Hedonist Sovereign

Chapter 481

Chapter 481 - Save Lin Bei Bei from Her Coma

Translator: BinBin

Editor: EllisBLV13

Slowly, the autumn wind crept in and filled every inch of the city under the gathering dusk.

A dark figure leaped across the skyline outside the First Hospital of Acropolis City into an ICU room.

Mother Lin’s eyes caught a glimpse of the figure hiding behind the curtain, and she screamed, “Who’s in there?”

Dongfang Ming Wang had had his legion of professional bodyguards looking after Mother Lin and Lin Bei Bei, safeguarding the perimeter day and night just as Qin Feng had asked him. Meanwhile, Mother Lin stayed by Lin Bei Bei’s side and prayed to God that her daughter might wake up from her coma one day. However, her call wasn’t heard by the one residing above in the heavens. Five months had passed in a blink of an eye, but the woman on the bed did not show any sign of improving.

The figure then emerged from the curtain, and he wiped a bright beaming smile on his good-looking face, “Auntie, I’m back.”

Mother Lin’s body quivered. She remained frozen on the floor. Astonishment flooded her rugged face full of wrinkles.

Mother Lin was in a daze for quite a long time before she recovered. She dashed toward Qin Feng and hugged him tightly, “Qin… Qin Feng? Is that really you? You’ve returned?

“Where have you been all these days? I've been worried sick for you… Both Bei Bei and you are good children, but why does God have to fill both of your lives with miseries? I missed you a lot, Qin Feng,” Mother Lin said in a broken accent, crying heavily, “I’ve been praying day and night, hoping that you were still alive somewhere and that Bei Bei will awaken from her coma. Thank God that he finally heard my plea, and you really are still alive. I’m too happy!”

Qin Feng was touched. He had no memories of his own mother; after all, he lost her when he was born, and it was Qin Huang who single-handedly raised him. Throughout all these days, he had no idea what was meant when people spoke about maternal love -- until today. When Mother Lin locked him in her arms, and he remained quietly in her warm embrace, the maternal love that he’d never known seemed to be gradually making itself known to him, and his frozen heart began to melt.

Mother Lin had long since regarded Qin Feng as her son-in-law-to-be, the closest relationship to being her real son.

A lump was forming in his throat as he worked very hard to force a few words out of his mouth, “Please forgive me, auntie. Forgive me for making you worry about me.”

“Hehe, silly kid. Don’t say absurd things like that. As long as you two stay in peace, I’ll be happy,” Mother Lin caressed Qin Feng’s head with lots of affection. For those who did not know their relationship, they would certainly think they were a mother and son if they were to see this footage.


Suddenly, the door to the room was shoved open from the outside. Two men wearing black suits slipped through the cleavage between the door and stood beside Qin Feng before Mother Lin could stop them. Concurrently, two dark figures flashed from outside the window into the room and appeared behind Qin Feng.

Four of them surrounded Qin Feng in a blink of an eye, and Qin Feng could sense the murderous intent emerging from the four of them.

“Ah, it’s you people. Don’t worry. He is my son-in-law; he won’t hurt us,” Mother Lin quickly explained the situation to the four people. Mother Lin knew nothing about these four people aside from the fact that they suddenly appeared at their side and protected them around the clock after Qin Feng went missing. It was them who had fended off those who wanted to harm Lin Bei Bei.

Hence, Mother Lin was grateful for them even though she had no idea who sent them here to protect Lin Bei Bei.

“Are you people the bodyguards of the Dongfang family?” Qin Feng asked the four bodyguards as he pat Mother Lin’s shoulder to ease her tension.

The four people’s expression changed slightly, but they soon regained their composure. One of the men who wore a red bowtie stepped forward and shot a question at Qin Feng, “Who are you? What’s your objective in coming to this ICU? Why did you have to come into this ward through the window?”

“I’m Qin Feng.”

