Zhan Long

Chapter 408

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Chapter 408

The further East we traveled, the closer we got to Ice Ridge Mountain. The sky brought out a frosty breeze, as the landscape begin to become dotted with brambles and pine trees filling the map. Everything was covered with piles of fresh powder, and flurries danced in the air. I was in the middle of a ditch, and my battle boots were knee deep in muddy water: the breeze cut to the bone.

“They’re almost here….”

Qing Qian glanced back to look, “Their wind elves are flying extremely fast, we won’t be able to lose them,” she said anxiously. “Not only that, Fang Ge Que ordered his mages to use [Dimensional Leap] to move. It won’t take them much more than 10 minutes to catch up to us.”

I also looked back, and just as she had said, a mass of [Legend] players had already appeared behind us. They were less than 500 yards away, and they were going to catch up sooner or later.

Sword Reborn’s face was completely ashen, “What do we do? How about…. We just face them head on right here!”

I immediately shook my head, “No, we don’t have any advantage here. The further away we lead [Legend], the greater chance Jian Feng Han has of obtaining the Citadel Guarding Decree, so we must advance!”

Annoyed, Sheltering Guest exclaimed, “We…. If we do that, aren’t we basically stitching Jian Feng Han’s wedding clothes with our own hand*?”
TL Note: Slaving away for Jian Feng Han’s benefit

“Yes.” I didn’t deny it. Instead, I softly said, “But at least this way is better than letting Fang Ge Que steal the Citadel Guarding Decree, and become the ultimate winner at the end of this. This way at least we can protect the dignity of Ba Huang City players!”

Darling Duck nodded, “Yup, guildmaster is right! The big picture is most important….. Even though I also hate Jian Feng Han, that arrogant bastard….”

I opened up the map, and scanned it, “If we continue east another 200 yards, we’ll get to “Glacial Peak”. This peak is around 100 meters tall. Maybe we can use it as our defense line. We’ll defend for a moment at Glacial Peak, and then continue advancing east. A little further away is the mythical “Glacial River Valley”. If we can bring [Legend] to “Glacial River Valley”, then we’ll have achieved our goal!”

“Glacial River Valley?”

Qing Qian furrowed her slender brows, “Brother Xiao Yao, isn’t that a little too crazy? I’ve studied the Glacial River Valley map before, and Glacial River Valley. No one is quite sure how thick the ice is. We can at the very least assume that the monsters under the ice all have extremely high levels. It’s rumored that there’s a Coelacanth that was frozen there from the ancient times. It has extremely sharp teeth and high attack power. Once we fall into the Glacial River Valley, there’s only one fate, death.”

(Interjection: Coelacanth, a marine animal that existed on Earth 400 million years ago. It is one of the primogenitors of reptiles. In this novel, the attack power has been exaggerated for the sole purpose of the plot. Please don’t take it for real.)

I looked towards the Glacial Peak, “No matter what, we must fight this battle. Even if we all end up dying in the stomach of a Coelacanth, at least that is better than getting killed by Fang Ge Que. How about this, everyone listen, we’ll scatter right now and meet up again at Glacial Peak. Once we fight a short battle to delay them, then we’ll head towards the Glacial River Valley and cross it!”

Sword Reborn and Sheltering Guest nodded, “Understood!”


400+ people quickly dashed across the Glacial Peak. True to expectations, this 100 meter peak was like a natural protective screen. It was like a city wall in the middle of the plains; it also provided an extremely good bunker for us.

I sat down at the top of the peak and let my Emperor Qin Sword rest at my feet. I looked at the distance [Legend] players and spoke, “They’re attacking uphill, so their attack power will be cut down by at least 50%. On the other hand, we’re attacking downhill, so our long range attack power will increase. Once they are 60 yards away from us they will have already entered the range of our long range players and we’ll ruthlessly attack them. Once they are 20 yards away from us, then I will lead our close combat specialists to charge down at them. At that point, we’ll them directly!”

Sheltering Guest raised his battle axe with a barking laugh, “Alright! I’ve been waiting for this moment!”

As the distance between us was closing, we could see the countless wind elves flying right us. But since the peak was too high, they couldn’t fly up to the top so they all lowered their speeds. It was clear that they were under Fang Ge Que’s orders to wait for the close range division to assist them during the charge.

Everyone held their breath as they closely watched the distance between us and [Legend].

“Pa pa…..”

Droplets of sweat rolled off Qing Qian’s chin and landed on the grass. She must have been extremely nervous to be sweating in such a cold environment. In reality, it wasn’t just her; almost all of us were completely drenched in sweat, after all, our enemy was 12 times more numerous than us!


In the distance, Little Scholar had his spear in hand as he raised his head to look up at the peak, “Guildmaster, they’re planning on stopping us at Glacial Peak. What should we do? Do we… attack head on?”

Fang Ge Que’s cunning eyes shone, “There’s no need. Send out two teams of 1000 men and go around the peak to cut off their retreat. Little Scholar, you’ll take 3000 people to attack their front and I’ll bring up the rear. This time, we’ll send Xiao Yao Zi Zai and the rest of them to their graves right here! Not one of them will escape!”

“Got it!”

[Legend] split into three teams, and there wasn’t a thing we could to do counter. They had the advantage in terms of numbers, we could only fight them on the front for a moment.


I suddenly pulled out my Cold Iron Sword and roared out, “Brothers, gauge the distance and prepare to attack!”


