Dimensional Sovereign


New Beginning (3)

Lee Kang-jun 

Lv.2 (Exp 05.00%) 

[War] Beginner 

Health: 110/110 

Black Magic Energy: 0/170 

Strength: 5 

Agility: 6 

Intelligence: 3 

Good Luck: 6 

Charisma: 8 


His level increased, so strength, agility and intelligence increased by 1 point. But good luck and charisma were still the same. 

‘It is as described.’ 

Kang-jun smiled widely. 

Unless a special event raised them, good luck and charisma were virtually fixed stats. It was a relief that he raised them ahead of time. 

His body felt refreshed after the rise in strength, agility and intelligence. His physical condition and mental state were clear. 

Looking at the status window, his maximum health and black magic energy also rose. Maximum health was restored but black magic energy remained intact at 0 points. 

‘What? Why isn’t black magic energy charged?’ 

Levelling up recovered my health so why was black magic energy still the same? 

A new message appeared at Kang-jun’s question. 


[Black magic energy will not be restored through levelling up.] 

[You already know how to restore black magic energy.] 


Of course he knew. 

Black magic energy was filled by absorbing the strength of people in reality. 

‘What? Surely that isn’t the only way?’ 

Then there was no way to fill up black magic energy in Hwanmong. 


[Recovery of black magic energy is possible in Hwanmong, but it is not yet available for you.] 


Fortunately, it wasn’t impossible. It was possible if other conditions were met. He just didn’t know what they were. 

‘Anyway, it can’t be helped right now.’ 

Kang-jun examined the corpse of the boss monkey lying on the ground. Boss monsters tended to always drop something. 

‘Shouldn’t there be at least one health potion?’ 

Not surprisingly, something shiny was near the right side of the boss! 

‘Oh! Indeed!’ 

An item. A rolled up scroll. 

‘What is this?’ 

He would know if he opened it. Kang-jun untied the strings of the scroll and rolled it open. 


At that moment, a bright light came from the scroll. 


[The ratians are small but fast and cunning. A giant rtian has outrageous strength…] 


There were unknown messages. 


[Minor knowledge about the ratians has been acquired.] 


‘Ratian? Minor knowledge?’ 

Kang-jun had a puzzled expression. 

What was this? 


[The minor knowledge about the ratians will be beneficial when facing them in the future.] 


‘Oh! It was like this?’ 

Kang-jun’s complexion brightened. 

The rat head monkeys were called ‘ratians.’ In other words, Kang-jun had gained knowledge about the ratians. 


[Combat strength against the ratians has risen by 10%.] 

[The likelihood of acquiring items from the ratians has risen by 5%.] 


It was amazing. 

Was it only limited to the ratians? 


[In order to obtain more advanced knowledge, participate in many battles against the ratians.] 



It was minor knowledge so shouldn’t there be knowledge of a higher grade? He would naturally learn as he fought the ratians. 

‘Are there any more ratians in there?’ 

Kang-jun grabbed the club and waited in front of Room 413. 

‘I will wait for them to emerge and then swing at their faces.’ 

Doing so would make it easier to deal with the ratians. He would smash their heads as they came through the door and make them fall down. 

But he waited for a long time and the door didn’t open. 

‘What? Did they notice that I was waiting?’ 

Kang-jun briefly hesitated before carefully trying to open the door to Room 413. However, the door didn’t budge. 

A message surfaced at the same time. 


[Entry is not permitted.] 

[Make Room 413 your territory if you want to enter.] 


Unlike Room 406, Kang-jun didn’t pay a contract for Room 413. 

In other words, Kang-jun needed to wake up and sign a contract with Room 413 if he wanted to enter. He would then only be able to enter Room 413 once he returned to Hwanmong. 

‘Crazy! Am I made of money?’ 

Kang-jun had saved in order to live in a 250,000 room at an affordable goshiwon. But now he needed to sign a contract with Room 406 and Room 413? 

That was at least 500,000 won a month! If he had that money then he would be renting a good studio room. 

Of course, he was analyzing it using common sense. 

Reality and the world of Hwanmong were connected, but this was preposterous. But something favourable might happen if he made Room 413 his territory. 

‘It can’t be helped right now. I’ll just wait in front of it.’ 

Some time passed. 


The door to Room 413 finally opened and something came out. 

An oversized rat head monkey! A giant ratian! 


This was what he had been waiting for. 

Bam bam! 

Kang-jun swung his club at the giant ratian’s head without mercy. 


The giant ratian staggered around with a moan. Kang-jun didn’t miss this chance and kicked both feet against the chest of the giant ratian. 


The giant ratian fell backwards. 

Kang-jun struck wildly with the club. 

Bam bam! Bam bam bam – 


The giant ratian gave a scream and slumped down. 


[Experience has been gained.] 

[12 nodes have been gained.] 


The increased strength and agility from his level up! The synergy with the minor knowledge about the ratian! 

Unlike earlier, Kang-jun found it relatively easier to deal with the giant ratian. 

But Kang-jun stopped rejoicing and glared at Room 413. He knew there were ratians inside that hadn’t come out yet. 

Sure enough. 


The door popped open and another giant ratian came out. 

Bam! Bam bam! 

Kang-jun knocked it down in exactly the same way and crushed its head. 


[Experience has been gained.] 

[14 nodes have been gained.] 


Then something shiny fell next to the giant ratian. 

‘Oh! That is?’ 

He was looking at a thick book. 

‘It is written in Hangul.’ (Korean alphabet)’ 

The title of the book was written in Hangul so he could easily read it. 


Draw In Customers (Inferior) 


‘Draw in customers?’ 

There was something like this? He was sure he read it incorrectly and looked again. However, nothing had changed. 

‘This is a real book?’ 

He never thought the giant ratian would drop a book. Did he need to read and study this book? 

Kang-jun unconsciously opened the book.



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