Hedonist Sovereign

Chapter 401

Chapter 401 - The Strongest Lecturer

Translator: BinBin

Editor: Nova1237

“You’re not dead yet?! How is that even possible?!” Hua Yan let the same question rain down on Qin Feng as she repeated it numerous times. She could not calm her stormy mind.

She met Qin Feng at Feng Yun Fun City and figured out he was an ignorant, incompetent hedonistic young master. She hated the kind of people who abused their power to terrorize people. Hua Yan planted the Gu love poison on Qin Feng in an attempt to punish him.

Hua Yan almost forgot about him after she had not seen him for more than four months. She thought the Gu poison had worked and Qin Feng had died as he rolled in bed with another woman. Lo and behold, he was still alive, jumping around, and suddenly appeared in the university compound!

“Are you surprised, Yan Yan?” Qin Feng groped Hua Yan’s well endowed breasts with one hand. Then, he offered her a sly grin. “Why am I not dead yet? Because among all the women living on this earth, I love no one except for you! How could I willingly die?”

“Release me now or I’ll yell for help!” Hua Yan’s breasts rose and fell as she panted in anger.

As she became angrier, her breasts bounced even more vigorously and brushed Qin Feng’s hand, greatly embarrassing Hua Yan to the point that she wanted to ram her head into the wall.

“Please, please release me. I’ll help you to extract the Gu love poison.” Hua Yan had no other choice left. She attempted a gentle approach seeing the hard way would not work for her anymore.

Qin Feng’s smile broadened.

“Do you still not understand the situation, Yan Yan? I extracted the Gu love poison long ago. Do you think I can’t lead an indulgent lifestyle anymore? You’re wrong! Let me tell you something, this young master is now staying under the same roof as two drop-dead gorgeous beauties!

“Those two beauties are far prettier than you and have bodies that are sexier and hotter than yours. Every night they clean themselves up, one lays on my left hand side and the other to my right side, and they serve me!” Qin Feng made up a story to anger Hua Yan.

“Tsk! Words alone are no proof; no one will believe your lies.” Hua Yan squinted her eyes at Qin Feng and shot a scornful look at him.

“Tsk, why don’t you believe me? I, Qin Feng, am a man of my word and I never tell lies!” Qin Feng’s guilty conscience pricked him after he finished speaking.

Yes, he was indeed staying in Chang Xin’s house and it was true that there were two beauties in the house. However, Chang Xin always gave Qin Feng the cold shoulder. If she heard him mention his claim that she washed herself to serve him, she would have scorned him, especially if Qin Feng peeked in on her.

As for the other beautiful housemate, Qin Feng still had yet to see her in person.

“Hey, brat! What are you doing?”

A voice filled with rage echoed behind Qin Feng as four young men appeared.

“F*ck! This fellow is cornering our Goddess Hua Yan. Is he f*cking looking for death?!”

“He looks unfamiliar. Could he be the new transfer student?”

“I don’t f*cking care if he is an old student or a new transfer student. How dare he bully our Goddess Hua Yan… Young Master Fang, please give the order. We’ll crush him now!”

Three of the students arrived first, followed closely by a young master donned in suit and leather shoes. He took his time walking with his head held high and chest puffed up with his hands in his pockets. He wore a devilish grin on his face, looking like a stereotypical rich young master.

“Young Master Fang!”

After Fang Ming arrived, his three underlings bowed and greeted him.

Disgust flitted across Hua Yan’s eyes the moment she saw Fang Ming. He had been pestering her a lot and his evil being nauseated her.

However, Hua Yan hated Qin Feng more than Fang Ming.

“Get off me now. Someone is coming!” Hua Yan glared at Qin Feng.

Qin Feng left his hand glued to Hua Yan’s breasts. She wished she had a knife now so that she could chop off his hand.

“F*ck! Mind your hand, kid. Do you believe that I’ll chop your hand off?!”

“F*ck! How dare you lay a finger on our Young Master’s woman? Are you looking for death, brat?!”

