Blue Phoenix


Chapter 291: Cai Jie

Looking at the man floating in the air, Hui Yue remembered he had seen him before. Although he was now floating above all the dead Crusaders, Hui Yue felt no danger from the man. It was as though he could not be bothered with something as ordinary as a war.

“Lady Sun, Qiao, get all the men out of this alleyway, I need to do something,” Hui Yue said in a low voice as he once more was in control of their body, and something deep within made it impossible for the two women to argue. Both instantly started getting the beasts to leave. Hui Yue sprouted golden Wu Wei wings and took to the sky until he was standing right in front of the golden eyed man.

“I thank you for your assistance with these Crusaders, but do you mind me asking why you killed them?” He asked politely, and the golden young man looked at him, the arrogant smile on his face not changing a bit as he shrugged. “I have a grudge against their master,” He said, his words causing Hui Yue’s eyes to narrow. “I did not do this for you. I just want to get rid of as many Crusaders as I can until I am ready to kill their master.”

“Heh,” Hui Yue had a smile on his face as he heard the words. “I’m sorry but get in line. An He is my problem.” He said as some of Lan Feng’s arrogance shone through. The bird was raging inside his lower dantian yelling things like ‘Where does this fool come from?’, ‘Just because he is a bit stronger doesn’t mean that he is stronger than us,’ and ‘That bastard is mine. I am the one who can kill him since he stole my body.’

Hearing the answer Hui Yue gave, the man was astonished at first. “You’re going to kill An He?” He repeated, his eyes completely confused. “How do you even know about An He?” He asked.

Sighing deeply, Hui Yue answered vaguely, “I have a grudge against him that’s four thousand years old. Even if you have a grudge against him, it cannot be older than mine.”

“Just because yours is the oldest does not mean that you have priority on revenge!” The golden boy answered, his arrogance changing into a childish fit. Both Hui Yue and the floating man looked at each other with annoyance. Finally, Hui Yue sighed as he shook his head. “What’s the point. Neither of us are strong enough to defeat him yet all we can do is annoy him by killing his undead Crusaders.” Hui Yue sighed, and his words caused the man in front of him to nod with a grave expression.

“Come with me,” Hui Yue offered as he was about to fly down to the ground again. “If we are together we can always decide on who gets the chance to kill An He when we reach him. Together we are more of a threat than we are alone,” He laughed. The tall man hesitated for a short while before he nodded his head.

“Well, a pleasure to meet you,” He started as he exchanged a handshake, “I am Cai Jie, a foreigner to this world.”

“You’re from another world?” Hui Yue furrowed his brows. He knew that there were multiple worlds out there as he had come from one of them, but he was of the impression that one needed to be a God to travel through them unharmed. Even Lan Feng needed the strength of death to pull Hui Yue from his own world and make his reincarnation happen. Although the man in front of him was strong, he was without a doubt not stronger than a Saint. Still he had managed to defeat two Saint ranked Crusaders, and he did not seem injured. The man in front of him was in no way simple.

It seemed that the thought was mirrored within Cai Jie’s mind as he looked at Hui Yue, and the white-haired young man smiled politely, “I am Hui Yue.” He introduced himself, “My grudge with An He can only be solved by his death.” Hearing the harsh words, Cai Jie smiled. “It seems we agree,” He said smilingly. A golden light shone from his body and blinded Hui Yue, but after a moment, the golden young man in front of him just continued to smile. The two young men took to the ground where Hui Yue, with one last glance at Li Meilin, lit a blue flame which he tossed at the corpses in front of him. Seeing the blue flame, Cai Jie raised an eyebrow in astonishment but said nothing. Standing side by side, the two watched the corpses burn as the blue flame set them aflame.

“Older sister Meilin!” Someone yelled from the sky causing Hui Yue to look up into the air where he saw the Saint whom Wan Qiao had fought once before darting to their location. His eyes were filled with hate, and his body trembled as he flew right over the heads of Hui Yue and Cai Jie, and took the corpse of the woman into his arms while putting out the flames.

“Who killed her?!” He yelled as he turned around. His entire body was releasing massive amounts of energy, his anger and grief caused his inner energies to boil.

“She was a Crusader,” Hui Yue stated calmly. He felt Wan Qiao, who was standing behind him. The woman already changed to her bird form ready to fight if needed. She was waiting for Hui Yue to give her a sign. “We don’t know what happened to her after we returned her to you,” He continued, “You must know who is in control of the Crusaders to have given her life to them.”

Everything he said caused the face of Li Xiaopeng to turn darker and darker, and although he could understand what Hui Yue said, all he could remember was that his beloved sister had changed since she had returned from the beastly forest. It was obviously the beasts’ fault that she ended up the way she had. Thinking this, the short man filled with anger he launched towards Hui Yue.

