Martial Void King

Chapter 193

Chapter 193


Aslo decided to clash head on with elder that had the frost domain. A sword was held in the elder’s hand, just like the sword in Aslo’s hand. Sparks flew as their swords met, clashing fiercely in midair. They locked their swords together for a brief second before flying apart.

Aslo dashed right back at the elder, his sword held off to the side. As he got close, he swung his sword in a horizontal slash which the elder dodged. He returned the blow with a thrust at Aslo’s chest but his sword was batted aside by the side of Aslo’s blade.

The elder spun in a circle backwards, using the force to escape from Aslo’s range. He stood in midair, panting. Both him and Aslo were aware that Aslo was simply toying with him. Anytime he tried to use ice with his attacks, it was evaporated by the heat of Aslo’s domain.

If Aslo really wanted to end this fight, all he had to do was simply activate his domain, causing the elder to turn into ashes. The elder realized that this was an opportunity.

‘A brat who just advanced. His arrogance will let me get the opportunity to kill him. No, don’t kill him. Only wound. That way while Fu Shen is distracting one, the other will be taking care of this arrogant brat. Then I can escape to the teleportation portal.’ The elder recognized that Aslo was indeed skilled with the sword. Compared to him though, Aslo still seemed wet behind the ears.

Aslo stared at the elder, a maniacal grin on his face. The only reason Aslo hadn’t used his domain to kill the elder was to enjoy a nice fight. He loved fighting and being able to finally let loose was far different than the tortue Chu Shen had called sparring.

Now he wasn’t cooped up inside a building cultivating and his brain didn’t feel like it was exploding from having to meditate all day long. He was finally able to express himself completely with the sword in his hand. Flame exploded beneath Aslo’s feet, causing him to surge forward with frightening speed, once again engaging the elder.

Chrissa, on the other hand, wasn’t as joyful for a fight. She approached the fight methodically, exploring one way to fight before moving onto another. Chrissa infused a large of amount of Qi into her wind blade before shooting it out.

This simply caused the flames to flare even higher. She then tried forming a hurricane, but the wind simply increased the man’s power. Seeing Chrissa struggling, Aslo decided to help out. “Chrissa, try sucking the air away from the fire. Fire uses are to burn so by taking it away the fire should go out.”

Chrissa nodded before creating a vortex of wind. Unlike the hurricane before, she did not try to use the strong wind to destroy Fu Shen’s domain, instead she used the hurricane to suck the wind away from the domain. The fire spluttered before suddenly going out, as though an invisible giant had gone over and blown it out. 

Chrissa nodded. Now she knew how to face fire domains. Fu Shen paled. “What witchcraft is this! Everyone knows that wind strengthens fire, it could never put it out!”

Lucas laughed. “Everyone knows? How silly. You simply don’t understand what fire truly is. By understanding the laws of nature, you would have known why your fire is put out. Since you don’t, you are now helpless.”

Chrissa frowned. “Don’t talk so much Lucas.”

Lucas sulked. “Can’t I look smart in front of the villains?” He mumbled to himself. 

“I don’t believe, I don’t believe, I DON’T BELIEVE IT!” Fu Shen roared as he sent an enormous fireball at Chrissa.

A wind blade formed in front of her, slicing through the fireball that was soaring towards her. The fireball wasn’t as strong as Fu Shen’s domain, allowing Chrissa’s wind blade to blow the fireball out.

Fu Shen created more fireballs, launching them continuously at Chrissa. Just as he had launched his twentieth fireball, a sonic boom rang out from behind him. Fu Shen turned around to see what had made the noise before a hammer smashed into his face.

His entire body vibrated from the impact that was the equivalent of a nuclear bomb. With a loud BOOM, his body turned into a mist of blood. Chu Shen stood where the elder had previously been. His face was twisted into an angry mask. A dense killing intent emanated from his body.

Chu Shen glanced up and saw the elder that was fighting with Aslo. He disappeared before re-appearing before the elder. His hammer was already smashing into the elders back, once again causing a mist of blood to rain down. 

Aslo opened his mouth to complain about Chu Shen interrupting his fight. However, once he noticed Chu Shen’s change, he shut-up. While he was brash and arrogant, Aslo wasn’t stupid.

Chu Shen merely floated in mid-air, silent without saying a word. Lucas came over. “Chu Shen.” he said quietly. “Did you rescue your mom.”

Chu Shen didn’t say anything for a long time, but his friends didn’t rush him. Finally, Chu Shen said something. “No.” His voice was filled with rage and self-loathing. “I, I couldn't save her.” He looked down at his hands before clenching them together. “All my power, and I couldn’t save her. Because of one mistake.”

Lucas and Chrissa glanced at each other, recognizing the fact that Chu Shen was in a delicate state at the moment. “Chu Shen, is she dead?”

Chu Shen froze before violently shaking his head. “No, no, no….She, she isn’t dead. Simply captured.”

Aslo let out a sigh. “Good, that just means we have to rescue her. No big deal. Let’s find out where the Blazing Tiger Sect is and get your mom from there before killing them all. Simple.”

Lucas and Chrissa both stared daggers at Aslo. Aslo froze. What did he do wrong this time? He thought it was a good solution.

Chu Shen nodded slowly after hearing Aslo’s proposal. “It is possible. Master Ti Wu.”

Master Ti Wu’s figure appeared before Chu Shen. “What, disciple?” Even Master Ti Wu recognized what a delicate state Chu Shen was in right now. He didn’t speak in his normal abrasive tone, rather like one would to a brother.

Chu Shen didn’t talk respectful at all. “You said that you knew where the Blazing Tiger Sect is. Guide us.”

Master Ti Wu didn’t say anything. He simply nodded. He closed his eyes as a pulse of invisible soul energy lanced outwards. A few minutes later he opened his eyes. “Your mom is being held behind a barrier, it’s not too strong. Teleporting directly there is impossible though. However, we can arrive on the outskirts of the sect. It’s two hundred miles from here to the east."

Chu Shen turned towards Lucas. “Can you teleport us there?”

Lucas nodded. “Anything for you, Chu Shen.” He closed his eyes as he connected to the satellite he had launched into space. A few seconds later he opened his eyes. “Coordinates locked. Teleporting, now.”

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