Zhan Long

Chapter 403

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Chapter 403 Can’t Fight Anymore


My War Swept Cloak fluttered behind me as I stood in front of Frost to protect her. After calculating the distance, I loftily opened my left hand,, and activated [Great Realm of Desolation]!



Huo Li’s body trembled. My attack had actually broken through his defense. He glared right at me his eyes filled with killing intent. A golden flame revolved around his fist as he said, “You miniscule ant, why don’t you have a taste of godly power!”

I immediately raised my two swords, and dipped my body. I entered into a defensive stance, and activated [Shield of the Crimson Dragon]!

Huo Li rushed at me and bashed me with a heavy punch, breaking through the defense of my Cold Iron Sword and the Emperor Qin’s Sword. Even more so, I could feel my ribs shatter as I flew into the air! I was thrown heavily against the stone wall a dozen meters away. A shocking damage number flew above my head——



Old K roared out, throwing [Battle Axe Throw] right into Huo Li’s shoulder. At the same time he abruptly activated [Whirlwind Slash], and yelled out, “I don’t f*cking care if you have some ‘godly’ power. Go die!”

Huo Li exploded, “Move the f*ck away!”

Huo Li’s arm was engulfed in flames as he began charging up a skill. The aura emitted was so strong that Old K’s health suddenly fell, and he automatically activated [Oppose the Heavens] . However, Old K didn’t retreat, and used this precious opportunity to raise his battle axe and ferociously attack. Huo Li then threw several bone shattering punches into Old K’s body. His skill inhibited death, so Old K was able to take all of the damage without falling!

“Time’s almost up, Old K, get ready to retreat….” I said as I shakily stood up from the ruins.

Frost had finally finished accumulating Dou Qi. She raised Severing Beauty, as streams of ice energy began to materialize. Quickly it formed into the image of an Ice Dragon. [Decimate the Ice Dragon] activated!


In the midst of the soaring dragon’s flight The soaring Ice Dragon roared as it flew right through Huo Li’s body. As expected, this flawless skill could even break through this god tier BOSS. As the Ice Dragon wreaked havoc, Huo Li’s wretched screams were endless. The vice-god armor that was created around his body was stripped piece by piece, exposing his tender skin. Then, red scales suddenly appeared on top of this layer of skin. The sight of this froze people’s hearts, what exactly is Huo Li?

Once [Decimate the Ice Dragon] finished, all of the strength in Frost’s body was used up. “Pu Tong”, she weakly sat on the ground with her snowy legs sinking onto the burnt ground.



Huo Li rushed into the sky in a fit of anger as his body continuously convulsed. It was only until half a minute later did the ice energy in his body finally recede. Covered in blood, he maliciously looked down at Frost and laughed, “Dragon City’s beautiful Dragon Knight Commander Frost truly lives up to her name. This skill came from the ancient times. I’ve experienced it before. It’s from the forgotten school, Dong Hai Sheng Xuan Yu. However, if you thought that you could use this [Decimate Ice Dragon] of yours to kill me, then keep on dreaming! Hand over your life now!”

Huo Li clenched his fist once again, activating yet another ferocious skill!

My heart trembled. I immediately tossed away all desire to survive, and charged forward throwing my body on top of Frost’s lap. Putting my hands around her waist I activated [Haste]. I yelled out, “Brothers, help me shield her for a moment, Frost cannot die. If a BOSS level NPC dies, they cannot revive. I definitely cannot lose my master!”

“I’m coming!”

General Wang Jian dashed forward, and pressed his blade against Huo Li’s neck. His blade began to glow with a hexagram, and he quickly activated [Skyshaker Slash]. Huo Li’s neck still had Luo Lei’s broken sword lodged in it. At that moment, fresh blood began to flow out, and the aggro was immediately drawn towards Wang Jian. Angrily, he raised his fist and gathered flames around it. He roared out, “Ant, go die!”



Wang Jian was killed in one stroke as his body burnt to ashes, and were scattered by the wind.

Li Mu raised his blade and roared out, “Holy motherf*cker, if this Jiu Li City’s BOSS doesn’t die, then our Ba Huang City will never have a chance at victory. Brothers, charge with me! Let’s put our lives on the line!”

Wolf and Old K also rushed forward together!


A shadow suddenly sprinted past them. Misty Clouds raised his arm and blocked everyone, his eyes filled with determination. He said in a low voice, “No, this BOSS will instantly kill anyone. You guys can’t die just like that. Let me go by myself!”

At his command, the 100+ players from [Enemies at the Gate] charged forward, and surrounded Huo Li. They launched attacks at him from every direction. Huo Li immediately became infuriated, and conjured clusters of flames to sweep the area around him. Within a short ten seconds, all the 100+ men had been annihilated while I took those ten seconds to carry Frost to the main formation. From a distance, I nodded to Misty Cloud, and he nodded back with his eyes drooping. We both knew that this battle was getting harder and harder to fight.


On our Ba Huang City’s side, Duke Luo Lei sat on his mount at the frontlines. Luo Lin was wrapping up his wound as I gently set Frost down before him.

Frost had recovered some of her energy, and her face was not as pale as it was before. She struggled to stand up, and finally knelt on one knee before Luo Lin, “My lord, I….I have already done all I can, but….but that Huo Li has the body of a vice-god. He’s gone through the training from the ancient times. With my current strength, I have no way of actually killing him…..”

Luo Lin noddd, “I understand. Frost, you have done well. Huo Li is Jiu Li City Duke’s trump card. Killing him will need much more than just you alone. We still have more cards to play….”

“Got it!”

