Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1107

Chapter 1107 - The Assassins Strike

She did not expect Jiang Bilan would harm her still. As she reacted, the stream of Death Qi had already penetrated her inner organs, leaving her in extreme pain.

Qin Nan and Sage Chen Zilai’s eyes flickered upon seeing this as a thought crossed their minds.

“That’s right.” Jiang Bilan waved her hand and withdrew the Death Qi as she spoke, “The Monarch Envoy did mention that we are now in the Dark Royal City of the half-God region. According to my observation, this isn’t an illusion.”

Yu Qingtong’s face turned pale as her eyes spat out flames of fury, knowing that Jiang Bilan was using her to prove her speculation. However, she could feel a chill down her spine as she recalled the pain from the Death Qi.

“No, this is unacceptable. Since when have I, Yu Qingtong, been bullied like this before? Qingfan has told me that no one is allowed to bully me in this world! If everything is real I will contact master and let him murder this bitch...”

Yu Qingtong thought about getting her revenge.

“A piece of advice for you, don’t try and contact your sect. I’ve never heard of anyone contacting their sect or any outsider during the Monarch Horoscope Contest before. Some people might have tried it, but I wonder what happened to them.” Jiang Bilan said in a cold tone.

Yu Qingtong’s figure shivered as her eyes were filled with terror. She was not afraid of the Monarch Ranking, but the fact that Jiang Bilan’s eyes were able to see through her mind.

“Let’s go.”

Qin Nan shook his head and said. Following this, he and Jiang Bilan led the way and Sage Chen Zilai followed in the middle and Yu Qingtong at the back. They paid their entrance fees with Monarch Crystals and entered the Dark Royal City.

Currently, the streets of the Dark Royal City were patrolled by armored soldiers with stern looks, causing the atmosphere of the city to be intense.

As soon as the quartet entered the city, they were immediately asked to reveal their identities. Fortunately, Jiang Bilan was resourceful enough to hand over four strange badges with four fake identities to trick the guards.

“The City Lord is hiding in the forbidden area of the Dark Royal City. His cultivation is at the second-layer Martial Progenitor Realm. The formations there are able to hold off fifth-layer Martial Progenitors. There are also two second-layer Martial Progenitors, eight first-layer Martial Progenitors, and fifty-nine peak Martial Sacred Realm cultivators protecting the place.

“The entire Dark Royal City now has seventy-three peak Martial Sacred Realm cultivators with different auras. They are most likely from different factions. The remaining five are first-layer Martial Progenitors cultivating in seclusion. It doesn’t seem like there’s any danger for now.”

Qin Nan said after scanning with his left eye.

Yu Qingtong’s eyes flickered with astonishment. Even though this Qin Nan’s cultivation had dropped significantly, his capabilities were still impressive.

“Amitabha, I’m quite confused. With such a defense set up, even fifth-layer Martial Progenitors wouldn’t be able to infiltrate the place. Since our cultivations are suppressed to be at the first-layer Martial Progenitor Realm, does that mean the Monarch Ranking is asking us to face sixth-layer Martial Progenitors instead?” Chen Zilai asked.

“I believe the quest is somewhat reasonable. It’s highly possible that someone in the City Lord's Mansion might betray them and deactivate the formations, before signaling the assassins to make their move. We should find a spot somewhere close to the City Lord’s Mansion.” Jiang Bilan said in a calm tone.

“Amitabha, the Death Cultivator’s wisdom is utterly impressive.” Chen Zilai exclaimed.

“It’s nothing worth mentioning. In comparison to you, my pair of hands which are fully stained with blood are less impressive.” It was obvious that Jiang Bilan was not fond of the monk at all.

Chen Zilai let out a chant and fell silent.

Following this, the quartet found an inn around thirty zhang away from the City Lord's Mansion. Chen Zilai sat down with his legs crossed while his figure emitted a Bodhi glow that spread to the entire city. He could sense any sign of murderous intent within the city. On the other hand, Qin Nan continued to observe the Dark Royal City with his left eye.

As for Jiang Bilan, she took out a few ancient papers and wrote on them with her Death Qi. Yu Qingtong stood aside, not knowing what she should be doing.

Time gradually passed. Three hours later, a disturbance began to take place in the Dark Royal City.

A few cultivators seemed to have a conflict with each other at different places across the streets, attracting the attention of the patrolling guards. The quarrel was extremely loud, causing the entire city to become noisy.

Chen Zilai frowned. Due to the conflicts, he could only sense murderous intent from all directions.

Qin Nan was disturbed too, thus he had no choice but to gather his focus at the City Lord's Mansion.

Qin Nan cast her a surprised look, as he never thought she was able to predict the future through some sort of fortune telling.

Suddenly, Qin Nan, Jiang Bilan, and Chen Zilai straightened their faces.


A series of explosions took place. Four dragons sprang toward their location from the street. The attackers were at least second-layer Martial Progenitors.

Their location had been compromised!

Qin Nan grabbed Yu Qingtong and rushed out of the inn with a kick as he yelled, “Jiang Bilan, Chen Zilai, the enemies are coming from the south and the north. You two will handle the ones here!”


Jiang Bilan and Chen Zilai nodded as the Death Qi and an ancient Bodhi glow were unleashed.

The entire Dark Royal City was in a complete mess as many cultivators began to scream.

“Qin Nan! What are you doing! The City Lord's Mansion will surely have the highest number of enemies. How can the two of us possibly be enough? Let me go! I’ll stay with the Sage!” Yu Qingtong shouted. She could not help but admit that Qin Nan did possess some capabilities, but she did not have enough confidence in him.

Qin Nan entirely ignored her as he made his way to the City Lord's Mansion.

“Who’s there?”

“This is the City Lord's Mansion, stop at once!”

“We’re under attack! Quick, activate the formation!”

The soldiers inside the City Lord's Mansion were startled when they saw the duo flying toward them. They immediately fired attacks at their targets.

The formation of the City Lord's Mansion was activated too, summoning four ferocious beasts to guard the surroundings of the City Lord's Mansion. Any intruder would be killed without mercy.

“Qin Nan, put me down...AH!”

Yu Qingtong struggled vigorously trying to break free as she saw the attacks, before letting out a scream when she saw Qin Nan charging into them.

This was the end!

So many soldiers!

And such a powerful formation!

There was no way they would be able to survive!

Qin Nan executed the Unstoppable Step and dodged the attacks with ease. Following this, with the help of his left eye, he stepped onto a few spots precisely and swiftly proceeded forward through the formation.

The four ferocious beasts acted as if they were unable to see him.


“Someone has broken through the formation!”

The soldiers in the City Lord's Mansion were astounded.

Yu Qingtong was also aware that something was strange. She was stunned when she opened her eyes.

Wasn’t there a powerful formation?

Why were they perfectly fine?

Qin Nan suddenly squinted.

A huge explosion could be heard coming from the City Lord's Mansion as the ground began to crack open, with glows of light rising up from the gaps. They were the fragments of the formation.

A shocked yet furious voice could be heard.

“Tang Xiao! What are you doing?”

Someone had betrayed them.

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Editor: DOCuinn

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