Zhan Long

Chapter 603

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Chapter 603 A Period of Living Together

The soldiers of Tian Ling Empire retreated. Theodore looked at Frost with fear. Holy Domain power began to flash on his sword and he urged his horse away, never looking back.


Angela looked at Frost with surprise and relief, “Lady Frost, you’ve truly revived?”

Frost nodded, “Yes. With the help of Li Xiao Yao, I have awakened. Not only have I revived, I’ve also awakened my memories and training from my previous life. Right now, the power in my body is slowly awakening. However, the process is extremely long. I’ve only recovered ten percent of my strength. If more than three of the Hybrid Demon Kings were to come at me at once, then I may not be able to fight them off. Especially Xi Fu, Da Lun, Lanais, and Igoras. Those four have a god level power.”

Angela’s small mouth widened, “Huh? Frost.. You have the power of a Superior God?”


“That’s wonderful….” The princess was a little breathless from excitement. She leapt off her horse and smiled, “Now that Lady Frost has returned, she will become a strong shield for Ba Huang City. She is the strongest possible candidate for guarding Dragon City and the Dragon’s Den!”

Frost smiled, “Your highness, Dragon City is currently being rebuilt. I will soon begin to recruit our old soldiers and create an undefeatable Dragon City Army. However, Dragon City will need the support of Ba Huang City’s resources. Right now, we need an enormous amount of stones to create Black Cliff Crossbow Machines and new blacksmith shops. More importantly, we need laborers and gold.”

Angela nodded, “Everything you need, Ba Hang City will do its best to get it to you.”

Frost smiled and looked towards the Tian Ling Empire, “I will plant a lot of Snow Grass on the South Border of the Ice Ridge Mountains and raise war horses there. Your highness, in the wilderness northeast of Ba Huang City, there’s a type of horse that is incredibly resistant to the cold. Dragon City will need a thousand of them. I want to train warriors that don’t have dragon steeds on these horses. Can Ba Huang City send some elite cavalrymen to tame these horses. Afterwards, we’ll raise them in Dragon City.”


Angela raised her Destroyer, the current Ba Huang City Royal Sword and said, “Just leave this to Ba Huang City. I will send our best soldiers to do this. Now, should we retreat? With so many soldiers stationed at the border will definitely put the Tian Ling Empire on its edge. Right now, there’s no need for us to offend the Tian Ling Empire.”



Yet another problem was solved. Frost, the Queen Zhi Shu, Wan Er and I returned to Dragon City together. The time period for the servitude contract between Queen Zhi Shu and I was almost over. However, she had already promised that she will help Frost develop Dragon City again. Frost happily agreed to the Red Dragon Queen’s offer. Besides everything else, just the fact that Zhi Shu was a vice god level Holy Dragon was enough to prove that she would be of great assistance to Frost.

I glanced at the time. I had already been online for 37 hours straight. Finally, Frost had revived and I hadn’t failed her expectation. Li Mu, Qing Qian and the other officer level players took the players to the border of Ba Huang City, the Depths to train levels. Wan Er left to play with Dong Cheng and Thousand Suns to grind skills. They needed to quickly grind them up to Heaven’s Tier Level 1. That way, they’d be even more powerful!

Time to log off and rest!



Everything was dark when I opened my eyes. I took off my helmet and took a deep breath. I looked over at the other bed and saw that Glasses bro was squirming in his bed. He violently shuddered a few times. He must’ve been in the middle of an extremely intense maneuver. This however was just a side effect from the brain waves not being completely in sync with the game. I’ve seen Wan Er play with her helmet once, and there were no unusual movements. She laid there very peacefully. Of course, everyone’s style was different. Glasses Bro had a more volatile personality. Whether one squirms or not has nothing to do with their skill.

I took a quick shower and changed into a clean set of clothes.

After this, I walked out into the yard. Rays of sunlight fell upon my skin, warming me up. I bought a box of lunch from a vendor on the side of the road. I then sat down and ate three boxes all at once. It wasn’t until then that I finally felt like I was 80% full. On my way back, I walked onto a small path of fallen leaves. I took out my phone and scrolled to Shen Bing’s number. “Du du” a few seconds later, Shen Bing’s flirty voice sounded through the phone——

“Oh? You’re finally willing to give me a call?”

I smiled, “What are you talking about sister Shen Bing?”

“Come on, out with it. What do you need? I’m currently busy… I’m helping Wei Fan that idiot kill a Level 110 Saint Tier BOSS. I nearly got instantly killed. Acting as a spy really is hard work…”

“Uh huh.” I nodded and then said, “Sister Shen Bing, has there been any new information regarding Blood Scythe? Most importantly… what’s that Ou Yang Chuan’s situation like? Do we have anyone tailing him?”

Shen Bing said, “As for that…. Blood Scythe has been pretty stable recently. They’ve just been maintaining their normal underground business, drugs, arms dealing, and underground fights. They’ve already bought off the Hang Zhou police and so they aren’t touching Blood Scythe. Even if they were to try, they wouldn’t use any weapons. Right now, Ou Yang Chuan has moved into Blue Water Street. Also, three fights occurred in Yang Zhou and Huai An cities. Seven people died in total, and they all died from being torn to death by claws.”

I was stunned, “Have the Artificial humans already been transferred to the Su Bei area?”