In the distance, Dragon City’s soldiers had finally arrived. A big man carrying a battle axe rode his sturdy battle horse towards us. He swung his battle axe around and roared out, “Huo Li, you mass murderer, your grandpa Su Ke has come to play with you!”

Dragon City’s Dragon Knight’s Vice commander had finally arrived!

Su Ke jumped right off the battle horse, and swept his battle axe through the air. The image of a mountain started to condense. With great force, he swung the axe onto Huo Li’s shoulder!


Dust flew into the sky as a shock wave was created.

“Pu!”, Huo Li spat out another mouthful of blood, but his face remained as calm as ever. He looked at the battle axe lodged into his arm and revealed a cold smile as he raised his hand and punched. “Keng!” it let out a sound that caused the earth to tremble. Su Ke’s ribs were practically shattered as he flew several hundred meters away, and landed heavily on the ground, his screams unending.

“Vice Commander Su Ke!”

At the rear, the few cavalrymen’s faces turned green, and they held up their spears while shouting out loud, “Attention all! Vice Leader Su Ke has died! Everyone, throw your spears, and turn Huo Li into a porcupine!”


The cavalrymen separated, and set up on the left and right of Huo Li. All of them then raised their spears. The next second, thousands of spears flew simultaneously, and the light from the stars was almost covered by the spears. This was the strength of a big army. As “Pa Pa Pa” sounds were heard, numerous spears blasted on Huo Li’s body. Yet, Huo Li stood still in an arrogant manner, guffawed, and let the spears shoot towards him. His golden colored fiery armor had reformed, so it was obvious that he was not afraid of these attacks.

He suddenly waved his hand, and flames surged out. Dozens of cavalrymen from Dragon City turned into dust while endless cries and howls of pain resounded.

“Muahaha. It’s still death no matter how many people come. You’re all ants that only posses the name of Dragon City, but do you guys deserve the name Dragon Knights?”

A sneer formed on Huo Li’s face as he said, “You all have never even seen a gigantic Dragon, so what gives you the right to name yourselves as Dragon City Warriors? Hahaha. Today, shall I let you see the grandeur of a true dragon!”

While he was still speaking, Huo Li raised both of his arms high up, and a hideous image of a fiery dragon head immediately materialized above him. As he forcefully threw down his arms, he gave out a loud roar and shouted, “[Dragon’s Cry]!”


With Huo Li as the center, a shock wave spread out. This sound wave attack was like a roar from my Flaming Tiger God but much stronger. With just one strike, more than half of the soldiers from Dragon City went into a state of coma. The ones with slightly lower levels bled from every orifice and died. The war horses neighed, and almost all of the Dragon City warriors lost their ability to battle.


Huo Li laughed, “Ants, really a bunch of ants. Hilarious humans……”

At this moment, a deep roar suddenly resounded from afar. An enormous object flew down from the sky, and shot towards Huo Li like a cannonball!

 “What is it?”

Huo Li shuddered as he quickly hurled out his fist, and soon noticed that it was a not a person, but an enormous boar that weighed at least ten tons with a body like a small hill. It’s dark eyes stared at Huo Li in terror as saliva flowed onto the two fangs in its mouth. The boar yelled with “Hu Hu” sounds, seeming to know that its death is coming soon.


He punched through the body of the boar and blood splattered. The internal organs of the boar splattered and splashed on Huo Li’s head and face. This made him burn with rage as he shouted, “Which idiot threw the boar?!”

Among the dead boars, a person dashed out with a thick and heavy iron chain in hand. The Beast Tamer Da Lin came and roared in anger, “It’s me, your grandpa, who threw these boars! What are you going to do about it?”


His iron chain danced around, and forcefully bound Huo Li’s arm. When Huo Li was about to retaliate, Da Lin’s arms shuddered, and the chains wrapped around Huo Li’s other arm like it had a mind of it’s own as well as his legs. As Huo Li was bound tightly, Da Lin opened both of his hands, and the iron chain flew out, and thrust into the earth, making “Pu Pu Pu sounds. A powerful vice god had been bound in this manner .

Da Lin raised his hand, and smoothly unsheathed the sword on his back, and with an angry roar he thundered, “ Haiyaaaaaa, try the taste of my [Kill the Dragon Slash]!”


As dust flew everywhere, Da Lin ferociously struck Huo Li’s forehead with his sword.

However, Huo Li raised his head, and glared at this mighty being who was responsible for food in Dragon City. The corners of his mouth curved up into a smile as he spoke, “You have already enraged me. If you only possess such low ability, then accept your death!”

As he was still speaking, Huo Li suddenly opened his big mouth, and spouted a breath of hot flames!


Although it was just a breath of air, it blasted Da Lin away like a heavy cannon. Da Lin was thrown far away, dragging a sad curve in the sky, and crashed just right beside Su Ke who was injured.

“Cough Cough Cough……”

Da Lin struggled to climb back up, as fresh blood ran from his mouth, but was surprised to see Su Ke glaring at him for the side, saying, “Why do you bother getting up, are you seeking death? We have no need to give our lives to the Lords of Ba Huang City!”

“You…… you are faking death?” Da Lin said in surprise.

Su Ke grinned and replied, “Idiot. if you really want to die, I won’t stop you……”

Da Lin shuddered and made a “Pu” sound as he spat out blood. He collapsed with his back on the ground, and seemed to have only one last breath left as he spoke, “I am so tired. I think I can’t fight anymore……”
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Su Ke did not talk, and rearranged his limbs into a slightly more comfortable position. His legs twitched and shuddered for a few a times, but after that he never moved anymore.
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