Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 171: Goddess of Atonement (2)

Shaoniel closed her eyes for a brief moment before she spoke again. 

"With the power of Hwanmong, he entered the Abyss! I recently felt like it was meant to happen. I don’t know why but he had to enter the Abyss.” 

She continued speaking with a smile on her face. 

"But even if it was meant to happen, it is clear that the Celestial World greatly wronged him. Thus, this is the only method to avoid his wrath.” 

Luminael trembled. He knew that Shaoniel wasn’t a crazy person, no matter how much she suffered in hell. 

“Are you saying that Lucan will really exit the Abyss?” 

“According to my predictions, there is no doubt about it. It might take many years but it will definitely happen.” 

It was at that moment. 

"I have already emerged from the Abyss, Shaoniel.” 

It was Kang-jun. He arrived here and had heard the conversation between Shaoniel and Luminael. 

He was surprised to find out that Shaoniel had allowed all his household members, including Hayun, to leave hell. 

The reason he was surprised was the method she chose. 

She took on all the pain they would have suffered. 

As a result, she received more pain than the demonic gods on the 99th floor.

Shaoniel chose to punish herself to apologize to Kang-jun, who she knew would return one day. 

Kang-jun hurriedly pulled her away from the punishment area and said. 

"You are still very knowledgeable. You thought that I would still forgive the Celestial World even after this?” 

Kang-jun spoke in a reproachful tone but his eyes were warm. 

Although he was a Hwanmong Ruler, he still had a sense of humanity. 

Once he saw Shaoniel, his heart became choked with hot emotions that couldn’t be expressed

Naturally, he was impressed. 

But it went beyond being just impressed. 

Due to her, Kang-jun’s household members had avoided the pains of hell. 

He was impressed by that alone, but she had suffered in order to atone to Kang-jun. 

On the other hand, once she saw Kang-jun, Shaoniel looked stunned and couldn’t help crying. 

"I guess I was right. I was sure that you would come back. Please forgive the Celestial World...” 

She didn’t finish speaking. 

After suffering from the extreme pain, that pain had suddenly disappeared so she fainted when she saw Kang-jun, as if all her tension had been released. 

It wasn’t merely physical exhaustion but mental fatigue as well. Due to all her suffering, even the transcendent mind of a goddess had reached its limit. 


Kang-jun clicked his tongue and embraced her. 

“Don’t worry, I won’t get rid of the Celestial World.” 

With those words, Kang-jun moved her inside his wings to rest. 

Just like Aquana and Klater, she would recover by resting inside Kang-jun’s wings. 

Of course, it was also to protect Shaoniel. 

No one would be able to harm Shaoniel if she was waiting in his wings. 

‘No one will touch Shaoniel without my permission.’ 

Although Shaoniel wasn’t his, Kang-jun intended to protect her like she was. 

He didn’t think that anyone had ever touched his heart like Shaoniel had. 

‘Shouldn’t there be a single person in the Celestial World atoning for Lucan who had disappeared into the Abyss?’ 

In particular, the words that she had said. 

Kang-jun bluntly asked Luminael. 

"Tell me what happened after I entered the Abyss.” 

Luminael’s expression was still blank like he couldn’t believe the situation, but he eventually spoke with a sigh. 

"Now that you’ve come out of the Abyss, your power must be beyond my imagination. I understand. I will tell you about what happened.” 

Luminael was worried that Kang-jun would go to the Celestial World so he was as polite as possible. 

"As you’ve already heard, Shaoniel made it so that Lucan’s household members didn’t have to suffer in hell. She pleaded with the chief gods to release them and she would take all their pain instead. The appeal was heard and Shaoniel came down to the 97th floor to suffer the worst pain in all of hell. 

"So my household members have been returned to their original place?” 

"Yes, but unlike before, their abilities are normal. In addition, they have forgotten all about you and don’t know who you are anymore.” 

At that moment, Luminael trembled. It was because Kang-jun’s expression distorted the moment he spoke. 

“All their memories of me were erased? Then their memories will be returned, including their original abilities.  There will also be compensation for the damage they suffered. Isn't that right?” 

“T-that’s right.” 

Luminael started sweating. It wasn’t an impossible task but the chief gods of the Celestial World were the only ones who could do it. 

But would they be willing to? 

Luminael was certain that the chief gods wouldn’t bend even if the Celestial World would collapse. 

So he was very concerned. 

Kang-jun had the ability to escape the Abyss so he could stop the chief gods. 

At that moment, Kang-jun looked at him and said. 

"Don’t worry so much. If we can talk well with each other then I will hold back my hands. Anyway, it seems like I am now done with hell. Guide me to the southern area.” 


Luminael jumped at the suggestion that he should be Kang-jun’s guide in the Celestial World. 


Kang-jun nodded. Luminael hurriedly shook his head. 

“I am an advanced angel of the Celestial World. It is clear that you are going to the Heavenly World for a bad purpose so how can I guide you?” 

Kang-jun sneered. 

