Cult of the Sacred Runes

Chapter 175

Chapter 175 - Brutal

Although Lu Li was not the most alert cultivator, he was a powerful fighter. His ten-star condensed prime level body strength saved him. His tough skin and muscles allowed him enough time to defend himself. Identifying the source of the pain, he bent his body backwards to avoid decapitation.

"Who is it that dares to assault me!?" He grabbed his bag next to him and took out a scroll.


He tore the scroll without hesitation. A golden Qi armor appeared on top of his whole body. The scroll lost its green glow as the stance was activated. 'High-level Myst stance, Golden Light Chainmail!'

"Clang! Clang! Clang!

Ye Wei did not wait nor did he stop. As Lu Li was injecting his Qi into the armor to strengthen it, Ye Wei kept striking. The Qi Swords mercilessly rained onto Lu Li’s armor, denting and chipping it.


The dents became fissures and the Golden Light Chainmail stance disintegrated. Ye Wei's strikes then landed on Lu Li's left shoulder. He was bleeding out like a fountain while the residue energy from the swords and the armor hit the half naked woman striking her unconscious.

Ye Wei frowned. He quickly approached his mark. 'He reacted so quickly. Have I underestimated him!?'

"Who are you!? And how dare you make me bleed? I am a Lu elder's grandson!" Lu Li panicked. He screamed as he took another scroll out from his bag.

He never thought he would be ambushed with so many guards protecting his camp. If the Qi swords were just a split second quicker, they would have pierced through his neck.

Lu Li held tight onto the two scrolls. He took a step back and channeled his Qi to strengthen his body, “Who are you!?” He stared at his assassin who was dressed in a black disguise. All the while, Lu Li looked for a way to escape. He knew a sound barrier had been made around the tent. Thus, he shouts for help would not be heard; therefore, he desperately strove to escape.

“So you are the direct successor of the Lu’s bloodline?!” said Ye Wei coldly, looking calmly at the topless young man.

“What do you want? If you keep me alive, I will reward you! I will even tell you a secret, do you know what a Drakehead is?” Lu Li trode backwards as Ye Wei approached. His hands were shaking, but his grip was tight. He was ready to tear the scroll if Ye Wei got any closer.

“What about a Drakehead?” Ye Wei was startled but immediately realized he just heard a bluff, ‘if he knows where the Drakehead is, then the Lu’s wouldn’t be here!’

A second was all Lu Li needed. He smiled mischievously as he tore the scroll in his hand.

“Hmpft!” Ye Wei grunted and sent forth his Qi swords. His reflexes were superior to Lu Li’s. His Qi sword nicked Lu Li’s fingers and penetrated his palm.

“You sneaky man!” Ye Wei grunted and created five more Qi swords on each of fingers. With a palm strike, he directed the sharp spectral blades towards Lu Li’s chest.

Lu Li flinched and dropped the mystic scrolls on the floor. Nevertheless, he managed to inject Qi into a dark green ring he was wearing. Numerous layers of green energy shield appeared between him and Ye Wei.


Ye Wei’s powerful strike toppled the tent but failed to penetrate the defensive forbidden Myst stance.

‘Cyan Lightshield! Lu Li has mystic arms!’ Ye Wei felt sloppy that he didn’t notice the green glow on his mark’s finger.

“Naive, do you really think that can save you?” The green shield began to crack under Ye Wei’s continuous strikes.

Lu Li chuckled. He broke the tent and the runic sound barrier while Ye Wei was busy dealing with the green shield.

“Kid, nobody can save you now! You will learn what a mistake it is to mess with a Lu!”

The campsite suddenly became chaotic.

“What is happening here!?”

“Intruder! We have an intruder!” The cultivators woke up to the sound of explosion.

‘Damn it. This is exactly what I didn’t want to happen.’  Ye Wei grumbled, finally shattering the green shield with the Peerless Sword Qi.

Lu Li roared. His muscles bulged up, and his skin gained a metallic glow. “Good luck escaping!” His beastial eyes were set right on Ye Wei’s dark figure. With a heavy step, he lunged forward.

‘Body stance!?’ Ye Wei narrowed his eyes, and his lips curled into a cruel smile. “Well I didn’t come here to mess with the Lu’s, I came here to kill them.”


Five Qi swords cut through air and landed on Lu Li’s bare chest with a whirling Qi trail.

Lu Li’s bloodthirsty smile froze at the sound of impact. He quickly slid backwards as if he was hit by a sledgehammer. Two long trails appeared on the ground under his feet, but not a single mark was left on his body.

“Cough!” Lu Li placed his hand on his chest; his body twitched in agony.

“Master Lu, are you okay?” A group of condensed prime Warriors landed around Lu Li. Seven of them were at ten-star level. After checking their leader, they all put their eyes on Ye Wei.

“I am fine, but this kid has a trick or two up his sleeves. Be careful and don’t let him get away! I want him captured and tortured!” Lu Li said ferociously as he deactivated his body strengthening stance. His wounds began to bleed quickly as he relaxed his body. Therefore, he took an injury controlling pill.

The seven ten-star condensed prime cultivators surrounded Ye Wei in no time. While the Warriors from Green Moon City’s martial families stood further behind. The locals were just there as a formality; none of them really wanted to risk themselves for the Lu’s.

“Whoever captures this kid will be rewarded with ten Myst scrolls and a three star mystic arm!” Lu Li scream loud enough for the whole camp to hear.

‘The Warriors standing at the back can be ignored. Not only are they weak, I can sense that they don’t even plan to fight!’ Ye Wei’s eyes scanned across, ‘these seven though, are willing to fight me!’ he quickly made a long sequence of hand seals based off his decisive assessment. Numerous rune sequences bursted out and turned into eight Qi swords, flying straight to the enemy’s frontline.

“Careful!” Lu Li’s pupils dilated, haunted by his recent experience of Ye Wei’s technique. However it was too late. Although every one of the seven heard him, they had no idea how careful they should be.

“You should have listened to your leader.” Ye Wei said callously.

The condensed prime Warriors’ attacks surrounded Ye Wei from all directions. All of them used the same formula to strengthen their bodies; thus, the cultivators became small storms of energy.

“Swoosh! Swoosh!” Ye Wei identified the threat. He guided his Qi swords to the two cultivators at the front.

Both of them heard a popping sound and felt a hold in the layers of Qi spinning around their bodies.

“How can it be so sharp?” The two ten-star condensed prime Warriors’ faces turned pale, regretting their decisions to be in front.

Even though Ye Wei’s Peerless Swords was still not a mature stance, the fact that the technique was the foundation of a rare sky stance meant the Qi swords were as strange to the Lu’s men as they were powerful.

The Qi swords raged towards their target in less time it took an advanced cultivator to react. The two vanguards standing in the front could only watch and wait for their to end to come.

“Swoosh!” Ye Wei’s finger swiftly swiped to the left.

The Qi sword flew towards one of the two. It penetrated his chest and immediately burrowed through his heart, sending him backwards.

‘Root Prison.’ Ye We clenched his fist and rooted the other guard on the spot

This Lu was a little quicker to react, but not entirely. Lifting his arm up in hopes that it would save him, it was only to be cleanly sliced off.

The other five ten-star condensed prime Warriors cursed and shivered; each one of them was startled by the casualties.

“Damn it! I warned them! Useless rubbish!” Lu Li frustratedly shouted. He realized he would have to fight Ye Wei on his own. He took another pill to enhance his body and Qi and braced himself for this fatal fight.