A Mercenary's War

Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Target

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

Jin was drinking Coke and after hearing Elena’s words, he spit out all his Coke with a puh! on Grolev’s body.

Tribo was also drinking Coca-cola. Hearing Elena’s words, he tried his best to not spit the soda, but it instead came out of his nostrils.

Silence, there was dead silence everywhere.

Gao Yang was already stupefied. Jin and Tribo also looked at Elena. They were totally stumped. They ‘bullied’ her and thought she didn’t understand Chinese. Hence they discussed things in a carefree in front of her face. However, they found that not only could she understand the language, she could also could reply in Mandarin. What was more embarrassing than that?

Although he didn’t know what Elena was talking about, Grolev wasn’t a blind man. He could naturally sense the strange atmosphere. He looked at the currently flabbergasted Tribo and Jin. Grolev coughed lightly and said, “What are y’all talking about?"

Without giving any regard to Grolev, Jin stared blankly at Elena. "You know how to speak Chinese? Understood everything?"

Elena stretched out her right hand and gestured, ‘a little’ with her thumb and forefinger.

Tribo looked at Elena and then looked at Jin in anguish. Then he said, "We’re ruined, ruined! What do we do now? Who asked for your input from yer foul mouth!"

Elena smiled and said in Mandarin, “I’ve been learning Chinese for a month. I can understand a little bit only. However, I understand almost none of the main topics you’re talking about. In order not to have any understanding, I think I should tell you that I know that the Chinese really deem virginity as a serious topic."

Jin covered his face with his hand and solemnly said, "You said it wrong, it's not ‘almost none’ that you can understand, it's ‘mostly understandable’. ‘Mostly understood’."

Elena was completely confused. "How much is ‘mostly understandable'?"

Tribo looked at Gao Yang. His face was that of total anger. "Bro Yang, didn’t you say Mandarin is the hardest language to learn? Didn’t you say that English is the easiest to learn? That’s what you said. One month and I’m overjoyed that I can speak a little English. How come after a month of not seeing her, she can even speak Mandarin?! Exactly which one is harder to learn, man? Bro Yang, you really tricked us too much this time. Next time I won’t believe whatever you say."   

Gao Yang was completely at wits end. He could only sigh heavily for a long time. "You don't understand the genius’ world. Nor do I. Remember this lesson, man. Fortunately, Lao Maozi can't understand. That’s the most crucial point.”

Gao Yang revealed the mechanism of the crux with just a sentence. Jin and Tribo nodded in succession. Then Jin stood up and said, "I'll go and take a bath."

After seeing Jin make a quick escape, Tribo finally reacted. He immediately stood up and said, "I'm going to take a bath too."  

Elena looked at Gao Yang strangely and said, "They know that there is only one bathroom, right? Are they gay[a][1]?"

Grolev could no longer take it. He spoke with dissatisfaction. "Don’t you guys know that it is impolite to speak in front of others in a language that he does not understand? Elena, what do you mean by ‘gay’? Who’s gay?"

After coughing urgently a few times, he was originally planning to explain what Tribo and Jin had said. But when it reached the borders of his mouth, he swallowed them back. He felt that when they were laughing at him, he should have known that it wouldn’t have an end to it.

"Yes, they’re gay, Elena. I hope you don't discriminate them."

Elena changed back to English and spoke with a grin. "How would I discriminate against them? I can completely accept same-sex love."

After completing this, Elena said once more in Mandarin, “It’s good as long as you’re not."

Gao Yang finally couldn't sit still. Being teased by a lady didn’t matter. But being teased right in front of her father, plus the fact that Grolev was his brother in life and death, this was not a small joke at all. Thinking about the possibility of being trounced by Natalia to a pulp, or being shot by Grolev with an MG from the back, Gao Yang felt that he had to clarify things with Grolev.

Gao Yang twisted his face to Grolev and said, "Old Ruski, let's go to my room. I have a very important matter I need to speak with you about. In short, this matter is very important for our mercenary corporation."

Grolev was about to speak but Elena said, “Daddy, I bought an old piano, and it was very cheap. Although it’s old, the sound quality is very good. Now I can practice the piano at home. Oh yes, Daddy, how long have you not heard me play the piano? Do you want to hear it now?"

Elena’s request hit Grolev’s soft spot. Even if Gao Yang was going to say something really big, Grolev wouldn’t take it in either. For Grolev, who lived for his wife and daughter, nothing was more important than listening to his daughter's piano performance.

Looking at Grolev’s eyes that were going to spout flames of passion, Gao Yang sighed. He knew that Grolev wouldn’t hear him say anything. Sure enough, Grolev looked at Gao Yang and said proudly, "Yang, don't you want to listen to my daughter's performance?"

Gao Yang shook his head and said, "Nope, I… I will not delay your quality time with your daughter."

When Elena tugged Grolev and pulled him away, she turned and stuck her tongue out at Gao Yang. Gao Yang’s heart trembled and he decided that he couldn’t be lead by that little girl by the nose.

