Era of Disaster

Chapter 228

Chapter 228: Choose Clearly

Actively cultivating and transforming the special energy into the extreme cold attribute, Bai Yi’s first thought upon hearing Damian say this was Cultivation Method! It couldn’t be helped; Bai Yi read quite a few novels before and they had a heavy impact on him. Of course, this wasn’t the fully developed and systematic Cultivation Method like in the novels where one could just adopt it and wait to reap the rewards. This was still something that they had to experience and develop for themselves after much research.


“Greivis probably targeted that ice beetle for that reason, right?” Bai Yi said.

“That’s a part of it; everybody knows now that you can speed up the rate of metamorphosis by consuming food that has a similar attribute to yourself. However, he definitely has other methods as well. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be one of the strongest evolved humans in the area.” Damian said.

“Bai Yi, can you just come out yourself? It’s too troublesome to bend my back and try to heat up the ice.” Betsy said mischievously when she saw Bai Yi standing there and asking questions.

“Oh, then you guys should move away first.” Bai Yi said.

The rest of them left the ice surface when they heard his words and Bai Yi immediately clenched his fists tight after that. In the next moment, the air around Bai Yi spun around him crazily, blowing his hair upwards. The blood vessels on his face seemed to bulge with blood, giving him a ferocious and baleful look.

Blood Boil: Shake!

The entire surface of the lake started to tremble. Countless cracks appeared on the frozen layer of ice on Bai Yi and shattered into pieces. After the layer of ice broke, Bai Yi very quickly regained his serenity; his swaying hair fell down again and rested on his shoulders.

The other team by the lake felt extremely stunned. Bai Yi could actually escape from the Deep Freeze so easily! He really is extraordinary, Damian thought in his heart as he looked at Bai Yi on the lake. Just now when they saw Bai Yi being frozen to the lake surface, they thought that Bai Yi wasn’t too much stronger than Damian. Now that they thought of it again, Bai Yi had already stopped when Greivis started freezing the lake. If not for Bai Yi having enough confidence, how would he let Greivis freeze him so easily? Furthermore, the battle just now was just a sparring session and not a life and death battle, nobody knew just how much of their true power they had brought out.

Bai Yi walked over and shook his right foot, “I almost miscalculated. It seems like Greivis’ method of cultivating and transforming special energy is very effective. This cold energy is more powerful than I expected. Even my energy defense was unable to stop this cold qi from invading my body, the surface layer of my muscles and blood are already frozen.”

Everyone looked at Bai Yi’s right leg in shock, realizing that his leg now looked icy-white and the bottom of his pants had already been torn to pieces while he struggled to break free.

“I’m very curious about this method to cultivate and transform your energy now,” Bai Yi said as a warm red color appeared on the upper half of his body and made him look like he had just been in a sauna. White vapor continuously emitted from his body and this warm red color gradually moved downwards, recovering the part of his legs that had been invaded by the cold energy.

Blood boil was one of Bai Yi’s techniques to gain a temporary burst of strength through the high-speed circulation of blood in his body by burning through both the biological and special energy in his body. Of course, Bai Yi’s energy wouldn’t be exhausted so easily now, and he could still use this method to circulate the biological heat in his body to expel the cold energy.

“It’s really very amazing. I’m also very curious,” One of the balls of light flew over from Momo’s side, transforming into Vala and looked at Bai Yi.

“Team Leader Damian, can we use exchange information in detail? I believe that both sides can gain from this.” Bai Yi looked at Damian.

“It’s my pleasure, but we don’t know much actually.” Damian nodded.


The group of them found a small cave by the side of the mountain. They then cut down a big tree to start a fire. The bunch of them took a rest there and started to discuss their findings so far. Betsy along with Uehara from the other team made a huge pot of stew; in such a snowy and cold environment, being able to enjoy a bowl of delicious warm stew was definitely a form of pleasure. En, if they ignored the fact that they were in constant danger just by being in the Devil Isles.

“You guys know about the LV2 Metamorphose Stage right?” Damian didn’t wait for Bai Yi to begin talking and started speaking first. It couldn’t be helped. With the difference in power and status of the two teams, it was better for him to take a softer approach.

“En, of course, we do,” Bai Yi nodded. “In the Metamorphose Stage, due to individual differences and the resonance of the absolute life field, every person’s attributes will slowly change in a unique direction.”

“That is just under normal circumstances. We discovered that the food we consume and the environment we are in can also influence the change in an individual’s attributes.” Damian looked very proud. It wasn’t common for them to be able to understand more things than Bai Yi’s team.