“Yes.” Shen Bing continued, “Normal police have no way of handling them. Their movements are just too quick. And so, the police of all areas are now secretly developing special forces. However, the effect isn’t very noticeable. The business with the Artificial Humans has finally caught the government’s attention. Seven senior officials in the army are meeting in the capital for a secret agreement. We must deal with the Artificial Humans situation without causing a mass panic. The Secret Service* have already begun looking into the movements of the main suspects. We must find the mastermind behind Blood Scythe within a month and find the cure for the modified people.”
TL Note: A different Chinese government agency, not the American presidential security detail

I took a deep breath and said, “Mobilizing the troops, this situation really is getting out of hand… what do you need me to do right now? Has Captain Wang said anything?”

Shen Bing smiled, “As for you, you can just peacefully protect your little miss Wan Er. Do your best not to provoke Ou Yang Chuan. That Yang Yan level practitioner is the thorn in HQ’s eye. However, you are our last strong card, and we don’t want to lose you so easily. Ou Yang Chuan is just a greedy underling. Just for his services, Wei Fan has bought several villas in the Xi Hu neighborhoods of Hang Zhou. Plus, he’s gotten himself countless women. He’s probably living more carefreely than you. Best is to not bother with him.”

I was a little speechless, “Extravagance and living carefree are two different things. Don’t insult my ID. Otherwise, I’ll kill you even if it means killing myself….”

Shen Bing laughed, “Tonight at 8, Room 301 in the Xi Hu District’s Ou Yang Restaurant. I’ll wash myself thoroughly and wait for you. Do you dare to come and take me down with yourself? If you dare, then come quickly. Ha ha ha….”

I grit my teeth, “You win! I’m going to go to sleep!”

“Oh….” Shen Bing smiled and said, “I just heard some interesting news. Looks like you went to the Hybrid Demon Territory by yourself and revived your master? You really are amazing. The person I’ve chosen really is special!”

I felt goosebumps rise on my arm, “I mainly relied on the help of two other NPCs. Otherwise I would’ve been instantly killed countless times. Ok, no more talking. I’m going to sleep! I’m nearly dead!”

“Ok ok, go ahead~”


I returned to my dorm and went straight to sleep.

When I woke up, it was already 7 o’clock in the morning. Wan Er’s call came just in time and we went to eat breakfast together.

Late autumn had finally settled in and the chilly weather had set in.

Wan Er wore all black with a red scarf. With her elegant heels, the entire atmosphere she gave off was above normal. Dong Cheng had a similar outfit on. These two little misses didn’t have a worry about money, and had enough to spend on dressing up. When I got close to them, Wan Er walked over with a smile on her face. She reached out and tugged on my sleeve, “You haven’t washed this outfit in seven days right?”

My face went red, “Actually, it’s been 14 days…”

“Woow, such a shameless guy. Later, take it off. I’ll help you wash it…”

“Don’t. Winter’s almost here. Being a little gross will be hidden under all the jackets for the wind!”


Wan Er’s hands were in fists as she looked at me with a huffy expression. It looked as though she was going to kill me.

Dong Cheng giggled, “Wan Er, talk with him about the serious stuff!”


Wan Er looked straight into my face and said, “Li Xiao Yao, I want to announce a very important thing to you!”

“Oh? What is it?” I asked with a smile.

Wan Er’s face went completely red, “That… that…”

Dong Cheng impatiently rushed her, “Don’t that that me… here I’ll say it! Brother Xiao Yao, you know about the South part of Liu Hua University, right? There’s a lot of villas and buildings that you can rent. Each one has around ten rooms. It has everything, from kitchens to living rooms. Our Wan Er wants to rent one. Why don’t you come and live with us. After all, that would be a bit safer. Please keep your dissent to yourself.”

I was stunned, “Oh? Doesn’t that mean we’ll be living together?”

“Yup, do you have any problems with that?” Dong Cheng asked with a mischievous look. “Logically, shouldn’t you be looking forward to this? After all, the little miss will just be around the corner….”

I turned red and rubbed my nose, “Am I really that kind of a person? I am a just and courageous police….”

“Hmph, then I’ll take it that you agree!”

I looked at Wan Er and said, “Wan Er, I think you should ask what your father thinks first, shouldn’t you? Otherwise, I won’t be able to explain it to him. Am i right?”

Wan Er nodded, “Yup, I was just about to ask him that….”

As she said that, she pulled out her phone and began a call. The three of us stood in the chilly autumn wind using gestures to communicate——

“Daddy~~~” Wan Er sweetly called out.

A cheerful voice came out from the other side, “Oh, Wan Er, why are you calling me? I’m on the way to Nanjing. I can’t eat with you today.”

Wan Er smiled, “That’s fine, you don’t have to eat with me. Dad, I have something I want to formally let you know.”

Lin Tian Nan smiled, “Oh, looks like you’re acting first and then reporting. Come on, out with it As long as it isn’t anything that oversteps the boundaries, then I’ll definitely give it to you.”

“It’s like this…” Wan Er hesitated for a second, and then said, “Our university has a neighborhood of villas. Dong Cheng and I want to move into one of them. The environment there is much better than the dorms. Daddy will say yes right?”

Lin Tian Nan immediately felt something wrong, “Is Li Xiao Yao going to move in with you?”

“Yup. The villa is around two kilometers away from the university…. If he doesn’t go, then safety would be an issue. I heard that the people in the Blood Scythe are really cruel. You’ve even offended them….”

Lin Tian Nan was speechless, “Alright. Then you can move in. However….”

“However what?”

Lin Tian Nan smiled, “However, you guys can live on the second floor. I will set people up in the first floor. Don’t worry, they won’t interfere with your lifestyle or your games.”

“Hmph, dad, are you sending more people to monitor me?”

“Not at all, just for security…”

“Hmph, sounds so nice!”

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