Gao Yang quickly stood up and mentioned, "I thought of something. Elena, is there a computer here? I have to contact my girlfriend."

Grolev and Elena stood still. Grolev had a strange expression. "You have a girlfriend? Why didn't I hear you talk about it?"

Elena’s face became very ugly. She shook her fists at Grolev’s blind spot. Remembering Elena’s fighting power, Gao Yang immediately made up his mind and insisted, “Kathleen Taylor, I remember talking to you about it, man. Have you forgotten?"

"That American? But you said she was just your ordinary friend. Oh, oh, yes, I now understand. Elena, where is your computer?"

Elena gestured ‘please’ and then she replied, "Dad, wait for me at the piano room. I'll take you to get Internet."

Elena's expression didn't seem to have any abnormalities. Gao Yang cautiously followed a step behind Elena with his head down to the room that had the computer.

The computer was in Elena's bedroom. When Elena pushed the door ajar, she stood by the door, not entering. Gao Yang looked at Elena, then at the little-girl styled room. Gao Yang suddenly felt like a goat going into a tigress’ mouth. Very dangerous.

In any case, Gao Yang still had to go in. Just as he turned to the side to go forward, trying his hardest. to keep his distance from Elena, she suddenly used both hands to hold Gao Yang's face. She then kissed Gao Yang's mouth without any warning at all at lightning speed.

Elena was very clumsy and her teeth hurt Yang’s lips a lot. She saw that Gao Yang covering his mouth like a frightened lamb. After taking her hands off and shaking her fists in front of Gao Yang, she whispered, "I just know that you’re lying to me. You don't have a girlfriend at all, right? Hrmph! The computer's password is your name. Switch it on yourself, man."

After she was done talking, Elena left with high spirits as if she were a victorious general. When she left she did not slam the door shut.

Gao Yang walked down to the computer chair, traumatized. After he sat down, he immediately slammed his head on the keyboard and said in grief, "What the heck are you doing?"

Gao Yang really couldn’t handle it. Elena and Kathleen's faces kept bobbing up and down in front of him. To be honest, Gao Yang felt very attracted to Kathleen. If possible, Gao Yang wanted Kathleen more as his girlfriend.

Kathleen was also very pretty. The key was that she was only two or three years younger than Gao Yang. What was more important was that Kathleen wasn’t as strong in combat as Elena. More crucially, Kathleen wasn’t Grolev’s prized daughter.

Gao Yang just said it casually, but after he remembered Kathleen's kiss in Sudan, he immediately made up his mind. If he really had to have a girlfriend, now was the time. Kathleen was also the most suitable candidate. Although Kathleen asked him not to overthink it, he felt that since they shared a kiss before it was already explicit instead of implicit.

Gao Yang was determined to woo Kathleen.

Kathleen left Gao Yang with a telephone number and every type of contact possible on the Internet. Gao Yang immediately switched on the computer, and applied for a Facebook account with the fastest speed possible. He found Kathleen and left a message.

"I'm Gao Yang, are you there?"

After leaving Kathleen a message, Gao Yang, who was sitting in front of the computer, couldn’t resist the urge to download Penguin[2]. He could then communicate with his parents from the mainland. However, after hesitating for a long time, Gao Yang finally dismissed this idea. Although he didn’t know about the situation back home, he felt that his parents were definitely being monitored.

Gao Yang was not afraid of exposing his location, but was he afraid that his parents were being tracked by the police. His principle was to prepare for the worst. He had already endured for so long without keeping in touch with his family. He couldn’t just bring trouble to his parents because of a brief moment that he didn’t endure.

Right then, Gao Yang suddenly thought of a problem: he was now a murderer who couldn’t return to his motherland. He had no status and was a mercenary who could die anytime and anywhere. Such a person was him. Was it suitable to ask Kathleen to be his girlfriend?

While he was swimming in the ocean of cranky thoughts, he discovered that Kathleen had already responded him since who-knew-when. Gao Yang hurriedly asked Kathleen about her situation warmly and asked about what Professor Buck and the rest were doing.

Professor Buck didn’t encounter any more trouble later on. They returned to the United States right after terminating the video-shooting plan. After review, they were fine ever after.

After learning about Professor Buck and their situation, Gao Yang could finally rest with ease. Just when he was contemplating on what to say to Kathleen, she had already sent him a message.  

"Have you returned home? Met your parents yet?"

"Seen them, but I'm in South Africa now."

Kathleen sent a smiling ‘emoji’ first and then quickly texted, "That’s great! I'm graduating really soon. I plan to travel to South Africa. If you are still in South Africa then, can I come and find you?"


Chapter Notes:

Translator’s note(s):

  1. The word ‘gay’ is typed in English in the original work itself. No discrimination or anything. Don’t overthink.
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tencent_QQ Penguin logo for QQ.

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