Cult of the Sacred Runes

Chapter 39


Chapter 39 – Concession

The duel between the Ye and Du family’s youngsters occupied Ye Wei’s mind. Ye Wei could not think about anything else as he was running back home. He was anxious and restless about the situation back at the arena. He was running home at full speed, and despite recently breaking through and becoming a three star Student his body was still not strong enough to cover the trip’s distance at full speed.

All eyes suddenly gathered on Ye Wei.

The two supporters for the Du camp were agitated by his arrival, it was plausible that he went to see Master Yi judging by his means of transportation on his way out. Depending on the result of this hypothetical meeting they might have to alter their course of action.

“Little Wei, did you meet with Master Yi?” Ye Wei could not have come at a better time, and Zheng Qing did not give Ye Wei anytime to catch his breath. He asked anxiously, his gaze was serious.

Everyone was thirsty for Ye Wei’s answer.

“We did meet…” Overwhelmed by the crowd’s enthusiasm and embarrassed by the outcome, Ye Wei lowered his head and answered quietly.

With a rush of blood to his head he was starting to flush. It was not easy to tell others the shameful news.

The Du camp was pressured by his arrival while Ye Wei’s whole family was momentarily encouraged by the potential good news. But Ye Wei knew how things would go…

Just thinking about the consonance test results made him bitter. He bit his lips due to his nerves. The burden in his heart made him clench his fist extremely tight and his nails were going to leave red marks on his palm. The pain in his heart was so agonising he didn’t feel pain on his lips or his hands.

What did his phenomenal soul sensibility mean? Where would his rune knowledge get him? Ye Wei knew that even though his performance on the tests showed that he was better than most Runemasters, his horrendous rune consonance made the meeting with Master Yi meaningless. How could one become a Runemaster if he can’t even perform a stance?

“What did Master Yi say?” Ye Zheng Qing questioned with great enthusiasm.

‘Ye Wei was born to become a Runemaster. It took him only three days to refine three stances for Ye Zhong, a task even real Runemasters would find challenging.’

‘With this level of talent getting accepted by Master Yi was almost a given, even becoming the Master’s legacy apprentice was not out of Ye Wei’s reach! If that were the case with Master Yi’s guidance it wouldn’t take long for Ye Wei to become a Runemaster.’ The patriarch thought to himself.

Ye Zheng Qing dedicated his whole life nurturing the Ye family, from babysitting to dealing with their business. Now at his old age and despite his time and effort he still had not been rewarded for what he gave the family; the family was still weakening and falling apart bit by bit. He was a three star condensed prime Warrior, but he was also an infirm old man with unfulfilled dreams.

At this point, there was nothing more uplifting than seeing his children and grandchildren achieving greatness!

“I’m sorry…” Ye Wei looked completely deflated. His family’s eyes were stabbing his heart like sharp knives.

Ye Zheng Qing flinched. He didn’t need further explanation nor did Ye Wei did elaborate. All his bubbles burst and bitterness was the only thing left, ‘How naive was I? It’s Master Yi we’re talking about in the end. The strict and eccentric Runemaster..’

“Little Wei, I am sure you did your best. We have no other choice. We’ll have to give up the land by North Hill Bay and start again somewhere far from Green Moon City.’ Ye Zheng Qing thought about fighting to his last breath, but in the end it was just out of his character which put his family’s future and well-being before everything else.

Meanwhile the Du camp was speculating.

“General Zhou, president Dong, looks like they were bluffing in the end. If Master Yi was on their side he would have arrived in a runicle for this emergency!” Du Yuan Ming said in a mocking tone, nothing worried him now and he felt on top of the world.

“You are right!” Dong Ho laughed and said, “Without a Runemaster the Ye family is nothing to be afraid of! Ha!”

“I’m afraid they won’t see the sunrise tomorrow!” General Zhou roared as killing intent was emanating out of his body.

Ye Zheng Qing slowly looked up towards the arena at Ye Zhong who was injured and barely standing. If he kept fighting he would die. After an easy risk assessment, the Ye Patriarch announced: “Du Yuan Ming. We concede, our ancestral land is yours!” He swallowed his pride while trembling in frustration and grief.

The audience had mixed feelings. They came anticipating a one sided duel and wanted to see the Du family showcase their power, but having witnessed the Ye family’s resilience against these cheats they started to empathize and root for the underdogs. They actually felt uneasy now that it was all over and started to worry about themselves.

‘We might be the next victim of the Du family’s schemes!’

“You think this is over? Ye Zheng Qing, just who do you think we are?” Du Yuan Ming said and casted an evil gaze at the Ye Patriarch. He would not let the Ye family off that easily, especially now that the relationship between them the worst ever.

“Du Yuan Ming what more do you want!?” Ye Zheng Qing’s heart dropped. The two people that mattered most to him were Ye Wei and Ye Zhong. These two cousins were the key to the Ye family reestablishing themselves after today’s slaughter.

“Ye Zhong injured Han Yue, he is not leaving the arena with his arms and legs!” Du Han Yue’s voice was malicious. He scanned the Ye camp and found Ye Wei. Pointing his finger at the depressed young cousin, Du Yuan Ming continued. “I want him crippled as well!”

He wanted to eliminate all threats, and kill the ones with potential while they were still young; put all the eggs in a basket and destroy them together. These were the guidelines the Du family stood by, and also the reason why they became one of the Big Three in less than a hundred years after they started their business in Green Moon City.

Du Yuan Ming’s eyes and attitude reminded Ye Wei of a nasty, venomous snake. He was scared and angry at himself. ‘Why couldn’t I be stronger…’

Ye Wei’s Sentient was boiling, and a golden flash appeared. He longed for power, the ability to make a difference.

He was tired of feeling helpless!

“Du Yuan Ming, You ought to stop now!” Ye Zheng Qing could no longer keep his cool as he screamed his lungs out. If Ye Zhong and Ye Wei were going to be neutralised here then there would be no outs for the Ye family, not now not ever.

“Me? Stop? I am a fair man and I stand by my decisions!” Du Yuan Ming then laughed hysterically, and attacked the Ye camp with his sonic waves. His condensed prime cultivation was translated into pressure waves. The force was almost as strong as a landslide!

“I am only going to say this once more. Though we are not as great as we once were the Ye family still carries great tradition and history! I have lived long enough!” Ze Zheng Qing finally made up his mind to be reckless. “We will end this right now!”

“You are so naive! Ending this? What with?” Du Yuan Ming chuckled indifferently. Master Yi wasn’t here with the Ye family while he had aid of general Zhou and president Dong who were both stronger than Ye Zheng Qing in terms of cultivation. “I was never scared of you and your pathetic family. I was just waiting for this little one to return so I can save a trip!”

Although the the odds were against them, the Ye family prepared themselves as they reached their last straw. Everyone started channeling their Qi which then merged into a pressure wave, shooting towards Du Yuan Ming’s attack.


The two pressure waves collided and exploded. The pressure wave kept coming from both camps, and the continuous impact eventually turned the greenstone floor into dust.

“Since you guys are fighting instead of obeying the winner’s request we are going to join in!” Dong Ho’s squinted eyes opened, and he stared coldly at the Ye camp.

General Zhou and Dong He joined the fight as Dong He finished his excuse of a speech. The force wave from Du camp enlarged and started crushing the Ye camp