Beauty and the Bodyguard (RSS)


Comedy, Drama, Harem, Romance, SchoolLife, Xianxia, Chinese


Raws - 校花的贴身高手

Translator - Marcy

Editor - Jun



An assassin of legend returns to the cities, fueled with a new calling and a higher purpose- to hit on girls and protect the school beauty!

"I'm her bodyguard, so don't get too close... I wouldn't want the Miss getting jealous again."


Please Note:

It starts off a bit slow, but it's a nice fresh read- the beauty and the bodyguard don't meet until a couple of chapters in, so keep that in mind! It starts picking up at like chapter eleven and gets really good starting around chapter twenty, I promise. Alhough, if you're looking for Xianxia stuff that's not gonna happen anytime soon... It's mentioned at chapter twelve but you'll need to get to somewhere around the hundred chapter mark for that aspect to properly come into play.

It's two chapters daily, so keep that in mind too

Enjoy :D

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