Eternal Martial Sovereign

Chapter 137

Chapter 137 – Rank 1

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Phoobiee

The flaming lion tore through the air, looking unstoppable. The flames on its body distorted the air, and the wolves paused as they stared in surprise. That massive lion seemed to have sentience, and tore its paw through one of the demonic wolf’s head.

At the same time, the violet magic seal descended, suppressing the Iron-Tail Scarlet Wolves that were about to attack Xiao Yun.


A massive explosion sounded out as a few Iron-Tail Scarlet Wolves were sent flying and were covered with the raging violet flames. The demonic wolves howled, then fell to the ground, no longer breathing.

These wolves’ skin and fur were like iron, and it was difficult to injure them with swords. However, they had no way of defending against Xiao Yun’s Violet Flame True Fire.

A burnt smell wafted out as a fiery light flashed out. Smoke started to rise as 6 demonic wolves died, just like that.

The Points Medallion appeared in Xiao Yun’s hand, showing a row of numbers. Xiao Yun had killed 6 demonic beasts: 2 were at the middle stage of the Innate realm, 3 were at the late stage, and 1 was at the complete stage. Altogether, he had gained 180 points, bringing his total to 500 points. He was now ranked 4th.

“Rank 4?” After looking at the numbers on the Points Medallion, Xiao Yun raised an eyebrow as he lightly smiled.

“Awoo!” At this moment, the pack of wolves howled and madly sprang towards Xiao Yun.

These Iron-Tail Scarlet Wolves did not retreat after seeing the other wolves die. Instead, their gazes became even more ruthless and bloodthirsty. 36 demonic wolves leapt at Xiao Yun together, filling the area with demonic qi. Just the aura that they gave off alone could make one’s heart thump uncontrollably.

Even Xiao Yun’s heart trembled as he looked at these demonic wolves. He hurriedly activated the Spirit-Destroying Divine Art as a bondless wave of spirit energy swept out from his body, covering those demonic wolves. Under the effects of his spirit energy, the wolves suddenly froze. This was especially so for the ones at the front – they dumbly stood on the spot with blank looks in their eyes.

“Kill!” Xiao Yun’s eyes glinted. He pulled his soft sword out with his right hand as he rushed towards the demonic wolves.

A sword light flashed, looking like moving clouds and flowing water, yet also incredibly fast at the same time. Every time the sword struck out, a demonic wolf would be killed.  These demonic wolves had incredibly tough skin and fur, but Xiao Yun’s soft sword was made of black iron, and could cut through normal iron like it was mud. Using it against these wolves was enough.

With his spirit energy, Xiao Yun was able to kill all of these demonic wolves.

Xiao Yun took out his Points Medallion and sent his Essence Qi into it. The Points Medallion flashed with runes and a row of numbers appeared: he had killed 10 middle stage Innate realm demonic beasts, 14 late stage Innate realm demonic beasts and 12 complete stage Innate realm demonic beasts, and had been awarded 1,200 points. In total, he had 1,700 points, placing him at Rank 1!

“Looks like fighting groups of demonic beasts is much better.” Seeing the rankings on the Points Medallion, Xiao Yun gave a slight smile. With his powerful spirit energy, he could easily suppress those Innate realm demonic beasts, and it was more than enough to deal with those normal monster groups. Following this, Xiao Yun continued to search for groups of demonic beasts with his spirit energy.

“What? Someone surpassed me and took the Rank 1 spot?” Within the hunting ground, Qiu Yu Hao’s gaze became serious as he stared at the Points Medallion in his hand; he seemed furious. Hearing this, the Qiu family’s youths came over.

Some of them hurriedly asked, “What happened, big brother Yu Hao?” Qiu Ming Hao was also nearby. After being injured, he had consumed a medicinal pill, and had barely recovered enough to participate in the examination.

“Someone else is Rank 1 now,” Qiu Yu Hao said with a dark look in his eyes.

“How’s that possible?” Everyone felt quite shocked as they said, “We haven’t even been in here for very long. How could someone surpass us? We’ve given all of the demonic beast points to your Points Medallion.”

“Could it be the Yuan family? Or the Yan family?” Qiu Ming Hao and the others wondered.

Someone cried out, “Could it be Xiao Yun?”

“No idea,” Qiu Yu Hao said as he started to think.

One of the youths said, “What’s there to be afraid of? We’ll just kill some more demonic beasts and put all of the points onto your Points Medallion. We have to take that Rank 1 no matter what. If it comes to it, we can kill a few True Essence realm demonic beasts.”

Someone agreed, “That’s right. Killing a True Essence realm demonic beast is worth 1,000 points, and is worth more than countless Innate realm demonic beasts.”

The Qiu family was quite powerful, and there were 47 youths from the Qiu family participating in this examination. This showed just how much influence they had.

Qiu Yu Hao’s eyes glinted as he said, “It’s not a big deal. It’s just some points, and doesn’t mean much. Our job isn’t that simple – we want to make it so that that Xiao Yun can never grow. This Heaven Origin Hunting Grounds will be his graveyard.”

A vicious look appeared in Qiu Ming Hao’s eyes as he agreed, “That’s right, since that brat dared to offend our Qiu family, how could we let him off?”

“He’s only someone from a tiny family, and should be trampled on by us,” the other Qiu family’s youths nodded.

“2,460 points.” Within the Heaven Origin Hunting Grounds, Xiao Yun looked at his Points Medallion as a smile appeared on his face. “With this, I should have the most points. Next will be to take the title of champion.” As long as he could place first and become the champion, everything would be fine.

