Cult of the Sacred Runes

Chapter 176

Chapter 176 - Escape

After neutralizing the two vanguards, Ye Wei did not stop his attack. His hands danced in the air, creating thirty-six Qi swords. He flung them to the five condensed prime Warriors trying to surround him.

It seemed reckless to Lu Feng that Ye Wei was killing in cold blood, but he soon realized his partner’s intention, ‘the less people he had to control, the better.’

‘High-level Myst stance, Rippling Armor!’

‘High-level Myst stance, Gold Body Plate!’

‘High-level Myst stance, Lilac Wisteria!’

The remaining five ten-star condensed prime Warriors did not want to leave anything to chance. They quickly lit up the night sky with a sea of bright runes. The sequences turned into defensive stances, and when the shields were activated the cultivators drew more runes that became attacking stances.


Ye Wei answered the Lu’s wave of stances with his own. His fingers were whizzing and his Qi swords spread wide, crashing into the five ten-star condensed prime Warrior’s strikes.

“Who sent this masked man? He is ridiculous!”

“He killed the ten-star condensed prime Warriors while gravely injuring another in a brief exchange. There are no more than three cultivators in Green Moon City who are capable of doing that to my knowledge!” The martial families’ cultivators stepped back, leaving the Lu’s on their own.

Although they were promised Myst scrolls and a mystic arm, they knew their limits. Ye Wei didn’t want to hurt the cultivators from his home town, but he didn’t have to do more than what he already was doing. They were all stunned by Ye Wei’s display and very reluctant to help the Lu’s.

Ye Zhong was in the crowd as the Ye family’s representative. He was just watching on the side, unwilling to risk his life for those Lu tyrants. “The assassin's figure… is a young one, very similar to the age of little Wei, but he is stronger, much stronger!” He pondered to himself. He couldn’t help but compare the disguised person with his precious cousin.

Ye Zhong knew Ye Wei was strong. To him, his kid cousin was strong enough to fight even a ten-star condensed prime Warrior, but he was not strong enough to battle like this assassin.

Lu Feng was shocked. He watched everything from a mile away on a top of a tree. ‘When Ye Wei fought Lu Zhong, he struggled. This moment, he was dealing with ten-star condensed prime Warriors at his own pace!’

After a few moments passed, Lu Li absorbed the pill’s energy and was nourished by its healing effects. Now in better condition, he glared at Ye Wei with anger.

‘One of them dead, and one of them gravely injured. There are only six ten-star condensed prime Warriors left who can fight including myself. How could he have done so much without getting hurt himself!? I will not be embarrassed like this!’

“Useless idiots! Stop standing there and watch! Kill him!”

“Someone has to die for what he has done here today! I will send him to the torture dungeons, but if he escapes all of you will be sent there instead!” Lu Li’s face turned ashen. His veins bulged up, and he growled at the ten-star condensed prime Warriors who were suppose to protect him.

The ten-star condensed prime level cultivators shivered, and their eyes twitched when they heard about the torture dungeons. That’s when they knew their master was undoubtedly furious.

They would rather die fighting than to spend a second in the torture dungeons as a victim.

All five of them gained a second wind; they decided to use their best stances, scrolls and mystic arms to get the job done.

Within seconds after Lu Li’s threat, a wall of stances swiftly and mercilessly came crashing towards Ye Wei.

All the Green Moon City’s cultivators who were spectating became pale and weak on their knees while they felt the trembling earth and blinded by bursts the runic light in the sky.

Under the pressure of this many stances, any condensed prime Warrior, would be reduced to dust, even peak ten-star Warriors would be paralyzed by the immense pressure.

‘Starblink Steps!’ Intimidated by the different stances rushing towards him, Ye Wei’s face darkened and his figure became nimble and unpredictable.

His stance used the force of the his opponents’ fierce attacks to create openings at the weaker spots. This allowed him to escape the seemingly undodgeable wall of stances by paths and movements none of the spectators expected to see.

‘Selenic Armor!’

‘Selenic Levitation!’

Ye Wei’s gaze intensified. He was determined not to let his guard down while facing more than ten Myst stance on his own. Some of the ten-star condensed prime Warriors were even using high-level Myst stances.

Although Starblink Steps were powerful, because it was a Spirit stance, it meant that Ye Wei could not just count on it to negate the other powerful Myst stances.