“What? You’re Qin… no, Young Master Qin? Please forgive us for not recognizing you,” the four bodyguards changed their attitude and treated Qin Feng with deferential after they found out his identity. Seeing this, Mother Lin was certain that the four people had been sent by Qin Feng to protect her daughter. It was just that she couldn’t think through her head why they had failed to recognize Qin Feng at first.

“No worries. You four may leave now. Secure the perimeter of this room, and don’t come in without my order!” Qin Feng was clear in his heart why the four suddenly changed their attitudes. He’d agreed to the Dongfang family’s marriage proposal which made him the son-in-law of the Dongfang family. He might have even been considered as one of their superiors now.

“Roger,” the four bodyguards took Qin Feng’s order to heart and retreated from the room.

After the four left the room, Qin Feng hastily walked to Lin Bei Bei’s bed because he had waited for this moment for too long.

“Qin Feng, what made you return to Acropolis City? Have you settled all your enemies? You worried me!” Following Qin Feng, Mother Lin came to Lin Bei Bei’s bedside as well and continued to ask about Qin Feng’s current situation.

Qin Feng smiled at Mother Lin, “Don’t worry about me, auntie. I’m fine… I came here today because I’ve found a way to awaken Bei Bei from her coma. I’m here to save her!”

“What did you say? You’ve found a way to save Bei Bei?” Mother Lin felt as though she had been struck by a streak of lightning, and her mind went blank. For months, she’d yearned

for Lin Bei Bei to wake up from her coma.

“Mother Lin, why don’t you take a walk. Perhaps by the time you return, Bei Bei will have already awakened,” Qin Feng required absolute silence during the treatment process. As such, he did not want Mother Lin standing by his side because she would distract him while he was treating Lin Bei Bei.

Mother Lin stayed blank for a moment before she came back to her senses. Her face was filled with tears of joy as her memories flew back to the night four months ago. That night, Lin Bei Bei went for a walk outside after she sent her the meal. Then, Lin Bei Bei was kidnapped, and by the next time she saw her daughter, she’d already fallen into a coma. If Qin Feng really could save Lin Bei Bei from her coma, and she could hear her daughter call her “mom” again after she came back from her walk, it was certainly a great thing for Mother Lin.

“Okay, okay… I’ll go now. I won’t disturb you. Qin Feng, please save Bei Bei!” Mother Lin quickly walked to the door, but she stopped at the doorway and looked at Qin Feng with an imploring look.

“Rest assured, Auntie. I’ll try my best,” Qin Feng nodded at Mother Lin.

Mother Lin then slowly and hesitantly closed the door. After Mother Lin was gone, the room fell into a pool of silence as there were only Qin Feng and Bei Bei in the room.

Qin Feng had not seen Lin Bei Bei for three months, but for him, it felt like a century. During his days in Jindu, he’d always thought about his women in Acropolis City in the still of the night. Amongst the women, Lin Bei Bei was the one he missed the most.

Lin Bei Bei slept quietly on the snow-white bed. Her skin was pallid due to her torpor state, and she had not moved under the sun for around five months. Her silky, long hair was scattered around her shoulders, and her pace of breath was even. She looked like a sleeping beauty who had secluded herself from the mundane hustle and bustle.

Qin Feng was absorbed by Lin Bei Bei’s beauty. He swore that he had never seen another beautiful woman in this world that had the same fresh temperament as Lin Bei Bei or could compare to her. You could not tear your gaze away from her, and your heart would be instantly overwhelmed by the urge to protect her the moment you saw her.

“Bei Bei, did you miss me?” Qin Feng placed his hand on Lin Bei Bei’s forehead and helped her tidy up her hair.

Sensing somebody was touching her, Lin Bei Bei frowned. The pores on her body tightened, and the fine hairs on her body stood on their ends seemingly resisting being touched by others.

“Bei Bei, it’s me, Qin Feng,” Qin Feng ran his fingers around her delicate face and said in a soft tone.