Killing demonic beasts could gain him points, but taking the position of champion would also give him points. If he could take the title of champion and receive 1 million points, he would definitely place first.

Of course, wanting to step onto the Championship Stage was not so easy; only those in the top 10 on the rankings would be able to do so. Only when those people had stepped onto the Championship Stage could other people also go on it.

Xiao Yun continued to advance, his goal being the Championship Stage. He now had enough points and sufficient ranking to go onto the stage.


As Xiao Yun walked into a valley, he found that there were people fighting with some demonic beasts.

“It’s the Yan family’s people.” Xiao Yun found out after sending his spirit energy out. There were a group of demonic apes, around 17 or 18 of them. The leader was about 4 metres tall, and was in the True Essence realm. It led the many demonic apes and fiercely attacked the Yan family’s people. The demonic apes stretched out their massive hands, able to destroy even black iron weapons.

“What powerful demonic apes,” Xiao Yun thought to himself.

There were about 21 people in the Yan family’s group. Apart from Yan Zhen, there was another True Essence realm, and both of them were desperately fighting against that demonic ape leader, but were still struggling. Even though they were all at the early stage of the True Essence realm, they were still split into minor achievement, major achievement, and peak.

This demonic ape was evidently a peak early stage True Essence realm being, and adding on its powerful fleshly body, it seemed invincible. As it slapped out with its palm, it destroyed Yan Zhen’s magic seal, giving off a fearsome aura.

After gaining an advantage, the demonic ape once again struck out, its gigantic hand tearing through the air as it struck towards Yan Zhen.

The youth beside him stabbed out with his sword, hitting the demonic ape’s palm. However, the sound that resulted was like metal hitting metal. The demonic ape smirked and it paused as it grabbed the sword before snapping it in half.

“This…” Seeing this, the Yan family’s cultivators were completely shocked. That was a precious sword forged out of black iron, and was only inferior to those magical treasures. And yet, it had been broken so easily – this was not something normal True Essence realm cultivators could do!

When the sword was snapped, Yan Zhen took the opportunity to leap back a few metres, getting out of harm’s way. The other youth hurriedly gave up his sword and moved to the side. Facing this berserk demonic ape, they could only dodge.

“This demonic ape is too strong.” Yan Zhen and the other youth stood with their shoulders pressed against each other as they stared at the demonic ape seriously.

“What should we do, big brother Yan Zhen?” The other Yan family’s youths deeply frowned and hurriedly gathered together.

It wasn’t just the True Essence demonic ape that was incredibly powerful; even the Innate realm demonic apes were monstrously strong, and were not existences that normal cultivators could deal with. Many of the Yan family’s youths had been injured, and if this continued, they could be in grave danger.

“Retreat!” Yan Zhen’s eyes glinted as he said, “You guys leave first and we’ll cover you.”

“Yes!” Hearing this, everyone hurriedly started to retreat, but the demonic apes rushed over, not giving them an opportunity to run. Even Xiao Yun and the other youth were tied down by that True Essence realm demonic ape again.


The 2 of them attacked together, barely fighting the demonic ape back.

The other youth said, “Big brother Yan Zhen, we can’t keep going on like this!” He was called Yan Mo, and had stepped into the True Essence realm. He was quite talented, but it was a pity that not only did this demonic ape have superior cultivation, it had monstrous strength, which covered its weakness of not having any Martial Skills. It did not fear the powerful Martial Skills of cultivators at all, and suppressed the 2 youths with its absolute power.

Some of the other youths frowned. If they had known this was going to happen, they would have taken a Pure Essence Pill to enter the True Essence realm. If they had another True Essence realm cultivator, they would not have been reduced to state. However, using a medicinal pill to break through to the next realm would affect their cultivation in future – it was the equivalent to making a plant grow by pulling it up.

Once they used a medicinal pill to break through, they would be left with many side effects, and it would be difficult for them to break through again within a short amount of time or advance to a higher cultivation realm. After joining the Heaven Origin Sect, they would lose all sorts of opportunities, and could be reduced to a mediocrity.

In a sect, no one would wait for them to advance slowly. Moreover, as a genius, who would want to give up their future?

“Arghhh!!” At this moment, a pitiful cry sounded out as one of the Yan family’s youth’s arm was torn open by a demonic ape. There was someone else who had been sent flying, a large indent in his chest.

“Damnit!” Seeing this, Yan Zhen and the others deeply frowned.

A youth cried out, “Please save me, big brother Yan Zhen.” He had been sent flying, and a demonic ape stomped down towards him.

“Yan Hui!” Yan Zhen and the others shouted.

However, the demonic ape’s foot was already descending, and it would be too late by the time any of the others went to help. In that moment, everyone felt as if their eyes were going to burst out of anger, and their eyes became blood-red.

The atmosphere in the entire valley seemed to freeze. As the demonic ape’s foot descended, even the ground shook. One could only imagine what would happen to the youth below if that foot descended. Just thinking about it, everyone felt as if their hearts had been pierced, and felt a deep sense of fear and terror.

However, just as everyone thought that Yan Hui was going to be crushed, the demonic ape suddenly stopped moving.

“Why did it stop?” Everyone stared in surprise. Even the other demonic apes looked over in surprise, a look of pondering in their eyes. Evidently, they were also quite surprised at this demonic ape’s actions.

A figure quickly arrived beside the demonic ape, causing everyone to feel less surprised, but more confused. This was because after that youth appeared, he flipped his palm and took out a jade medallion, as if he was collecting information.

“What’s going on?”

Everyone wondered, “Could it be that that demonic ape is dead, and he’s taking the points?” The youth’s actions were evidently one of recording points.

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