Fierce and malicious. The three underlings glared and hooted at Qin Feng. Raising his brows, Fang Ming scrutinized Qin Feng from head to toe.

“What is your name, kid? You seem pretty calm.” Fang Ming retained his composure. He did not give an order to his underlings yet.

Qin Feng turned to Fang Ming, exhibiting an easy and calm demeanor.

When he was the young tyrant in school, this Fang Ming was still a babe pitifully crying in his mother’s arms for food.

“You can call me the man of Yan Yan!” Qin Feng suddenly cracked up in laughter.

Hua Yan’s cheeks flushed bright pink. Meanwhile, Fang Ming’s face held a hideous expression.

“Well, very well brat! I offered you a toast, but you wish to decline. Get him now… break his arm and his leg!” Fang Ming finally gave his order.

After receiving Fang Ming’s order, the three restless underlings pounced on Qin Feng like three hungry wolves.

“Hmph! I wish you good luck!” Hua Yan nitwittedly clapped her hands at seeing three people charge at Qin Feng.

“Yan Yan, how can you say that? I’m your man. If anything bad happens to me, you’ll have to live as a widow!” A mischievous twinkle glistened in Qin Feng’s eyes as a devilish grin crossed his lips.

Hua Yan felt a sudden sensation of pain spread across her breasts. She blew her top and prepared to pour forth curses. Just before she opened her mouth, Qin Feng, who was in front of her a second ago, suddenly turned into a soft breeze, disappearing before her.


A muffled thud sounded out from the people. One of the three underlings covered his stomach with both of his hands and curled into a small ball. The pain was unbearable; cold sweat beaded on his forehead and his eyes nearly popped out.

“This young master hates being disturbed by others when I’m enhancing relationship with my woman!” Qin Feng’s voice echoed.

They could only hear Qin Feng’s voice but could not capture his figure. He zigzagged amongst them like a nimble little fish, making it hard for them to pinpoint his exact location.

“Wow, you have a big head, kid! You must drink a lot of Sanlu Milk Powder!”


The sound of a slap resounded and five finger marks appeared on the face of the minion who had the biggest head. He was thrown into the air, tumbled down, and smashed into the ground.

With only a punch and a slap, Qin Feng had disposed of two of Fang Ming’s minions.

Qin Feng’s great strength startled both the last minion and Fang Ming, sending their thoughts away into the Netherlands.

“Big Brother, p-please don’t hit me. It’s my fault, I beg for your forgiveness!”

When Qin Feng suddenly appeared before him, the third minion was overwhelmed by fear and his legs went limp. His knees gave out and he fell to the ground.

“You beg for my forgiveness? Tsk, tsk, you’re too late!”

Qin Feng raised his leg and let it drop on the final minion’s shoulder. The final minion was extremely skinny. He was sent rolling on the ground after Qin Feng lightly pushed him.

“Young Master Fang? I admit it’s a cool name.” Qin Feng had smoked the three underlings within the span of a breath. He vanished again and reappeared before Fang Ming.

Qin Feng’s smug face appeared before Fang Ming.

“Who the hell do you think you are? Don’t you dare touch me. I’ve someone big backing me. If you hurt me, your life will be…”

One of the things Qin Feng hated the most was being threatened by others. He sent a kick into Fang Ming’s stomach without waiting for him to finish his sentence.

Like a kite that has broken free of its line, Fang Ming flew into the sky with a shroom and faded from their eyesight.

Ding! Ding!

The bell rang right after Qin Feng finished off the four men.

Finally, Hua Yan regained her senses. She never imagined that a hedonistic young master like Qin Feng would be equipped with this kind of powerful close combat skill.

“Just you wait for it, Qin Feng, I’ll get my revenge someday!” She was groped and touched by Qin Feng again before he released her. She briefly glared at Qin Feng and slipped into the classroom.

After she settled into her seat and raised her head, Hua Yan was once again so shocked that she almost shouted.

