Cult of the Sacred Runes

Chapter 103


Chapter 103 – Four Chambers

The runic array in the tower was activated, and a bright blue light dispersed the black mist and then engulfed Ye Wei causing him to be directly teleported out of the tower.

When a cultivator attempts a breakthrough they are entirely focused on their body, therefore, their mind become weak. When a condensed prime Warrior attempts to breakthrough, it takes one’s complete focus to control the Qi flow in the specific circulation pattern that is required. This is the perfect time for demons that feast on fear and resentment to attack and as such inner demons came to thrive on cultivators’ negative emotions.

It is a condensed prime Warriors’ duty to fight demons, beasts, and other threats to mankind. Having to face fear day in and day out forges their minds, and even then these fearless cultivators would struggle when facing high-level inner demons. It was already a miracle that Ye Wei could defend himself against mid-level inner demons, but Ye Wei trying to deal with what was on the third floor, now that was simply not going to happen.

‘That was terrifying…’ The moment Ye Wei exited the tower, he regained consciousness but was still shivering from the fear he felt.

“Little Wei!” Lin Zi Yan immediately leaped to his side once he appeared. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Don’t worry about me, Zi Yan.” Ye Wei smiled and shook his head as a warm feeling filled his heart.

For Ye Wei, overcoming pain and desire proved to be an easier task than conquering physical fear. He would have easily lost his life if he encountered it anywhere other than the Karma Tower.

“This kid…” Seeing that Ye Wei was fine from a distance, Jin Yan’s eyes shone jealousy. His feelings were complicated as his felt both respect and fear for Ye Wei.

Ye Wei was moments from being declared the victor, and Jin Yan was overwhelmed by envy and reluctance, but there was absolutely nothing he could do. ‘Even if I use everything I have and fight him, I will not be able to accomplish anything, just look at Mo Ya…’

“Master would be glad to have a successor like you!” Pu Yuan said while looking at Ye Wei. Pu Yuan looked content and even his wrinkles looked like they were smiling he was so happy. ‘He lived a glorified and happy life, but I know his only regret was not having a successor he deemed worthy; he was just too nice to tell us that.’

‘But none of that matters now!’ Pu Yuan looked solemnly at the three. “The second test is over. I guess I don’t need to tell you the results?”

“Yeah!” Lin Zi Yan nodded joyfully. She expected Ye Wei to finish first in the deciphering test; however, she was very worried when she learned that they would face their inner demons for the second assessment.

“Yes…” Jin Yan had an ungrateful look on his face while he glared at Ye Wei. He grunted and nodded. ‘I deserved to win! But he just deserved it more, I guess…’

“Despite not being first, you two have come far. Master did say that I should honor whoever could pass the first test with a handsome reward!” Pu Yuan smiled and said, “You can choose from a high-level Myst stance, six-star medium-grade mystic arm, or ten Frozen Heaven pills.”

Pu Yuan waved his arm as three globes of blue light appeared in the air.

“Reward? But I didn’t pass the test…” Jin Yan mumbled. The bitterness in his eyes cleared up as he stared at the rewards floating in front of him.

All three treasures Pu Yuan casually took out were peerless, but to the Glacial Emperor, it was more important to strengthen the younger generations. They weren’t much considering the countless amount of treasure the Glacial Emperor had. Being the strongest cultivator of his era naturally meant he had rare and priceless treasures.

‘Humm… Lin Zi Yan lasted longer in the tower, and she has more potential than Jin Yan…’ Pu Yuan looked to the side at Lin Zi Yan. “You there, little girl. You get to pick first.”

Jin Yan tightly clenched his fists. He looked at Lin Zi Yan nervously as he was afraid that she would take the Myst stance from him. If he were able to add a high-level Myst stance to the Jin family’s collection then the elders would view high favorably.

‘A stance, a mystic arm, and pills…’ Lin Zi Yan’s eyes lingered on the rewards as she frowned and hesitated.

