Zhan Long

Chapter 458

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Chapter 458 Chi You’s Body

A slight breeze blew up my War Swept Cloak as I trembled, “No matter how hard we try to avoid it, what will come will come in the end. Li Mu, Qing Qian….”

“Here.” General Li Mu and Qing Qian both looked up at me.

I gritted my teeth and said, “Qing Qian, stay here and help kill the BOSS. Li Mu, take all of the [Zhan Long] teams that aren’t killing the BOSS and head straight towards Bowl Valley. Be careful as you’re heading over and constantly send Wind Elves ahead to scout out the area so that you don’t get ambushed by [Hero’s Mound]. I will do my best to kill the BOSS as soon as possible, get the Talisman, and head over to meet up with you guys!”

General Li Mu seemed a little doubtful, “Are we really going to head over and help [Prague]?”

I gave a serious nod, “Q-Sword brought his troops all the way to Ba Huang City, and his purpose is very clear. [Hero’s Mound] wants to participate in Ba Huang City’s conflicts. This was a decision he made in all seriousness…. Seeing as Q-Sword has made his move, [Zhan Long] can’t just sit around and watch. If even [Prague] is destroyed, then what other Ba Huang City guilds can truly rival [Hero’s Mound]?”

“Understood. I’ll head over right now!”

Li Mu turned around and headed straight over without looking back. With a single command, he left several hundred players with me, and took the other ten thousand players with him. Very quickly, they disappeared into the horizon. Once they left, I increased the speed of my attacks. Qing Qian, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands, Old K, Wang Jian and the others all gave support. Old K and Wang Jian blocked [Vanguard]’s advance, while the other team leaders focused on dealing damage to the BOSS.


In the distance, all of the players from [Enemies at the Gate] had melded into a group with [Vanguard] as they fought. The battle was extremely fierce, and there didn’t seem to be a losing party.


My [Seven Star Fragment Slash] cut through the crowds. I raised my head and looked at Jian Feng Han who hung in the sky and shouted, “Q-Sword has already sent his troops all the way to the gates of Ba Huang City. [Prague] is currently being killed. Jian Feng Han, do we still need to fight over this BOSS?”

Jian Feng Han glanced at the BOSS’s health and said, “At least we’ll kill the BOSS before we deal with [Hero’s Mound]. Xiao Yao Zi Zai, do you not want to gather all 10 Talismans?”

“I understand….”

I swung my Dragon Reservoir Sword and activated [Dragon Transformation]. My body grew, and energy began to course through my veins. My War Swept Cloak flew up behind me as I charged forward 20 yards alongside my Flaming Tiger God. Both of my blades glowed with Dou Qi, and I slashed [Vanguard]’s frontline into pieces. Goodbye Tears, Don’t Be Foolish and North Pole all retreated backwards. Jian Feng Han didn’t dare come close to me for a full 60 seconds while Qing Qian, Wolf and Fox all did their best to deal damage. The BOSS let out a dying scream, as it’s health was falling lower and lower!

After another 3 minutes, I turned around and threw a [Combo]+[Fierce Ice Blade] at the BOSS. The Dou Qi that surrounded the arms of the Slaughterer Mu Lin slowly faded away. He had killed enough Ba Huang City players, and with another cry, he fell to his knees and died. My experience bar flew up and behind me, Wolf and Qing Qian both leveled up!


The second the BOSS died, he dropped a ton of equipment. Jian Feng Han rushed over. On the ground, Simple gripped her staff and was activating [Ancient Demon Blade] and [Magma Abyss].

I saw everything clearly and cast a glance at Qing Qian. She immediately nodded!


I opened up my hand and locked onto Simple. Using [Defeat the Dragon], I dragged her to my side. After the fight with the BOSS, my rage went up 57 points and so I activated another skill, [Curse of Night Fury Asura]. “Pa!” I threw a punch right into Simple’s shoulder. The curse succeeded! She couldn’t use [Dimensional Leap]!

Qing Qian’s body flew over. Her two daggers swung at Simple. Simple raised her staff to block, and sparks flew when the two weapons met. But, just as before, she couldn’t withstand Qing Qian’s attack and her [Mana Shield] shattered in seconds.

I looked up and glared at Jian Feng Han. He was already grabbing for his sword.


My War Swept Cloak fluttered in the wind and I leaped over. My Cloud Stepping Boots landed right on Jian Feng Han’s arm, and blocked him from grabbing his weapon. At the same time, my Cold Iron Sword pierced right into my stepping stone and spun back towards me. Now, I gripped my Dragon Reservoir Sword with both hands. With a strong swing, I cut through the air with a [Wind Blade], and creating a beautiful glowing arc in the sky!



Jian Feng Han was thrown back into the sky. Behind him, his wings opened up. He gritted his teeth as he glared at me, but he had no way of defending himself, and he was too far away too strike me.

I turned around and threw the tenth Talisman into my bag along with three other equipments. I turned around to look and saw that Qing Qian’s dagger was buried into Simple’s chest. It was [Twin Blade Harmony], and was a mortal wound. She looked into Qing Qian’s face with a shocked expression, as though she could tell that she was about to die.

In a matter of life and death, I immediately yelled out, “Melon, don’t! Don’t kill her!”


Qing Qian quickly stopped her attack. At that moment, Simple recovered her ability to cast spells and with a raise of her hand, she used [Dimensional Leap] and threw an [Indigo Sea Arrow]. However, she didn’t see the beautiful shadow that was behind her. “Peng!” the skill was interrupted. Matcha swung out her sword, blocking Simple’s retreat. Her beautiful face was filled with rage, “Melon didn’t kill you, and now you want to kill her!?”

Simple guiltily looked down and raised her staff as she quickly retreated.

