ah, yes, the secret technique. Well, I’m in no position to say anything about that, but I do have two witnesses for Lu Mingshu.”

Under Yu Wenshi’s prodding gaze, Shao Zhengyang stepped forward, “Disciple Shao Zhengyang here. I came across Lu Mingshu after I passed the lower door. She was lying on the side of the path at that time, struggling like she was on her deathbed. A dagger was stuck in her waist, and it looked to be a fatal injury. As for him…”

Pointing at Liang Zongping’s corpse, he continued, “…his head was already removed. I think that it might’ve been that disciple who attacked Lu Mingshu but ended up being killed in self-defense.”

Yuan Ziyang was the next to step up, “Disciple Yuan Ziyang here, and I can corroborate. With my ability, the only way to cause such a fatal wound to Lu Mingshu would be if she were unprepared, or if I was already in close proximity when I attacked. Thus, I’m guessing Liang Zongping attacked her first.”

As Elder Zhou was about to argue back about speaking without proof, Shao Zhengyang added on, “By the way, I informed the guard at the middle door about this. Elder Zhou should check with him.”

Before anybody could react to the situation, someone else stood up and volunteered to be a witness, “I can also be a witness.”

Hearing this voice, a lot of people were startled.

That’s Jie Wenhan!

Jie Wenhan bowed to the crowd before she started, “Sect leaders and Elders, I met Lu Mingshu on the way up as well. I can prove that Junior Nephews Shao and Yuan are telling the truth.” She turned toward Liang Zongping and picked up the cape on his body, “This belongs to me. I laid it on Lu Mingshu when I saw that she was injured. She must’ve left it there when she continued with her journey. In addition, I also informed the guard about this incident when I reached the middle door.”

Three witnesses said the same thing, and they all mentioned another person.

All eyes turned toward the guard in question.

Seeing that everyone was waiting for his answer, he nodded, “Yes, It’s true.”

Finally, there’s some solid evidence.

Gao Xiang heaved a sigh of relief.

Below the White Magnificent Peak, disciples started to discuss amongst themselves once again.

One cheered, “I knew it! Senior Sister Lu didn’t murder anyone on purpose!”

However, others still felt that it was the wrong thing to do, “Hmph! So what if it wasn’t on purpose? She’s a lady yet she’s so brutal….”

Upon hearing that, a lady retorted, “Hey! So what if she’s a lady? Are we girls meant to just die if we get assaulted?”

“Senior Sister Lu is so hardcore! Did you hear what Senior Brother Shao said? There was a dagger stuck in her waist! Without that secret technique, she would be dead!”

Yu Wenshi then turned to Elder Zhou and smiled at him, “Second Elder Zhou, is there enough evidence now?”

After Jie Wenhan acted as Lu Mingshu’s witness, Elder Zhou’s face became exceptionally pale.

Jie Wenhan was a member of the Zhou family, so why did she choose to serve as a witness for Lu Mingshu? Was it the line of Fluffy Clouds’ idea? The whole reason Elder Zhou stepped forward to take Lu Mingshu down was because he wanted to be recognized by the Zhou family, and it would be great if everything was linked to Fu Shangqing. However, he never expected that his plan would be so undermined. Since he wasn’t even that familiar with the Zhou family’s situation, he couldn’t tell whether it was because the Zhou family had other plans for Lu Mingshu or whether the line of Fluffy Clouds decided to save her.

“But, what about this supposed secret technique…?” Elder Zhou tired his very best to retort even though it was just his death throes.

“Haish…” A sigh could be heard.

Even though it was just a light sigh, it caught the hearts of everyone who heard it.

Hearing the sigh, Fu Shangqing rushed to the Heavenly Door.

The crowd turned toward the Heavenly Door, and there stood the old lady that guarded the upper door.

The Elders on the cloudy stage immediately bowed and greeted her, “We see the Grand Elder!”

The spectating disciples all immediately followed what their seniors did. The Grand Elder, having a last name of Yuan and a first name of Xi, hadn’t shown herself in ages.

“This old woman here rarely guards for this competition, yet something so terrible happened.” She waved her hand to dismiss Fu Shangqing’s help as she slowly walked to the stretcher at the side.

“Senior Grandmother,” Fu Shangqing bowed to ask for forgiveness, “It’s all disciple’s fault that you were alarmed….”

She waved her hand, “No need, it’s okay,” she then looked over at Elder Zhou before continuing slowly, “Second Zhou, I can be a witness for this girl here. She was at her best state when she was at the upper door all because of some secret technique that gave her a boost. However, it comes with a side effect; until several months pass, she will be unable to fight since she has lost all her ability.”

Seeing that the Grand Elder already said something, Elder Zhou had no choice but to let the matter go, “Of course I believe Senior Aunt Yuan….”

“Is that it?” The old lady looked at him in disbelief, “You little bastard, can’t you just stay at home and mind your own business? Go and mess up your already-messed-up Zhou family and stay in your lane. Tsk, why were you even given the title of Elder?”

Despite her cutting remarks, Elder Zhou remained silent.

“Whatever!” She continued, “This old woman here can’t bear to see such a good seedling be ruined! These days, the quality of the Nine Jade Palace disciples has gone down the drain. One man’s treasure is taken as trash by all you blind people. No wonder the other clans – even the middle-ranked clans – are surpassing us! Without us three people who don’t die, would you all even have the face to walk out of the palace? Wake up!”

What the old lady said stabbed the hearts of the Elders present. Despite them being proud know-it-alls, none of them dared to retort, they only pleaded for forgiveness, “Disciples know their mistake now!”

“Whatever,” she brushed away their pleading, “You all say you know now, then you’ll just continue your nonsense behind my back.”

Her words left the crowd in silence, and no one dared to make any more noise.

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