In the whole of Green Moon City, only the City Lord, Master Yi, and South Star Academy had access to high-level Myst stances. Their rarity and value were undeniable, but that was not the case for Lin Zi Yan given her background. The high-level Myst stances and mystic arm were an attractive choice, but also because Lin Zi Yan’s Sentient was strong, she would be able to translate just one Frozen Heaven pill into two or even three minor breakthroughs. Knowing that all her choices were good it took her time to decide.

‘What would benefit me the most?’ She asked herself. “May I have the pills, please?” She made the decision after a brief moment of pondering.

Pu Yuan nodded and pointed to at one of the blue globes causing the ball of light to fly towards her.

“Thank you mister Pu!” Lin Zi Yan grabbed the bottle and happily put it in her bag.

“I would like the Myst stance formula please!” Jin Yan was happy that Lin Zi Yan made that decision, and after a brief consideration he unwillingly took his eyes off the mystic arm and turned his focus to the jade inscription.

‘This weapon is very powerful, but it will not directly contribute to my cultivation and my strength as a Warrior… With the experience I gained I will shortly become a condensed prime Warrior then I can learn the stance myself before offering it to the Patriarch…’

“Sure.” Pu Yuan nodded, and he sent the jade inscription Jin Yan’s way then took back the weapon.

“This next part does not concern the two of you so… ” He said while looking at Lin Zi Yan and Jin Yan. He slowly pointed at them, as two beams of light came out of his fingertip. The two were then each enveloped in a green ball of runes.

“I will wait for you outside!” Lin Zi Yan smiled and winked at Ye Wei.

“Okay.” Ye Wei nodded heavily.

Jin Yan stared at Ye Wei with a jealous gaze behind the blue light.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The runic balls of light brightened and then Jin Yan and Lin Zi Yan’s silhouettes slowly faded.

“I will bring you to the main hall.”

Light flashed around Ye Wei as he was teleported back to the temple.

“This is the main hall?” Ye Wei was shocked to see the hall was even larger than where the first test was held, and that this ceiling was too high to comprehend. In the middle of the hall there was a large cyan seat that was essentially a huge cloud of runes. He looked around and noticed there was a corridor on each side of the hall that had a kilometer tall ceilings.

‘These are not just any runes!’ Ye Wei thought while looking at the runes flowing on the cyan seat. He could not recognize any of them.

“Try sitting on it!” Pu Yuan said.

“Yea!” Ye Wei nodded. He was happy to get approval as he had been curious about the seat ever since he set his eyes on it.

He stepped forward and got on the seat without a second thought. ‘This is so comfortable.’ Ye Wei could feel that his mind was clearer and working quicker than usual.

“This cyan seat enhances one’s mind. It makes deciphering runes and stances a much easier task. Master created three out of his four best stances right here.” Pu Yuan smiled and said.

“Do you see the corridors?” Pu Yuan pointed and said slowly, “Each of them leads to a chamber. The one to your left is the runic chamber!”

“Runic chamber?” Ye Wei’s eyes followed Pu Yuan’s finger to the hallway; he could see that it was filled with white mist, and he could also saw an ancient stone door at the end.

“There are thirteen thousand six hundred mystic runes sealed in this chamber. All of them are specialized runes. Most are runes master collected himself from all over the world while the rest he created himself.”

“Thirteen thousand six hundred runes?” Ye Wei’s eyes widened, ‘If they really were specialized runes this collection was worth cities!’

“In my opinion, only stances made from specialized runes are real stances. The power of normal runes are quite lacking. Master was very proud of this rune collection!” Pu Yuan said pridefully as his chest slightly rose.

“The second hallway leads to the treasure chamber. There you can find mystic arms, scrolls, pills, herbs… You name it; you should be able to find it there!”

“The third chamber is the stance chamber. This is a collection of over ten thousand stances. They range from Spirit stances to even Earth stances; also master’s four strongest stances I mentioned before are there too.”

“And the last one is the puppet chamber…” Pu Yuan briefly introduced each of the chambers.

Ye Wei was frozen in awe. He didn’t know all of this would become his when he entered the labyrinth.

“Haha, all of this is now yours, or shall I say could become yours…” Pu Yuan said.

“What do you mean?”

“You are the new master of the temple, but the things here you currently do not own; they are items you will have to earn!”