Qin Feng smiled as he stood on the podium, glancing at the students below him with his dark, deep brown eyes.

Then, unhindered, he slowly opened his mouth and said, “A very good morning to everyone! From now on, I will be your Chinese medicine class’s lecturer… I know all of you are very happy, in fact, exhilarated because you have a young, handsome, and promising young man as your lecturer. Don’t hold yourself back, feel free to shout to your heart’s content, and vent your excitement!”

The students remained quiet. This bewildered Qin Feng.

The Chinese medicine class was dreary and no more than twenty students were present in the spacious hall. The twenty or so students did not celebrate his arrival; instead, all of them exploded into gales of laughter.

“Haha! Is he really a lecturer? He is such a narcissist!”

“I see he is almost the same age as us. I think somebody is pranking us. We don’t have to pay attention to him!”

“Did you hit your head on a rock? Quickly, get off the podium and stop acting. It’s such an old trick and I did it a long time ago!”

Their reaction threw Qin Feng off. His face turned cold, a storm brewing in his soul.

Hua Yan laughed until she was helpless, causing her breasts to bounce nonstop with their own rhythm.

“You, stand up!” Qin Feng suddenly spoke.

His voice was low, but it fell loud and clear in every students’ ear. His voice was filled with a domineering aura, pressuring the students and successfully muting them.

The male student Qin Feng pointed to was the arrogant young man that told Qin Feng to get off the podium. Feeling weak in the knee, he rose to his feet.

Not even he could fathom why he was so afraid of Qin Feng all of a sudden.

“Professor, do-do you have anything to say?”

“What is your name?”



Ma Chao was slapped in the head.

A second ago, Qin Feng had been standing at the podium. The next second, he was in the aisle beside the last row and slapped Ma Chao’s head.

His speed matched that of a rocket. Everybody’s jaw dropped to the floor.

“You show no respect to your superior and your speech is filthy. Aren’t you proud that I utilized everyone’s time just to lecture you?!”

Tears streamed down Ma Chao’s face. They were not tears of sadness, but tears of pain.

“Why don’t you answer me?” Qin Feng slapped Ma Chao again.

Ma Chao was a fast learner. He hastily covered his head tightly with his hands and looked at Qin Feng as if he had been wronged. “What do you want me to say, Professor?”

“I gave you a life lesson and am teaching you how to be a good man. Shouldn’t you express your gratitude by saying thank you to me? Tsk, tsk, you’re so slow. How are you ever going to become a corrupted governor and kiss up to get ahead after you graduate from the university? Even if you did not pursue your career as governor and became a businessman, with that sluggish mind of yours, I bet you will have a hard time developing your social network… You won’t be able to surpass your peers!”

Ma Chao really cried this time. He gnashed his teeth and said resolutely, “Thank you, professor! Thank you for taking part of everybody’s time to teach me a life lesson. Also, thank you my friends. Thank you for not complaining about me using your precious time which will be put to good use nurturing and lecturing me. I’m so touched!”

All the students stared at the sight with their mouths hanging open.

Qin Feng paid no mind to the students’ reaction. Satisfied with the outcome, Qin Feng calmly returned to the podium while nodding.

“See! Mister Ma Chao is able to raise one and infer three under my meticulous tutelage. He has a very sharp mind and good eyesight now. He will succeed as a suck-up in the government, or be a high executive in a state-owned company… Everyone must have great ambition like Mister Ma Yuan and try to emulate him!

“Okay, we’re done. Mister Ma Chao, you can take your seat.”

Ma Chao silently took his seat while tears streamed down his cheeks. None of the other students uttered a word, causing the lecture hall to fall into a pool of dead silence.

Suddenly, Qin Feng’s expression turned cold. His voice was filled with a dominating kingly aura.

“Dear students, I’ll now reintroduce myself.

“Starting now, I’ll be your lecturer for your Chinese medicine class. Please listen carefully and engrave my name firmly onto your heart.

“My name is Qin Feng. I’m the strongest lecturer in the Provincial Capital University!”

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