Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 15: Ability to Make Money (3)

“W-welcome Customer-nim.”

The ajumma in her 50s was selling tteokbokki in a tired voice. (ajumma = middle-aged lady/auntie)

‘Business isn’t good.’

It was no surprise.

There were quite a few competitors around. There were three more stalls nearby selling tteokbokki, and even snack restaurants.

Besides, the location was wrong. There was a floating population in the area but accessibility wasn’t good since it was located in an inner alley. In other words, the customers would pass the competition first.

It would be hard to have frequent guests unless the ajumma’s tteokbokki had great word of mouth. But the tteokbokki just looked normal.

One serving of hot pepper paste tteokbokki for 2,500 won.

500 won for one steaming skewer of odeng.

2,500 won for one small serving of soondae.

2,000 won for seven pieces of twigim.

It was a common price menu.

‘I won’t know until I taste it.’

If the taste was normal then there would be no reason to come here. Customers would eventually be pushed elsewhere.

“Customer-nim, what can I do for you?”

He would have a taste. He was also hungry. It was necessary to analyze the menu before using the management skill, so he could determine the true power of the skill.

“One small serving of tteokbokki. And two odeng skewers. Oh and also a plate of twigim.”

“Yes, Customer-nim.”

The ajumma’s hands became busy.

A bright red plate of hot pepper paste tteokbokki. An odeng broth with two skewers in the bowl. Followed by small slices of soondae.

Chwack –

And seven balls of squid, vegetables and seaweed were fried in oil.

“Please enjoy.”


Kang-jun’s mouth watered as he picked up the toothpick.

First, the tteokbokki. The rice cake covered with hot pepper paste was placed in his mouth.

Chew chew. He licked his lips.

The hot pepper paste tteokbokki was quite good. The rice cake was chewy and tasted good. It was a little bit sweet, but that was a complaint that depended on a person’s taste.

‘Above average.’

Kang-jun continued with the twigim and soondae.

‘The oden is average. Soondae inferior. Twigim average.’

Kang-jun ate the tteokbokki, odeng, soondae and twigim and instantly reviewed them.

“The tteokbokki is delicious. But a little sweet.”

“Hoho! Thank you. I hear that a lot. Please come often, Customer-nim.”

“How is your business?”

“As you can see, I don’t have a lot of customers. There are other businesses selling tteokbokki, so this location isn’t good.”

The ajumma knew that this location wasn’t good. Nevertheless, this was the position she got.

Kang-jun naturally wasn’t interested in such matters. The important thing was determining the effect his management skill would have.

‘Then should I use the skill? Draw In Customers!’

Kang-jun inwardly shouted the skill name.


[Draw In Customers (1) has been used.]

[10 black magic energy is consumed.]


Finally. Would consuming 10 black magic energy really attract customers?


[Please specify the target.]


A new message appeared.


It meant the destination for the skill.

‘The target is this ajumma’s tteokbokki.’

Then another message appeared immediately.


[The target has been designated as Kang Young-cha’s tteokbokki.]

[All people within 40 metres of Kang Young-cha’s tteokbokki will be affected by the skill.]

[Some of the people within the radius of the skill will be interested in Kang Young-cha’s tteokbokki.]

[Duration is 20 minutes.]



Amazing. It meant that people in a 40 metres radius would be brought here. It would last for the next 20 minutes.

But then a few more messages appeared.


[The power of the skill will greatly increase if the target if located within your territory.]

[Sometimes a skill’s critical hit will occur, and in some cases, a special ability will be activated.]

[A skill’s critical hit will be affected by the good luck stat.]


If the target was located within his territory?

It was talking about Kang-jun’s own business. In reality it was a contract, but it was his base in Hwanmong.

Currently, there was only one such place. The goshiwon’s Room 406. He had a contract with Room 413 but his only base in Hwanmong was Room 406.

Then expanding it would allow the power of his management skills to greatly increase. But to do business in a cramped room? It was unfortunate but it was irrelevant to him right now.

However, the skill’s critical hit was different. It was associated with the good luck stat so it could occur anywhere.

Kang-jun had six points in the luck stat.

Sure enough.


[The skill’s critical hit has occurred.]

[The radius of the skill has extended to 80 metres.]

[You have received the buff skill Art of Communication for 10 minutes.]

[People will become interested in Kang Young-cha’s tteokbokki when they hear you talk about it.]


‘Oh! Critical hit!’

The radius of the skill increased. In addition, he received a communication buff.

It was at that moment.

“Oppa! We should go eat the tteokbokki over there.”


A couple exploring the neighbourhood started to walk towards Kang Young-cha’s tteokbokki.

That wasn’t all.

“Hey! Should we have something to eat?”


“I want soondae!”

“Shall we go to a snack restaurant?”

“No. How about this place?”


“Hihi! Run! The one who arrives last will have to pay.”

“Hey! There was such a rule?”

“Hahaha! I’m the first!”

“Ajumma, one tteokbokki please!”

Four high school students wearing uniforms rushed up to Kang Young-cha’s tteokbokki stall.

‘Ohu! The skill is really working?’

Kang-jun’s heart pounded.

The skill alone attracted customers?

It seemed like a ridiculous story. But the customers were really coming.

Unfortunately, it was only two groups. There were quite a lot of people walking within 80 metres, but most just walked past. Sometimes people would look over here.

Perhaps the power of the skill was still too weak. Inferior. In other words, it would be different if it was an intermediate or advanced skill.

‘Anyway, it can’t stay like this.’

Right now he needed to experiment with the buff Art of Communication. Kang-jun clapped his hands and cried out.

“Now, have some tteokbokki as a snack. Come eat tteokbokki!”

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