Apocalypse Hunter

Chapter 67

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Even though the trash wall was tall, it was not a problem for Zin and Ramphil to jump over. The wall had many spots for them to step on and climb up. The two climbed up the wall and were at a location where they could view the whole Slaughterhouse.

In the darkness, the Reaver guards did not spot their infiltration.

Inside the Slaughterhouse, there were several buildings that seemed to be used for the armory, kitchen, and barracks. And there were many piles of what seemed to be human bones. There were also corpses of humans who were probably killed not too long ago.

The Reavers impaled steel bars to several of the corpses from the anus to the mouth. Several of the corpses were rotting.

They don’t seem to have a shortage of food.

For the Reavers, humans were food. The fact that they were displaying the dead human bodies in this horrific manner meant that they had enough food to eat.

The Reavers who went out to hunt returned to the Slaughterhouse, and they yelled as they took out the dead bodies from the trunks of the junkwagons.

“Boss! They were a family.”

The Reaver was over seven feet tall and muscular. The man, woman, and kid were untied from the hood and started puking as they saw the horrendous interior of the Slaughterhouse.

“Arggff! Baaarrrrrggh!”

“Please spare our lives!”

“What? He looks pretty weak?”

“No, boss! The dad is pretty strong. Three of us had to restrain him to tie him up.”

“Yo, the guy you said was strong ended up getting killed right away.”

“Haha, boss, I didn’t realize he was a complete idiot. I’m sure he’s a good one!”

Zin realized that what he suspected was true.

There was a building in the middle of the Slaughterhouse.

A cage built out of scrap metal was about ten feet tall, and the area inside was empty.

The Reavers’ hobby was watching death matches in the arena. The Reavers carried the dead bodies into the storage. The kidnapped family was too afraid to lift their heads. The boy and the parents were holding onto each other, fearing what would happen to them.

The leader was extremely pleased with the scene.

No explanation was needed as to what would happen.

“Hey, you did a great job bringing such a lovely family.”

“Right, boss?”

“It’s perfect for the foreplay.”

“Argg! Aaarrggh!”

“Please don’t do this! Don’t kill us!”

As soon as the leader spoke, the parents were taken away by the Reavers, and each of them were dragged to the doors of the arena.

“Alright, pick any weapon. Or just grab the weapon that we give to you.”

The Reavers handed over a rusted machete to the man and the woman. They then locked them inside the cage. The man and the woman looked at the machetes held in their hands, and they didn’t know what to do.

Nobody explained anything.

“Aaack! No! Nooo!”

The leader dragged the boy by his hair and pushed him against the cage.

“What are you guys doing?”

The leader shrugged.

“Start fighting before I bust up your son’s head.”


The Reavers were shouting with excitement as they watched the horrendous scene.

The leader held the boy as a hostage and ordered the parents to kill one another.

Kill! Kill!

All the Reavers gathered around the cage and started yelling like demons. The woman sobbed as she fell to the ground, and the man was terrified.

The Reavers were not ordinary killers. They enjoyed the pain and sorrow of others. They put others into agony for their enjoyment.

The Reavers felt orgasmic pleasure as they watched these gruesome scenes.

“Oh no! Do you want to see your boy die?”



“No! No! You m----f------!”

The leader twisted the wrist of the boy. The little boy cried out in pain, and the leader seemed ready to yank his arm off. The dad shouted in rage, and the mom ran towards the cage and cried.

“Please let him go! Let him go! We’ll do whatever you want! Please! Let him live!!”

“If you start fighting to the death, I will not hurt this boy. Entertain us! Hahaha! Then I won’t hurt this boy! Mwahahahha!”

They were not asking for a fight.

They were looking to see despair in their eyes. The mom was no longer capable of standing up. The boy was going to die if they didn’t fight against each other. The boy fainted as he gave into the pain.

Zin looked at Ramphil.

From the top of the trash wall, Ramphil watched the horrifying events happening below him.

Ramphil was once a fighter in the Slaughterhouse arena. He didn’t remember what happened to him back then. Ramphil wondered what he did after surviving the nightmare of the Slaughterhouse arena.

Memories of death flashed before his eyes.

The screams of past memories.

The terror of past memories.

The horror of past memories.

The despair of past memories.

Who…. whom did I kill?

Ramphil was in shock.

He started to remember things that he had long forgotten. From his vague memory, he heard many voices threatening him.

He remembered his family crying. He remembered the shouts of the demons from outside of the cage. He remembered the first time he was thrown into the cage.

His brother was held as a hostage back then.

The Reavers put a knife to the brother’s neck and ordered Ramphil to kill his parents. Ramphil couldn’t move. The Reavers beat up his brother. They beat him up until Ramphil moved. He barely started moving before they sawed off his brother’s left arm.

I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.

Ramphil’s father sobbed as Ramphil thrust the steel sword into his body.