Hearing this, Lin Bei Bei changed again. She loosened her locked brows, and her body began to relax. Even though she had no expression, Qin Feng felt that she was actually smiling at him.

“I’ve finally found somebody who could make me the Blood Qi Pill. After you take the pill, before long, you’ll wake up from your coma. At that time, you will be able to do what normal people do again. Walk, eat, laugh and cry all you can…” Qin Feng was excited while he spoke. Lin Bei Bei seemed to be able to hear his words; crystal clear tears glided down her cheeks.

Qin Feng wiped the tears that stained her face. Then, he waved his hand and a red pill appeared in his palm. In the light, the Blood Qi Pills seemed to be emitting a strange circle of light as the aromatic scent of the Blood Qi Pills pervaded and filled every particle of air in the room.

Feeling that he should not waste any more time further, Qin Fent placed the Blood Qi Pill on Lin Bei Bei’s lips. Before the pill touched Lin Bei Bei’s lip, he retracted his arm as something crossed his mind. Right now at this moment, Lin Bei Bei was in a coma, and he was certain that she could not chew the large Blood Qi Pill, much less swallow it whole.

Hence, Qin Feng placed the Blood Qi Pill into his mouth and start chewing it. After he’d crushed the Blood Qi Pill, he then leaned forward and pressed his lips onto Lin Bei Bei’s red cherry lips. He then stuck out his tongue and pushed the crushed Blood Qi Pill into Lin Bei Bei’s mouth bit by bit.

The rich herb flavors flowed in the duo’s mouth. After Qin Feng had sent roughly all the pieces of Blood Qi Pill into Lin Bei Bei’s mouth, he stuck his tongue even deeper into Lin Bei Bei’s mouth and twirled her tongue so that every last bit of the pill inside his mouth was transferred. After he’d transferred the last bit of the pill into Lin Bei Bei’s mouth, he then rose onto his feet to take a glass of water for her. Using the same method, he fed the water into her mouth as well.

The process was tough and long, but Qin Feng was resilient. In order to prevent Lin Bei Bei from choking, he fed the water to her slowly.

Following the water, the Blood Qi Pills entered Lin Bei Bei’s stomach and through the rest of her body. Qin Feng had not had enough of her. After confirming there were no traces of Blood Qi Pill in either of their mouths, Qin Feng lifted Lin Bei Bei up and lay her upper torso against the head of the bed. Then, he began to open her shirt.


Outside the ICU, on the cue of Qin Feng, Mother Lin did really go take a walk in the garden behind the hospital. The four bodyguards of the Dongfang family stayed on guard outside the room. After contemplating for a while, the man with the red bowtie pulled out his cell phone and went into the corridor to make a call.

“Elder Dongfang, I’m sorry to bother you,” the bodyguard said with respect as soon as the call went through.

“Anything?” A deep and hoarse voice transmitted from the other end of the line.

“Elder Dongfang, Qin Feng is here.”

“Qin Feng? He came to Acropolis City? Is he at the hospital now?” Elder Dongfang was a bright person. He had a good grasp of the whole situation very soon.

“He’s in Lin Bei Bei’s ward now, and he won’t allow us to enter the room without his order. Just now, Lin Bei Bei’s mother exited the room as well. There are only Qin Feng and Lin Bei Bei left in the room, and I don’t know what are they doing…” the bodyguard paused for a while before continuing, “Oh yeah, Mother Lin called Qin Feng her son-in-law!”

The four bodyguards were there for two reasons. First was to protect the Mother Lin and Lin Bei Bei; the second was to become Dongfang Ming Wang’s informants. They would contact Dongfang Ming Wang as soon as Qin Feng showed himself in Acropolis City.

After he fell silent for a while, he asked another question to the bodyguard. It was only that his tone of voice had changed, “Is there any strange voices or sounds coming from inside the room?”

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