Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 1174

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Chapter 1174: The Past Covenant

This was not prejudice against dragons, but rather an acknowledgment that dragons were an aloof and unapproachable race.

Compared to the dragons' long lifespan, humans' lifetime is just a leisurely moment for their sleep.

Humans wouldn't be friends with creatures who die after sleeping, so in the eyes of the dragons, you need to be at least a hero-ranked strong person to barely qualify for a conversation with them. As for ordinary people, they don't even have the qualification to be remembered by the dragons.

And if you want to go even further, be friends with dragons and discuss the truths of the world, then you need to have a lifespan of at least a thousand years or more.

After all, even the weakest white dragon can live for over three thousand years, and it often takes hundreds of years just for them to hatch from an egg.

Dragons aren't interested in humans.

Dragons don't care about human civilization.

It's because of the dragons' arrogance and conceit that they completely overlook the potential development and reproduction speed of humans. When humans raise the banner to challenge the dominion of this world, the dragons are left with a dumbfounded expression.

You little creatures who can't even survive the time it takes for us to sleep, what can you use to resist the great dragons?

The facts have proven the dragons wrong.

Humans are a race with terrifying potential. The dragon race, who gave humans time to develop, had no idea about the advantages of the human race and were caught off guard in the early stages of war. It's not an exaggeration to say that they were forced to retreat step by step.

When the dragons finally took the humans seriously and regretfully killed a few of the remaining golden ancient people, preparing to teach these restless bugs a lesson, the King of Undead appeared.

The following story belongs to the Underground Cemetery, and is the legend of the Guardians.

The black iron giant, Emerald Sea Dragon Beast, and Rift Space Dragon joined forces to besiege the scattered dragon army from three directions - sea, land, and sky.

The terrifying Opera House Phantom, controlling the awakened Undead Army with the aura of the Netherworld, established an unparalleled advantage on the frontline battleground.

When the sky was filled with tens of flying bones, and a large number of liches and Death Knights attacked the dragon army, the dragons finally retreated.

This was the only retreat of the dragon race in the history of Sia's world.

In terms of casualties ratio, the dragon race has always had the absolute advantage, but it takes hundreds of years to conceive a dragon offspring, and thousands of years to increase dozens of dragon clan members. Compared to the millions of humans who can reproduce a generation in just over a decade, the ratio of casualties is significant!

"I guess you could say... I have the power of the dragons..." Yun Xi neither confirmed nor denied. His current identity is the prince of the Sia Kingdom and the silver dragon in Ain's eyes.

"Why did you... come out?" Kingdom’s Shield stared at Yun Xi.

"According to the agreement back then, you should have given up on this world by now."

Huh, is that still a thing? Did the dragon clan in this world give up?

Speaking of which, Ain and the others also mentioned that the dragon clan in this world disappeared long ago. Even the mermaids, the loyal servants of the dragon clan, have no idea where they went.

Ironically, it seems that the Underground Cemetery, a human faction, knows something.

"Although the methods may be different, you should have chosen the same path as our king."

"If you really are a dragon, you should know that this world is just a small cage."

"Both the king and you want to leave this cage."

"For this reason, the Tower of Ascension was built, and the dragon clan is one of the signatories of the alliance."

"Why did you become our enemy?" After discovering the true identity of the controller of the black iron giant, Kingdom's Shield clearly knew something.

"I am not a dragon from the past..."

"I have never heard of any alliance or pact," Yun Xi said, looking at the knight in confusion.

Unlike War Dancer and Passed Princess, Kingdom's Shield, as the Guardian of the fourth level of the Underground Cemetery, was truly a high-ranking member of the cemetery.

She knew all about the strategic policies of the Underground Cemetery, its future goals, and its power to dominate the world.

Because she herself was the highest military leader of the Underground Cemetery.

The war with the dragons was actually planned by her.

She decided when to send the black iron giant charging, when to command the Emerald Sea Dragon Beast to disrupt the enemy's supply lines, and when to unleash the undead army of the Opera House Phantom.

The King of Undead himself wasn't accustomed to wars; he was more inclined towards being a scholar, studying various powerful Netherworld spells and creating soul cores.

As for the war, it was the specialty of the First Knight of the continent. She was defeated in the war that destroyed the kingdom, not because of any strategy, but simply by an irresistible force.

If she had enough powerful strength, the outcome would completely change.

The mighty dragon race didn't even know that the figure flying high in the sky, thousands of meters above, was the one dominating the entire battlefield, which was the main reason for the dragon race's inevitable defeat.

Tactics ahead of their time.

Complete control over the Underground Cemetery, complete analysis of the situation on the battlefield.

Kingdom's Shield created an unprecedented glorious record in human history, even if it all belonged to The King of Undead, she had no complaints.

Because of victory, she can protect what is important to her.

The ability to freely observe the battlefield and see through all truths is the unique absolute advantage of the Rift Space Dragon.

When making a pact with the dragon race, she was the only one accompanying The King of Undead.

Compared to the naive Princess Passed, the art-loving War Dancer, the singing Songstress, she is the most qualified leader of the Underground Cemetery.

"Are you a Dragon born after the war?"

"No, even if you were born after the war, you should still know about this alliance."

"Unless..." Kingdom's Shield showed a surprised expression. If her deduction was correct, this truth was truly astonishing:

"Are you a Dragon born recently?"

"A Dragon egg hatched by another species after being separated from the Dragon clan?"

She knew the significance of the tall tower in the kingdom, which was a testament to the friendship between the golden ancient people and the Dragons when they were still allies.

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For the Dragons, there is no treasure more important than their descendants.

The tall tower of the divine era was a miraculous place built through the collaboration of humans and Dragons.

A dragon egg hatched in a tower without its mother, giving birth to a baby dragon.

In the records of the Underground Cemetery, there were about three baby dragons that hatched from that tall tower. It was a place that the dragon clan loved very much, like a monument.