Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1974

Chapter 1974: The Empress

The divine king was still engaged in an intense battle against Huai An in outer space. Sword Qi crisscrossed the space with surprising sword intent. Each strand of sword Qi was blinding, shooting off like galaxies with devastating power.

The divine king was a Primordial realm expert, and his Laws of the Sword had reached Sword Immortal. Sword Qi permeated his surroundings, revolving around him like countless illusionary swords.

Right now, he seemed like an immortal of the sword. It was like he possesses a certain ethereal lightness.

On the other side, Huai An churned with demonic aura. His Laws of Darkness swallowed all light, causing the celestial bodies to dim. It clashed time and time again with the divine king’s Laws of the Sword.

The two of them seemed to be locked in an extremely intense battle, but they did not try to claim each other lives in reality. However, even with that being the case, the battle was still devastating. It caused space to distort and turned it into a mess.

They kept each other busy so that neither of them would have the energy to worry about Jian Chen.

The divine king had already reached the limits of what he could do. He was no longer able to do anything about the three Godkings who chased Jian Chen.

Right now, the heritage of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian was simply far too shallow. Even though they possessed a Primordial realm expert, they only possessed a single Godking, the Grand Imperial Protector.

Moreover, the Grand Imperial Protector was only an early Godking. He was completely useless to the dangers that Jian Chen faced.

Through the teleportation formation, Jian Chen had successfully arrived in the Heavenly Moon Empire now. After destroying the teleportation formation in the Heavenly Moon Empire, he and Kai Ya shot towards the imperial capital with lightning speed.

Along the way, Jian Chen swallowed a few more healing pills. Coupled with the regeneration of his Chaotic Body, he recovered as quickly as possible.

Kai Ya also wolfed down pills to heal as she fled as quickly as she could with Jian Chen.

“Jian Chen, where are we going next?” Kai Ya asked. After coming to the Saints’ World, this was the first time she had left the Dong’an province. Moreover, three experts were hunting her down, so she completely had no idea because she was unfamiliar with the Saints’ World.

After some thought, Jian Chen replied, “The Empyrean Demon Cult has their eyes on us now. We definitely can’t return to the Tian Yuan clan, so we can only flee to further places so that we can completely shake them off.”

“Our greatest enemy is not the three Godkings, but one of the three vice-leaders of the Empyrean Demon Cult, Huai An. Although Huai An is busy with the divine king, that won’t last for too long. As a result, we need to find a way to escape from Huai An.”

With that, the light in Jian Chen’s eyes flickered. He furrowed his brows in thought for a while before making up his mind. He said, “Let’s go to the Blood Sun Empire!”

Before long, Jian Chen and Kai Ya arrived in the imperial capital of the Heavenly Moon Empire. Without even spending a second longer there than necessary, they paid quite a hefty price and were teleported away to the Blood Sun Empire.

The Blood Sun Empire was the ruler of the southern region. Their status was supreme, and their authority in the southern region was equivalent to the Xi Empire’s authority in the northern region. They were the ultimate existence.

Currently, Huai An targeted Jian Chen, so if there were any places that a Primordial realm expert like Huai An would fear, there would only be the eternal Blood Sun Empire.

At the same time, in the imperial palace of the Xi Empire, a beautiful but troubled woman who seemed to be in her twenties sat within a pavilion in the imperial gardens. She stared at the embroidered box she had placed on the stone table there and sighed constantly.

This woman was princess Tai’an of the Xi Empire.

“Sigh, it has already been so long, and I’ve yet to complete Jian Chen’s request. W- what do I do?” Princess Tai’an murmured. She stared at the box on the table remotely as worry filled her face.

“It’s all my fault. I didn’t think too much of it when I agreed to Jian Chen’s request. I thought it would be a piece of cake, where I could complete it easily. I never thought it would actually be so difficult now that I’ve tried it. I probably can’t even take out the box in front of aunt with her temperament, while I’ve never found a chance to give it to uncle,” the princess supported her chin with her hands as she sat in the garden, sighing powerlessly.

Now, the box had basically become something that burdened her heart. After all, she had agreed to Jian Chen’s request in the past. If she did not give the box to the empress or the emperor, she would not be able to find any ease.

“Hmm? Sister Tai’an, what’re you doing here all by yourself? And why are you staring at this box in a daze? What’s in the box?” At this moment, a rather mischievous giggle rang out from behind the princess.

An eccentric girl who seemed to be fifteen or sixteen years in age stood behind princess Tai’an in imperial robes. She smiled faintly, and her bright eyes moved about, filled with energy and mischief.

Then, she arrived on the other side of the stone table in a flash and picked up the box. She giggled, “Sister Tai’an, is the item in here a gift for Bing’er? Bing’er is rather eager to see what it is.” As she said that, the girl called Bing’er opened the box without any hesitation at all.

“Bing’er, do not. That belongs to someone else,” princess Tai’an spoke out, but she was already too late to stop her. Bing’er had already opened the box.

There were no priceless treasures within the box. It only held an extremely simple jade pendant.

Bing’er was surprised as she looked at the object in the box. Her curiosity instantly turned into great disappointment. She picked up the jade pendant and glanced at it very casually before pouting, “What is this? Why is such a simple jade pendant stored in such a great box? So much for getting me to think that it was something good.”

“Bing’er, don’t you know how to behave?” Princess Tai’an frowned and lectured Bing’er unhappily. Even though she was stern, there was a sliver of adoration for Bing’er in her eyes.

As she said that, princess Tai’an snatched the jade pendant from Bing’er’s hand. She could not help but study it herself.

She had always been extremely curious about what the box held as well.

After all, Jian Chen had stressed that it was a gift she had to give to the empress or the emperor personally. Evidently, the item inside would be extremely important.

However, when princess Tai’an looked at the jade pendant in her hand, she felt extremely doubtful and confused.

She could tell that the jade pendant was nothing precious. It was made from extremely simple materials, and it would not raise any attention if it was just laid down somewhere in the imperial palace.

The only thing that did catch some attention was the extremely exquisite and beautiful patterning on the jade pendant. However, the two words ‘Xi Yu’ carved on there perplexed the princess slightly.

“So this is the item that Jian Chen needed me to give to uncle or aunt personally?” Princess Tai’an became covered in cold sweat from shock. At that moment, she felt extremely fortunate that Bing’er had opened the box, allowing her to know what it held.

Otherwise, it would have been humiliating if she had really given such a simple jade pendant to her aunt or uncle.

Even if her aunt or uncle did not take offence, she would be completely embarrassed.

“Xian’er!” At this moment, a somewhat dignified voice rang out. The graceful empress appeared within the imperial gardens and slowly made her way towards princess Tai’an.

“Ah! Aunt!” Princess Tai’an was taken aback. She turned around to glance at the empress who slowly made her way over before she thought about the opened box on the stone table. Immediately, she felt rather flustered.

However, she seemed to fail to realise that the jade pendant from the box was still in her hand.

“Bing’er greets the empress!” The girl called Bing’er stopped acting mischievously and bowed towards the empress politely.

Before the empress, she was unable to behave as naturally as princess Tai’an. She was extremely nervous.

The empress looked at princess Tai’an gently. Just when she was about to say something, she suddenly saw the jade pendant in the princess’ hand.

The empress abruptly quivered, and her face changed all of a sudden as well. Her beautiful, phoenix-like eyes seemed to freeze up as they became fixed on the jade pendant in princess Tai’an hands.

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