Hidden Assassin

Chapter 68

Chapter 68 – To Wait in Anticipation
TL: Milaryn
Edit: IlkonEbi


“You don't need to come to my bed today.” A freshly showered, pink-cheeked, fragrant Lingjing was lying on the bed reading a book. She had seen Jiaming enter her room and smiled sweetly, “It’s that time…”

“How's the big aunt?” Jiaming asked politely, before flopping down on her bed next to her, “What book are you reading?”

“Lu Yao’s “Ordinary World”. I'm examining what living should be like,” Lingjing briefly flashed the cover at him before putting it down. She pushed Jiaming aside, “Go look for Shasha. It really did come today. Oh, hey, take this. Remember to grip it properly before you use it, so it doesn't break…” She smiled as she threw a box of condoms towards Jiaming.

“Being cautious and not being cautious… I make sure every time…” Jiaming said helplessly.

“Heh, look… I know it's troublesome, but we have to use it. We're still young, if one of us got pregnant, it would be quite troublesome. If I got pregnant, I definitely won't go to the hospital to abort and Shasha would definitely not give it up as well. At that time our parents are gonna kill us. It's a good thing nothing happened the first time when we did not use them…” With her cheeks turning pink, Lingjing stuck her tongue out at him. Jiaming, however, went up to her and kissed her deeply, letting her go only when the two of them had to part to breathe. They were panting slightly, and their cheeks were touching. Jiaming suddenly said, “Ok, I know my Lingjing is a good wife and a loving mother, as well as wise, classy, and spunky.”

Blushing, Lingjing nudged him, “I told you not to start anything with me. Go find Shasha!”

“She's showering right now.”

“Heh, then go shower with her. Didn't you want to do that before?”

“Shasha's gonna hit me if I take liberties. I'm going to wait until the two of you are showering together before I barge in. Then you'll be there to protect me, so I would have a chance to try something.”

Lingjing rolled her eyes at him, “Don't say that about Shasha, she likes you very much. She's just keeping it all inside.”

“I do know that. That's why for National Day vacation I've decided to bring you two beautiful ladies out for a trip,” Jiaming proudly declared and took out five delicately crafted cruise tickets out of his pocket, as if he had gotten the tickets himself, “I got five cruise tickets today. They’re for a three-days trip on a luxury cruise ship. We can use these high-tier tickets, and then find a way to sell the other two. They’re worth at least a few thousand kuai. Since Shasha likes to sit in front of the TV to play games, we should buy a small floor mat for her…”

Just as they finished talking, Shasha, who had just finished bathing and was wearing only a long blouse, entered the room and climbed onto Lingjing’s bed. She saw the cruise tickets and asked, “What are those?” 

Jiaming reiterated what he said about the tickets again, and Shasha smiled, “Since sis Yahan invited us, we should definitely go. Lingjing, can you take a few days off from your job?”

“I should be able to. They said I could take around four days off every month, and since the pay for National Day is three times the usual, the others shouldn’t be taking it off. I’ll just apply for it and we’ll see. Oh, also, since we have five tickets, shouldn’t we ask Kaoru and Yiting to join us? Afterall…” Thinking of the club’s official name, Lingjing could not help but laugh, “Afterall, we are the grand team that wants to save the world. This should be the first benefit that club members are entitled to.”

Shasha wholeheartedly agreed to the suggestion, but Jiaming looked somewhat distressed, “This benefit is way too good… My few thousand kuai, my floor mat…”

“Shaddap, you smelly boy! Get lost!” Shasha kicked Jiaming, thrusting him away from Lingjing, “Bet you’ve been thinking about those things all day. Tonight, I’m sleeping with Lingjing. You go sleep on your own. I read in a book that if you do that thing too many times, it’s not good for your body.”

Just who was the most passionate one when it came to those things? Jiaming rolled his eyes, then innocently said, “I do not think of such things all the time!”

“You say you haven’t, but what are you holding? Give it to me!” Grabbing the box of condoms from Jiaming’s hand, Shasha shoved it into a corner, as if she was proudly hiding some stolen loot. Jiaming sighed again. Lingjing tried hard to hold back a laugh as the two of them bickered. After a while, Jiaming climbed off the bed and went to turn off the light for the two girls, “Good night.”

“Good night.” Lingjing waved from under the blanket.

Shasha also smiled at him, “Don’t sneak into our bed in the middle of the night.”

Lingjing piped up, “Actually, you should sneak in and take Shasha away, she likes to roll around too much.”

“When did I…”

Hearing the two girls start bickering in bed, Jiaming smiled and closed the door to their room. Not long after, the noise from the arcade downstairs resounded through the building. The small family of three was living in an intoxicating, sweet dream…

Late at night.

After putting some clothes on, Jiaming peeked into Lingjing’s room. The two young girls were wrapped around each other like conjoined twins, smiling slightly while deeply asleep. He crouched by their bed for a while, before murmuring to himself, “Are you two actually lilies or not…” After getting together with the two girls, he never asked them about it, and the two girls naturally did not know that he had such an opinion about the two of them. Whether they were lilies or not had piqued Jiaming’s interest.

After watching them for another moment, he got up and left their apartment. The arcade was no longer as noisy, but it was open overnight. Jiaming disappeared into the back alley. At that moment, at a small street entrance near Sacred Heart Institute, just next to a small flower bed, Tsukichi Kaoru was standing under a street lamp post, being silently leered at by a few passing hoodlums.

These hoodlums seemed to be drunk, and when they saw the beautiful, yet fragile looking Tsukichi Kaoru, they tried to start a conversation with her. However, no matter what they chattered about, Kaoru only lowered her head and did not respond. Her expression remained blank and was indifferent to them. Jiaming saw her and shook his head helplessly. I told you to wait here, but you chose to wait under a street lamp post. At this time of night, an idle beauty like you should at least pick somewhere where people wouldn’t bother you. Instead, you pick a place where prostitutes usually stand…

He stood from afar and observed her for a bit. Kaoru had discovered him and was about to run over to him, when one of the hoodlums shuffled over to block her by reaching out to her. Jiaming turned his head to avoid seeing a bloodied scene, in the next moment a miserable shriek came from where the hoodlum stood. In this spacious and empty plaza, late at night, the shriek sounded particularly mournful.

Still expressionless, Kaoru calmly tossed that man’s two fingers away. Her agility was several times higher than when Jiaming had acted in this plaza a few days ago. When the few other hoodlums saw one of them meet such a fate, they rushed towards Kaoru in anger; however, Kaoru continued walking away from them still wielding the blade in her left hand. Behind her, the second man that tried to reach her clutched his throat, stumbling and falling to the ground soundlessly. The remaining terrified hoodlums watched the back of her cold figure as she left, none of them daring to come close to her.

One after the other, two figures disappeared silently into the darkness…

“Did you wait long?”

“...Seven hours, thirty-two minutes.”

“...You came here right after school?”

“You told me to wait for you.”

“...I kinda want to smack you, but… forget it. It's my fault. Don't follow me, I'll feel inferior…”

“Are you angry?”

“Why would I be… I feel great admiration for you. Why I would pick on these little things…”


TL note:  Big aunt = she's on her period lol.

1/2 chapters (next release is May 23).

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