Both Hui Yue and the golden Cai Jie sprung backwards to avoid the attack as a shadow surged over them. The One-Horned Jasmine Eagle threw herself in front of them, her talon grabbing Li Xiaopeng’s hand. She did not allow for it to hit his target. Li Xiaopeng was at a clear disadvantage. Although he had been on equal footing with Wan Qiao before, this was a completely different situation.

Looking around, Hui Yue lifted his arm and gestured for the Saints to appear as he slowly withdrew. He wanted to ensure that he was not in the way for Wan Qiao’s fight.

“If he is here, then the rest of the Siban Empire’s Saints are here as well alongside the Grand Marshall. Start searching the area, but stay in groups. They have many more Saints than what I expected, and I do not wish to lose any more of you.” He ordered as the Saints nodded and split into three groups who started to look through the entire city.

“That guy is going to die soon,” Cai Jie said calmly as he observed the battle between Wan Qiao and Li Xiaopeng. Looking at them, Hui Yue had to nod his head. “Being blinded by anger is not going to do him any good,” Hui Yue agreed as he watched the fight in front of them. He was hugging the corpse with one arm and trying to wrist the other arm free of the One-Horned Jasmine Eagle’s talons. His leg came sweeping up with golden light solidified around the leg. He formed a long blade created from Wu Wei extending out from his leg. Seeing it chopping towards her talons, Wan Qiao finally released him as she took to the skies and circled him.

Li Xiaopeng was completely consumed by grief and rage. A rage he decided to turn towards the beasts although they were not the direct cause of her death.

Looking at the battle going on in front of him, Hui Yue cocked his head slightly as he was astonished to find that Wan Qiao was incapable of easily dealing with the enraged Li Xiaopeng. “I guess she was injured far more yesterday than I expected,” He commented, and by his side, Cai Jie nodded his head. “Makes sense,” He agreed. “Those Saint ranked Crusaders are really not easy to deal with.”

“Yet you took down two without being injured,” Hui Yue pointed out. A subject he was quite interested in had suddenly emerged. “I specialize in killing Crusaders,” Cai Jie said with a shrug. “It took some time, but they have a weak point. If you manage to destroy it, they will collapse. It is a small point of energy which lets them move around and stay somewhat intact. Even if they should have long since turned to dust. This small point of energy is placed within them to keep their bodies from collapsing.”

Hui Yue was taken aback as he heard this. It was definitely great knowledge, but he could not understand why this Cai Jie spoke about it so casually. If anything it should be a critical secret.

Seeing the surprise on Hui Yue’s face, Cai Jie smiled smugly, “You wonder why I told you all of this, don’t you?” He asked, and Hui Yue nodded his head truthfully. “Well it is really quite simple,” Cai Jie said with a cheeky smile on his face. “I want An He to suffer as much as possible. I want him to have problems, and the more Crusaders who die, the better I will feel. By telling you how to kill them, you will get rid of all the Crusaders you come across. The more you kill, the better I will feel.”

““What did An He do to you for you to hate him this much?” Hui Yue asked curiously as his eyes never once left the two Saints which were fighting in front of him. Li Xiaopeng had managed to place Li Meilin by the side so that she was no longer in the way, but he was still as enraged as before. His eyes were red, and his breathing labored. His chest was still covered in bandages; clearly he was not completely over the injuries he had gotten from their last fight.

While he had not completely healed his injuries, neither had Wan Qiao. Well, more accurately, she had managed to recover from her battle against Li Xiaopeng, but she had not managed to heal after the fight with the Saint Crusader. Both bird and human were busy exchanging one attack after another, dodging and fighting with beak, teeth, claws and high ranked abilities.

Looking at the fight in front of him, Cai Jie’s eyes turned misty as it seemed that he relived something only he could see. The longer he stood still, the more his lips tightened, the darker his golden eyes became, and the more murderous aura started to billow outwards.

Laying a hand on the golden man’s shoulder, Cai Jie instantly returned to the present and sent an apologetic smile to Hui Yue. Although he seemed to act nicely, he was clearly still affected by the memories that he just thought about.

“I cannot live in the same world as An He,” He finally said with a sigh. “He needs to die for all the bad things he has done time and time again.” Hui Yue said, knowing how Lan Feng shared this view of An He.

“One day I will kill him,” Hui Yue said with a determination which caused Cai Jie to look at him in a new light. At first, he had been surprised yet his surprised expression soon turned into an arrogant smile. “That is only if I don’t kill him first,” He commented as his eyes once more focused on the battle in front of them.

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