"You will guide me even if you don’t want to.” 

He waved his hand and a beautiful man in red armour showed up in front of him. 

The great demonic god Spiros. 

He was the lowest on the great demonic gods hierarchy but he was unbeatable in the dimensional world. 

His abilities became stronger after surviving in the snowy terrain with extreme destructive power for many years. 

"Lord, did you call me?” 

As soon as Spiros appeared, he bowed without even daring to look at Kang-jun. 

"Heok! T-that person?” 

Luminael, who had the intuition of an advanced angel, noticed Spiros’ identity and trembled. 

“Great Demonic God Spiros! H-how are you here? Lucan, did you drag him out?” 

Spiros carefully looked up and glanced at Luminael. 


Luminael felt faint with just one glance. He felt like a rat who had just met a cat or a snake. 

Kang-jun smiled. 

"I pulled out not only Spiros, but everyone else. They are all my servants.” 


Luminael looked desperate after hearing that all the great demonic gods in the Abyss were Kang-jun’s servants. 

Kang-jun laughed coldly. 

"Spiros, question him and find out the location of the southern area. We will start by capturing the southern area of the Celestial World.” 

“Yes, Lord.” 

Spiros walked towards Luminael with a face full of interest. Luminael’s entire body trembled. 

In fact, Kang-jun could find out the location of the celestial areas by intimidating Luminael directly. But he thought it would be more effective to use Spiros. 

They were capable servants so as the master, he didn’t need to take action. 

That was one reason why he only called Spiros. It wouldn’t be good to call out all his servants just to take over the Celestial World.

"Just don’t take it too seriously, Spiros.” 

“Huhu, don’t worry. I’ll just check his back. I didn’t know that I would be able to see an angel’s back as soon as I left the Abyss." 

At those words, Luminael immediately jumped up and cried out towards Kang-jun. 

“I-it can’t be helped. Then I'll guide you to the southern area.” 

Luminael freaked out when he saw Spiros’ strangely flashing eyes. It wasn’t difficult to figure out what he saw. 

‘Sob! Anything else but that. I would rather apologize and face punishment in hell. 

Thus, an advanced angel collapsed due to the words from a great demonic god. 

Spiros bowed towards Kang-jun and declared. 

“The mission is complete, Lord.” 

“Okay. Then let’s move onto the southern area.” 

Kang-jun smiled with satisfaction. The threats of the great demonic gods were on an entirely different level. He reduced an advanced angel to this pitiful state with just a few sentences. 

A portal to the southern area was immediately opened and Kang-jun and Spiros went through it. The frightened Luminael followed behind them. 

"They are?” 

"Who dares come here?” 

The southern area symbolically meant the southern sky, but that didn’t mean there were no defenses. 

It was one of the separated worlds of the Celestial World. 

A huge celestial world with vast areas. These four celestial worlds ruled over the whole dimensional system. 

There were countless angels in the southern area alone. 

The abilities of the angels varied. Among them, the upper-ranked were celestial gods and the lower-ranked were the angels. 

But right now, there appeared to be an invasion of this place. It was unprecedented in the southern area as well as in the entire Celestial World. 

Kang-jun gave an order to Spiros as he looked at the angels coming towards them. 

"Capture all those who resist.” 

“Yes, Lord.” 

Spiros was completely excited. 

He had been dreaming of revenge! 

His desire to occupy the Celestial World would finally be fulfilled. 

He never imagined that his wish would be fulfilled through Kang-jun. 

“Kukakakaka! Bring it on.” 

Previously, Kang-jun had struggled against Spiros and had been killed dozens of times. 

Kwarurung! Flash! Papapat! 

Spiros swung his whip and countless weapons were created everywhere. This was the energy of destruction that existed in the Abyss! 

It was shaped as weapons and flew towards the angels. 

All the angels ravaged by the weapons of destruction vanished without a trace. 

Of course, they weren’t dead. 

They were just moved to the sealed world that Kang-jun created. 

Kwarurung! Kwa kwa kwa kwang! 

Spiros flew along the southern sky. The angels and celestial gods within the radius of his attack all turned into dust and disappeared. 

"These people! Evil demonic gods dared to show up here?” 

It was the chief god of the south, Notos. Behind him were Liviana of the west, Ceres of the east and Dianas of the north. 

The moment that the southern area got attacked, a warning rang through the entire Celestial World. 

In particular, Cadeos informed the chiefs of the fact that the angels guarding the Abyss were turned to stone and that Shaoniel had disappeared. 

They immediately realized that there was a crisis in the Celestial World. Therefore, the chiefs stopped everything and came to support the southern area. 

They were astonished to see that the identity of the demonic god was Spiros who they had thrown in the Abyss a long time ago. 

“Spiros! Why are you here?” 

"I can’t believe that you are out of the Abyss.” 

However, they were even more astonished after they saw Lucan, who was watching the situation with his arms folded. 


“Demonic god Lucan!” 

Kang-jun laughed coldly. 

"Everyone is here so I don’t have to go around looking for you.”