Ace of Ace (RSS)


Fantasy, Sports, Virtual Reality, Korean

Author:  Yurim Han (한유림)

Status: 248 chapters (Complete) 

Translator: airfree76

Editor: butterchips


Original Synopsis : The story of Gun Choi towards becoming the greatest pitcher of the Major League.


Translator's Synopsis: One more opportunity grasped at the end of his life!

"Now that it's come to this, I'll dominate the Major League!"

Protagonist Gun Choi, who had tried to rescue a child in danger, died due to the mistaken guidance of an angel but came back to life.

As compensation for that mistake he was granted the 'Angel Mission Program', and using this he rapidly succeeded in rehabilitation, however...


Ekdud's Synopsis: 

Ace of Ace is a Korean Sports novel with a game-like leveling system integrated onto the story. The story is of a professional baseball player striving to climb through the harsh ranks of the baseball world and standing atop of the world once again after having fallen down onto the very bottom.


Once playing for one of the greatest baseball teams in the Major Leagues, the main character receives an injury and is abandoned by his team during his darkest times. He then returns to Korea to serve his 24 month long public service but on the last day, the main character attempts to rescue a child in danger who was about to be hit by a truck and falls unconscious as his head hits the ground. He is then sent to heaven by an angel who mistakes him as the truck driver that had actually died. The angels decide to send him back with a gift as a special compensation for their mistakes which allows the main character’s abilities to improve as he completes quests and allows him to view the status of himself.


With this new ability at hand, the main character slowly recuperates and trains as he begins his journey to become the ace of all aces.