“What do you mean?” Bai Yi asked.

“Due to being in different environments and consuming different types of food, this can influence and induce a certain type of energy transformation in an individual to a certain extent,” Damian explained.

“For example, 30% of the evolved lifeforms in this snow mountain possesses ice-attribute energy. If somebody lived in this place all their lives, then there was a very high chance that that person’s energy attribute would turn into that of an ice type. Of course, if the food that the individual normally consumes is also of the ice attribute, then the chances of ending up with ice attribute energy is even higher,” Damian continued.

“Was that the reason why you guys are searching for ice attribute plants and animals here? And also why Greivis was so excited when he saw that ice beetle?” Bai Yi asked.

“En, that’s right, that’s the reason.” Damian nodded.

Damian looked at Betsy and Melvin and added on. “Actually, to become like the two of them, we could also go to a volcanic region if we wanted to gain fire attribute energy. I know that there’s a bunch of evolved humans living on the Tongariro volcano trying to change their energy attribute to that of fire. As for those who had already succeeded in doing so, they could also hunt and consume the other fire attribute evolved lifeforms there to increase the temperature of their flames. Mount Ruapehu is quite an ideal place as well, but it really is too dangerous now. Most of the lifeforms there seem to be experimental subjects and they are all very strong.”

Mount Ruapehu...Bai Yi squinted his eyes. Wasn’t Tongariro National Park Research Facility near to that place?

“I get it now. We have always been traveling around the Devil Isles and our attributes changed naturally, so we hadn’t discovered such a pattern.” Bai Yi didn’t express his thoughts and said with a smile.

“This is also something that we discovered ourselves. Under normal circumstances, you would only discover such a pattern if you stayed in a special environment for a long time.” Corey in Damian’s team said.

“Oh, thanks a lot then!” Bai Yi nodded.

“Nah, it’s nothing much,” Damian said but being thanked by Bai Yi still made them feel very honored.

“Do you guys know about Greivis’ Cultivation Method?” Bai Yi slapped his head after he finished speaking. “Ah, sorry, Cultivation Method is something I took from the novels. It’s Greivis’ method of training and transforming special energy.”

“This we don’t know. Something as important as that would be a secret among secrets after all.” Damian shook his head.

“Oh right, I have a question to ask Team Leader Bai Yi,” Damian said.

“What question?”

“It’s like this. Some time ago, we met a team that came from the outside world. They told us that the United Nations designated Tasmania to be an autonomous region for the evolved humans. I wonder if this is true?” Damian asked.

“It’s true, you learned about it from that outside team?”

“En, they were still afraid that we wouldn’t believe them and asked us to verify it with your team if we had the chance.” Damian nodded.

“What they said is true, the evolved humans in the southern half of the Devil Isles gathered together and set off for Australia. We battled with the United Nations, negotiated with them, and, in the end, the United Nations agreed to make Tasmania, the southernmost state of Australia, an autonomous region for the evolved humans. In reality, the activated cells had already spread to Tasmania. The spread just wasn’t as fast as the Devil Isles. The lifeforms in Tasmania had only just started to change, so to LV2 evolved humans they are basically in no danger there,” Bai Yi explained everything in detail.

However, what Bai Yi was thinking in his heart now was this: the United Nations sent people to enter the Devil Isles? The identity of these people was unknown, but they should have a decent amount of strength to operate within the Devil Isles, but he didn’t know if these people were looking for Doctor Wang or had some other objectives.

Damian’s team immediately became incredibly overjoyed after verifying this information.

“Actually, there’s one more thing that I have to say,” Bai Yi looked at their faces and couldn’t help but add on.

“What is it? Please speak.”

“Actually, it’s like this. Even though Tasmania is an autonomous region, it’s still isolated from the human world and we are still unable to make contact with normal humans. Also, the living things in Tasmania have just started to evolve, so the resources there aren’t very plentiful. You guys know this as well that to speed up the rate of change in the Metamorphose Stage we would need to consistently consume food that contains beneficial nutrients to our bodies. I can tell from how you guys are actively trying to collect ice attribute plants or animals that if you guys went to Tasmania you would be very safe, but your rate of Metamorphosis would become very slow as well. I have already informed my friends in Tasmania through the United Nations about this,” Bai Yi spoke and paused.

“Whether you choose the safety of Tasmania, giving up the abundant resources on the Devil Isles and slow down your speed of metamorphosis, or choose to continue struggling on the Devil Isles, facing danger but accelerating your rate of metamorphosis, you must think very clearly about it!” Bai Yi said very seriously to the six of them.

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