You need to survive. You need to survive at all costs. Okay? My son…

Slashed to death by her own son, his mother begged her son to survive.

Ramphil killed his parents in order to save his brother who was being held as a hostage. He still had to do it even though he knew that his actions could not save his brother.

The Reavers were cruel when it came to putting people into extreme conditions, but there was nothing that a person could do.

In front of Ramphil, who had killed his own parents, the Reavers started to abuse his brother. His brother died.

As the Reavers watched Ramphil, who was utterly in shock, they cheered with joy. They did this to watch Ramphil fall into despair.

After that day, the Reavers threw him into the arena.

He was so sad that he didn’t want to die.

He was so miserable that he didn’t want to die.

And he didn’t want to die like this.

He killed his opponents and survived every day. He ate the human meat that the Reavers threw at him. Ramphil vowed to survive when the Reavers laughed as they threw the meat of his parents and brother to him. He survived by killing.

Soon, the Reavers were scared of Ramphil. They were terrified of him. And when the Reavers were thinking about killing him, the Wargrave troops raided the Slaughterhouse.

As Ramphil remembered his entire past, he stared down the arena with a hardened face.

Ramphil couldn’t remember how the Reavers displayed their territoriality back then.

Minutes had passed, and the man wasn’t able to do anything. The woman kept crying. The Reavers couldn’t do anything to get the fight going. Killing the boy would mean that there wouldn’t be a hostage. The leader who was laughing before became angry.

“This is no fun.” As the leader spoke, all the Reavers became quiet. The leader threw the boy to the ground and pointed at the mother.

“Impale her. Maybe he’ll change his mind if one of them dies.”

As the leader ordered, the Reavers brought out a sharpened steel bar. As the woman looked at the corpses pierced around the arena, she knew what her fate would be.

The defeated or the ones who didn’t follow directions ended up dead. They were impaled and displayed near the arena.

“Nooooo! Please don’t kill me! Save me! Honey!”


The man was unable to do anything either. The Reavers opened the gate of the cage and were ready to kill her.

Kill her!

Pierce her!

The man stood in front of the woman.

“Stop now.”

A calm voice could be heard from the background. The leader and all the Reavers looked back to see who was speaking.

Behind them, a Wargrave soldier was looking at them. The leader and the Reavers were frightened when they saw him.

They didn’t know when he came in, and they didn’t notice him approaching at all.

Everybody froze and didn’t move.

“Oh, Mr. Soldier, what brings you here…?”

The boss was not the Reaver who had visited last time. He probably received a detailed report from his men and thought that things would get resolved within a few days.

Zin observed the situation from the top of the trash wall and sighed.

Ramphil went through the Reavers, and took out the man and the woman and threw them near their son.

“Get out.”


“Thank you for s—”

“I told you to get out.”

As Ramphil finished talking, the man lifted up his son and started to run away. The couple fell down to the ground a couple of times, but they stood up again and ran as hard as they could.

Nobody was willing to stop Ramphil. A Wargrave soldier was in front of them. There was a fortress nearby, and attacking Ramphil would mean the instant retaliation of the fortress.

The Reavers were overpowered by the soldier that had walked in, and they stayed silent.

As Ramphil verified that the family had run away from the Slaughterhouse, Ramphil turned toward the leader and stared at him.

“I know a little about the fights in the arena.” Ramphil looked at the giant leader who was at least two feet taller than him. “You really enjoy fighting, so why don’t you fight me?”

“What… no…!”

It was a death match to fight against a Wargrave cyborg soldier. The giant leader couldn’t speak as he was so intimidated by Ramphil.

Ramphil started to walk towards the leader, who was helpless to do anything.

“Now that I think about it, you don’t get to choose.”



Ramphil punched the leader in the stomach, grabbed him by the hair, and dragged him into the cage. Ramphil tossed him to the other side of the cage and looked around.

“What, isn’t this the fight that you’ve all wanted?”

There was a dead silence.

Nobody was cheering and yelling at all. The leader slowly stood up and looked at Ramphil in horror.

“I don’t know why you’re doing this… This is just a game for us, I’m sorry if this made you feel bad. I’m sor—”



Ramphil’s kick twisted the leader’s knee into a weird angle. The leader grabbed his knee and rolled on the ground. Ramphil stared down at him.

“So you’re saying that you’re sorry for making me feel bad…”

“Ughhh… sorry! Sorry, Mr. Soldier!”

Ramphil swiped his hair and looked at the leader who was terrified.

“So you do realize that you pissed me off. But…”



“So you piss me off, and you think you can get away with a simple apology?”


Ramphil wasn’t trying to kill him.

He was slowly beating up the leader to inflict as much pain as possible.

The leader was getting beaten up by a single Wargrave soldier in front of five hundred Reavers. They were all terrified, and yet nobody dared to stop him.

They were scared that they would also get beaten up if they pissed Ramphil off.

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