Hoards of [Legend]’s players charged up the peak, and we all pulled out our swords, our bows and notched our arrows. Once the enemy entered the 60 yard range, Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands sent a chain of spells out, instantly killing three people. The other archers, mages, and musketeers also went full out. Within moments, spells, arrows and bullets barraged the enemy, washing the peak in blood. The short 100 meter peak had become littered with the dead. Once the [Legend] players were within 20 yards of us, they had already lost over 200 people.

“Now, close combat specialists, follow me!”

I gripped my two swords and summoned my Flaming Tiger God and charged straight at the [Legend] players. With a slash, I sent out a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] and another [Great Realm of Desolation], destroying a mage who’s shield had been broken. My Flaming Tiger God roared out and activated [Burstfire Raid], pouncing right into the midst of enemies. Qing Qian followed behind me, dropping a [Grip of the Firefox] into the crowds. She carried her dagger and used [Absolute Step] to charge forward. With a chilling speed, she passed by two archers, immediately forcing them to their knees. On top of that, Sheltering Guest and Sword Reborn both charged forward. No matter how strong [Legend] was, they couldn’t defend against our fierce attacks.

“Pa pa pa…..”

Several arrows buried themselves into my chest and I retreated several steps. Soon after, I was surrounded by magic spells and my health quickly dropped to the bottom of the bar. I retreated again. The firepower of the [Legend] players was much greater than average!

As I was receiving heal from Darling Duck, I looked at the group and my gaze turned cold, “Careful, Fang Ge Que has arrived!”

Once my words fell, Fang Ge Que suddenly advanced 40 yards. With a wave of his paper fan, he activated [Fire and Ice Storm] + [Blazewind Lock], swallowing up Sheltering Guest. He was instantly killed –Fang Ge Que didn’t need any time to target his spells. Closely afterwards, he sent an [Ice Rock Blast], killing one of [Zhan Long]’s archers. On his shoulder, his Thunder Beast started barking, and in the blink of an eye, his entire body changed shaped.


Qing Qian, support me as I kill Fang Ge Que!”

My eyes filled with malice and I immediately roared under my breath. I let my two swords dance, hacking through the crowd. I suddenly used a [Seven Stars Teleportation] and locked the skill in front of me!


With a cold flash of my blade, I hacked right at Fang Ge Que’s shoulder.


Fang Ge Que seemed to have predicted that I would attack given that he activated [Black Tortoise Shield]. At the same time, his feet slid backwards with an impeccable line, he dodged my [Wind Blade].


My War Swept Cloak fluttered, as I made a complete turn. My Cold Iron Sword cut down at an angle, its speed extraordinarily high. Even Fang Ge Que didn’t have the time to completely react to the surprise attack. His pupils flashed with terror and he raised his paper fan. He did that to…. block?”


Indeed, the blade created sparks as it clashed with the paper fan; the paper fan had iron ribs!

Even though the attack was blocked, I was still able to shake Fang Ge Que’s balance. I immediately sent out another skill: the combo [Strength of a Thousand Men]!


A white glow began to rise from my feet and a chain of five attacks suddenly hit against Fang Ge Que’s [Black Tortoise Shield]. It had brought the durability all the way down to 21%. With a wave of my hand, I sent out another level 8 [Combo]!

Fang Ge Que’s attention was not only on myself, but also on Qing Qian. The second [Grip of the Firefox] activated, Fang Ge Que used his third [Dimensional Leap], dodging both my [Combo] and Qing Qian’s attack. A group of heavy armor [Legend] knights suddenly rushed forward. “Peng!” they pushed me back and Fang Ge Que waved his fan, [Spiral Ice Dance]!


I activated [Blade Rush] as I thought of attacking back and dodged the [Spiral Ice Dance]. Frustrated, I gripped my long sword, and angrily roared out, “Brothers, scatter or else if we’re surrounded then all is over!”

[Zhan Long], [Enemies At The Gate], and [Blood Contract] had all suffered great damages. Within the 5 minutes of brutal battle, the number of our people went from 400+ to only about 200+. Not many remained. Although we also killed many [Legend] players, it was obvious that we had suffered losses.

My eyes widened as I saw Fang Ge Que in the distance. I had finally realized that he was the most powerful enemy. I had never gained the upper hand during all my clashes with Fang Ge Que! Everything was going as he predicted. He was indeed an extremely terrifying opponent……

“Retreat!” Qing Qian also shouted out loud.

The players of [Legend] charged after us from behind. With a bloodthirsty look, Fang Ge Que yelled, “Don’t let them get away! Go! At least kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai!”

Holding his long spear, Little Scholar laughed, “Brothers! Let’s go! Slay Xiao Yao Zi Zai with me! The one that kills Xiao Yao Zi Zai will be rewarded a high rank, richest silks, gold, and silver. Hahaha…… To them I will give a king’s ransom of weath.”

The crowded [Legend] players hiked up the mountain and went after the defeated players of the three allied guilds.

My Cold Iron Sword and Emperor Qin’s Sword were covered with fresh blood. I had slaughtered others until a slight helplessness was felt within my heart. I was about to see my own failure and this was a most pathetic thing.

At the moment, a sudden loud bang was heard coming from the west. As everybody turned to look at the sky, a ball of flames came down like an enormous meteorite right at us!

“What’s that?” Little Scholar asked in shock.


The enormous ball of flame crashed on the mountain and Little Scholar was the first to be devoured by flames. His location got it the worst. He was directly smashed to death by the ball of flames. In addition, more than 200 [Legend] players in the surrounding area were killed by the spurts of fire. Everyone glared at this monster——

Fang Ge Que draw in his breath and asked, “Why……why are we so unlucky?”

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