I also quickly retreated and raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword, “Everyone, head to Bowl Valley. Follow me!”

Qing Qian caught up to me and blinked in confusion, “Brother Xiao Yao, why not kill Simple?”

I gritted my teeth, “[Hero’s Mound] is here. If we keep Simple, we can kill some more of [Hero’s Mound] players. Otherwise, how else are we supposed to block [Hero’s Mound]’s advance?!”

Qing Qian wryly smiled, “So it was like that. And here I thought it was because brother had a crush on Simple and so he wouldn’t let me kill her…”

My lips twitched, “You’re joking, am I really that kind of a person?”

“Wu….. pretty much!”

“Am not…..”

Matcha raised her sword and ran to our side with a smile, “Let’s look at what the BOSS dropped, shall we? This was a Lv 95 Saint Tier BOSS! The strongest BOSS in this battle. There must be some good stuff…”

As I ran, I took out the three weapons that I put into my bag. One was an exquisite golden chest plate that looked extremely graceful. It didn’t look like it was a male player’s equipment. Then there was a ring that had a black glow surrounding it. Finally, there was a red flag, though I’m not sure what it was meant for. I looked at the chest plate first. With a wave of my hand, the stats appeared before everyone——

[Dark Fairy Armor] (Saint Tier)

Type: Heavy Armor

Defense: 1400

Strength: +101

Endurance: +100

Agility: +97

Additional: Increases the user’s defense by 20%

Additional: Increases the user’s magic defense by 44%

Additional: Increases the user’s health by 2500

Special: [Kiss of the Dark Fairy] when under attack, there’s a 50% chance that this skill will turn 50% of the damage into the player’s own health

Required Level: 84

Required Gender: Female


I was speechless when I saw the stats. “It’s just for women? That’s so unfair. Alright then, all the heavy armor female players, line up….”

Matcha pouted and said, “No need to line up, my points are the highest. Give it to me. However many points you need, just take it. Boss, you decide….”


I tossed the armor to Matcha. Her level wasn’t high enough now, but she will be able to put it on soon.

I continued onto the next equipment. It was the ring that had a black-red glow to it. I held it in my palm and then waved my hand over it, and displayed the ring’s stats in front of us Hehe, it’s really good——

[Unrivaled Ring] (Saint Tier)

Strength: +105

Endurance: +102

Agility: +100

Additional: Increases the user’s attack by 400

Additional: Increases the user’s Max HP by 2500

Special: [Unrivaled], this ring contains an ancient, godly power. For 7 seconds, the user’s attacks will disregard any attempts from its targets to block or parry, at the same time, the user’s attacks will also create a magic attack that is of the same level as the physical attack. Consumes 40 points of Rage

Special: [Chi You’s Body], Gives the user Chi You’s superhuman strength and increases natural recover by 200%

Required: 85

Charm Requirement: 150


As they looked at the ring, Matcha, Qing Qian, Old K and Wolf were all speechless.

“F*ck…..” Old K made a fist, “This ring was practically made for Li Bastard. It requires 150 charm, and level 85. I don’t think there’s anyone else that meets that requirement?”

Qing Qian smiled, “If Cang Tong had joined [Zhan Long] already, then she’d be able to fulfill it….”

“Her? Nah, I don’t even know when she will come over….” Wolf seemed to be a little resentful.

Matcha’s head bumped Wolf’s shoulder and glared at him, “ Wan Er has her own reasons for not joining [Zhan Long] yet, Little Wolf, seeing as you’re boss’s brother, you should understand.”

Wolf rubbed his nose, “I understand… Nevermind, pretend I didn’t say anything….”

I held onto the Unrivaled Ring and said, “How’s this, I’ll take the ring and take off 500,000 guild points from myself.”


I looked at the equipment that I had. I currently had two rings, one was the ring that had the [Shield of the Crimson Dragon] skill, while the other had a 10% Drain ability. I was stuck between three options. I had no other choice but to take off the Crimson Dragon Ring. The 10% Drain was much more important. I’ll just have to give up on the [Shield of the Crimson Dragon] skill. I threw the ring to Wang Jian. He was one of the strongest fighters on the frontline, and needed a skill like this.

After I put on the Unrivaled Ring, my stats immediately grew a ton——

[Xiao Yao Zi Zai] (Dragon City Guardian)

Level: 86

Attack: 5512-6794

Defense: 4762

Health: 17292

Mana: 5214

Charm: 167

CBN Battlenet Ranking: 15


I have such a crazy Max HP now, but that was to be expected since that was the future of mainstream frontline battles. Maybe, even within a month, everyone in will be saying: How can you claim to be a main tank if you don’t have at least 20,000 health?

I continued onto the last piece of equipment. Maybe it wasn’t even an equipment, but rather an item. It was a crimson flag that had a murderous feeling to it. I waved my hand over it, and the stats appeared in the sky. It really wasn’t a simple item——

[Blood Flag] (Saint Tier)

Type: Shoulder Emblem Support Item

Strength: +105

Endurance: +105

Agility: +105

Effect: Once this item is equipped it will increase the attack power of all players within the main guild and guild divisions that are within 1000 yards of the user by 20%. The user who wears this must be either a Guild Master, a Vice Guild Master, or an Elder. On top of that, if this player were to die then the effect would disappear.

Required: 84


Gripping the Blood Flag, I couldn’t help but smile, “This is a good item, who wants it?”

Qing Qian gripped her dagger and said, “Originally I would’ve really wanted it…. but I’m an Assassin, and it’s really easy killing me. The person who equips it needs to be someone who can survive until the end. Of all players who are Guild Master or Elder level players, I think that Matcha is the most suitable…”

Matcha jolted, “Me? I….. Would I be able to fulfill such a heavy responsibility?”

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