“Humph!” Ye Wei’s face  tensed, but his eyes were calm and cold. He exhaled slowly. His Selenic Levitation stance altered the gravity within a ten-meter radius around him, thus, slowing the wall of stances collapsing onto him.

‘Peerless Swords!’ While the incoming stances were held in the air and slowed down, Ye Wei flung thirty-six Qi swords towards his enemies.

“What!?” None of the Lu’s expected the assassin would be able to fight back in such a dire situation. They saw the Qi swords coming, but they could not predict the swords’ path.

Only two out of five managed to dodge the Qi blades with luck’s aid. The rest of the guards’ bodies were penetrated by Ye Wei’s attack. They died instantaneously and flew backwards.

Ye Wei did not reserve his Qi. He used all of his tricks in hopes that he could take control of the situation.

“I didn’t think I would have ever been humiliated like this!” Lu Li’s eyes became completely red, with his pulsating hand he took a scroll out of his bag.


‘You brought this upon yourself. Let’s see if you can slither out of this forbidden Myst stance!’ Lu Li looked at the scroll in his hand, his eyes twitching. He felt slightly uneasy having to use something costy. ‘This was my last forbidden high-level Myst scroll! I can’t believe I am forced to use what my grandpa left to me. All those years I have never used and now to use it on a situation like this!’

‘Ivy Prison!’ Lu Li ground his teeth. Numerous sequences of dark, glowing runes bursted out of the scroll, tearing the scroll and making it dim.

The runes formed eighteen vines of runic ivies. They were thick like a giant python; they grew and flew towards Ye Wei.

The vines caught up with Ye Wei’s speed; they chased him down, intertwined and linked together, forming a circular prison around him despite his best efforts to escape.

Just moments later, Ye Wei was caged.

“Kill him!”

Lu Li’s bloodthirsty smile grew wider as he saw the assassin being trapped.

“Bang! Bang!”

Lu Li spread his fingers and created a tiny opening on the ivy prison. The Lu’s condensed prime Warriors followed their leader’s lead and fired their best stances at Ye Wei.

Alongside the runic ivy, flames, Qi swords, spectral beasts formed in the sky. Tens of stances crushed against Ye Wei simultaneously.

“You’ve killed a lot of our men, and you made me waste two of my forbidden high-level Myst  scrolls; however, I really want to get some information from you. Yet, I also want you do die!” Lu Li shouted.

The runic ivy cage was no wider than three meters, and it was the target of over thirty Lu’s Warriors.

Even if Ye Wei grew wings on his back, there was no way he could escape the impending doom.

“It’s a shame  the assassin can’t do more. I guess, thought, that is that is good. I don’t want trouble. It will probably draw more Lu’s to the city ultimately.”

“What do you mean? Don’t you want to fight? Don’t you want our city back?” The cultivators from Green Moon City’s martial families began to speculate

Inside the prison, Ye Wei created a spectral selenic beast while still under the effect of starblink steps. eH tried both to break and escape the constriction but did not have any luck. He frowned. He focused on trying to break the prison while his selenic armor was still holding together.

‘This is too tough; I just can’t do it.’ Ye Wei could have probably broken the prison if he had more time, but he was under pressure from a number of stances that could soon take his life.

“Ye Wei! The Lu’s returned prime Warrior is coming. Get out of there!” The runic badge vibrated. Lu Feng’s panicking voice sounded in Ye Wei’s head.

‘Why is Lu Qianyin here!?’ Lu Feng recognized the approaching Lu elder, not by the blurred face, but by the speed enhancing stance he was using.

‘Returned prime!?’ Ye Wei gasped, horrified at the state of affairs. He did not plan to be trapped, and he certainly did not plan to fight a returned prime Warrior in such condition.

‘I need to get out of here!’

Ye Wei flicked his sleeve, and a dark scroll appeared in his palm.

At the price of three hundred thousand, the Instant Shadow Scrolls were not used by many. Upon activation, Ye Wei became a mist and escaped the prison through a vapor form.

“I will be back to kill the rest of you!” Ye Wei taunted as he briefly reappearing. He shot out thirty-six more Qi swords at some of the Lu’s weaker men. The cultivator did not have the power to defend themselves against Ye Wei’s swift strikes.

Ye Wei turned into a thin mist again. He reappeared a few hundred yards from the tents inside the woods. As the scroll’s effect fell off, he used the Starblink Steps again. He melted into North Hill Bay’s dense vegetation.